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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle in the Greater World Sanctuary, London, on Sunday, April 8th, 1934

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"My dear children, this night I would speak on that which I name: 'The New Age'.

Included in the New Age there will be many things new to the mind of man; but we have been instructed that because within is Divinity, there is naught that is new - all is as old as God Himself; yet now and again an influx of power is granted to those on earth by which another inch of the long furrow of experience can be opened and the seeds planted therein.

"The coming age represents this - albeit in miniature: we are seeking to train those in the earth body in order that their vibrations may be sufficiently refined so that disembodied ones who have passed over a long time ago may come back, and reclothed, as it were, in flesh, give out their message to doubting man; and more than that, bring with them gifts from the Most High whereby not only shall the message be given, but it shall be hammered into the consciousness of those who once had strayed.

"There are souls here, free from the earth body, who have come back to give you that which they possess - souls who are seeking instruments through which to pass on the Divine Truth which they have won by suffering in the past. But again and again their aims are frustrated because of the impatient human mind, because of the rebellious will, because of the wayward heart. Yet I say, and I speak of that which I know, as time goes on there shall be more and more souls in the flesh who shall be willing to relinquish the things of the earth - the many coils that would engulf them - and to stand as freed spirits so far as worldly things are concerned, so that those with the greater wisdom can manifest through them and the Divine pattern can be worked in.

"The New Age shall see a new Spirit being poured upon all men (Joel 2:28), and there shall be those in touch with the sublime spheres who shall bring with them something of that sublimity, so that souls on earth may become aware that they are indeed entertaining angels.

"I come today to try and cast from you still more of the bonds which hold, to impress upon your minds how all-important it is to attune yourselves to finer and finer vibrations of Spirit; for while sleep holds you, so, by the Divine Will of God, there are spheres of light thrown open to those who are willing to enter in. Yet there are many who, on penetrating over the threshold, retreat, horrified by the holiness which they find there, horrified because it shows up in deep contrast the limitation that is within themselves. Thus time must pass before such as these can be acclimatised to those conditions of love and purity and truth; and, I say again, the Plan is delayed because of the unreadiness of man.

"Yet hope, like a mighty lamp, shines in front. There shall be one culled from here and one culled from there, and although in their hearts they may wish to be used for this or for that, the ministers of God shall show them in time that that which is God's way lies, perchance, in another direction.

"So to those who seek to be used and who chafe under the restrictions of daily life, to such as these I speak with a wide unbounded understanding, for when I was upon the earth plane I too suffered. The path I would have taken was not the path for me; yet the path that I was forced to take was a path so sweetened by the light of Jesus Christ that I thank my God that I was sent out into strange places upon a lonely mission even as old age had fallen upon me.

"So to the disciples today comes a message from the Christ, and within that message lies the great truth of resurrection, for only by the full surrender can man take up that which God has provided for him, can man throw off that which the world has built up around him, can man disentangle himself from the weakness of the past, and manifest in something of his state as a son of God.

"I want you all to consider my words today, for the time of the coming of the New Age depends upon those who are here now, those who are willing to take the steep path, those who can have the courage to look into the Eyes of Christ and read there His sweet direction. The New Age can be hastened and the New Age can be hindered by man's freewill.

"I speak to those who are conscious of so much going on in their lives for which there seems no explanation. For the most part man scarcely grasps the gift of omnipresence which it is the Divine Will shall be his own, nor does he understand the great network of Spirit Power and the conditions of many kinds which are built up all around. There have been those who have asked: 'Why is it that when there seems no connection at all, my thoughts are drawn back into the past; first they touch on this and then flitter to that, and there seems no connecting link.' Why is this? So plain it is to those with clear vision, whereby they can read the scroll of truth.

"Little children, you have had many experiences, and as yet you cannot see why these experiences should have been your own. They have left deep marks upon your consciousness, they seem to have bruised the soul body, and that which you think represents your real self has quivered and trembled under the 'blows'. The time passed, and it seemed that no explanation was given for these things which happened without apparent rhyme or reason.

"Listen to my words. There is naught that has happened, either in your conscious or your unconscious state, that has not its place in the pattern of your life. There is naught that is impinged upon your more sensitive self which has not been worked in for good or for ill. When seeking to fix your mind on that which should claim your full attention, you find that for no apparent reason a thought of a past time or scene rises up which you imagined you had forgotten; this is the weaving in of the golden strands - or the strands which were meant to be golden - of experience.

"Again and again we have to build, in co-operation with the spirit within, for a time far ahead. The guides and helpers have to see that in time of strain or in time of temptation, there shall be forthcoming just that little extra power which is necessary to carry the earth child through. And when in weariness you take your way, when it seems to you that the hill is over-steep, when you pray for help and help seems so far from you, then, by God's most mighty provision, we are allowed to draw in, out of the past, a strand of power, and the test is turned into another strand of strength.

"Man functions in many planes, and the spirit within still holds its close contact with the Lord God of all. By that contact mighty things can be accomplished, by that contact not only can the aura of each one be purified and strengthened, but there can be thrown out from that aura - to impinge on the auras of others - understanding, strength and endurance.

"So I plead with each and every one. Is it still so hard to blend the physical will with the Divine Will? Be of good cheer; the process of growth necessarily must be slow, you cannot throw off all the chains of the past even though your heart and mind be set on freedom - it takes time. Little by little so the garment of the next body is woven together, so the pains and the tests are worked in, so hopes and fears are either strengthened or weakened according to the effort put forth.

"There are many disembodied souls who take their way up and down the land seeking for instruments, not necessarily instruments to be used as I use this body today, but seeking for those sufficiently sensitive who can pick up the finer vibrations of Spirit and be used, in equal measure, to bring about the coming of the New Age, the New Age when man, sublime man, shall be able to manifest - even in material conditions - because so many barriers will be broken down.

"My brothers and my sisters, it is not mine to give unto you that greater consciousness which one day you must make your own; yet it is mine with all the force of my being to urge you still more to further the progress of the Divine Plan by your single-hearted devotion to God's Truth. There are those here who have tasted the joys of the world, who have drunk the cup of success to its dregs, and then the thought has come: 'I am not meant for this; there is something better which God intends shall be my own'. The real self is fighting for its freedom, and slowly the desires of the earth are laid aside for the desires of the Spirit; slowly the physical will is recognised as the enemy of spiritual attainment, and the prayer goes up from an earnest heart: 'Not my will, but Thine be done, oh God!'

"Then so often it seems that failure comes; the old Adam or the old Eve rises so strong again and despair creeps close. But by setting the will towards the highest and the best, by prayer, by effort, so at last something of a miracle is wrought; and the man and the woman, no longer a travesty of a son and a daughter of the Most High, are able to demonstrate something of that sublime power which is within, and although he and she know it not, the golden cross of service is imprinted upon their brow.

"One state of evolution only, maybe, but that state brings the power so that when the casket of flesh is no more a new comprehension, so it seems, is made their own. They look back over the past and wonder at themselves; they see what they represent in the present, and although to others they may appear as bright beings, their hearts are torn, for a grander ideal has been made their own, they see something of the planes of true Spirit and they know not rest until at last their vibrations are such that they can penetrate into those Bright Realms without being overcome.

"I speak of big things, perchance of the far future to some, yet there are those gathered here who, when they say 'good-bye' to all that the earth represents so far as the physical body is concerned, shall prove my words; they have been instrumental in bringing nearer the New Age, the mature man in the God sense - not the earth sense - a sublime being, able to demonstrate its Divinity even though the flesh may hold.

"So, my children, I must use the old, old words: let the surrender be complete, or else, being partially awakened souls, your sufferings will be great in the life to come; the full surrender of your hearts and minds, the employing of your energies to God's work even while you do the mundane necessary tasks of the day. Think not that the disciples of God need cast their nets aside, they can help their fellow men as they work to bring unto themselves that which their dependants must have.

"My eyes are opened and I see into the little future, and my heart is glad, for I know that there shall be many of those I am privileged to call 'my children' who will indeed be thankful and grateful to make the full surrender, to hold aloft the Golden Cross of Jesus Christ, to be acclaimed as Crusaders and to see that the holy war against selfishness is carried on with unremitting vigour and dedication.

"Think you of the many who have passed hence who have had a measure of truth; yet because the cries of the world were strong, that measure was not increased but the talent was buried beneath the earth itself. Sweet opportunity passes our way only once in the self-same form. Countless opportunities there may be, by the grace of God, but they are all different. Great is the privilege of my mission, and if it seems at times that I give you 'instruction' as to your daily life, bear with me for I crave for you the very best. I long for your freedom, it is my earnest prayer by day and by night, that those whom I have been allowed to contact may be heralds of the New Age, may be the ones to blaze the trail, may be those who shall stand for ever as examples to others.

"But, my little ones, the tests must come. Love is tested by that which is so unlike love. Faith is tried by that which seems to cut at the very foundations of a faith built up over the years by sorrow and anguish. Hope seems to wither under the vicissitudes of daily life, but how can the lamp of hope be trimmed except by the experience of protecting the flame while the storms rage around? All these things are so simple, but over the centuries man has not been taught aright. There has been the closing in of explanation, and thus illumination has been delayed. The New Age has been regarded as a treasure held for a far-off time; but it is only waiting for those who have so attuned themselves to the finer vibrations of Spirit that they have the power to draw into the earth conditions that holiness and purity which is essential for the resurrection of doubting man.

"My little ones, love pours through me on to you all, for I know your lives, I know your struggles, I know at times it has seemed that your heart has been seared with the Cross, but had that not taken place, the Cross would have remained darkened over the years, and the golden light which God meant should be its own would have been delayed. Blessed are those whose hearts have been seared by the Cross! There is much spiritual power in these conditions won by the experiences of the past, won by pain, by loss, by many disappointments. Yet without that Spirit Power how could the Christ Mission be launched, where would come the driving force to send it over the earth?

"On the waters of sacrifice so that barque must travel; and those with the rebellious will, those who want their lives to be framed on another pattern, they act as the storms which seem to threaten the barque, yet they cannot do more than threaten, for the Pilot which is Christ is on board; and although at times the little craft shall seem to be swamped by the materialism of this age, yet it shall ride over the waves and the message shall be taken into those climes which have not the simple truth which the Master came to bring.

"Your part is so clear, and if the part is hard, is it not a sign of the honour that has been bestowed upon you? The little ones are given the light burdens; those whose spiritual sinews are strong are entrusted with that which must be carried by some of the children of God during their earthly stage; and when such as these pass through the little gateway of death into the Better Land, the load which pressed them down shall be shown to them as the cloud of power which has brought well-nigh their spirit's desire.

"The New Age awaits the readiness of man, when a new type of man and woman shall also come, because of those who today have struggled, because there have been some who, hearkening to the Voice of God, have responded: 'Use me, according to Thy holy Will!'

"If my words are solemn there is also the strain of joy which runs throughout the message that I bring, joy because there shall arise more and more disciples; joy because there shall be more men and women who shall resist the dictates of the flesh to answer unto the calls of the spirit; joy because I see that a new country shall take the place of the old, and the new country of spiritualised effort shall show up the ugliness and the tawdriness of the old country of self-interest and self-indulgence. The time can come when this earth represents a miniature Paradise, because the light has been given unto man and because there shall be those who will kindle and tend the light of others.

"Beautiful is the future that lies before us, holy is the path upon which we tread! The way is sanctified by the sufferings of those who have gone in front, who have laid their most precious treasures on the path to bring comfort and reassurance to others. Glorious is the future that lies in front of aspiring man!

"How good is God, how understanding is His love for those who must seem to Him so limited and so frail; yet even as I give out these words, so over the vibrations comes the message of Love: 'Ye are My well-beloved, My happiness lies with you'.

"We part with peace holding us fast, for in these conditions something of holiness has found its place, brought hither by the dedication within the heart and mind of each one present. I entreat you, my children, to make your vows anew; to promise the spirit within that is seeking for its freedom, that freedom shall be made its own; to link hands, as it were, with the helpers who are all around, to count the world well lost for Jesus Christ, knowing that loss is turned into eternal gain.

"Pilgrims on the long journey home to God, pilgrims are needed in a way that the human mind cannot grasp, so that by their own sweet example others shall be induced to follow on. Thus comes nearer the New Age, the New Age which even now, as a faint streak of light, can be seen over the far horizon of time - the coming of the Holy Spirit in greater volume still. Now I take my leave. Farewell, farewell!"

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