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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 22nd November, 1925.

"Most tender Saviour - O understanding Friend of mankind, we ask Thee tonight to make us realise all the wondrous care which surrounds our lives during its physical stages and for ever. Grant that it may be possible that those destroyers who wish to come in between us and perfect confidence in Thee - that these may be banished, and that we as little children in faith and in trust may ask and receive just that help, just that guidance, which will make all things clear...

"O God, enlarge our understanding and lighten our hearts so that Thy great peace may enter in and we - obeying the loving instruction which Thou hast given - that we, each day, may take up our task not only in faith but certain that Thou hast overseen everything and Thou wilt bring us through...

"Father, we leave all things in Thy Loving Hands, and we pray that Thou wilt be very near us in the way which those bound by the physical mind can understand... Between the spirit and its God no divisions are known - the unity, the love is complete...

"...My little children, as usual I have much to say to you, and I want you, for the time being, to allow the spirit within to take full control of your physical minds, to banish the many disabilities in connection with the flesh and physical daily life - so that for this little while you may know something of that glorious freedom which awaits you when the body is laid aside...

"And then, my little ones, I would say one word regarding the discomforts which attend our meeting together at this season of the year (In order to lessen the light, the fire is put out). Yes, this much is asked from you now and always: To, as it were, offer up just that little discomfort, so that no interruption may be feared, so that those who are out to wreck may not use you, little children of the Light, in order to accomplish their purpose. When you pass hence, so eagerly will you count your treasures, and that which now is endured shall be seen in its true guise - as power - because in that measure you suffered for the Master's sake...

"My children, I said we had much to discuss tonight, and so, building up the power as I go along, I will announce at once that the subject I have chosen is this - and it will appeal to the heart and mind of all: 'The Necessity for Experience'.

"Children, in that little phrase much, much is bound up. It has been said that experience is but another name for suffering - but tonight I want you to carry that thought out of the physical and to plant it for ever in the Spirit where it rightly belongs.

"Have you not been told again and again that suffering is but another name for progress; that when you are free, you will see that it represents joy and peace and the only true rest which you or I can know? Therefore, if experience reads as suffering, suffering again is translated into freedom, into that glorious freedom when self - as self - no more interferes between God and the spirit's true quest.

"This, then, we will discuss this evening; but I want to make it quite clear at the outset, that because experience is the greatest gift - is the greatest treasure - that you can have, it does not mean that we who are free cannot enter into the weariness of the journey, the hardness of the stages, and the blindness and the deafness concerning the meaning of it all...

"Oh, my children, let not your hearts be sad, for you are working on a plan which is indeed of Holiness itself... Children, look round your little world today. There are those in your own circle of friends who are distracted by the earth view, by the many cries which seek to engage their attention; and yet the scroll of life and all it contains is slowly unravelled before their unwilling gaze.

"Children, in regard to those who, as yet, have not known their God - are these free from suffering because of this? Nay, I beg you not to judge by the surface, I entreat you to probe beneath, when you will see that such as these also are carrying burdens, are shouldering responsibilities, and they are more blind, more bound by their physical limitations than those who - through their knowledge of God - can gain a glimpse of the great purpose which is being worked out.

"Children, it is a mistake to think that only those who love God are hard beset. And, moreover, there is this great difference. There are many of us willing and anxious to help those who have ostracised themselves from their Father, but the difficulties are great. Their attitude of mind, their many desires, their dark thoughts, make barriers almost impossible to overcome - and they, suffering, rebellious and defiant, are uncomforted by the thought that what they sow in tears now shall be reaped in joy in the happy days to come...

"Then, dear children, we come to the trained soul, to the soul who is conscious, in some measure, of the link between itself and its Creator. Though sorrows may fall fast and many enemies assail the body, yet they exclaim: 'I have my faith!' - and on faith they are not only dragged through their earthly days, but indeed are lifted up even as in flight, and rapidly they are nearing their longed-for Home.

"Now, dear children, in regard to those whose physical minds are turned from the Light to the darkness, can you not see that the spirit within - strong in the power of the love of God - is forcing its owner through the valley so that when the physical state is over, in a measure some Light, some beauty, some peace may be its own?... Keep your vision clear - say to yourselves when you see such as these: 'Ah, the physical mind may be inarticulate but the spirit within is communing with its God direct'.

"Children, you have had laid out before in detail, the lives of many who sought to demonstrate the teaching of Christ on earth. There is not one of whom you can say: 'His life was free from care; her days were saved from sorrow'. No, in reading these narratives, the amazement grows how their spiritual resources rose again and again to meet the events which lay before them, and you marvel at their strength in conquering enemies so strong on either side...

"My little ones, the road to God is steep but it is sweeter far than you yet comprehend. Now the weariness - ah yes - presently the joy which no physical condition can destroy... I ask you to reconsider once more the absolute necessity for taking on those experiences which will teach you to understand the meaning of physical life. How often you say: 'They cannot understand!' - and again, oh, with what joy you exclaim: 'I come to you because you can understand!'

"Here, in a nutshell, as you would say, lies the purpose of those manifold experiences. Children, I have tried to teach you that what you do not learn during this short stage on the earth plane, must be learnt some time ahead. Before you can work for God - as you will then wish to work for Him - you must be able to look at all men in whatever conditions, how surrounded or how free, and to be able to say with truth: 'I understand how he feels'. Until you have reached that state, so it will seem to you that you play at work, rather than accomplish the task you long to undertake...

"You see, dear children, how impossible it is for those to be used by God, who are brought up against this barrier and that, by their ignorance, by the inability to enter into the phase which is being experienced by the one they wish to help...

"Yes, the road seems long, yet think you what you can do here and now. In going through your daily life, look round and test yourselves. You may be out of sympathy in regard to many thoughts and many opinions, but, brushing that aside, can you say: 'Although my view point is different, I understand how they have come to their point of view'?

"Can you say frankly to the one concerned: 'We do not look at things alike, but the affection is strong enough to make that barrier as non-existent"? That is true brotherly love, that is the sister spirit; and though it seems to you an impossible ideal at this stage, yet I see and I say that the time will come when you too, looking at humanity as a whole, will be able to say: 'I understand!'...

"Now, dear children, this brings me to a very important point, and I speak instructed by my Holy Master: I have referred already to those who hold the view that in order to acquire experience, they must forsake that which is pure, that which is honest, which they already possess.

"Never was any argument of so subtle a character, so meant to deceive the unwary.

"Children, those who belong to God revolt instinctively from such a creed, from such a dangerous doctrine. Experience of vice by personal knowledge - ah, that, in the days to come, can only be worked out by anguish of heart and mind, that anguish deepening in the measure that the soul is conscious of its spiritual affinity with God.

"Nay, that is not the Christ way, that is not the way which the Master came to teach. And here, dear children, I remind you of the fierce attacks of the adverse forces, which assail those who wish to climb in a degree infinitely greater than those who are apathetic, regarding the quest of the spirit within.

"Can you not see how naturally this is worked out? Think you of the battles on this little plane of yours. When the foe rests, the guardians of the land rest too; when the enemy attacks, then the call comes to defend that which is more precious than life. Here you get the spiritual aspect of those terrible contests which take place between those who wish to be as God would have them be, and the destroyers. So simple, when looked at with the eyes of the spirit - so dangerously simple when the soul is off its guard.

"My children, the acquirement of experience must be done in God's way, if you would wish to work for Him in that bright and glorious Hereafter - yet only by going through personally, individually, in an intimate sense, those terrible tussles with temptation, can you understand how the weaker ones fail to rise under the attack.

"Children, because you have suffered yourself, because at times you felt the enemy was overwhelming, so by the nearness of your own fall, you can look down with compassion on those weaker ones who indeed were defeated and so disastrously separated from that which they must reach in the days to come. You see the point? The postponement, the battle fought over again and again, all that spiritual strength used and re-used, and - in the end - only the one stage gained instead of that immeasurable climb nearer to holiness, nearer to the spirit's desire...

"This is the point I wish to emphasise - the waste of time - the waste of that spiritual power which, through aeons of time, you have struggled to make your own. Oh, the pity of it. Oh, compassion for those who are lengthening the road to God in so terrible a way.

"Children, in order to help and sustain you, I tell you that those free from the body, who - with all their being - long to be free from the toils of the body, these know temptation in a way absolutely inconceivable to you on earth. These are brought face to face with forces so destructive and so determined, that they are indeed marked with the Cross of Calvary, for they have suffered, suffered, suffered...

"I tell you again that those in your little world who wish to reach the highest, they too are assailed by many dangerous and subtle forces; but because, in a measure, they see not and they know not - by their faith in God, by their wish to be clean, that purity of the soul - so the understanding Father sends round them those who can be strong for them, those who can fight the battle, so long as the one concerned desires to be true to their greater self...

"Here you have the distinction, and I want my children to ponder on it. Because you are bound by the body, because you are unaware - for the most part - of the nature of your enemies, because you wish to follow the Master in your little way, so the Master makes provision that you shall be kept safe and sound until you are little more experienced in such things... And then - ah, it comes to all - each one of you will say: 'You have helped me long enough, now I will grapple with the foe myself!'...

"Children, the lack of enemies is the one thing to be deplored, it shows that the spirit within is so bound by the body that its sleep is even as that of death. Therefore, from this night onward, let your viewpoint be exactly the opposite from before. Call out your strength and courage, and, like a happy warrior, go forth to battle, because what you fight and overcome now - still bound by physical limitations - will bring unlimited power and strength for those greater contests which must be undergone when the garment of flesh is no more...

"My children, I feel I have your hearts and minds with me; I feel tonight I have been able to force some glimmering of the truth into your minds, and I pray God that it will remain - that from henceforth you will be able to see and to feel that it is indeed an honour and a privilege to fight in the ranks of the Master's army, and to defeat and overcome now some of those enemies, who indeed strike not at you but to pierce the Heart of Love itself.

"This is the gospel which I teach, this is the truth which God as Man came to explain; but man, so blind, so fettered, could not understand, and so the Master perforce had to speak as a teacher to a child by means of stories and of symbols, and leave it until humanity had gained a little of that inner wisdom, when it would be able to probe beneath and see the treasure - the jewel of truth which lay hidden there.

"Oh, my children, experience may bring suffering, but lack of experience brings an anguish no words can tell. Experience may take some of the brightness out of the days of the earth, but even as that brightness disappears so the radiant Light of Love streams down on suffering mind and heart, and the little light of the earth is forgotten in the glory which is revealed...

"Hereafter, these days, the hard-going days, those hours which are sad to go back upon - these, ah, these will illumine the pathway of your physical life, and like stars shining in the darkness of the night of misunderstanding, will have shown you the way to God, that way which is Light and Love for evermore...

"And now, children, I will leave you for a little while, but oh, ponder on my words, and be thankful, thankful that the spirit within you is sufficiently released to wish to learn, to wish to follow quickly, with no turning aside, on the path which leads to Peace..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, tonight there has been joy, there has been that real spiritual understanding in all the vibrations, and I want you, as you continue your path of progress, to look back on this evening and for ever to mark out that word 'mental-loneliness' and to substitute instead perfect spiritual companionship with those who understand you through and through...

"Oh, my children, let the joy bells ring out and let them echo in your minds. Though the days of tilling and of sowing may seem long, yet all the time you have the promise of the certainty of the harvest - and more than that harvest - a gift precious in God's sight, because it has been produced for Him out of the greater love which is in your hearts.

"And now, my children, I will leave you. Regret nothing, hope always, be strong in the strength of God. All has been thought of, everything overseen by the Divine, and His Love and His guidance is yours for ever and for ever. Through its inspiration, so you shall lead others, so you shall prepare others. And in the happy days to come, gladness, both of heart and mind, shall be your own possession to remain, because understanding God's will, God's Laws, God's purpose, sorrow will fall from you - powerless, lifeless - and in your true self you will step out to greet and to meet those to whom you belong, and those who belong to you...

"Goodnight, my children, rest in peace..."

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