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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 4th February, 1928.

"O Christ, the Beloved of our hearts, we come into Thy Holy presence conscious, in part, of the great gift of Communion which Thou hast bestowed upon us, conscious that this gift brings with it a mighty responsibility. Without Thee we are unfit, unworthy to handle the gift, yet resting on Thy love, through Thy grace so the instruments which we represent shall be cleansed and strengthened and refined; and, in time, so we shall see the blessing all around - the blessing which follows use in Thy Holy service.

"O God, take us out of our weaker selves; give us the wide view, the Christ view, and let ever the thought come and stay through the days of trial, that with Thee our enemies are as naught, that with Thee so the grace and power is poured down, and we are able to demonstrate that Spirit can control and does control the things of the physical world...

"Thy children hand themselves over into Thy protecting care. Christ, we thank Thee for all Thou hast bestowed, and, above all, for Thy love and this opportunity of feeling upon us the rays of Thy healing power.

"Christ, we thank Thee. Amen...

"...My children, this night you have had a little demonstration of what clear vision can represent, but I bid you remember ever that that is but the first stage of the 'sight' which the Father meant to be in the possession of everyone.

"You exclaim: 'My blindness hampers me sorely', yet I would underline that, during the earth stage, those who enter into a physical tabernacle which is limited in certain respects, these, by the apparent loss, are drawing to themselves not only a mighty vision when the earth stage is o'er but something infinitely precious now - illumination from the Divine within - which can suffuse the mind of the body and enable the individual to say and mean: 'The World of Spirit is hidden from my physical sight but my real self dwells with God'.

"This is meant by the Father. The ones here and there who have the gift of seeing those who have laid aside the physical garment, they are doing God's work by passing on the results of their sight to others, and the blessing comes; but oh, think not that the Father does not bless those who cannot see in this way.

"The Father is the Father, and He knows that the longing comes - and refuses to be cast aside - to see those who took the earth journey in time long past, or those you love who passed from you, so far as the physical is concerned, in the little yesterday, yet hold the cords of love and draw your thoughts to them and will not let you forget.

"The Father knows how you yearn to see the loved face again and to feel the tender touch; yet, by that going without, in part if not in whole, so, little ones, you are putting in the little extra preparation which shall give you the vision glorious in the by and by.

"Open your hearts and minds this night and let the Holy Spirit do its rightful work. Make the contact between you and the Beloved stronger still, give the real self within that for which it longs - closer communion with the great Divine, for God has called you to high and holy things...

"This night, by command of the One who loves us best, I would speak to you on: 'The Name of Christ'.

"For, in this simple subject, there is much which is applicable to each one now, or, perchance, will be in time to come; for no longer are you travellers but pilgrims under the banner of the great God of all; and on the banner is the word: 'Service' - and service means Christ.

"My children, in the days of old, there were those who trod the earth way who lived in obscure conditions, as it would seem to you. They were very humble in thought, and they of all would have been astounded had one come and said unto them: 'So long as history lasts your name will be known and honoured.'

"Think of those early ones, their lives, their toil, the homesteads in which they lived. Judging from the earth standpoint, who would have been bold enough to say: 'This man's name shall never die for he has constructed spiritual history'?

"But mark you this: Those in time long past are known today by names familiar through much use, but the reason why the name has been handed down is because - and only because - they suffered and were strong. Those others mentioned in the Sacred Record who failed their trust, they bring out into prominence the servants of God, for they show how great were the opposing forces, how blind were the people, how spiritually ignorant was the individual.

"Yes, the holy ones of old - they created, by their lives, a name. Yet, forget not this: For the most part during the earthly sojourn, their name was not only without honour, but in many cases was associated with hatred and derision, for they, each one, stood almost alone...

"Oh, think of Moses - and I bring him in once more, for indeed he represents that which you name an average man. He had neither the gifts, of our Father Abraham nor his spiritual vision. Moses was a man of limitations, but Moses stood alone before authority; and, out of that which God had given within, so he gave no outward sign of fear though - believe me - his limbs trembled exceedingly, for he was conscious of his helpless plight. Yet, God had commanded, and that man, with his many restrictions and limitations, stood before the king and passed on that which was indeed, so the world would say, foolishness itself.

"My children, try and visualise the scene: This man, with nothing behind him from the earth point of view, facing one who was all-powerful, who had slaves and soldiery, and, indeed, was prone to swift vengeance. Think of that man. Do you imagine that, when Moses stood before the king, that he thought that as long as history should last his name would be remembered as a man of super-human courage? No. Moses was conscious only of that which came very close to terror, but he had heard the Voice, and though it seemed to him that life must be parted with at once, he made his demands...a lonely man.

"Children, this great subject which is connected with the names that live for ever, it concerns you and everyone; for though it is hidden from you at this stage, day by day, aye, moment by moment, spiritual history is being worked in. The cowards of yesterday, they are the bonded ones of today. The ones who faced fear and overcame it in part, they are honoured as the servants of God; and they have purchased by what they endured that life of brightness, purity and love, which God holds out to all, if they will meet and grapple with the tests.

"And so, my little ones, I bring you on to my same time, and I ask you to think of Christ, the One we love and the One who loves us so well. Jesus of Nazareth. Children, in that olden time - to you - the poor, the so-called common people, they were held in even greater scorn than today.

"Among certain sections of the public, so distinctions wide and cruel are made. Sometimes, the one who has the treasures of the earth, or those who have that most enviable possession - to them - a long line of honoured ones behind them, these regard themselves as men and women set apart from the rest. But in the measure that they cut themselves off from the life, the troubles and trials of the masses, in that measure so they have cut themselves off from the Christ conditions when the physical garment is no more.

"So it was in the day when Jesus of Nazareth walked the earth plane. Behind me there was that which you designate as 'family'. I came of the line of Abraham, and it opened many doors unto me which were closed to Jesus of Nazareth. Oh, cannot you see the hideous mockery of it all? The servant was welcomed in but the Master was kept outside...

"So, my children, I take you back to the humble home, to the mother with her many duties, the sewing and the weaving which she did for others to bring a little extra for the comfort of those she bore. I remind you that the head of the house (Joseph) had frailty of the body; and during the latter years of his life he suffered much, and it marked his mind, and, in a measure, it closed his heart. But we love him here, for Joseph has worked out a million times that which he did in the ignorance that held him, for the spirit within was crushed, suffocated by the pangs of the body and the hardships of his life.

"The little Child grew up accustomed to days which represented monotony of labour, few joys, and only that exercise which the children of that time created amongst themselves. I bring this in for, in later years, much recreation - and the joy it brings - has been instituted for the well-being of the young, for the development of the body, and, in part, for the training of the mind. The children of that time had nothing which represented this. They played amongst themselves but only for short-spaces, for their hands were wanted to bring in the little extra which kept that which you call the wolf from the door.

"Jesus in His humble home - oh, think you: Had any at the Temple or in the palaces dared to prophesy that the Child in the carpenter's shop would be the one most honoured in all the world, what scorn would have fallen upon them! His very Name condemned Him, for it spoke of the common people, of poverty, aye, and above all, of lack of power.

"The Name of Jesus of Nazareth is indeed a symbol to the whole world how God can work, and it will remain a symbol for ever more as to the falsity of earth values and the triumph of spiritual values, that which indeed puts into action the Divine will...

"So, my children, I take you on a little further. The Master still in His poverty, still one of no reputation, aye, who could be found amongst the masses, who broke bread with humble folk - the Christ, as He walked the earth way, chose for His companions those who had not the respect of the world.

"For mark you this: Though, amongst his own kind, Peter was deferred to because of his strong convictions, out of his 'class' Peter was a man of no account. Luke? Ah, a little more deference was paid to Luke, and I bring him in now because his power and his love is so often in this little room. But Luke had lost caste, as you would name it, because he ministered to the poor and turned aside from the bribery of those in high places; for, in that same time, as today, there were many who would have bought Luke's knowledge for the satisfaction of that which was against the will of God.

"My little ones, all those whom the Master chose and the ones who were attracted to the 'chosen', each was noted for something but not in the world's way. Each one had the courage to throw off the chains which public opinion represents and to follow the dictates of the true self within.

"And, when Jesus passed and called to this one and that, those better placed so far as material conditions were concerned, they jeered, and even if they sought to restrain, at the same time they pointed out to others that, as you would say: 'Birds of a feather flock together'. The disciples were unknown by those who held the earthly honour, which, remember, meant the world's possessions; for, in the days in which I lived upon the earth plane, only treasures bought and held the power.

"Children, think of the Beloved - and I dwell upon this time for I want you to see that there is a faint parallel in this same day. The greatest One of all, as He hung upon the tree, bore the name of scorn, mockery itself. Those who were around knew that by taking a common man and calling him a king, that each one who passed would shout with laughter. Love Itself, the One who, by the full release of the Divine within, had unlimited power, 'died' under a dishonoured name...

"I speak to many - those of the past, those who read my words, and others beyond your ken. I ask them to take care as to their respect for the name they bear. There are many honoured by the populace today, whose names are enshrined in stone, but, little ones, if you searched for some of these in the planes of Spirit, you would find them not. Self held many and spiritual blindness still persists; and though they may have monuments to their honour on earth, and visitations may be made to their tombs, in twilight still some of them roam. Their names are unknown in the spheres of Light.

"To all who honour the name of this one and that, to such as these I speak. I bid them pause, for God's values are different from man's values, and many a one who indeed received derision from those on earth is recognised by Christ as His child by effort and that which the past has held.

"And in regard to the name you bear, oh, remember this: Names are physical alone, unless - unless the name you bear is associated with Christ. Many in the body treasure the names of those who have passed from them - and why? Because of the love-link, and love is of God. Those you knew, who were antagonised from the things of the Spirit, who lived lives of selfishness, how oft do you recall the names of such as these? If they arise, instinctively you push them from you, for even the name brings back remembrance of the smallness and the lovelessness of the individual who bore it.

"Oh, I speak to many. There are those who, unconsciously to themselves, are swayed by earth values. Their name represents to them something in the nature of a treasure. Indeed, it is a possession of the earth, and when the earth life is no more, in the degree that that name is not associated with 'disciple', so that name will be abhorrent to them and they will wish to forget that it had even been their own.

"To each one of you present and to the many who read my words, I say: Forget not that your God and my God passed out of physical life with a dishonoured name; and many of His servants gloried in sharing that 'burden' as well. We were, as you would say, the laughing-stock of others, and, more than that, beneath the laughter was a venom impossible to be portrayed... Christians, followers of the One in humble circumstances who was crucified under the designation of king to show the scorn in which He was held. Christians!

"Oh, my children, cannot you see where I am leading you? The only honour that can be associated with a name is the life of the one who bears the name. What matter if those of old had been called this or that? You only love the name because immediately it conjures up deeds of courage, exhibitions of faith, individuals facing fearful odds undaunted, except for the shrinking heart within; but the spirit controlled the heart, and, this day and all days, they stand as examples of the Holy Spirit at work, for the most part in terrible conditions.

"So, my children, I ask you to consider within yourselves as to the value of a good name, and, again, what that word 'good' represents. Is it 'good' from the earth point of view or is it 'good' from God's point of view? And recall ever that the Saviour of the world, so far as His Name was concerned, was a by-word, an object of scorn.

"Is it not worthwhile to face a little of the disapproval of those who know only the material and seek not the spiritual? Is it not a wonderful link with those of old for the worldly ones to sneer, perchance, at that which we seek to demonstrate in order to help them to better things? Is it not the greatest privilege of all to see the name we bear side by side with that of service?

"Oh, forget not that service means Christ, and the Father bids me underline that those who work for Him - although, perchance, they suffer a little in order to further the plan - that each one by name is known and cherished by Him. Then turn from the world's values and grasp the values of a good name in the sight of God.

"So, my children, I will leave you, yet one word I am constrained to add. It is in the nature of a prophecy, yet it comes as well as a reflection from the past:

"Children, amongst those who do the Master's work, so enemies seek to gather. They strike not directly at you but always at Love Itself. Through the grace of God I bid you take care. When anything suggesting disharmony or lack of perfect unity throws its shadow across your path, then, by the power of the Name of Christ, bid it depart.

"In the home, in the wider field of toil, amongst those who call themselves Christians yet bar this Truth, amongst those who honour not the Name of Christ, wherever you may be, remember that because you have been called and you wish to respond, that you are linked to harmony. The thought of Christ brings strength and purity and love into the conditions, wherever you may be, and although you may think it is beyond your range, individually you have been acting as a missionary of the Most High.

"The Name of Jesus, once the object of scorn, can transform - by that which He represents - disharmony into that which does the work which Love has entrusted to us. The warning comes from the Prince of Peace. Take care, little ones, for, in times when you are unaware, so the enemy will seek to attack, if not yourselves then those you are conversing with.

"Be on your guard; let the Name of Christ, like a sweet and cleansing breeze, pass through you to those who are around, and in time to come so the greatest gift of all shall be made your own - your name shall be linked to that of Christ, and those who knew you will say to themselves and others: 'Their influence was that of holiness and peace'.

"Yes, I speak by direction, for the future has much in store, and each of those who have worked for God should bind themselves closer and closer together, for they represent not only a patch of power, as you would name it, but instruments which the Father must use. And so the Father calls you to tighten the links still further - aye, and to gather fresh links and tighten them.

"And each one who is a Christian by that which they have done, each one by the influence which is spread, is calling to the attention of others the Name of Christ, the Love He represents, the power He bestows, and that which He has promised.

"So, my children, I leave you for a space. This night there is much that must be worked in, so, give of yourselves, and glory in the thought that you are among those who serve; aye, and the One who is the great Server to us all but takes to give a thousandfold in return. Thus I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, we end once more on that sweetest note of all, the vibrations from the child who passes on, so unconsciously, fragments of God's truth. Oh, forget not that when you, as messengers, have given forth the message, so you are gathered back into your Father's Home, there to receive His blessing, and what is sweetest of all, to feel upon you the sunshine of His unlimited love.

"Oh, let not anything cast a shade across your path. There is work for all waiting to be done. If the time of waiting seems long, if your minds and your hands long to grapple with a definite task, oh, believe me, that when sleep claims you, you, as messengers, return into the Father's Home and do for Him that which He so lovingly allows: You go into the Light, gather up your store and take it into conditions where Light is unknown. What a gift, what a privilege, what a demonstration of the illimitable love of God - the One who understands the spiritual longings of His little children, and ministers to those longings by allowing you to minister to the needs of others.

"I bless you in the Name of Christ with something of revelation concerning the One who holds and prepares all things, I bless you through the power of the Holy Spirit with still greater longing to get closer and closer to Love; but oh, forget it not, you cannot cast out Light unless there is love within.

"The sweetest Name of all - the Name of Christ, which has drawn up uncountable numbers out of the bog of self, yet, that Name, by some, was derided, and they sought to put the wearer to shame.

"So we come back to mercy in its highest form. The Name of Christ enshrined for ever in the minds and hearts of those who love Him; aye, and as beacons before the stranger, the wayfarer and the pilgrim, so the Light associated with the Name of Christ gives him direction and draws him on.

"Goodnight, my children, rest in peace and confidence in the plan.


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