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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes in the first half of the twentieth century

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"MY little children, this night we meet together called by Christ for that which must come upon this little earth. Aye, I say called by Christ, for have I not told you that volunteers - those with the warrior spirit - are wanted to demonstrate their faith and to bring about a change in the conditions of this little plane?

"Each one is known to me. The long, long past is uncovered as I speak, and I say that out of the troubles, out of the disappointments and the temptations, so that preparation has been put in which is essential for the work which lies in front. That which you have done is good in part; that which you will seek to do shall be good in three parts, and when you are free from the physical garment, so I say commanded by the One Who loves you best - that what the past has held, its sorrows, its so-called sacrifices, ah, this will seem good to you and joy shall fill your being.

"This night following the plan, following that laid down in the past long before the physical body had been prepared for you, so I speak on that which I name 'The Mystery of Sacrifice'.

"Now think you as to this: Those of the world, those who desire to cheat themselves and others as regards the truth as the truth is, they take not the hard road. They gather to themselves the things of the earth; they pander to the body and they feed the mind with that which has no life beyond this little plane. What know they concerning the mystery of sacrifice and the miracle that it brings about?

"Around you all, in your own surroundings and environment, there are those chained by the past. I speak of stages and conditions long before this little earth played its part in the great, grand purpose of God. I say that many of the children upon the earth plane, though they present so fair a face to others, they are as spirits in prison, and such as these for the most part lead the thought of this little world. How few there are who hold up the beauty of so-called sacrifice. Ah, and there are still less in number who will put into action that which they teach to the toilers, to those who are not in a position to retaliate. The road of sacrifice comes as a matter of course to the humble, but the worldly wise - the spiritually foolish - they thank their God that through their intelligence they have done better themselves.

"Oh my little ones, you know this is true! You know that in this little city today there are those who have made a god of self; and Christ, the suffering One, the One Who went before to show the way into Life, that One is spurned - not outwardly, perchance, for these are held by the conventions of their day, but inwardly the Christ is crucified again and again.

"I take you over the long past. Go back over the spiritual history of this little world. Who were the light-bringers? Those who had the strength and the wisdom to sacrifice the things of the earth and cleave to those of God; those who had the discernment to deny the lesser self so that the God within might have the freedom for which It pants.

"Aye, those wise in their own conceit argue thus: 'The prophets and the teachers of old were essential, for humanity had not evolved as it has today'. They read, unmoved, about the ignorant ones of the past, how they listened to the voice of the Spirit and obeyed though hearts were breaking, though fear held them and they scarce could fulfil God's sacred behest. They look back - those held by the earth and thoughts of the earth - and they criticise: 'This one blundered; that man faltered; such as Moses was limited; there were traitors; there were deceivers'. And all the time the insistent call which is all around for them to arise and cast off their chains and to face self-revelation, this is overlooked.

"You, my children, seek the Light; some have faltered, have hesitated as to the direction from which the Light of God shall shine, but I say to you, instructed by the Master: Oh, have no fear! A little while perchance the road is missed, but when the heart and mind are pure, when the desire is for the best, so then in the darkest moment, in the moment when the enemy seems over close, then comes the Light which shines from Christ, and all is well.

"Yet I go back to that which is my theme - the mystery of sacrifice. Now think you as to the long past. I have told you that the journey of experience has gone on over time unthinkable to you, and you can grasp that eternity - again unthinkable - lies in front. Now ask yourselves this question and face it fairly as men and women: At this same time, where do I stand? Perhaps you answer: 'I fail so often, my courage seems to go when tests are put.'

"Can you not see that even this attitude of mind is part of the mystery of sacrifice? It is indeed something which indicates the past. Spirit-consciousness in a measure has been made your own; Spirit-vision, ah, not that which those of the earth call 'sight,' but the vision which reaches out and grasps something concerning the truth which is of God - Spirit-vision has been made your own.

"Think you as to the stage before the earth stage and, again, think you as to that condition into which you pass when the physical garment is no more. I say that today you indicate that in the stage before you tried, you struggled, you suffered. Bound, unconscious maybe, but, as it were, you unravelled one small portion of the mystery of sacrifice, and today you are reaping that which you sowed in the past.

"Oh, think you as to the Master, of His lonely life, of the toil, the distress in the home and the enemies that were around. Cannot you see that from the Child, the Boy, and the Man so others can unravel that which is the mystery of sacrifice and the miracle it has the power to put into being for all time? God as man came to earth, bound Himself by His own laws, was subject unto others; yet as the years went on, so through sacrifice, that which was wisdom was uncovered, that which was truth was given out to the world which believed it not.

"So I speak to you individually and I say that in the measure that you have suffered, in the measure that you have denied yourselves, so something of Divine wisdom has been made your own.

"Forget not this: When man was created perfect even as his God, so within man there was the gift of sacrifice; yet over those stages which I name 'involution' so the gift was covered up, and now the children of God seek to open that which they have bound.

"Sacrifice! What does this mean in the earth language? Something to shrink from, something to be evaded! But in the God language, something to fight for; for only through that which you name sacrifice can man return to that perfection in which he was created. Only by sacrifice can the gifts of the Spirit be purchased - those gifts which are spiritual. Only by sacrifice can this little world and the conditions and states in bondage be redeemed.

"Now think you, little ones, as to this. In the Sacred Record plainly stated there is that which comes from sacrifice. Perchance it seems to you that the call today is so different, conditions do not provide that which the past demanded; but I say unto you that today as never before comes the call for sacrifice, for over this little earth is coming revelation - the power of the Holy Spirit - to cleanse, to rouse and to reinstate. In that time those who shirked that which was sacrifice, those who turned from self-denial, these will be even as the enemies of the Most High.

"I prophesy in part, I tell you once again that this little earth must go through its crucifixion. Oh, cannot you see that until an individual, until a nation has arrived at a certain stage of evolution, so the crucifixion cannot take place? Think of the Master's life, the years of service and toil, how He passed among the people, taught and raised and healed and heartened; and, after the service, after the thoughts and the prayers and the love, so the crucifixion came. You will tell me that this was caused by the evil in man's heart, and I answer: Ah, yes, and the crucifixion of the individual and, again, the crucifixion of the nation or of the world, comes from the evil in man's heart. But fix not your thoughts on the agony of the Cross, for the Cross is a gift beyond your comprehension now, for out of the Cross comes the resurrection, and out of the resurrection the unravelling of the mystery of sacrifice; for when the individual looks into the eyes of Christ, the past is as nought.

"So, my children, I return to you, to your lives. There are some here who have taken the hard road; there are some here who will take the same hard road for the sake of the One Who loves them best. Oh, joy fills my being when I look at my little children upon the earth plane and in other conditions and I see one here, one there - oh, many - who find within the strength to take the mountainside for the sake of the God within.

"So think you as to this: The earth life, as you have been told, is as a second of time to the great Father and Mother God; yet in that second so the great Father and Mother God registers the anguish of His creation. Oh, cannot you see? Here we unfold something of the mystery of sacrifice. What of the Christ? His life upon the earth plane is but a symbol, but a fragment of the sufferings of our God.

"Little ones, the birth of any child entails that which the earth calls anguish; the coming into fuller life by the individual must exact its pangs, in turn. In the suffering of the mother and that of the individual, so Christ - God - bears the treble part; ah, inconceivable to the mind of man, by the mercy of the Lord God of all.

"So, my children, when I impress upon your minds that you are children of the Most High and that you, each one, must return to that perfection from which you started on the long journey of experience, cannot you grasp that the pangs of today are indeed an indication - fragile though it may be - of your inheritance? You suffer over yourselves, and perchance you suffer more over those you love. It is the God within struggling, fighting for expression - the God within. You, out of your release, are seeking in your tiny way to follow the path laid down and to bring back to you that same privilege which God holds - the privilege of suffering for others. So we get a little closer to that which underlies the mystery of sacrifice.

"Sacrifice to those of the earth means sorrow, loss, something that tears the heart. To us it is gain, it is joy, it is freedom; for out of the pangs, out of that which God allows us in His mercy to endure, so we are bringing that time nearer when, once again in God's image, we shall demonstrate the miracle of Divine Love and understanding.

"Children, how can I teach you, how can I explain? Many over the past gathered up this and that; self was their god and the Christ within was crucified again and again. But today the message of the Christ must be re-delivered and the power has come; yes, the power has come through suffering, through self-denial, through that which others have contributed out of their hearts and out of their bodies. Aye, the power has come and the cleansing of the world shall not be delayed over long; for, again I say, there shall be those who are willing to suffer for the sake of others. Willing! Yes, some shall gladly take of the Cloak of Christ one tiny portion, and such as these shall pass into a peace which no man can name.

"Holiness is all around; the Spirit of God is coming upon the children of the earth and they shall arise. No longer shall the old men dream dreams, but out of the visions passed on through the young - aye, and through some of the tiny ones - so the old, so those fettered by conventional thought shall re-learn their lessons, and dreams no more shall have a place in their life but work for Christ - for the call has come.

"Now, my children, I speak to you, commanded by the One we love and revere, and I say: Have no fear as to that which your life shall hold - trouble, sorrow. These things shall be seen by you in their proper interpretations; they have been masqueraded far too long. The time has come when joy shall seize your being for something of sight shall be made your own, and the wisdom from within - not of the earth mind, not of the earth body, but something of the wisdom of that greater, grander man and woman - shall be released, and you shall not only carry your cross, but by your fire, by your example, by your courage there shall be thousands upon the earth plane and in those conditions where half-light holds the mind and bewilders, there shall be thousands who shall arise and, clasping that which is the cross, pass out of death into light and sweetness and peace.

"Again I say, sweet are the uses of adversity. The man and the woman who have a level life, a comfortable life, oh, to them I speak in tones urgent and imperative, for that which they hold in this stage must represent decay in the next.

"Little ones, at this stage I cannot teach you much concerning the mystery of sacrifice and the miracle it hides, but I can tell you this: As you endeavour to give up, to think of others and not of yourselves, so stage by stage that which man calls mystery shall be explained; and lo, instead of the dark cloud which obscures the Light of God, instead of the rain of sorrow and the iciness of grief, slowly as you emerge out of things seeming into Reality, so that cloud shall assume a rosy hue; and in time so the smile of the Christ shall be your own in conscious manner, for behind the mystery of sacrifice is that which is holy indeed.

"We pass out of the little into that which is less limited. We pass again out of our limitations into something of freedom; again, answering to the call, we strive and strive, and at last, at last, free from the past, free from self, we receive the blessing of the Saviour, and in His tenderness compensation in full is made our own. Oh, gather this thought in for the time is fleeting. You, each one, are called to give out the message of the Christ as the message was given by the Master, not as interpreted by those who shrink from the cross.

"Give out the truth that the way into peace, the way into knowledge, the way into wisdom, is the way that the Master followed Himself. Still the call comes and still the call is ignored, but the power of the Holy Spirit shall send men down upon their knees; and out of that which comes to pass so the real self shall be sufficiently released to answer to the call, to follow and not to evade.

"Children, I want to close this happy evening on a note which expresses the love of God in its highest, grandest form. Oh, think you as to this: The understanding Mind of God; how He ministers to human longing, how He directs the emotions - that which you name the heart - into channels which shall bring peace instead of destruction. Remember that the Master passed on that message which has rung down the ages: 'Little children, love each other!' But how have the children of the earth regarded love? As something to have! How few look at love as love is, something to give.

"In time there will come the enemy, and those who are banded together for this sacred work for God, they will feel the enemy and hear the enemy beating upon the gates of their consciousness. In that time, children, remember the Master's command: 'Love each other!' And if that which you have within for each other resembles love so the protection is complete.

"Oh children, I draw back your thoughts again to the Master and the miracle of sacrifice. What is sacrifice but love, what is love but life? So then, let illumination scatter the shadows. Let not the world's view hold you, but turn to that commanded by the Lord God of all: 'Little children, love each other.' Give and it shall be given unto you a hundredfold in return, but give first you must; and as the love within is released from its prison-house, as the love is purified and refined, so then sacrifice no longer will be named a mystery. It will be revelation in its highest form; yes, revelation as to the past, the present and the future - the Cross seen as a light transfiguring all the darkness, banishing the gloom. Love triumphant over death, hate and ignorance.

"As I leave you I pass on the peace of the Holy Spirit, and I turn your eyes ever and ever again to the Saviour and the radiance of His smile. Oh, grief has no meaning, sorrow no sting before the smile of the Master. So in spirit we kneel and the Master gives of Himself, because He is Love.

"Master, take that which is our gift and teach us how to do better! And the Master answers: 'You are my beloved; arise and claim your gifts!'

"Farewell, my children, but we shall meet again."

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