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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Ryde Christian Spiritualist Church on August 18th, 1929
(and appeared in The Greater World newspaper in 1929, 1963 and 1972)

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"The Mother of Life! Some may say: The mother of life is represented by that which we call 'death', and I would answer: In part you are right, but in its fullness the mother of life is change. In that word 'change', something of the past, something of the present, and something of the future is outlined; for indeed you have changed from that created by your God, and you will change again before you return to the 'image' of God in which you started on the long journey of experience.

"Take today, take the little life of the earth plane - the baby, the boy, the man, the father, and then the change you call 'death'. But in the life of every one, even upon the earth plane, how much of 'death' and 'life' has taken place?

"Cannot you grasp that which I am trying to portray? The infant changes, in the sense that as the mind opens, as the character develops, so something 'different' in the little one is seen by all. Then as the child is trained by the loving parent - loving in the God-sense, not loving in the earth-sense - trained by the loving parent, so that the qualities which are good and strong are brought out, a greater change is seen; and the process of life, of death, takes place even in each little day.

"Perhaps you rise in the morning with cheerful heart; the brightness of the day greets you, and you thank your God that you have strength, that you are alive. But soon the clouds - clouds of tests - gather close; little things 'go wrong'. You have changed; it is the death of joy, and please God, the birth of patience. Yet as the hours speed by, so consciousness comes as to the purpose and the plan. You realise you are not here to have, to hold, but to give and to bestow; and when night, with its peace comes upon you, patience gives way to joy.

"Cannot you see how 'change' is the mother of life? Cannot you see God meant that 'change' should represent life and fuller life? Think again, take your own individual lives. You men - I speak to you: What of your idealism when you were young? What of your scorn of the materialism of the man and the woman who were content with second-best? What of your dreams, of your sweet hopes, of your conception of holy love? Have you changed, and has 'life' been represented in that change, or has it been that much has died that was beautiful to behold?

"These things today, tomorrow, or in a time to come, must be faced; for you are the children of God, and one day you must be as Christ. A solemn, glorious thought: one day you must be as Christ.

"What of the changes which take place in your thinking and your life? I appeal to those who have known sorrow, perhaps poverty, and then have had the test removed. What has the change brought to you, brother, sister? Was it indeed the mother of life - the life which is of God, or does it mean that today you are farther away in aspiration, in love?

"I take as example the little earth life, but I would impress upon you that this great and glorious spiritual law of change has been in operation for aeons of time as concerns yourselves. For mark you this: The earth life is but one short stage of Life as we recognise it. You have had countless bodies, so-called; and when the earth garment is cast aside, you will have countless other garments until you bear likeness unto Perfection, until at last you can be recognised by all, as a son or a daughter of the Most High.

"What of the past? What of your attitude of mind now? By the bondage which holds you, by the love of self, so you have explanation as to your past in other planets, spheres, conditions - call it what you will. Whom do you love best, God or self? Many changes have taken place with each one of us. Oh, how far we fell from Perfection. How little likeness we bear to God. Yet by His power, by His overwhelming love, so it will be possible - and it must take place - that in the future, bearing likeness to purity, to holiness, once again you and I shall claim our glorious inheritance, and joy will fill the Heart of God.

"The mother of life. Yet so often life, in its limited sense, represents innumerable 'deaths'. Little children, search your hearts. God knows you through and through; you may seek to deceive yourselves and those around you, but God pierces all barriers; yet He condemns not if you fail or fall, but He would send you strength, so that the failures and the falls may be less frequent. Each failure of your sweeter self means a 'death'; yet, because God is Life, and because God is Father and Mother, so even out of that which is death - for death in a degree is change - life again can spring.

"Dear children, we are one, I would not be separated from you. It is mine to give out the power of the Christ which has been bestowed upon me, mine to give to the children of Light all I have.

[Zodiac descends from the rostrum. As he passes a little boy sitting on his mother's lap, Zodiac says: 'Child, I mark you with the Cross'].

"Lift up your hearts and minds to the One who loves you best, and commune within. Change all around. Yes, the earth-life holds much of that: Joy today; perhaps sorrow tomorrow; perhaps yesterday peace and happiness; and in the years to come, peace and happiness again.

"Oh, let it be that the changes which take place in your life bring nearer your spirit's desire, for forget not that because you are Spirit - you may be 'man' or 'woman' at this stage, and the garment you wear physical, but within that garment is God, something which has life for evermore - forget not that because you are Spirit, one day you must be as Christ, one day you must give out from yourselves all that you have, all that you are.

"I would lead you on point by point. The future is fair, but the present is urgent. Why is the present so urgent? Because great things are coming to pass: In that hour, your little toys will be forgotten; in that hour, that which you name your treasures or the tools of the mind will avail you nothing. All that will matter will be the spiritual resource within, the capacity to hold on to Christ, the will to be firm, to be faithful.

"Thus it is I come into your presence, and I entreat you in the Name of the One who loves you best to prepare, to waste no time, for the future holds that which is beyond the capacity of your physical mind to grasp. The future holds change. For many it will be as death. For those who seek to follow the Path, it will be life and joy and power.

"So ponder upon my words. The words come through the instrument that I use, but the power is of the Holy Spirit, and only through the power of the Holy Spirit can the words of Truth be given forth. Thus I speak to you: Be not deceived, prepare - not with apprehension, not with misgivings, but with assurance and steadiness, for God's ways are best.

"The earth must be cleansed; the hearts and minds of men and women must be cleansed. Weakness shall give way to strength. The spiritual warfare which is going on now, unseen by you, must grow more intense; and upon the earth plane, as it were, the spray of the great ocean of struggle will drop.

"As you feel the spray, you shall recall my words; and then, if you heeded the message, though perhaps you forgot the messenger, all shall be as God intends - the change will take place. I do not speak of the garment of flesh, but I speak more of the greater change in your character and outlook.

"Yes, the change will take place, and you shall function as Spirit; you will join hands with those you name the angels of the Most High, and peace shall come.

"How can you hasten the change in your own life and character? Do not forget that the mother of life is Change. The speediest way to bring about a glorious 'change' is by effort; not working today and resting tomorrow, but steadily keeping your hand upon the plough.

"And though weariness may assail you, though doubts may fill your minds, though the storms of life may fall upon you - still to keep your hand upon the plough, opening up new furrows here, new furrows there.

"Many wait to come behind you, individually, to ease in the seed which shall bring forth a harvest glorious to behold; but they wait, wait for the earth instruments, wait for the men and women who weary not 'ere the sun has reached noon-day.

"Cannot you grasp that you have been called to high and holy things? Is it not privilege, is it not treasure that has been offered to you - privilege to open up the long furrow, so that the angels of God can drop in the good seed and the harvest be plentiful? But the plougher must weary not, the plougher must not be content with hired labour. Only by placing the hand upon the plough yourselves and going on, can the change in you bring life - the life which is of God.

"Again I say, beware, take care, for great things are coming to pass. The unwary, the heedless, the so-called clever ones, will stand as ones betrayed by the enemies within and the enemies without. God is not mocked, and the law which has been set into operation will be worked out with a precision that shall seem terrifying to some; yet mercy holds in all spaces, and even by the suffering that is endured, so change shall come, and life in a measure shall be their own.

"I question you, my children, I say to each and every one: What have you done for Christ? What are you doing for the God within? Do not say to me: 'I have no gifts'. You have gifts in plenty; you are charged with power, for you belong to God. What have you done? What are your plans for tomorrow?

"Oh, work, for time is fleeting. Be as missionaries for the Christ. Serve your neighbour, even though your neighbour may turn upon you with ingratitude as the children of earth turned upon the Master and sought to slay. Do unto your neighbour, for only in the degree that you seek to help others and forget yourselves, only in that degree can the angels of the Most High minister unto you. This is the law that man so often forgets.

"There are some who argue: 'My Spirit friends will protect me!' What is this protection? If they protect the weaker self, if they minister to the lesser desires, oh, better far that those unseen 'helpers' had never entered the vibrations of the one concerned.

"The servants of the Christ draw their charges up the hill; and the hill must be steep because it leads to God; the obstacles must be many, the trials must be great, and at times the weariness overwhelms. But that is the road the Master trod Himself; that is the road into life.

"So, little ones, by desire of the Master I consecrate you all to a life of service - service to others, which is joy inconceivable to your minds at this stage. Yes, and I consecrate this temple of light, and I draw into the temple peace, unity and revelation. Yet I remind you that a 'temple' is naught to us unless those who gather therein worship God in Spirit; which, translated, brings you back again to service unto others.

"Many here, many there, would seek to build up great and lofty altars to the Most High, bringing perhaps, the treasures of the earth. But if the bringer has not the humble heart, the dedicated will, and the desire to serve, then these 'treasures' represent to us something terrible to behold, for they falsify Truth, and the bestower stands condemned. Worship of God is doing the Master's work: 'Feed My lambs, feed My sheep, seek for the lost until they are found.' So we worship God.

"I dedicate you all - I consecrate you, each one - to Christ. The golden Cross is within this temple of light, and under the Cross the protection is complete. Peace be unto you. The bright and shining Cross of Christ illumines all spaces.

"Let the Cross, in miniature, be marked upon your brow; and by the power of the Holy Spirit you shall be as new men, new women. The change has taken place - the old desires are cast aside; the love of self has withered down to its roots. The emblem of the Cross has made you free, and you look to the right and you look to the left - God's work lies everywhere waiting to be done.

"So, dear children, I pass from you; yet I draw in your thoughts, and I fetter them close to the One who loves you best, and I say unto you: Depart not from this place without making a compact with your greater self, that henceforth God shall come first; henceforth His work shall claim your vitality and your ability, henceforth as servants of the Most High you will continue your earthly way.

"Then, when that which you name trouble strikes the earth plane, because you are 'changed,' sorrow shall have no meaning; Christ has given you sight; the God within has linked up with its Great Source; and calmly, cheerfully, courageously you continue to minister to those who turned from the voice of the prophet and find themselves betrayed.

"That is the future. The present is charged with opportunity, charged with responsibility, charged with privilege. I mark you with the Cross. Farewell."

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