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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 25th February, 1928.

"Almighty Spirit, we present ourselves before Thee with humble hearts, and we ask Thee to so release the true self within, that this night we may commune with those who are linked to Thee by ties of service, effort and dedication. We ask Thee to draw from us all those thoughts which are chained to the earth, and to allow us to function as spirits for this short time, so that the blessing may descend and be made our own.

"Father, we ask Thee to use us for Thy holy work, to direct our energies into the right channel, and to make plain that the suffering of yesterday, the doubts and misgivings of today, that this is but preparation for the glorious future which awaits us all. Oh, grant that indeed we may be free - free from all that which binds, free from thoughts of self, and, as pilgrims, prepare ourselves for the next span in front... Father, we thank Thee for all Thy understanding love. Amen...

"...My children, I have gathered you into these vibrations for a special purpose, God's purpose, and I want you to say to yourselves that although that which comes may seem addressed to others or to many, that each word is personal to you.

"Perchance, it seems at times, I take rather the universal note instead of the personal, but, as you go on, you will see for yourselves that the universal in the Christ-sense is that most vitally personal to you; for, although you may vary as to the stage of your development, each one knows something of Truth, each one has contacted with that which is Spirit, each one desires to follow the guidance and to do the Master's work.

"So, my children, I want you, in thinking over my words, to recall the peace in this little room and to say to yourselves: 'It was necessary preparation for the next stage in front'.

"Today, those of the world are still obsessed by the things of the world, and they say - and it seems that evidence is upon their side: 'Cries as to this and that periodically arise, and how oft have they proved to have no foundation at all'.

"Little ones, I would take your thoughts through the Sacred Record. From earliest days, those bound by the earth jeered at prophecy; they refused to listen to warning; yet, laid out for all to see, so in time - not man's time but God's time - sorrow fell upon the people, and only the few had the strength to endure.

"Again and again, this is shown by the events of the past. In your own time it has been illustrated more than once. One here and there raised his voice in warning, but the world, as a whole, went on its careless way, and, alas and alas, insufficient power was at hand to stem the tide, to force back the enemies of peace; and that which you name war fell upon this little world, and has left its mark for good and ill.

"Yes, for good as well as for ill, for God is our Father and Mother, and out of the recklessness of man, out of the wanton squandering of life and effort, so, because of the anguish of the individual, something good was wrested and that remains for ever. But, my children, I would not dwell so much upon the punishment that man brings upon himself, rather I would deal with that which expresses the Love of God.

"And so tonight, by command of the One who has watched over us through time unthinkable, to you I speak upon that which I name: 'Miracles of Grace'.

"Children, the majority upon the earth plane and countless thousands in other conditions, they see not the Love of God around their lives, but rather their attention is focussed upon their woes, upon those things which go wrong, so it seems to them, upon their burdens, and upon the ailments of the garment in which they function and which they must wear until they can find within the strength to create another, less imperfect, in which to carry on their experiences.

"This point, dear children, I want to explain, for it is not known as it should be known that in the stages before the physical, the garment worn can represent a far greater torture than the physical body. You have been told by those who have passed through the earth stage, that suffering has been theirs. Think not that this is figurative alone. I have told you that in regard to the pangs of the physical, only one portion is borne by you; the three parts are shouldered, first by Christ, and then by those who come to minister to you in the Name of Christ.

"Now think as to this: Those belonging to you and many more have, during the earth stage, gone through that which represents anguish in regard to the body. Those who know their Saviour, those who have sought to tread the difficult path, these have shown a fortitude, a patience which has called out the admiration of the ones around.

"Now why is this? Little ones, first and foremost, you are Spirit, and the true home of the Divine within is not here but in realms of light and peace and love. Those who are disciples in very truth, they, by raising their thoughts and seeking to contact with the Christ, are functioning, literally, in conditions finer, purer than these; and, by a spiritual law, immediately a miracle of grace takes place, for remember this: You cannot think of Christ and yourself at the same time.

"Within that sentence lies the key to all life, and, indeed, the balm to suffering, loss, and the so-called troubles of the earth stage; You cannot think of Christ and dwell upon yourself at the same time...

"Now, little ones, see what I am opening before you, and this applies to every condition whether of the dark planes or of the Realms of Light: Held out to each one is protection, aye, the most earnest entreaty from the One who loves them best. God or Christ for ever has said to man: 'Think of Me and I will make you whole'.

"Oh, my children, you are so accustomed to the type of mind which insists on attention, which demands to be first. Around you there are many individuals with their interests and their desires, and again and again the cry rings out: 'Think of me - what I can do, what I can promise, what I have done'.

"And the children of the earth - out of their blindness and spiritual ignorance - they flock to one and they flock to another; and, after the glamour has passed, they find that the individual is so self-centred, so engrossed by the desires of the physical mind, that they weary of them. One by one they withdraw. To seek God? Ah no - to seek another similar, another who has the power to attract for the moment, yet carries not the bread of life but only the stones of disillusionment.

"How different is our God! Those of the earth seek attention in order to gratify their lesser selves, but the Father, the One who created us, He says to you, as He has said to the world over the ages: 'Think of Me so that I may give you that which no one can wrest away'...

"Little children, I think you grasp the thought underlying my words. Those who are pilgrims - who have taken their stand under the banner of Christ - perchance, they have many trials and testings; perchance, those trials and testings well nigh break their heart; but cannot you see how, by carrying the cross, immediately you enable your Father and Mother God to work a miracle of grace in your lives, and to bring to you, not your heart's desire maybe, but the desire of the spirit within which has seen God and can find no satisfaction in anything less than the highest.

"Miracles of grace: Yes, in the man or the woman lying upon the bed of pain, who, through that close contact with the Master, can keep their faith and still say: 'God is Love and His ways are best'.

"Little ones, a few such as these have had their endurance chronicled for others to read, but there have been thousands among the great unknown who have not only demonstrated to those around how a child of God can meet trials and tests, but, what is more, a great miracle of grace has been wrought. For out of their endurance, out of their courage, out of their faith, many chained by the past in conditions too terrible to be described, in a suffering beyond your comprehension, have been soothed, in the sense that strength has come and they have sought the freedom which lies close at hand...

"Children, I bring you back to the Sacred Record. Therein narrated is the incident when the Master said to one sore stricken: 'Thy, sins be forgiven thee', and those around, full of envy and hate for the Stranger who walked among the people and worked miracles, they turned upon Him accusing Him of blasphemy, of taking God's Name in vain. But the Master challenged them, reasoning with them, and He turned to the sufferer and bade him take up his bed and walk.

"I want you to think on this - the relative importance of setting the spirit free and healing the physical body; for, so oft, the same mistake is made by those who have not the greater discernment. There are the physicians - either in a physical body or with greater power in a body less dense, less holding - and these pass among the sufferers, and sometimes great cures are effected; sometimes in the individual there is a faith that is strong and pure, and those unseen, calling upon the power of the Holy Spirit, are able to right the wrong and to restore, in a measure, the garment of flesh. Those who have seen these miracles take place, they indeed are willing to give their loyalty and allegiance to the one who has brought the cure.

"You see, dear children, how even in this, the physical eyes and the physical mind controls. But the Master made clear so that all could understand, that the release of the true self within, the healing of the wounds of the soul-body, the giving of life to that which functions after the physical is no more - that this was an infinitely greater treasure to possess - a miracle of grace indeed.

"I want you tonight, to apply this to yourselves, for it is personal to you, to those who will read my words, and to the countless thousands whom I have gathered in; for although there are children upon the earth plane beset by enemies of the physical body, never forget the multitude whose sufferings are ten times greater, whose enemies are so strong through the folly of the past that indeed they are overwhelmed again and again.

"Children, within your power, within the power of everyone, is the ability to work two miracles under the grace of God. You can heal the sick, give sight to the blind, make straight the crooked limbs on the one hand, and on the other - supreme - you can put your brother or your sister in touch with the One who loves them best. This miracle of grace lies within the power of all, aye, and one day must be performed by each one, for, wherever they may be, they belong to God, and the time comes when once more they turn to their Creator and it is well with them and with those they seek to reclaim.

"If you would challenge the first miracle I have underlined - the power to give sight to the blind, to heal the sick, to make the lame to walk, then, little ones, for your comfort I would say that you have done all this in the sleep state, and God has blessed you for your effort, for that which the stronger self did out of love for Him.

"But now, I would bring you back to the physical, to the bodies that you wear, to the minds that you use, and here, dear children, another set of miracles can indeed be wrought if you turn to God and follow implicitly His guidance.

"There have been many upon the earth plane who, through strain of one kind or another, have found themselves with wrecked nerves, with a physical mind which refuses to respond to their command. Many, alas, because the true self within was encaged, have been taken into that which represents an imprisonment, they are amongst the insane.

"But what is insanity? Little ones, in nine cases out of ten it is the result of lack of self-government, and, above all, ignorance of the great Source of healing and health. Now, think of this and ponder on the responsibility of the teachers and the instructors, of the shepherds who have forgotten to lead their sheep into the safe fold.

"Children, those you name the doctors and the nurses, they know that the man or the woman who has tried to shoulder their burdens, to cling to the Cross and to follow the guidance of God, that if through overstrain or agony the mind has lost its poise, that these, in a very short time, regain their balance. They are linked to God, and God's angels come in person and heal that done by the enemies of the Most High.

"Think you where your part comes in. You know Christ, you know the depth and the breadth of His Love according to your present consciousness of love, and you see that which you have to do. Is it not better to safeguard before the test comes, rather than to seek to heal when the damage has been done?

"In the body there lies that which to us is an army; aye, and I speak not solely from the scientific side. That army is recognised by the physicians who agree one and all, that the strongest forces are on the side of health, and that that side can win if it has suitable conditions. But, from the Spirit aspect, I emphasise that within the physical tabernacle there is indeed an army at work, yet that army can be controlled to a great measure by the greater self which functions in what to some seems a prison.

"Now, think you as to your power, and again, as to your responsibility. Start from the highest: 'I am Spirit, part of the Great Spirit, the Source of all power. For a little while I am cabined in the flesh, yet still I am Spirit. Perchance, those who went before, by that which they did or forgot to do, they have weakened the body in which I function. What is my part?'

"And the answer comes: A glorious part indeed, for whatever the garment you wear, you can demonstrate to yourself and others that Spirit is stronger than all.

"And, if the body, through the damage done over the past, refuses to come up to that high standard of health which you desire, then think of the wonderful opportunity that is within your grasp. For you are a child of God, and by your patience, by pushing aside self and thinking of God's work, by keeping the mind focussed on the Christ, so a miracle of grace is wrought by you, and its effects are never ending.

"For forget not that though your physical garment may not be healed, you are healing in part the outer coverings - so terrible, so fraught with anguish - which are worn by those in the bondage of self.

"This subject is unlimited in its scope, aye, so indicative of the Love of God and the shower of mercy which for ever rains upon His children, that tonight I can but bring in a few of the truths given to me to pass on.

"But I want you to get your perspective truer, to have a sounder sense of proportion. What are you? What have you done? What can you do? Without Christ, it is loss all along the line; and I want to draw your attention to the fact that those in a physical body who are beset by disease, that their anguish is infinitely greater if they have not Christ.

"It is a spiritual law: If you took two individuals functioning in physical garments, beset by the same disabilities or diseases, and the one had Christ and the other had sought the companionship of those arraigned against Him, you would find that the sufferings of the child of faith were infinitely lighter than that of the one who had forsaken the only support when agony draws nigh.

"Cannot you see - even from the lowest point of argument - that the individual who walks with the messengers of the Light gains hour by hour, and is protected from a thousand woes which the bonded one draws to himself by that fatal law of attraction?

"Children, I must leave you after I have gathered up, as it were, the few threads of wisdom I have sought to pass on, but I want you to feel the joy that is all around your lives. I know that each one has passed through deep and, with some, dangerous waters, but where are you now?

"Oh, little ones, you have climbed one steep hill, and, unless you turn deliberately from the Light, there, in front, is the Christ with out-stretched arms, not only sending you strength, but, by the radiance of His smile, quelling the suffering, lightening the heart, healing the mind, and blotting out the past...

"You, each one, can work miracles in the Name of Christ; miracles with yourself, your mind, your physical body; miracles with those in your vibrations - and never forget that each act desired and put into motion, at once makes it possible for that other to be a miracle-worker in turn, and thereby demonstrate that indeed he or she is a child of God - aye, gifted, in miniature, with His power.

"Oh, remember ever that the greatest miracle of all is releasing the Divine within, for, out of that miracle, so all the other miracles can be worked as a result. Focus on that. 'Thy sins are forgiven thee', so the Master said; but, dear children, the individual has to find the will to walk out of the prison-house erected by himself. And countless thousands, when the body is no more, hug their chains, desire still dominates them and they have no wish for the liberty which is liberty for the true self within...

"And now I leave you for a space. That which I have passed on is meant for you and for all those who have gathered close. To the bonded ones, to those still held by the darkness of self, so the message from the Christ rings out: 'Arise, arise, and work miracles in the Name of Love'.

"And now I go. Hold fast to these holy conditions for God's work must be done this night in His own way..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, we close tonight on a note of reassurance. I know that many present have felt within themselves that the tests and the trials were exacting a great deal from them at this stage. That indeed is a sign of their strength and I bid the sufferers remember this:

"That by the miracle of the grace of God, so, out of worry, out of things seemingly going wrong, there shall arise something beautiful, with spiritual life; and by patient hoping on, fighting against despair, so indeed you shall find yourselves creators in the God sense. For remember that you are of the great Parent, and within you there are gifts and powers and strengths beyond your comprehension now. This is your inheritance. Out of the will to go on, so, day by day - aye, hour by hour - you are releasing that sweeter self, and you are making it possible to do miracles in the Name of God.

"So, bid sadness depart, with joyful hearts arise in mind and greet the future, for God does not fail even though we are tempted to fail our better selves. God sends strength to the weak, help to the helpless, treasure to the poor, all by the miracle of His grace, made possible - forget it not - by the desire to serve, by the wish to do that which is the will of the Divine.

"Miracles were wrought in the past by the Master and those who followed after; miracles innumerable take place every day. The spiritually blind perceive them not; those in touch with God praise His Name, and pass on of their vision and their faith to others.

"So I bless you with the release of the stronger self, with the will to surmount the obstacles on your path, and with the certainty that God is in command, and you are His well-beloved, out of the reach of those who would wreck and destroy.

"I bless you with strength, with vision, and, above all, with the will to go on. Farewell."

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