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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Hiberian Hall, West Stanley, County Durham under the auspices of Tyneside GW Area Propaganda Council, on Saturday, November 21st, 1937

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"...Through the Message of the Christ, soul is linked to soul and life to life through all nations. When the earthly body is cast aside you will be able to see those companions who are gathered to you by service and love. Think about the sacred meaning of friendship in the Name of the Christ.

"Many find that, as days go by, they realise that few fulfil the hopes that were held regarding them. People meet, they find sympathy of thought; then a cloud rolls over and the brightness of the love between them seems to be shattered forever more. Some of you have suffered in this same way and others yet have this test to face. So, dwell upon the thought of the sacredness of friendship, and know that when the body is cast aside these links made upon the earth by gathering together for God's work will be seen as the highest worth, something that you will treasure with all your heart.

"Fix your minds upon the holy thought of: 'The Miracle of Resurrection' - the miracle that shall take place for you. Man grows accustomed to the passing of others; he looks over God's Acre and sees the symbols and signs of those who once peopled this plane. Some allow their thoughts to go ahead, and they know that the time must come when they too will be numbered amongst the departed.

"This is not a time for sorrow or loss but of thought for the beautiful future that lies before the seeking man, the wonderful life in those planes where the brightness of Divine Love allows us to forget the sorrow of the past.

"Today, there is much to try your strength and to strip the thin coat of your faith. Many around you are living lives so different to your own - the worldly, those who have gathered to themselves the treasures of the earth. Sometimes you feel that things, in some way, have gone wrong. Sickness has fallen upon your loved ones; those you revere seem to have the hand of trouble pressing upon them, almost to their knees. The mind of the body must needs be reasoned with and, if it be the Will of God, a modicum of comfort will be found - a little illumination and a message for yourselves and for those around you.

"Looking upon Nature there is - plainly to be read - the lesson of your own life. Spring has its own glory. The bright days of Summer with the sweet growing flowers fill the heart with joy. When Autumn comes along with its wonderful wealth of colour and of change, your thoughts go perchance to the Giver of all good things. The glad harvest fields speak to you of the promises of God fulfilled. When in Winter you look out upon the barren earth, the wise ones see there again a Divine promise worked out for the betterment of humanity.

"Think of the whiteness of the snow and its purity; recall the golden rays of sunshine lighting up that which would be otherwise drab and grey. Think of the wonderful work going on in the soil, of that marvellous law of Nature, to replenish that which has been given forth. Then there is the activity of the insects and the other creatures of the earth. Outwardly there are no signs of life, but definite work is going on apace for your welfare and for the working out of the Divine Plan.

"Look at your own lives and look at those barren times when you long so much for signs of spiritual life and even of material life, to manifest, to comfort and to reassure. Has it not dawned upon you, and upon those who suffer in like manner that there must be something beneath the strain and the struggle, there must be some Divine reason for the putting away of earthly joy, there must be some explanation of that heavy load and the seeming anxieties that seemingly spoil the journey of experience upon the earth.

"You are here for one short span. You have had life in many worlds and in many spheres. As Paul says - there are bodies terrestrial and celestial; there is the light of the stars and the moon and the glory of the sun (1 Corinthians 15:40-41). All these things should comfort and reassure. Struggle is like the dew from Heaven that feeds the roots of spiritual growth. Pain is like the cleansing rain that brings into being the sweet blooms out of the earthly pastures. The dark clouds that shut you in are folding something close around so that when the bondage is over there shall be that wonderful opening of spiritual consciousness that shall lift you for your greater life in a fairer, freer world.

"As your thoughts alight upon these ideas so comes the light of illumination. The earth stage taxes your courage and it is necessary to reason with yourself in a sane and logical way.

"If you could see the portion and the lot of men and women free from the body who lived lives of pleasure upon the earth, you would indeed thank God that your walk of life is so different. Daily you would thank God that you are climbing instead of descending into the valley of misunderstanding and the darkness that it brings. That is why discipline and learning are so important.

"Do you think about the lot of the earth? You have the facility for learning about events all over the world: The sorrows of others, the crimes, the plots, the infamy and rumble of wars. Quietly, you realise that there must be the cleansing fires of the Holy Spirit. These cleansing fires of the Holy Spirit are being contributed by those who suffer and yet remain strong.

"If your lives today represent strain and hardship, and if you have the courage still to believe that God's ways are best, know that you are contributing to the cleansing fires of the Holy Spirit which shall save this planet from destruction. It is no use to cry out with a loud voice for peace unless you are contributing your portion to the sweet Tree of Peace and its golden fruitage of mercy and love. This is the food that it is the Father's Will should be available for the upliftment and the nourishment of starving man.

"As you think upon those who have entered into the Better Land, try to visualise a little of the character of their resurrection. Some arise in glory; some arise in bondage; for whether man believes it or not, there is no death, there is only a change of state and of being.

"The garments of the spirit are too manifold to describe. Imagine a faithful soul who passed after a life of struggle and strain - the bent form, the dim eyes, the shrunken hands: There is a sense of joy in knowing that that dear soul is not only alive and well but charged with strength and beauty, and much more than that - because she did her duty, because she nourished those who were weak, because she tended the young and had compassion over the sick - she is a miracle-worker by the grace of God.

"If only the eyes could be opened and you could see your forbears - those who had hard lives and yet struggled on; if only you could see them now you would realise the wonderful truth, the marvellous inner meaning of that word resurrection in the God-sense.

"Days pass quickly by, youth turns to maturity, and then old age comes along. Many sorrow because their strength is diminishing. Some look back on their lives and realise that when they were children they had the gift of earthly happiness in their hands. Understand that there is no dark valley of death for you if you have sought to do your best. For your consolation, there will be a glad 'welcome-home' - and what that 'welcome-home' represents no earthly words can describe. Yet, in little part, you can visualise that which God has prepared for those who love Him.

"Imagine one on a far shore left on a desert isle. His eyes strain for the coming of a ship and the longing of a human face which will mean freedom for him. Pacing through the weary hours, sick and tired of himself, knowing that there is no one near to relieve the monotony and the loneliness of his lot. This is the position of the self-centred man when physical death takes place. You may question as to where are the guides and helpers of this man. Remember, man has free-will and even God does not interfere with this most precious gift.

"If a selfish man, who has dwelt on his own possessions and his own ease, builds a cave in which he is encased, then, until he recognises what is wrong with him, it is almost impossible to hack down the rock in which he has imprisoned himself. Sometimes, on the earth, a call comes to set free those imprisoned in the earth by some act of Nature, and there are always willing workers, always the noble ones who are prepared to volunteer and even to offer their physical life itself for the sake of another.

"This simile holds good for the selfish man who has entombed himself after physical death. There are many to hack upon the rock of self, but it takes time for the one within to hear and to respond.

"This is in contrast to the children who struggled with illness but at last the physical life has sped. What will the child see when the veil is parted and the darkness of the earth is no more? Those of you who have lost a child, as you knelt by the tiny form in anguish, thought perhaps of the loneliness of the journey the little one had to take alone. But this is one of the travesties of the earth life. No little child passes through the change called 'death' alone. There are many waiting for the sweet blossom; so much love is held out, so many things prepared and thought about, and the little one passes into a joy the earth cannot hold.

"Little children gain their life from love. When the mother has thought and prayed and the light has been brought to her, she is able to raise her mind above the grave and the cold, still form. Perhaps her eyes are opened and she sees her little one in the fields of bliss, surrounded with the things she loves best. Everything responds to the love of a child. Children can teach the older generation so much by their simplicity and almost holy trust.

"Do not dread the transition, do not shrink from it. Regard it as you would a change from the dark surroundings to beautiful conditions upon the earth plane. True, the passing is often accompanied by suffering. But, true again, there are always helpers and the guides easing the suffering. Although the physical body may writhe upon the bed, know that the burden is shared. Three-quarters of the burden of pain is lifted as the passing takes place. This is comfort for your souls.

"Just remember that what you see as you pass into God's Land depends entirely upon yourselves. Many times on the earth you may be asked: 'What is your idea of happiness?' You may reply: 'Food and entertainment'; a mother may reply: 'True happiness is to know that her children are well and safe under Divine care'; the teacher may say: 'My idea of happiness is to give out my knowledge and to have it received with sympathy and understanding'; the musician may answer: 'When I am free I shall seek music in its highest sense'; the artist may say: 'When I am free I shall be able to portray the beauty that is in my mind.' And so on.

"And you, what is it that reflects true happiness to you? Blessed are they who can answer that true happiness represents to them the privilege of being a door-keeper in the House of God. These are the ones with the disciple-spirit released. These are the ones who are the banner-bearers and the light-bringers to the darkened planes. These are the ones on whom the Master has placed the cloak of Divine protection. Through their humility and desire to serve, they shall be found worthy to be a door-keeper in the House of God and to preserve those who go in and those who go out.

"Think about Messengership in its true sense. While you are in the physical body you can be a door-keeper in the House of God - by your own thoughts and influence you can say: 'Yes' or 'No' to the spirits who come back to speak to you from those other realms.

"No words can portray the seriousness of this thought. There are many who desire messages which, in themselves, are a sign of their enchainment to the earth. There are many who are not concerned over the progress of their souls but only with the progress of material things. What sort of door-keepers do they represent? They are the door-keepers of the astral plane - they allow the door to swing open and shut again, and all who like to force their way come through and do damage to God's work.

"Always remember this: Messengership represents a great responsibility. You can be messengers for bound spirits or those who are free. In the Holy Book you are told to test the spirits (1 John 4:1), and the only way spirits can be tested by you is to analyse the message that they bring.

"For if spirits use the flesh of another and they do not inspire you to climb, then you can be certain you are in touch with an earth-bound soul, a spirit still in prison.

"Ponder upon this glorious thought. The opportunity has come to you to be a door-keeper in the House of your Lord; and the door-keepers who are blessed by the Christ stand indeed as sentries on guard. No one passes them who does not come to do God's Will. Many an enemy seeks to force an entry, but the door is closed by the grace won over the past, and the one in charge remains true to their trust.

"The plea has gone out to all messengers, to the reader of the words, and the hearers of the Message; still more is it essential for the listeners - many a messenger would work on the spiritual vibrations, but those gathered insist on mundane things. They are not concerned with anything but that which concerns their lesser selves.

"Terrible damage has been done and there is much pain in the working out because you need to remember this - when a messenger is free from the flesh, they look back over their lives and, indeed, these words are true: Better far that a millstone had been around their neck if the children who listened were sent into the darkness of misunderstanding.

"Within you is God. Of those wonderful qualities associated with Divinity, how many have been resurrected, how many of yours still lie buried? You cannot escape your destiny. Your fate is set: You are a child of God and inheritor of the Kingdom; and in time to come you must be pure and perfect, even as the Christ.

"Therefore, why allow the time to slip away? Why allow the thoughts of injury to remain in your mind? Why allow the heart still to ache over the treachery of the so-called friend? How trivial these things seem when we are free. We look back over the past and see that the unseen enemies so easily deceived and entrapped. We thought we were so wise and intelligent, but we were numbered among those who were trapped by the simplest trick set into motion by the unseen enemies who had crept into the home.

"This is a message of peace. There are many stragglers, those who are working upon resurrecting the real self within. They know that for the jewel of great price there cannot be exacted too much during the earth stage. Because they also know that God is a God of compensation - that God does not allow the faithful and the true, the hard worker and the one who seeks to love his neighbour - God does not allow that one to sorrow unduly or to suffer when the test has been taken with a willing heart.

"Take a view of your own lives and ask yourselves what will you see when the transition comes for you. You do not know, whether you are old or young, when the time will be. Sometimes the youths are gathered up hurriedly, that which you call an 'accident' cuts off a useful life upon the earth. What will these souls find on the other side of the veil? By their lives you can answer with accuracy and with truth: That which their soul desires the most shall be their own.

"Many of the wise ones say: 'All I want is harmony and peace which represents love!' They shall have harmony and peace and love unstinted. Another will cry: 'All I want is to work for God; I do not mind the stripes, I do not mind giving up my brightness, I want to be a worker, I want to do something that is worthwhile.' The promises of God shall be kept. The seeker shall find. The one who knocks shall indeed find the ever-open door and the resurrection of the real self shall be hindered no more.

"There a many seeking to do their part, longing to contribute to the power wanted so badly upon the earth. There are some willing to make the full surrender for Jesus the Christ. When the body is cast away, when the dark clouds of the earth are no more, when the sweet sunshine of the Spirit welcomes you in, you will go back over the past and you will smile that you allowed your troubles so to depress you. Why will you smile? Because in the home you will see that angels worked with you.

"You thought you undertook the difficult task on your own strength; you thought when a certain inspiration was born in the mind that it came from your own soul; you did not understand all the work put in by the bright ones - how again and again they cast their rays upon your mind of the body - and how dull the mind of the body was until, at last, the light of their love was able to pierce the coarse exterior, and within was born the desire to do God's work, the desire to be a missionary, the desire to leave some holy mark on time.

"So much is held out to the seeking man. Within you are those holy gifts of the Christ Himself. Many sorrow when they are free. They were prepared to make certain sacrifices and they grew weary and lost heart and said to themselves: 'Why should I do all this: God does not seem to appreciate my struggles and my sorrows!' They turned their eyes away from the Christ and sought the pleasures of the earth. When the awakening came in the World of Spirit, they saw to their anguish that they had to take up the fallen cross, they had to go back over the past and fill in those vacant places in the spiritual plan of their lives. Our resurrection must take place because we are of God, and because the God within us will not be denied.

"The call goes out to you for even greater sacrifices, to climb still more quickly the steep hill of spiritual attainment and to hold within you good cheer. Around you are those unseen waiting to help and to strengthen. There are those around filling you with spiritual strength if you will not refuse them. They are co-operating with you and with God so that your resurrection may take place in its true sense. Thus happiness and peace may be your portion for ever more.

"You are blessed with the determination to do your utmost to cleanse the outer course of this great Truth. You are blessed with the desire to seek only the highest and the best. You are blessed with sufficient discernment to seek no more for the material messages, only those which shall comfort the aching, starving soul within.

"If only you hearken to the instructions given, then, when you are free, how much toil and strain you will be saved - how much joy and peace and mighty treasure will be found waiting for you in God's Bright Land. The resurrection will have begun, the old cloak of the earthly mind and the body will have fallen from you, to be forgotten forever. With health and beauty, with a finer mind than any earthly mind can represent, you stand ready, a servant of God.

"You were true to your trust; you were a door-keeper, and you would not allow the enemies of the Christ to creep through. Henceforth a blessing rests upon you, and the power has come, and you are second to none in the Kingdom because you desired to do your best.

"May the peace of the Master enfold your very being. May the spirit of the crusaders rise within you with tremendous force; may the call go out for those other valiant hearts to join the great Christ army which advances when the enemy shall indeed fall back. Brave men and women are wanted - those souls who have learnt to give up the material for the sake of the spiritual - brave souls are wanted so that the power of Holy Spirit may be drawn into the earth plane and resurrect the goodness that is in the earth, which means peace in your time and peace in the time to come.

"All the workers are blessed by the grace of God, and they are charged to lay aside any weariness of heart and mind that may have assailed them over the Master's work. They are blessed with still greater courage, with a finer ambition; in the degree that they pray to be strong so the strength shall come, so the work of the Master upon the earth plane shall be carried through, so the unborn generations shall find prepared for them something of holiness in the conditions, so the guides and helpers shall rejoice, so the Heart of God shall be gladdened thereby - for His children have heard His Voice, have answered His call, and His Will on earth has been done.

"Peace be with you all. By the Cross and through the Cross you can attain and bring others out of the wood of darkness and of desire, on to the high plateau of illumination and knowledge of the Love of God. Let your eyes rest upon the hills from whence cometh your help... "

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