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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 26th November, 1927.

"Most Gracious One, we thank Thee, we bless Thee for all Thou hast done for us, and we ask Thee to teach us how, in turn, we can be used in Thy holy service. Give unto us the light of understanding, separate that which stands between us and consciousness of Thee and Thy purpose, and help us to remember always those who walk in shadowy places, those who are blind to things as they are, those who know not their tender Saviour and have no wish to hearken unto Truth...

"Oh, grant as we go on day by day, joying in this great gift which Thou hast bestowed, that we may never forget the ones who are farther down the hill of achievement, that we may ever remember to send back our love, our power, so that they may be inspired to climb as well...

"As missionaries consecrated and dedicated to Thy service, we ask Thee, O God, to draw us closer to Thee this night. Amen...

"...My little children, you have all been trained for work for God. Some, perchance, only dimly sense this great fact, but I say, under command of the Holy One, that each child gathered here is pledged to the Master's service, and when the definite call comes to reserve and conserve your energies for Christ, oh, then recall my words, recollect that I have said that that is the most important hour of your physical experience - the call from the Master and the definite response from the Christ within.

"In every state and in every stage, so, when the spirit is sufficiently released, the call is heard and the response is made. But think not, my children, that all mankind, that the individual in whatever condition he or she may be, has not been called by God perpetually over the ages, called from that far-off time when self was preferred to the will of God. Aye, the calling goes on, but out of the misuse of that precious gift of free-will, so the sweet voice of the Spirit is drowned by the desires of the lesser self and its many longings.

"Yet, my children, remember ever that the messengers of the Most High are around the weakest as well as the strongest. Love knows no barrier, and those who love Christ redouble their efforts over the prisoner, over the one who has chained himself to the conditions in which he is functioning at the time.

"Tonight, dear children, it has been ordained by the One to whom we belong, that I should speak on that which I name: 'Ministering Angels'.

"And I want you to visualise yourselves at this moment, not as something cramped and held by the physical garment, but as spirits, conscious of your great destiny; aye, remembering from whom you came and to whom you will return. Put aside the physical and the material, and try to build up some conception of the all-holiness, all-beauty, all-power, all-wisdom, which represents your real self, and which, throughout the ages, has been struggling to get free from that which binds.

"And then to think of this: That in your vibrations there are those who have changed the earth body for something a little finer, a little more sensitive; and, again, to go from that and to recollect with gratitude your forefathers, who, for the moment or longer, you have forgotten. I speak of those linked to you by physical ties, by that which you name family; and these ties remain, sometimes for generations, sometime for ever.

"Now ponder on this point: I have instructed that the tie between parent and child is sometimes physical alone; I have told you that each one has spiritual parents, spiritual children, using that word in the sense you have given it. They are those who are bound to you by love, and that most glorious chain of connection can never be severed, for love is of God and has life everlasting, and no force or enemy is strong enough to come between.

"But in regard to your grandparents and those from whom you came in the far, far past, these are linked to you by that which I name responsibility or consequences. The man or woman who, by forsaking the law of God, damaged the physical garment to the extent that its weakness was passed on to the children and the children's children, they are linked to those others until the wrong has been righted and the Father's will has been done. But you, my children, draw much power from your forebears, from those who are entirely unknown to you, even by name.

"I take you further; I remind you that when those early ones brought into the physical world children, and provided faithfully the garment which the spirits must inhabit, these have a claim on the generations which follow, the claim of love.

"So enlarge your vision and think with kindness and affection of those who took the earth way in the long ago. You are to them the children of their heart, if not of their actual body - children to be cherished, to be fought for, to be prayed for, so that when temptation draws nigh the protection will be complete.

"And forget not those early ones who betrayed their better selves. Many slept over time unthinkable to you, but at last - oh ponder on this - at last, by your dedication to Christ, by your desire to get closer to holy things, you, all unconsciously, acted as a magnet and drew them out of the shadows into something of the Light, the Light of the Love of God. Thank your Creator that it is possible for you and others to be used in this so beneficent way.

"And then, my children, I take you a little further still. All these who love you cannot stand between you and those you name the guides - good or evil; and sometimes even their love cannot protect those on the earth from the ones who, as yet, know not Christ as their Redeemer.

"Such as these influence, tempt and destroy, because the individual himself is off his guard. They are 'guides' by the choice of the one in the physical body, for like attracts like; and if the one going through the physical experience is fettered to the world in its worldly sense, so then those free from the body, who likewise in their day were prisoners of desire, these walk with them; they direct them not up the steep hill but on and on through the valley of temptation; and the parents and the grandparents are helpless, except that by their prayers and their efforts, they can stem actual disaster to the soul concerned; but you cannot interfere with free-will...

"Again I take you on, and I say that though the companions of the twilight and dark planes may be numerous, greater still in number are the ministering angels sent by God. And the time comes, if not upon the earth plane, then in some other condition, when the ministering angels will be able to take the place of the ones who are out to torture and deceive.

"So, my children, when one says: 'I am lonely', you realise the foolishness of the remark. You recognise also the deep responsibility upon the individual to keep close to holy things. Again, it dawns upon all that the only safeguard, the only way to make the protection complete, the only way to keep in contact with the bright ones, is to cling to Christ, to the Beloved, the Saviour, the Reconstructor.

"And if dullness or dimness, at times, holds your mind regarding the One who loves you best, forget not that by keeping the word 'Christ' on your lips - even 'parrot-fashion', as you name it - that that, in the little tomorrow, will banish the dimness or the dullness, and revelation of something of Infinite Love at last is made your own...

"And then, my children, I wish to touch upon another aspect, and that is in regard to tests and temptations. In olden times, with those whose records you read in that which you name the Bible, with each one, so clearly outlined, is the history of the tests and temptations which came to them.

"Think you of that great one (Abraham) who was called upon by the Lord God Jehovah to take the child of his heart and to offer it as a sacrifice - aye, think of that one, you who are parents - and in his case the child had been longed for over the years; think of the unflinching faith of that one of long ago. And, as I speak, he is pouring down upon us his love, and love is power. What of the test, and what of the ministration which came after the test was accepted with humble heart.

"Oh, my children, heed not those who claim the tools of the mind, go not to them for knowledge if they recognise not the great Source of Wisdom, but content yourselves with the record of the past, those examples, the narratives of anguish of the heart, the loneliness, that apparent hopelessness, at the time, of escape from that which was indeed as the death-blow to all that which physical life held for them.

"Go back over the record of the prophets, the teachers of old, those who demonstrated God to a blind and ignorant people, and try and learn from them; for the Lord God protected the Truth, so that those who followed after might have explanation and reassurance over their own tests and temptations.

"The pupil who is out to learn and not to shirk, must have these tests, must be sifted, so that the pure gold of that which is the real self can be freed from the dross of the earth. But each test met with as much faith and acquiescence as possible, each temptation struggled against - if not overcome - means, by a spiritual law, that those you name the bright ones can come oh so close; and, if you had true vision, you would see them with their arms around you, pouring into you the strength and balm of their love. Ministering angels, messengers from the great Source of healing and consolation. That is the promise of God, and His promises stand for ever...

"And then, my little ones, I want you to think of this: Throughout the history of all life - and I speak not of this little earth plane alone - throughout the long, long journey, there have been those who were the missioners - missionaries in a far-off day perchance, but once a missionary always a missionary, aye, for ever and for ever. Such as these, in the long ago, tried to keep close to their conception of God - a conception vague, incomplete, incomprehensible to you who have the gift of Christ - but out of their courage, so they fought and obtained a measure of freedom.

"They sought the Lord, they listened for His Voice, and the words were given. These bore the mark of service: The sacred Cross - long, long before Calvary was thought of. It was a sign of the future, a sign of the present; the Cross, which is man's chief support.

"These, in their small or mighty way, were used by God as His missionaries, and they held up Truth so that others might have a glimpse of something of its radiance. Ministering angels in this little circle of effort; ministering angels out in the busy world grappling with self in a million forms; God's messengers rectifying where possible, building out of fragments, turning the heart of man a little nearer and a little nearer to the One who has fought for him over the long past...

"And then, my children, I would speak as to that term, that expression 'angel', for many have questioned as to this, and some have the truth but not the whole:

"I have instructed you that when you pass hence out of the physical plane, by your dedication to the things of God, you will be enabled to omit sojourn in that which you designate the 'astral plane' or the 'plane of desire'. Aye, and I have told you that by working for others, so the summerland - and all it represents - shall be powerless to hold you. You shall pass, if you remain true to your greater self, into the planes of Spirit when the physical garment has done its part.

"Keep this thought in mind. Go back on what I have laid down when we have met together in this way. I have said that the earth plane is but one short stage of the long journey of experience; that you have had many bodies, many garments; that you have passed through innumerable conditions before you entered this planet.

"And, my children, I have underlined that the laws of God are worked out in perfect harmony with the highest conception of Love. Many conditions you have been enabled to omit because in certain conditions in which you functioned, you tried to learn the lessons of your environment...

"My little ones, confuse not my meaning. Those you name the angels of God are not those who have not suffered or who have suffered less than yourselves, but they are the ones who have suffered greatly. They learnt their lessons in a shorter time; they fell not so far from their high estate; they trod the path of experience but they managed, by struggle, to preserve more than the majority, who turned from the Light of the Spirit to the twilight of self.

"These, the angels of God, suffered in a way you scarce can grasp, but they remained, in a measure, true to the Divine within. No earthly garment was necessary for such as these; they had learnt in a condition before - in some cases long before - and so the earth stage, so far as the physical garment was concerned, was unnecessary, for the preparation had been put in.

"Think you, my children, as to this: There are some who claim that those who are 'angels' know not temptation nor experience as you and I; but, directly you analyse this, at once you find the flaws. How could the angels of God help the children of the earth if that which the earth stage represents was beyond their range of experience? How could a selected and reserved high-being do the work of the Creator if understanding were absent, if similar experiences were unknown? No.

"The evolution of mankind, for the most part, is a slow process. You pass out of one condition into another which is similar in many respects - and why? Because the lessons of that before stage were only half learnt. Keep this thought in mind, and you will see that it is logical and reasonable, even to the mind of the body. I tell you that the children of the earth can pass out of earthly conditions into those of Spirit, escaping long sojourns in the innumerable conditions in between.

"Precisely the same thing took place with those who are named the angels of God. Yet, they work upon the earth plane, for it is indeed the plane of temptation. And when you are free, so gladly, out of love for Christ, you will work in those conditions which you name the 'astral' and the 'summerland', yet your own environment - that which you have purchased by effort - will be Spirit...

"I leave this for your minds to ponder o'er. I want you, little ones, to allow no thought to arise of barriers between yourselves and those you name the angels of the Most High. Is it not feasible, is it not according to reason, that only those who have fought and overcome can grapple with the difficulties, can supply guidance for the weak ones struggling in the net of the physical experience?

"Ministering angels: They watch over the sick, they safeguard the children, they heal the wounds of heart and mind, they encourage and they point the way on; ministering angels, because they belong to that which you call the Christ Sphere. They seek to emulate the humility of the Lord God of all; and, could you see with the eyes of the spirit, you would marvel at their many tasks. Surprise and consternation would seize your minds if you could witness what they do for you, my little ones, over the mundane tasks of daily life.

"This is God's Truth, and, in time to come, I will go back on the point and will make clear anything which confuses or perplexes. But remember this: That you, even as you are, represent something very like a ministering angel to those in the dark planes. You are light and beauty to them, and when they are sufficiently freed to arise and take stock of their conditions, so, in the distance, this little gathering (Zodiac circle) represents a radiance and a glory which seems of all-power itself...

"A wonderful thought, a wonderful consolation, and a still more wonderful spur to fresh efforts. A little child in prayer, thinking of the Gentle Jesus in love, is a ministering angel to those bound in the darkness of self.

"Think on these lines and try and draw to you something of the gigantic nature of that mighty provision which Perfect Love has instituted for saving His children from their weaker selves. When you feel compassion for another in sorrow, when you seek to direct the mind of another towards the Christ, when you endeavour to bring balm to a broken heart - ah, my little ones, you know it not, but to someone unknown, undreamt of by you, you represent an angel of Light.

"This law of the Spirit is worked out from the weakest to the strongest, and over each one is the Light of the Saviour Himself. All draw from the one inexhaustible Source. Therefore, let your mind spread, let it roam far and wide in the endeavour to build up some faint conception of the beauty, the radiance of the Christ.

"So, my little ones, when I say that the call has come, you see something of all that mighty Love beyond and beneath the call and the response.

"Oh, most Majestic God - that Thou should have given to Thy little ones so many gifts, so many opportunities. Lift up our hearts and minds so that we may take of Thyself, for Christ's sake, for the sake of the One who has given us Life...

"...My children, I leave you for a space. It is not my part to teach you line upon line. Under the direction of the Holy One, I give out a thought here, a ray of light there, for the Master wishes you, individually, to have the great gain of pondering over these things yourself; of drawing and holding, by your efforts, by your dedication and your wish to learn, something of the Truth which is of Him. The purpose and the plan of these evenings is for me to indicate, and for you to bring into your own vibrations, that measure of revelation and illumination which you can bear; and this goes on for ever.

"Now, my children, although it is hard to leave you thus, I must give place to another... The links are strong. You are my little ones, gifted to me by the great Father out of His understanding, out of His deep comprehension of the longings of the self within, and now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Good evening, it's Roberts, preferably 'Bobs', and, my dear friends, I've come tonight for a purpose, God's purpose, although it may sound strange to talk in this presumptuous way. I want to speak not only to certain members present, but, if I may be permitted, to the world at large - a tall order, but never mind.

"In my youth, my adventurous youth, there was one thing particularly which held my mind, and that was to keep before the stranger, the so-called native, the honour of England. In looking back over the days, I see now, oh, so terribly distinctly, just this - that the man, the individual, must have ideals. Curiously enough, when little more than a boy, I had this experience, and I should like tonight to put it on record, for when we are in the body we are reserved over such things:

"One night I awoke with a start. By the side of my shake-down there stood a stranger. At first I thought: 'Is it treachery?' But anyhow, I resolved to die decently, if it was necessary to die at all. The stranger stood by me and was completely in command of the situation. I saw him but faintly, yet sufficiently distinctly to send through my mind a hundred thoughts, possibilities - reasons for and against; again, even then, I thought of England, of the honour of the great white Queen... I hope I'm not boring you?

"The stranger gave me no word, but he moved and pointed away out over the country, and when I asked for explanation, he had gone. I got up at once, flung on some clothes and went outside, and what do you think I saw? Nothing sensational, no ambush or advancing company; I saw, Mrs. Moyes, the most wonderful sunrise that it was ever my experience to witness. And, as I stood there, it seemed to me that God had touched me, and I remember - it seems as yesterday – thinking: 'What a Mind to conceive such beauty' - and then I looked down at my insignificant body and I thought: 'What a Father to give such a gift to such a child'... There is a parable in that, which I want those who read these records to turn over in their minds..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, this happy time together is drawing to a close. You are linked together as the child has said; you are also linked to those you name the guardian angels. Never forget that in meeting in this way, in allowing the love within to go out from you, holding it not back, so you are giving to those you name the bright ones in return. You remind me that it is they who give so generously to you, but I underline that the little children of the earth can give joy and sweet content to those who are as the angels of Heaven.

"By the raising of your hearts and minds, by the wish to serve, by the desire to do God's will, so, my children, you are bringing to fruit the seeds planted by your guides in a time long past. The joy of planting, the waiting over a long period, the call upon the patience, the test of endurance; then the greatest joy - the seeds showing, and, in turn, sending out fragrance and beauty for the healing and upliftment of others.

"This is how gladness comes to the angels of God. Carry your minds on, if you can, and think how the Saviour feels, the One who has fought for you since your creation; think of the great Father and Mother-Heart of God, and what recognition means to Perfect Love.

"So, my children, I bless you with the capacity and the will to give out love. Pray ever against that most destructive inclination to keep love within the fence of your lesser selves. God has directed that His little children shall love each other. Pride, reserve - these things, when seen with the eyes of the spirit, appear in the hideousness they represent...

"So I bless you with the will to give out love and to stem it not; to remember that although each one is individual, you can be linked together under the Saviour Christ...

"The blessing of love from Unlimited Love; the blessing of peace which only that giving out of love can bring. God grant that you may be free enough to follow the direction of the Holy Spirit, passed on through the instrument I use. Farewell."

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