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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 30th April, 1927

"O God, our Father, we thank Thee with grateful hearts that we can come as Thy children and receive from Thee not only Thy blessing but direction as to the next step and the next. Grant that the mind of the body may not hold back these, Thy little ones; grant that the vision may come that sorrow today means joy tomorrow; that the thwarting of desire means that great wide opportunity which shall compensate in the days to come.

"Let us, O Father, gather close to Thee in Spirit and receive that which we can make our own, knowing that as we strive so wisdom shall be opened to us; and that not only as Thy children but as Thy instruments we may go on, glorifying Thy Name, thanking Thee for the privilege of service and ever asking to be led, to be guided, according to Thy holy will...

"With grateful hearts we thank Thee for Thy understanding Love, and we ask Thee to teach us how to love aright, how to live aright, and how to show others that that living and loving aright is the only thing which can bring the peace which the world cannot take away... Father, we thank Thee. Amen...

"...My dear children, tonight once more we assemble in this prepared atmosphere, in these vibrations of peace, aye, that peace which comes only as the result of effort, of the striving to obey the Divine within. And you, my little ones, because you wish to surrender the will of the body to the One who loves you best, so you shall see in the little future how mighty are the plans of God, how unlimited His Love for you and for humanity at large. How, because you have given of your little, so the Father delights to show that His children can take that which is of Himself; take, ah, and pass on to those who are without...

"Here, my children, the gifts of the Spirit are recognised in their true light. We know, because we have tried to understand Christ, that that which we have, that which we wish to become, all is for one purpose and one alone - to help those who are blind, those who are bound.

"My little ones, each of you has a greater treasure than you have ever grasped. When the mind of the spirit is divided by so little from the mind of the body, there is within your reach that which is holy indeed; and I have taught you ever that holiness means power, and what is power but an expression of Love?

"Yes, my little ones, I take you far from the earth definition of 'power', for those who yield that which imposes upon another injustice, that which causes the heart to ache unnecessarily, that is not power - it is bondage, it is imprisonment in a way so terrible that those who wear the chains will not know how to get free, they will not know the secret of their bondage and another must strike off that which binds them so fast.

"The 'power' of the earth is an enemy in a way you cannot understand. It is that temptation which has drawn in and wrecked the progress of many a soul, who otherwise could have found his God.

"The only power which is power in its rightful sense, is that which you, my little ones, possess when you go to another, and, by your sympathy, part the clouds and show that the sunshine of God's Love is there intact. That is power, and it has many aspects and many degrees as well. The power of the freed spirit within to do God's work on earth; to come close by desire to that holy desire which not only is part of the Divine within but which expresses the Divine within in a way that nothing else can, the desire to do as Christ, to be as Christ, and to teach others that they too can bear that same sweet resemblance to their God and their Eternal Father...

"So tonight, my little ones, I speak once more on: 'The Mind of the Body and the Mind of the Spirit'.

"And, I ask you to remember ever, that one day that which divides the real self from that which you wear at this stage - one day that must be destroyed utterly and leave no trace behind.

"I speak to all those who have cultivated the mind of the body, and in so doing, have imposed upon themselves a discipline and a self-control which is part of the spiritual equipment of the real self within. I ask all who hold their physical minds in high repute to ponder again on that gift which has been made their own; and then to think of those others who are conscious of many limitations, who view knowledge as something unattainable by them. Such as these withhold not their admiration from those skilled in the knowledge of the world, but they realise that they are divided by conditions from those who have scaled many a hill and discovered, so it seems to them, great truths in their travels.

"Little ones, I have taught you from the early days when we met together that each one owes a duty to themselves. They are called upon by the stronger self within to cultivate those gifts which lie dormant for want of exercise. And those among the children of the earth who have harnessed the physical mind to this subject or that, and though many voices may have called them from their task, have persevered and attained their object in the end, such as these have purchased for themselves that most valuable gift of concentration, and if that concentration does not come between them and the Lord God of all, they have something precious to take with them into the realms of Light.

"This concentration is essential before you can be a creator. In the world of physical things, you have much to aid your efforts. When you intend to build, you gather together implements made by others, tested by others, and proved worthy by those who used them. No test of faith comes in here. You are instructed as to the instrument most suitable to create that which you have in mind, and it awaits you without any effort on your part.

"And, again, in regard to the component parts of your design or construction, something which gives you a foundation is there, created by the thoughts of others. You adapt what is to your own requirements. Again, only a measure of faith and effort is required to achieve your purpose...

"Little ones, you know that this is true. Man finds all around that aid, the essentials, those beginnings, and that which he would create is put together by triumphing over mistakes, by watching others, by learning from their experience. This is the law of the physical world, for you are limited by the mind of the body and its restricted scope.

"But when you are free, this form of creation will seem of little value to you; you will realise that you were only creating in part; and to be a creator, only in part, why, my little ones, how can that prepare you for bringing into being those mighty things, those gigantic beauties, those superlative powers which your Father desires that His little children should bring out of themselves?

"And so, as you pass into those realms which are Spirit - and the realms which are Spirit hold creation and re-creation in forms as yet beyond your horizon - as you prepare yourselves for those conditions which are Divine, so, my children, it will not be that you will want your work half done for you by others. No, you will say and you will mean: 'God wants me to be a creator'.

"Here, dear children, we come to that important point of concentration. Those in the world today allow themselves - because they have not been taught the spiritual importance of this great gift - they allow themselves to be distracted by a hundred outside influences, seen and unseen; and so many pass through the physical stage without building up that essential equipment which means so much when they are spiritual beings, free in a measure from the 'garments' which hold them now.

"Thus it is that, once more, I try and impress upon the mind of the body to concentrate on the one task, to harness the mind to that task for the period which it occupies of physical time. Yes, my children, you will exclaim as to the difficulty of this. So much is uncongenial; the dreams and the visions which, as it were, float across the consciousness, these hold the affections and their beauty invites exploration to the detriment of that which is the task at hand.

"But, my children, have I not explained that power in that which I name the vibrations around you, special power is provided for each form of mental or physical exercise which the material world demands. And by concentrating on the one task and doing it well, you are creating - ah, my children, you are creating, out of the humdrum, a beauty inexplainable in language and ungraspable by you while the body binds.

"And thus, in harnessing the physical mind, you release the spirit within, for you make full use of the power at hand; and the task is dismissed in a portion of time, small in comparison to that occupied when several things seek to claim and hold the mind at one and the same time.

"Little ones, there are those on earth who, in a measure, have conquered the mind of the body in this respect. What have they done?...

"Yet, I must interpose one word, lest those who read may misconstrue my meaning. I am speaking of constructive work, of that work of the world which must be done, even though the task at hand seems unworthy of the effort entailed. There are countless numbers who, so they think, have the power of concentrating, but on what is their attention directed? Is it not on self in one of its many subtle forms? Is it not on that which is brief in its life, on the acquirement of possessions for the sake of possessions, on the adornment of the body, on that which wrecks the soul?

"Yes, wrecks the soul for this stage, yet forget not, dear children, that the Divine within is untouchable, all-holy, of God Himself, but bound, imprisoned, stifled, until it seems that it has been killed.

"Little ones, I speak now of those, who, in a measure, are awake to life and its responsibilities, of those who have learnt to concentrate on the acquirement of knowledge because that knowledge, directly or indirectly, can help others. I speak of those, who, in their daily life, in the domestic task, in humble toil, are rendering service to others. I speak of those who devote their days to that work which is uncongenial because only thereby can others be fed, and can they continue the physical stage and make its valuable experience their own.

"But think you, dear children, as to that wonderful freedom which lies beyond the earth plane; think of it - that you, because you are the children of God, created by Him, the spirit within bearing the Divine image for it is part of the great Creator Himself - think of those powers within, not yet released, waiting for exercise, waiting for suitable conditions when they can unfold themselves.

"You, my little ones, have been charmed, you have delighted in that which you call inspiration. You have those among your friends, who, by contacting with Spirit in the measure that is possible during the earth stage, have opened to themselves the creative realms, power. And this power is poured through them, and their minds have been as fine instruments, and their hands have been used, and they have brought to the earth, and given out to the earth, something which is not of the earth at all.

"And you have revelled in their gifts, for you have recognised that they concern a stage beyond the physical, and indeed they herald that great scope of doing, of thinking and of being, which lies before all in time to come.

"In a measure, the door between the mind of the body and the mind of the spirit has been opened, and a little Light, a little Beauty, a little of that which is Divine has forced its way through; and the world - that part of the world which will listen - has had an illustration of something of those gifts which once we all possessed, and which, in time to come, we shall regain...

"Children, when the body is no more, you must construct, for the spirit within will allow you no rest until you construct. In that time, beauties will lie all around, created by the efforts of others, created by many blind as to what they were doing; brought into being by suffering and by rising above suffering, by defending the weak, by caring for the old, by denying the desires of the physical mind.

"Beauty and power inexplainable to you, is in those conditions which lie beyond the earth plane and its bondage; and you, standing among that which is of God, you will be inspired to contribute your part, to contribute to those 'conditions' so sadly needed by others, who, as yet, have not found within the strength to climb.

"For oh, my little ones, what can break darkness but light? What can banish hate but love? How can the individual go to those in that which you name the twilight spheres, those chained to self, hedged in by the desire to hold and to have; how can you go to these without your equipment, without the light to triumph over twilight, without the wherewithal to pierce the shell of self?

"Children, when you are free, only a little while will you be content to take, only a little while will you exclaim at the signs and wonders around you, only a little while will you be willing to watch others bring into being that which shall succour another. For, because you have been taught, so the Divine within will instruct you to set to work yourself; and the brave souls pass out of that which is rightly their own by the life and the experiences they have been through, and taking with them but the tool of concentration, they say: 'I will create as my Creator intended me to create'.

"So you see, my little ones, how, during this limited stage, you can gather together those priceless essentials for work hereafter. Mourn not, those amongst you, because you cannot go to an instrument and bring out of it that beauty, that harmony, for which your soul longs. When the body is no more, you shall create a music and a song which, my little ones, is so far removed in quality and design from the earth illustration, that the earth illustration will pass from your memory to return no more.

"And those others who exclaim within themselves: 'Others have the gifts of the Spirit; where are mine - why cannot I do the same?' To such as these I speak in understanding love. Each child of God has the same gifts, the same opportunities, the same future, but the individual - as part of the purpose, part of the plan - the individual has taken up that which seemed as a burden and laid aside that which seemed as a gift. But lo, time passes, and the burden shall be found a gift, and alas, in some cases, that which was a gift will represent a burden, for the gift was not understood...

"Therefore, my little ones, be cheerful; look on your lives, taking the Christ view, that wide view. Let not the mind of the body sway or hinder the mind of the spirit; for each day, each hour, you can bring into use those precious gifts which belong to the Divine within. You can make your own the first stage of that creative capacity, which, as you go on, as you evolve out of that which binds, you can, as it were, unfold those powers within which indeed are of God, and which, because they are of God, must do God's work in whatever condition you may be.

"The creative planes - which are the Love planes, which are the Spirit planes - these have been brought into being by the efforts of those who have gone before; yes, and by your efforts in the past, by that which is named discipline and the obedient will; but 'creating' cannot stop; for nothing remains stationary, it is either greater or it is less.

"And so, dear children, you and I and all the world, we are called to do our part each day, whether in physical body or free from that body; whether, as with yourselves, upon toil which is humdrum in the extreme, or in the sleep state when, as it were, you gather products of the day and seek to draw to yourself that power of the Spirit which shall enhance your efforts during the day to come.

"So, my little ones, be careful as to this: In cultivating the mind of the body focus on Christ. Look at knowledge under the reflection of the mighty Mind of Love. When that which you seek is found to harmonise with God and His purpose, then be assured that what you do today, is bringing a harvest in a sometime-tomorrow.

"And, again, in that toil which is forced upon you, say not to yourself: 'There is nothing in this which harmonises with the Divine' - but go back on the life of the Master, and remember that He too had to harness the mind of the body to the uncongenial task, to that which was done and yet ever had to be done again...

"Nothing of God in the toiler's life, in those who pursue their calling in order to provide for the needs of others and their own? Nothing of God in that which seems so distasteful, that which would be forgotten in the contemplation of Heavenly things? Oh, my children, keep your vision clear. Go back, again and again, to Christ, to His humble home, to the Child who, as a Child, had to contribute His meed of toil to keep that little home together. And in that far-off day - to you - little mercy was shown to the children; they were as another tool, they represented 'hands', very often, and not a vibrating, sensitive living being.

"And so, little ones, I pass out of that which perhaps seems to you a little far from my subject, and I bring you back to the functioning of the mind of the body and the mind of the spirit; and I want you to regard the physical mind as something which can stand between you and the door of the mind of the real you within.

"Sometimes, it is as a soldier with drawn sword, keeping the threshold free from those who would harm. Very often, it is as an enemy shutting off those who would aid in opening that door; yes, shutting out such as these, guarding jealously that which it knows not, for the mind of the body is turned ever towards the earth.

"Remember that in your hands it lies to put the mind of the body under the control of the mind of the spirit, to treat it merely as a servant, and to thwart the slightest attempt to take the role of master; holding on to the consciousness that that little which has been revealed to you is only the beginning, only, as it were, the first threads of that great wide tapestry of knowledge - the knowledge of those things which are permanent, brought into being by the mighty Mind of Love.

"Oh, remember that however man strives during the earth stage, because of those conditions which surround him, he cannot do more than cross the threshold of things physical into those which are spiritual. Yet, by the very blindness and bondage which holds him, he can bring to himself a freedom hereafter, surpassing his wildest dreams; bring to himself that freedom by holding on to Christ, by endeavouring to take The Way, by laying down no boundaries as to anything within his knowledge now; and by that tolerance, that forcing of the physical mind to give way to the mind of the spirit, so when the brief earth stage is o'er, he shall have a sight and an understanding which, in turn, shall reflect something of the power, something of the mighty creative power stored within.

"And now, my children, I will leave you, yet I am constrained by others who are free, even as myself, to address a few words to the child who has been drawn in this night (Sybil Browne):

"Child, it is for some great purpose that in these days you strive to get nearer to God, and that great purpose shall be shown to you in part before the earthly sojourn is ended and before spiritual sight has been made your own.

"There is this which has been brought under your consideration: this gift of holy communion with those who have seen Christ face to face. Remember that in the tomorrows to come, you, in your precious freedom, will, out of the desire within, go back to those not only in an earth body but in a bondage far greater than that.

"In that time, dear child, you will know a loneliness untouched by you at this stage, and the loneliness will be as this: You will speak and you will love, you will seek to teach and you will pour out your precious gifts upon the ones you wish to help; and they will turn from you, for the spirit within will be bound, the spirit within will not have the power to respond.

"Yet, with the gift of sight I see beyond that, and I thank God that the remembrance of the earth stage, and of those who sought to give you that aid which is of the realms of purity itself - the remembrance of these evenings will come back and harden your will; and in that time you will thank God that - against the judgment of the mind of the body - you were drawn into this sacred intercourse, for Love's sweet sake.

"Child, you are as a missionary of the Most High. You have been called to do that from which many would shrink, but the preparation goes on apace. Remember that future when the earth life is no more. In that time, in realms far cruder than those you know, you shall raise your eyes and draw down, through the channel of your being, that power from God which shall release those in bondage; and your conditions - which are their conditions - you will hold to yourself as a precious gift...

"The strong souls and the pure souls are wanted for that work which is the most difficult of all. Only the pure, only the brave, only those who have gathered to themselves unselfish love, can be used by the Most High to bring Light into darkened places and to restore those who have so recklessly thrown away the heritage gifted to them by their Creator.

"So, my child, in the study of this and the study of that, keep your eyes on the goal, on the purpose and the plan. Give out love to the weakest and the frailest, for you must prepare, else when the earth life is o'er that which is the desire of the spirit within will be thwarted or hindered because the essential tools are missing.

"God has blest you. Let that blessing be spread like a shower of flowers on others. The spirit within has a measure of sight; give sight to those who are blind - that is the purpose and the plan.

"And now, my children, I will leave you for a space, but tonight we have worked in strands unknown by you before. By the grace of God and through His power, I have opened that which would seem to you as another plane, and many have been drawn in. The conditions perchance seem a little strange, but these are our brothers and sisters, and we give them welcome because they belong to us and we belong to them... So the missionary work goes on..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Now, my children, I will close this evening, yet having in mind those many who are beyond your physical sight, I want to impress upon you that the habits of the mind of the body - its attitude, its opinions, its carefully constructed theories as to this and that - all in time must give way to Truth; and those things in the mind of the body which do not harmonise with the permancies of God, these, dear children, will seem as obstacles, as chains, as something you long to get rid of but know not how.

"So while the body binds, take care, and ever take care, of prejudice; and, again, while the body binds, never say: 'That is the end', or 'This is the whole truth'. Truth can only be entered by slow stages. That which is passed on to you through the Holy Spirit is as a fragment of Truth, yet those fragments are true.

"Therefore, the attitude of mind must be ever thus: 'So far I have learnt as to this, as to that. As time goes on, my view will grow, my vision will be larger, and I shall understand a little more of that which is the Truth of God'...

"Oh, say not that this one is wrong and that that one is right. Misunderstandings lie, like the grass, on all sides. Some trim that which grows so freely, and the preparation so put in is there for all to see. Many, with their minds fixed on other things, claim that their rough-field is the only field which is possible. They look not for their weeds; they prune only in the fields of others; and in time, their own is rank with that which long since should have been cast away.

"The mind of the body has dominated the mind of the spirit, and, under that suppression, so the things of God cannot be revealed. But you - and those who wish to hold close to the Way of Christ - you say within yourselves: 'God will teach me as I strive to learn, and as I grow, so understanding shall be made my own'.

"Now, my children, I leave you with the blessing of the Beloved resting upon you - the blessing of the wish to soar out of the limited physical into the unlimited spiritual... I bless you with that aspiration which indeed is Divine.

"And so we part, and so we shall meet again in the little tomorrow, holding fast to that which we have, and stretching out for that which the Father would bestow. Yet, remember ever that what we have and what in time we shall count as our own, bestowed by God, that all this is to do God's work on earth; to contribute to the purpose and the plan; for we and Christ and all the world are one.

"Oh, thank God for this mighty gift of holy communion (Spirit communion), and of feeling upon ourselves the radiance of His unquenchable Love. We, as His creation, surrender our wills and our hearts to the One who loves us best.

"Amen... Goodnight, my children; rest in peace..."

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