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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Carlton Picture Theatre, Goole, under the auspices of Boothferry Road Christian Spiritual Church, on Sunday, August 14th, 1932

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"When Jesus the Christ came into the form of man to bring light to a darkened world, in those days there were great empires and those with so much authority that they could count their slaves by tens of thousands. Yet in spite of their seeming power there was found something that was stronger than themselves, and that was the passage of time. The day came when the body grew weak, the sight no longer served the will, precious youth was slipping by, and the tools of the mind became rusty and worn out.

"What was the attitude of mind of such as these? They were rulers; in their hands they held the destinies of many thousands of people. In spite of that power, which they had drawn to themselves, the time arrived when they were once again as little children, bereft of that which they prized the most. In this there is a lesson for everyone.

"Young men of today, you may be full of vitality and have power over the body, yet you too will feel the effects of time and have to face old age. There are many, still young in years, who pass out of the body into a land that seems strange indeed. But it is not God's Will that the next stage of being should represent anything of mystery or anything that might cause the heart to shrink.

"Think of powerful Greece and other empires and the many great people who fell from their high estate and were numbered among the failures in time to come. Then came others, considered to be of little importance, who took their place. Small countries, once despised, who by industry and effort turned themselves into great powers. Those who watch and those who have the will to understand, know that however mighty an individual or country may be, if they sin against the law of God the retribution is inevitable and complete.

"The experience of your own life is typical of life as a whole.

"Before that great catastrophe occurred that man calls war, there were men and women taking the earth way regardless of the sufferings of others. Enjoying their worldly possessions and a measure of health, they wished not to think of life beyond the grave. So they took but they forgot to give. When that great machine of war traversed the lands, then, even in spite of all their cleverness and all their power, the ones they loved best were taken from them.

"Many men and women, living obscure lives, listened to the voice of the tempter, and out of what seemingly was the crucifixion of thousands upon thousands, made their material fortune. Condemnation is upon them throughout their earthly life, and it will take much to remove it when the body is no more. Those who take for themselves out of the anguish of others, in whatever generation - only pain, effort and striving will wipe out that condemnation so that readjustment can take place.

"Thousand of unseen souls free from the body, hear these words as you read, drawn by a light that they do not understand, in order to gain direction for the life that lies ahead. Although free from the body, many are chained to earthly things. They followed the call of ambition, forgot to serve their neighbour, and despised the Word of God. Realisation of their ignorance caused them to cry out in pain. They passed out of a pleasant earth condition into one, which seemed to them, to be purgatory itself.

"Friends and comrades, these things are vital to you. Hold within your heart a deep conviction of God's Eternal Truth. You are in the body for so short a span. The message of the years is so clear, so important and it is repeated in the life of everyone.

"Throughout eons of time, men and women have undergone the earth experience. The brave reaped a courage that brought a power impossible to describe in earthly language. But those who shirked their duty, who sold their brother for a mess of pottage, are an example to everyone of the inevitable law of consequences.

"Your lives, your thoughts, your holy desires and those desires that you would not wish another to know, are known. The time will come when you no longer walk the earth in a body of flesh and if you turn from your privileges and opportunities now, you will walk the earth free from the flesh but fettered to it as a prisoner in every sense of the word. Time will pass and the young ones will have grown and those with pure hearts and valiant minds will act as missionaries to you. But all of that is so much wasted effort and wasted time, when you can mould your lives on the Divine Plan in the here and now.

"The message of the years is this: Let your ambition be curbed by the laws of God. Let your commonsense have full play. Remember that just because you may not believe in the continuation of life, it does not alter the fact that life is forever and forever.

"You know so little, yet you could know so much, for within you is God. Within man lies the creative power of the King of kings - in miniature, it is true - but the smallness of that gift depends entirely upon yourselves.

"The Christ said that you were to be perfect, even as your Father in Heaven. In that degree of your perfection, your powers are enhanced, your creative faculties released, and you can - by will, by thought - bring into being that which would seem as marvels to the earth mind. There are so many upon the earth with little power and so few ideals. The humble men and women taking their earth way, obscured from the public gaze, unknown except perhaps to a few, are seeking the good of others. They are striving to leave the world better for their presence. Some say that they have no ambition, yet in spite of their words they have ambition in the truest sense and for them the future is glorious to behold.

"Life is hard. There is poverty, many are beaten, some have hate and venom in their hearts. Yet even when in the direst straits, around and about you are the glorious angels of the Most High. When your body is at its weakest, when your steps are faltering and your strength is almost gone, because God is God, your eyes are opened and in front of you is a shining throng and the sweetest sight of all, the Master, Jesus the Christ. This is the truth.

"The dark days bring their message of great good cheer. By the burden that you carry you are linking with the pioneers of old. By your sorrows and pains you are demonstrating that you are a pilgrim on the way home to God. Therefore, why grieve and why allow depression to come so close?

"When you are young it is hard to search for toil and not find it. When vitality surges through you it is hard to be rejected as if your energies have no market value. These things are tragedies, in a way, but only in an earth way. They are and can be spiritual successes second to none. The disciples of old gave up everything to follow the Christ. They knew poverty, but realised - because of that peace within - that the very roughness of the road, the very steepness of the climb, was another link with Jesus, the One they loved so well. It is the same today.

"Do not envy others who have an easy, comfortable life, who are forgetful of the woes of others. The time must come when they will pass through a deeper woe than the earth can hold. Then, because you suffered and strove, the power shall be in you to raise them from the earth of their own desires and to point the way into peace and blissfulness and liberty of soul.

"The message of the years is full of hope, full of prophecy, and full of that which your spirit desires the most. From this time forth, have a truer sense of the values of the earth and the values of that Home into which you shall surely pass. Heavenly treasures cannot pass away. The pleasures of the earth are fleeting, are transient, and so often they bring but little satisfaction even while the experience holds. The young go to their pleasures with joyous heart and return home full of deep depression. They have squandered their vitality on something that is hardly worthwhile and they crave for an antidote to their pain. So when the next opportunity comes they go again and a still deeper dissatisfaction seizes their mind. Sometimes, in their despondency, they commit acts of folly for which they have to pay the consequences.

"They are so young and yet so unaware of the privileges, the happiness, and the opportunities of sweet youth. The message of the years for them is: Take care; beware. Summer days of youth will pass and the autumn of mature life will set in. Do not let the wintertime of old age be one of anguish and deep regret. Let the wintertime of old age be as God intends so that in the new life to come, the soul blossoms forth in greater beauty in a higher power still.

"So many close their minds to God's Eternal Truth. Yet you cannot know when the call of physical death will come to you. What do the years have in store for the young? One thing that you can be sure of is that if you do your duty, if you are a man or woman in the Christ sense, your Father and Mother God will protect your steps, will keep within your heart and mind true vision and a happiness that the earth cannot tear away.

"Slowly the soul evolves, slowly the earth mind gathers the wisdom of the spirit mind within. But as the opening comes and as true wisdom dawns, the instant of awakening reveals that the earth life, with its troubles, its disappointments, its lack of love perhaps, is for some deep purpose. It is not a taking away; it is a giving of something that will mean all to the individual when he is free.

"The message of the years is one of great hope and infinite cheer. Look back over the past and see how those who turned from God found that the time came when others turned from them. Look at how the saints suffered and yet remained strong. Would you not like to be numbered amongst such as these? Life upon earth is fleeting, so precarious. Numbers of souls are taken by 'accident' in their full vitality, when they thought that life on earth had much to give.

"What of their feelings when they are cast out of a condition dear to them and find themselves in a country that seems so unlike their own? Their loved ones have gone; the voices of their companions can no longer be heard. What has happened? This is the home that they have created by their thoughts and actions while upon the earth.

"Still the light of hope shines brightly for them. When the consciousness comes as to their folly and they take themselves to task, going back over the record of their past, they seek to rectify that which was against the Plan of God. The time comes when they, as free beings, minister to others and their sorrow is no more. Having sought and found, even though they suffered in the finding, they are glad of it. That which they have purchased by anguish, no one can take away.

"Through the history of the past, you not only have the explanation of the present, but also prophecy for the future, your own future and the future of those whom you love. Listen to those who have passed out of the physical body who come back to speak with you. Do not let your minds be always upon your own troubles or upon the mundane things of daily life. During your working day pause and speak to them and listen to their sweet reply. If at the moment your ears seem dull, those who are free from the earth are telling you in urgent tones not to worry. If you fight until you have overcome then the tomorrow of time is glorious.

"If you listen and pray, you shall surely hear and see because a great dispensation of Holy Spirit has been granted upon the earth. When the reverent and devoted people gather together, the power of Holy Spirit is enhanced. In time the power will have gained such volume that indeed the veil will be rent asunder and man, in spite of his doubts, shall see manifestations of the Spirit World. But you must do your part.

"Those who are doing their part are blessed indeed. Many who are strained to the utmost, day by day, still find the strength and the courage to go on. They are borrowing the strength and the courage from the One Who loves them best, Jesus the Christ. What one can do, every man and woman upon the earth can do as well. The message of the years will have been caught by them. More than that, sweeter than that, the message of the years, the promises of God, will be passed on to others. Weary souls will arise from their deep depression and find something to live and work for. They have the positive assurance that God will not fail and that His promises will be worked out, not only in the letter of the law but also in the spirit of the law. What God has prepared for those who love Him passeth the understanding of man in very truth.

"You are called upon, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to arise from all that holds you back from the life of the true pilgrim. As a seeker after truth, take your way, with comfort in your heart. Realise that when you grieve, those free from the body grieve with you, for your sorrows are their sorrows. Let your happiness be their happiness. Do not torture the so-called 'dead'. Give them the same loving service that you would have given had they still been in the body of flesh.

"Thus the message of the years shall be one of love, the message of the years shall be one of hope, and one of deep, deep promise: "Lo, I am with you always (Matt. 28:20)". That inclusive term brings protection for everything that could befall.

"Those who need healing for the body, draw in the power, but do not forget that sometimes the pains of the body can bring much strength to the soul. Some need healing rays for the deep anxiety that prevails. Draw in the rays of God and go on your way heartened for the struggle that lies in front, believing that His angels walk with you. Only desire to do your best then even if you stumble and fall, they shall raise you and in time you will do your best. You are children of the King and the King gives to His own that which He has Himself.

"The blessing of our Saviour the Christ rest upon you, bringing deep peace, something of illumination and the capacity to pass on the knowledge that you possess to others. The peace and healing power of Jesus the Christ be with you for all time. Take of that power. Take of that peace. Where the Master is, nothing can go wrong. Things go wrong only from the earth point of view. They are right from the Spirit aspect, for the sad days build up the bright days, and the days of pain are the days of power in time to come.

"Let a sense of friendship be born in your heart for those who are unseen by you so that the days that lie in front shall be constructive for the Divine that is within. Peace and blessing be upon you and the golden Cross of Jesus the Christ, which is protection for the time that lies ahead. The workers are blessed and those who strive for the Master shall in time find for themselves and see for themselves how the Master strove for them."

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