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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 11th February, 1928.

"God our Father, Thou who hast bestowed upon us something of Light, grant that the vision may come as to the future, as to man's destiny, as to that which Thou holdest out to Thy children to make their own. Teach us, as we are gathered here, that we are Spirit linked to Spirit for ever and for ever. And let us remember that those who walk in darkness, in garments which bear no resemblance to that which was created in Thy image - oh, let us remember always that they are Spirit too, and because we have drawn a little nearer to Thy Love so we can take the Light to them and do Thy work. Inspire us with renewed courage, a firmer faith, and a determined will that shall overcome all the enemies and the obstacles on our path.

"To Thee, our God, our Christ, we rededicate ourselves, and we ask Thee to take that which is the real self within and to use it for Thy work in Thine own way. Father, we thank Thee for the privilege of meeting together, and we commence this night with happy hearts, confident in the power which is all around. Amen...

"...My children, perhaps it seems strange to you that I should thus come into your lives and should say that, under the grace of God, so indeed it has been given unto me to lead you one step nearer to the Light which never fades. Yet, this is so, for the Master of us all has been conscious of your effort, of your sincere desire to contact with higher and still higher things; and because Love controls physical laws, physical links, so you have been drawn into this little home, and God has blessed your meeting together, although, in that which you name the sleep state, you have known each other for many a year, indeed before the physical body was donned.

"Yes, God, because He is God, He controls our lives, and when the Christ within is sufficiently released to long for closer contact with the things of the Spirit, so then the opportunity is provided, and you can say to yourselves: 'This is but another sign of that provision which has been made for the days to come'.

"As for myself, I am an instrument even as the child I use. You who listen are instruments each one, instruments which the Master has used and will use again. This great fact has not been sufficiently emphasised. There are those in the world today who say: 'These are the teachers, those are the learners; these are the instructors, and the many are the listeners'. But that is not the Christ way. Christ says to everyone individually: 'You are an instrument and I want you for holy work'.

"There are those concerned with other things - the calls of the world, the temptations of the mind. They are instruments, used not by the servants of the Most High but indeed by His enemies. And forget not that in the measure that the individual allows himself to be controlled - to be influenced by those who have shut themselves off from the Light - in that measure, not only are they injuring the Divine within, but they are frustrating the freeing of the one who seeks to use them for destructive work. Responsibility rests on all.

"Oh, my little ones, cannot you see that, indeed, under these serious words, joy like a beautiful stream flows on; for, you wish to do God's work, you long to listen to those who know Christ, and you would take the good news to others; you would say to them: 'Not only this one or that, but you, whatever your position in life, whatever your circumstances, whatever your mental equipment, you can be an instrument used by God Himself'. What a hope! What a promise! And the one who listens, the one who tries, is building up for himself or herself that peace, that joy, which nothing of the earth or any state can wrest from them...

"So, dear children, having reassured you in part, I speak upon that ordained by the One who loves us best. Never forget that though you may love some dearly, and though they may love you with all their heart, this love is as a chill wind compared to the glorious sunshine of the Father's love for the little ones He has created, watched over during aeons of time, fought for, safeguarded, and at last gathered to Himself - in the likeness of Himself - into that Home where family life in its greater, grander sense goes on for ever...

"Therefore, this night I speak upon: 'The Message and the Messengers'.

"And I want you to come with me for a short space, and to visualise not only the past, but the effect of the past upon the present. Yes, in the days of old, so there were messages from the Lord God Jehovah to His children upon the earth plane; but, think you, how many of these messages were able to pierce the conditions, were able to get through that block of materialism, of self-worship? How many of those loving messages from the great Creator were heard by man?

"So few it seems to us, for there was that in the vibrations, in the heart and mind of man, which ruled out God; and the Lord of all, the King of kings, had to search far and wide to find the few - oh, how pitifully few - who would listen to His instructions and pass on direction to those wayward ones who indeed punished and punished themselves again.

"Yes, go back on the Sacred Record in your mind and recall those you name the prophets, the messengers of the Most High. Indeed, they were as grains in the great field of indifference; they were crushed out of existence by that which was Authority, by those who had other gods and worshipped before them because they demanded little of sacrifice from themselves.

"And though, in these times and in this country, that method of appeasing a strange and mighty God no longer exists, yet there are countless numbers who make such 'sacrifice' because they are not willing to give that which God has asked from them - the obedient will, the loving heart - the only gift in our power to bestow on All-Holiness, on the Creator of all things.

"Think of those days, ancient to you, how this one and that stand out silhouetted against the horizon of indifference as messengers of the Most High.

"Then, my children, I take you on to the next step. When the Father found those sufficiently free from self to hearken to His voice and to guide the foolish ones, how long did the message, so passed on, remain as it was given by God?

"Ah, here you have the weakness, here the forces of destruction seem so easily to creep in and do their terrible work. The message comes, simple yet profound, but man, after a short space of time, is no longer satisfied with the Word of God; he must add that which is indeed an echo of his imprisonment. God's Word, God's Truth, man thinks, needs further support.

"Oh, ponder on the audacity of the attitude of those who indeed walk in a bondage which it will take centuries to cast from them. Yes, there have been those over the past - before the One you name the Messiah came with His message of Love - those who took the words of the prophets, distorted, 'adorned', piled up around Truth that which was falsity itself.

"And after a little while, God's message, as it was given, was scarce recognisable, for it had been through the hands of man; the earth had clung to it, marring its beauty, dimming its lustres; and so humanity strayed still farther from their eternal home. They clung to the valley, they sought not the hill, for the message had been so obscured that they knew not - or refused to know - that the way to God, the only way, is the steep road, the difficult road, aye, the giving out from within that which alone allows us to contact with the Holiness around...

"And so, my children, I bring you on to the Saviour, to the Beloved of our hearts - His message and the message He instructed His followers to pass on to others. There, in the Sacred Record, fragmentary though it may be, are the teachings of the Christ, the pure message from the Most High, so simple yet so profound. The message is there to be given out today to the children of the earth; but how many, how many prefer to teach that which emanates from the mind of the body?

"History is repeated a thousand times; the same mistakes, the same reluctance to face the Truth - and why? Because the One who trod the earth way and brought Light into darkened places, He chose the difficult path and He instructed that all who loved Him should follow after.

"Those who did follow after created the Light which you today are sharing, but that Light could not be here had they chosen to embroider Truth, to put their own interpretation upon the message of the Christ. No, those who followed immediately after, and many more, they took the Word, they turned not from the injunctions, and they passed out of earthly conditions into a radiance that no language can describe, imbued with powers which are beyond your comprehension to grasp at this stage.

"But, what think you? Do you imagine that Peter and John, and those whose names are not chronicled in the Sacred Record who took the same road, did the same work, and suffered the same stripes - do you think they thought that when the body was laid aside such glories would be their own? Nay, little ones, I was with them and we talked much among ourselves. The life to come was as a dimness on the far horizon except for the glorious fact that we knew we should be with the One who was all in all to us; and whatever that life held, whatever the conditions, whatever was exacted, perfect joy would be ours.

"Aye, we talked ever of the Master. Each word that fell from His lips, oh, how lovingly was it recalled: 'The Master spoke to me'. 'What did He say?' And as we talked together, we found the Beloved, with His simplicity, with His grandeur of humility, that the Beloved had descended - if that word can be used - to approach each one as companion, as friend; to enter into our needs, our longings, our despairs, even our ignorances. Each one had the same loving tale to unfold - the tenderness of the Christ, the sweetness of His compassion.

"Yes, the message was passed on to us not only in word but by example - a pure stream of Truth which nothing of the earth could mar, could pollute, and it ran through our minds protected by Love Itself.

"Oh, my children, cannot you see, is it not apparent to you all, that the Christ, His message, and His messengers - all this should be one glorious whole? In that same time, perchance, we understood but little, we were as children in our spiritual emancipation; yet love supplied many links, and as the body suffered, as persecution drew closer and closer, so, through our pangs, a little more understanding came, and the message became clearer because of that which we endured ourselves.

"And so this night, because it is the truth, I underline: What of the message, what of the messengers? How can the message come through those who turn from the Cross, who make their 'sacrifice' in kind - not the sacrifice of effort, dedication and love? Is it not clear? The message of the Christ, how changed it is: What remains of the simple statements, those injunctions which no one can turn from except by deliberate intent?

"My little ones, you feel this great responsibility. Yet, I would reassure all those - and they are many - who listen to my words. I say to the vast crowd who have gathered in: Perchance you turned from suffering when in the physical body, but out of your desire to retrieve the past, out of the pangs and the anguish which it has brought, so indeed you can pass on the message of the Christ as the message was given.

"Oh, I call by my love to the many representatives of the Most High, I implore them to go back to the message given by God, the message of the Christ, that message which came through to an ignorant world by that which the Beloved did, and suffered, and overcame.

"Think not that even God could have come to earth and given forth Truth without the pangs, without the persecution, without the long preparation of self-denial. No. It is the only method by which the clear stream of Truth can find a way. So, my children, if suffering has come close, cannot you see the gift, the privilege? For without the pangs, though you may be messengers, the message is not of the Christ...

"To the representatives of the Most High, those who have taken upon themselves to teach and lead the people, out of the love which is within I implore them to go back to God, to separate themselves from that net of physical thinking - from the theories, the creeds and the doctrines built up by the bondage of man's mind; to go back to the Master. All they need, all anyone needs, is in the Sacred Record; aye, in that which Love Itself gave forth so that man no longer should walk in darkness but have the light of understanding, which indeed is his grand inheritance...

"Once more I come back to you, my children, for you have been called by God. In this little world, in those vaster spheres beyond the physical, there are countless thousands waiting for the message. Many messages are passed onto them, but they come from those who, as yet, know not Christ; and the message of the Saviour still waits to be delivered.

"You upon the earth plane who have concentrated upon the things of God out of the release within, you long to work for the Master, you endeavour to sow the seeds of Truth. That is but the outward, but the beginning; you are being prepared for a work beyond your comprehension; indeed, it would affright you if I could explain. God wants instruments - many, many instruments - who can carry His message to those who have never heard it.

"What of yourselves? Are you willing? Is there that missionary spirit within which allows you to say: 'I strive now and I seem to achieve nothing, yet I will go on'? What are you doing? You are putting in that foundation of faith, of determination, of endurance and patience, which, when you are free, will give you your heart's and your spirit's desire...

"Thus the Master bids me speak, and this night a message comes to you direct from Love, passed on through me and the instrument that I use:

" - 'Little children (so says the Master), I have loved you long. This day, once again, I call you to come up higher, nearer to Holy things... Little children, will you endure for the sake of others, will you endure so that I may give that which is of Myself into your safe keeping?'

"So the Master speaks, and so we, His servants, listen with grateful hearts; aye, and more than that: Do we not rededicate our greater selves to His service? For has He not done all for us by bringing us to that stage when the beauty of service, the glory of effort, as it were, like a light shines through our minds? The beauty of effort, the glory of service, the gift of being an instrument to give forth the message of All-Holiness, All-Love - the message of truth, the message of hope, that message which the world, although it knows it not, is longing to receive...

"So, my children, commune within, ask yourselves: 'What is this?' And the Master answers: 'The call has come'. Make ready for the advance; for great things are hanging in the balance. Power is wanted, and the only way to create power, in its true sense, is by the individual taking the Christ way, following the Christ direction, and passing on the message to others, forcing them to listen, for - again I say - great things hang in the balance...

"And now, my children, I will leave you for a space, but I ask you in the Name of the One who loves us so well, to make a compact with yourselves that you will be messengers, and that you will deliver the Christ message faithfully without any of the adornment of man; yes, that you will pass on what the Master said, and so gain the unending blessing which is all around. And thus I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, only a few words in closing. When the Father finds that those upon the earth plane are willing to be used, so then the protectors are sent to them. When the messengers are willing to deliver the message, so indeed the power of the Spirit is vouchsafed unto them...

"The future is charged with much. It is not mine to say to you: 'Do this or forsake that'. Indeed, the Divine within instructs and will control more and more as the days go on. Mine it is to pass on the love of God, to endeavour to portray something of His understanding, something of His hopes, regarding you, something of the promise held out in front.

"So then, dear children, let the theme of my message tonight be the love of Christ, the radiance of His smile, and the wonderful guidance and companionship which He holds out to all.

"And now I leave you. Around us, in all its exquisite beauty, lies the blessing. Take the blessing, but remember ever that each blessing comes to be passed on again. Say to yourselves: 'There is work to do; I will make ready and my Father's business shall be done'.

"I bless you in the Name of God with a valiant heart and an unconquerable will; I bless you through the power of the Holy Spirit to work in that which your greater self desires. Farewell."

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