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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 10th April, 1926

"Most understanding Father, we meet together with the desire to learn something more of that great and glorious Truth which Thou hast entrusted to man, and we pray that our hearts and minds may be cleansed of all those things which appertain to the earth, for only as spirits can we contact with that which is of Thee...

"Help us, Christ, to be more worthy of our sonship and our daughtership; grant that we may be able to step free from the entanglements of doubt, and inspired by the desire to serve, we may arise and do the next thing - that next thing which Thou hast provided and which Thou asks of all Thy children for Love's sake...

"O teach us how the future is influenced by the present, grant that the seemingly tangible things may not erect barriers between us and those which are permanent - that we may be willing to relinquish the lesser for the sake of the greater, for the sake of that which shall never pass away. O God, accept our service and bind us more closely to Thee in faith and in understanding... Amen...

"...My little children, tonight it seems that we meet as by appointment, and I want you all to know that this evening was indeed arranged in the far yesterday; for the time is coming when all the workers will be wanted, when those who have stood and gazed with longing on the great deeds of others shall throw off the impediment of physical things and set to work to create for God.

"Let it not be said that any hesitate, for - instructed by my Holy Master - I tell you that what you fail to do in these important days, so that failure will haunt you through the ages; for the spirit within each one has seen its God, aye, and has overlooked the pattern, and has chosen even that which it shall work in itself.

"My children, read not in these words anything which seems as a threat. You know me well, and you know that the only weapon we are allowed to use in this sacred work for God is love - and love alone. And because I love you well, and because there is not one listening to my voice tonight who does not love me for Christ's sake, so as a friend, as a companion, I seek to guard them from that suffering which must come inevitably if the dictates of the stronger self are put aside.

"Oh, my children, when you are free and you go back on these little days, for some so charged with hardship, you will thank God for the stripes, you will thank God that the enemies of Christ thought you worthy of attack. I speak to many, I speak not only to my children over the far stretches of your little world, but I speak to those who have been given to me to bring back into the Fold which the Shepherd guards for all...

"This evening then, dear children, we will think of those things which indeed are of God, which will show us that long ere we inhabited the tabernacle of flesh, we were Spirit; and that heritage of Spirit must be attained once more in all its purity in order that God's will may be done.

"Tonight, the subject of my discussion with you - with those who seek to follow me in thought, though so often I take them far away from the familiar road, out on those plains of Truth, which, as yet, have been unexplored by the majority - tonight, we will discuss that which you call: 'Memory'.

"And I want you, in thinking of that little word, to remember that your memory of things spiritual will make more difference as to those conditions in which you find yourself when the body is no more - will make more difference than anything else.

"Yet, first of all, we will think of the physical aspect of the gift or faculty called 'memory'. You see, dear children, out in the world today, the man or the woman with a strong character - ah, so often that takes second place; yet the cultivation of that useful tool of memory can indeed be turned by a pure heart into something which God Himself can use...

"Think you like this: On the one hand, memory seems a great asset when it concerns those things which contribute to your well-being, and it is absolutely essential if that word 'success' is to be fastened to your name.

"But, on the other hand, memory is so destructive. You see, dear children, I am thinking of those who have lost their nearest and dearest, whether by separation from the body or whether by that more terrible separation - alienation from love, the disappearance from the immediate vibrations of the one who meant so much, knowing that still in a country of the earth, that one pursues his reckless way.

"Memory then, what does it do? It tortures the human mind, it stabs and stabs again the human heart, and we who love you so well - ah, we are hard-pressed to veil the memory of things which have gone awry.

"Yet, dear children, here I want you to see God's Hand at work. Have I not told you that because you suffer now, so the gladness, so the freedom, shall come in that little tomorrow when the restrictions of mind and body are no more?

"You see, dear children, that although, on the surface, memory seems a most desirable thing to have, yet immediately you go a little deeper, then you perceive that not only does it bring responsibility but, indeed, it can damage the spirit within... The memory of long past days, the memory of old-time sorrows, the wounds which never heal - yes, they hinder you on the path, for with the spirit there is always work to do, and while your vitality is thus spent, so, in that degree, it is diverted from the great purpose and the great plan...

"Think not that I reproach any; yet, I must say that with those who have been chosen as the instruments of the Most High, to these the past should not exist - it should be the future, the future which is God's...

"And then, dear children, there is the memory of wrongs, there is that memory which turns man from a man into what is lower than a brute - the desire for revenge, the desire to pay back even that which was exacted. Yes, here again you see the enemy at work; and while that gift of memory, during the physical stages, can turn a hard road into an easy road by the fact that it is saleable, yet in the bartering it takes much in return.

"Yet, dear children, we who have been taught to think spiritually, we know that that is not the beginning and the end of memory. The Christ side is as thus: My children, have you ever thought why you wish to bring out from within that which is pure, that which is holy? Again, I say it is the remembrance of the beauty of holiness which you bring back with you after sleep has left you, and when you have returned to your little cabin of flesh which you left so eagerly, in order to seek those conditions which are in tune with the Spirit itself.

"Children, have you ever considered why it is that now and again in the heart and mind of a woman or a man, some holy purpose arises, and like a strong wave sweeps the dry shore of their life, cleansing it from that which it has accumulated over the past? That again is memory. Have you ever thought to yourselves that when you are free you will work for God, in God's way, in those planes from which the light of His countenance is shut out? That is memory, it is the remembrance of the work which you are doing already at night when the body is forgotten...

"My children, when we look at that gift from the spiritual point of view, then we see not only the responsibility due to ourselves to seek those planes which are Spirit, but also we see what here and now we can create - that we can put in the groundwork, we can build the foundation for that glorious task which God holds out to us when the little physical life is o'er.

"My children, when the body is resting, those who think alike instinctively gather together. Those you love in the Spirit, whether they be on the earth plane or whether they have passed out of the body ages ago, if the love is there, so you commune direct, and so you are learning, learning, learning. And this explains, quite in a natural way, how it is that in the history of this little earth, certain souls, perhaps divided by distance as you regard distance, have at the same time been inspired by the same great thought.

"It applies also to those who are called scientists, to those who delve for the solution of nature's secrets. Strange it seems to man that one here and there, so far off and unconnected by physical ties, that these, two or three as the case may be, find the key to the riddle almost at the same moment. Yet, what more reasonable than when the body is forgotten in sleep for those like-minded, those travelling along the same road of thought, to meet and to give to each other of that experience which they have bought by labour and by effort?

"In the past, I have told you that those inspired, as you call it, either with the gift of music, whether of song or of instrument, or with the gift of portraying in something resembling a likeness the beauties of nature - that all these things are taught them by those who are free. But those who are free first have to learn themselves - not the physical art but the spiritual, which is the interpretation rather than the act.

"And, again, it happens that one here and there, feels convinced that in his mind something great, something glorious has been born, and he tries to reproduce that in word, in sound or in form, but the result depends once more largely on memory... You see, dear children, in speaking thus, I am trying to enter into the world's point of view and to explain the apparent 'genius' of this one and that - that genius which so impresses their fellow men.

"But I would take you a little away from that aspect, and I would explain that with us the gift of memory, the only gift of memory which is important so far as progress is concerned, is that same capacity for remembering the truths of God. And when, in your daily life, you meet a humble person, who, knowing not the things of the world, unversed in the knowledge which man has gathered together, yet who lives the Christ-life, thinks helpful thoughts, does her, or his best to brighten the little space wherein they are placed, then you will know that that man or woman is a genius in its truest sense; they have the gift of remembering those things which will never pass away...

"Oh, my children, get your values right. Take the long view, trouble not about that which is so obvious to the physical eyes and the physical mind. The only gift of memory which is worth fighting for, which is worth striving for, is that same capacity for remembering the lives of those who love their Master, remembering the many services which are done as a matter of course in those realms which are Spirit, the faculty for retaining some of the inspiration which those who have shed 'self' left upon the spiritual mind as you conversed with them and watched them work...

"Ah, my children, that indeed is inspiration, that indeed is spiritual genius, the remembrance which, in spite of manifold distractions, in spite of temptations, in spite of the enemies of the body, in spite of the seeming injustices of physical life - that remembrance of Christ's Love, Christ's care, Christ's attitude towards His own.

"Yes, as I have said, when one here and there rises up and allows nothing of the world to detain him, who is master of himself in its true sense, then that man can claim the gift of memory - he has remembered that which he has seen and heard in the Spirit...

"And, my children, restrict not yourselves to the sleep state, but recall that long ere the body was assumed, you, as Spirit, traced the pathway of the physical experience, aye, and went beyond, saw the working out, saw that the preparation had been put in, saw what God intended that you should rise to for Love's sake.

"Yes, that must be taken into consideration, combined with the teaching of Truth which goes on constantly by those who are free. So you see how it is that some are 'inspired' to do big things, and countless others long with all their heart and mind to get out of their rut, to climb the hill, and to call the masses up...

"Memory - ah, how much I must leave unsaid, but when you are free, with joy you will be able to see and to say that something you were taught you managed to remember, to bring back with you; and though the physical mind, at times, distorted or forgot, yet fragments were retained, and from those fragments so the inspiration came; and when you are free, you shall find at your hand powers and tools to work for God in a way which will amaze you...

"My children, this applies to those you name the disciples and the holy ones of God. Ignorant from the physical standpoint though some of them may have been, yet the spirit within had been released in the measure that the spirit took command.

"So, dear children, not keeping you over long tonight, I want you to think of that gift of yours, how you are using it: Are you protecting it? Are you betraying it? Are you stifling it? Or are you teaching yourselves to forget - aye, to forget - those things which are of God?...

"Oh, remember that faith and trust can build for man that which nothing else can erect; and work and effort, and striving and hoping, can not only place man in safety himself, but indeed can be as a force that can penetrate the darkest realms and do God's work; yes, and in so doing bring to the one concerned a liberty of action, a release of Spirit which no physical language can explain...

"Oh, faint not by the way. Rather, at this time, snatch up your armour - for it is soldiers that are wanted, soldiers who will follow Christ into the arena of battle and fight through. Then arouse yourselves and cast fear aside. There is in front that which will test your worth. To those who prevail, not only will the crown of life be given, but what is so dear to us, the blessing of the Saviour - that blessing which immediately is translated into those gifts which will enable you to do something which the spirit craves...

"War in the air, war upon earth, war in those many realms of which, as yet, you know nothing; and the enemy is ignorance, is weakness, is despair. But the soldiers of Christ, they represent hope, they represent renewal - and by their faith and by their love they shall prevail.

"But oh, set you to work, and see that within, all is secure. Ask yourselves: 'Am I ready?' - and take no answer but: 'Yes'. For the Lord God of Hosts, at this second of time, is preparing for advance; and the faithful, the pure of heart - aye, even if they be but little children - they shall join His ranks, and that which is antagonised from Love will retreat and retreat again, for God has spoken and the edict has gone forth... Those who fail in humanity's time of need, for these, the ages cannot wipe out the regret.

"Ah, my children, can you not feel within you that it is worthwhile? Can you not see that by being strong, you are making it easier for others to put aside weakness? Cannot you see that by demonstrating yourselves as Spirit, so the earth and all it signifies is less holding for those who are frailer still? Can you not see that within your grasp now is companionship with Christ, is co-operation with Him in that Missionary work which is His - the co-operation which one day will enable you to stand with Love and see that the work was well done?...

"My children, I will leave you now for a little while, but this subject of Memory must be returned to again and again, for as you release the mind of the spirit, so I can show you that the gift of memory has no borders, that it was from the beginning and it remains for all eternity; for that which we strive to remember comes from the Great Source of Wisdom, and God holds out to His children even that knowledge which is His own... As we grow ready, so we take; and as we take, so we seek to pass on; and as we pass on, so others rise in their strength, and, in turn, seek to teach, for Love's sake... And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, I want you all to retreat into your real selves and commune within to find out where you stand. That is the object of this gathering together, aye, and the reason for your physical experience - that you may know yourselves, not as men and women in the flesh, but as spirits, for a little while laying aside that freedom which is your right, so that by learning you can teach others...

"For oh, forget not this: That until experience is made your own, indeed you are as little children playing with the pebbles on the shore. As maturity comes, so you leave your pastime, and in that little boat which represents that which you have put together, you set sail out on that great sea towards Revelation. And if the Pilot is Christ, and if you are willing to be guided by the Pilot, so then, though storms may beset you, though dangerous rocks may seek to tear your little craft, confident, certain in your security, so you ride over the restless waves and reach that which no words can express... Yet, I have warned you all that the joy which lies in front, is measured solely by what you are willing to do now.

" - 'The day is far spent and the night is at hand' - but translate that statement in this wise: 'The night is far spent and the morning is at hand'. And when the light of God's sun streams upon you, you will see the past and you will see the future, and will judge yourselves.

"So then, my children, let the light bring joy, let the early morning reveal effort and faith and trust, and, ere the noonday, so that achievement which is of God shall be your own. In the Spirit the full Day remains, and as the time goes on, so by dedication and concentration, that achievement - which, mark you, is not only the release of your own spirit but indeed the release of those within your vibrations - so that twofold achievement shall be increased and again increased; for, by the miracle of God's Love, that which we hope to be is made fact, and that which we fail to rise to, if the desire was there, even that shall be blotted out...

"Remember the past, remember the future - and, above all things, remember that you belong to God. And He has not only adopted you but He has called you to work with Him, for those to whom you are linked for ever.

"God bless you all and keep you safe in peace, giving you that greater vision which shall make the future glorious indeed; giving you also that gift of forgetting, which shall make the past and its troubles seem as naught... God has blessed you and will bless you with His Love and protection... Goodnight, my children."

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