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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Gosport Theatre, under the auspices of St. Paul's Christian Spiritualist Church, Sunday, 1st March, 1936

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Saviour Christ into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child…

…"It is my privilege to go up and down the countryside speaking to the children of the earth, passing on to them fragments of Divine Truth. Giving them explanation and comforting their aching hearts. Extend to me, a humble servant of Christ, a welcome, knowing that we are comrades travelling towards our God. Realising that although you are in the flesh and I am free, yet we are one, linked together by our Father and Mother God. We are part of a mighty play, being tools of the Most High. If there are those gathered in who say to me: 'You cannot include my life in that statement; I do not believe that which you teach'. Then I say, have patience just a little while and the time will come when the light of the Holy Spirit will stream through the mind and you will understand that to those who are free, there can be no barriers, for our love is strong and by the power of love we call to the real self within you and we are not denied.

"Following the direction of the One Who loves us best, Jesus Christ, I am bidden to speak to you on: 'What Mediumship Has Done For The World'. First, may I take your minds back to what you term ancient history when men were used as instruments for the passing on of Divine Truth. These were the holy prophets, but there were others who desecrated their Divine powers. There were those who had the courage to stand before authority and give out the word of truth that was so unwelcome. Others fell victim to the world's way, who accepted bribes, who falsified their sweet gifts and who came to a miserable physical end.

"So throughout the ages, the gift of mediumship is demonstrated in many ways and for many ends. Those who read the sacred records with a sincere mind admit that the power of the Holy Spirit was shown again and again through humble people, those who were despised by the rich and powerful, yet they were instruments for the Most High. In regard to the so called story of the Garden of Eden, you can see the battle going on in the human heart and mind between so called good and so called evil. Those who read this parable with intelligence know that it shows plainly that man fell through one fault and one fault alone, his love for power, the wish to be as God and the desire to have control over other forms of life.

"In this very simple story, there was a message from God for the ages yet to come.

"Also in the past, many who rose to power stifled the voice of conscience. They were instruments, but who was it who used their minds? Who was it that had forced an entry into the citadels of their hearts? The answer comes: those who had been a spirit antagonistic to God.

"Yet I would not dwell on the sad side. I come this day to show you the glorious side. A mighty mercy is manifested by the Creator from the beginning of life and will be throughout all time to come. Therefore, when looking out on the turmoil of the world today, when you wince from the sufferings of the poor and shrink from the threat of war, can you not see that mediumship is not reserved for one or two? It is a gift of the masses, it is a gift for all, whether they recognise the fact or not.

"When dictators arise, when those with a lust for power are willing to condemn thousands to a misery that is profound, are these living according to the Law of God? You know that it is in direct opposition to Divine Law. You know that they are seized by the desire to be first and they are willing that the innocent should pay the price.

"As you look at those who direct the destinies of nations, you can see which way their mediumship is being used. There are good kings, there are false rulers, there are honest politicians and there are those who seek only their own ends. There are the orators who give out the popular cries; there are the workers toiling away when sleep should claim them, out of their love for humanity. The true doctors and nurses, many are blessed in a way that no earthly words can express. But there are some who do not regard their call to duty in a holy light and they are building up sorrow in time to come.

"We look at this great subject just from the surface point of view and we ask ourselves: 'What has mediumship done for the world?' If there are those who in haste say that the thought is too painful to dwell upon, then I ask them to pause and ponder. In their own lives, have there not been wonderful tools for God? In their own homes, perchance there was a child who gladdened the conditions; in the work place, was there not a compassionate master, and what of the faithful worker who sought to serve to the very best of their ability? There are none who can say with truth that they have not had a kindness shown. There are none who can say with truth that they have not shown a kindness to another. Are we, then, not drawing a little nearer to mediumship in the God-way?

"Think of the mothers. Think of the fathers. Think of the men and women who search for work and find it not. Yet they go back to the home, trying to smile, trying to be cheerful, instilling faith for the tomorrow of time. What are these but God's own tools?

"There are many who exclaim with sorrow that they cannot pierce the material conditions and see spirit forms. There are many with sad hearts because they wish to hear the music of another sphere, or the voices of loved ones who have passed hence, but they cannot. They pray, they go into the silence and ask that these gifts may be made their own. Sometimes it seems as if their prayers are not heard by God. To these I bring comfort and say that the earth stage is so short a span of life, assuring you that because you are denied what you have desired now, you shall find, in the life to come, those gifts enhanced by the sacrifice, purified by the waiting.

"Yet you cannot escape your mediumship here and now. You are a child of God and within you is the Holy Spirit. How far has it its freedom? How far is it imprisoned by the baser self?

"Remember, that when sleep claims you, you are free from the restrictions of the earthly body. Then your mediumship is shown in its true form. What did the day hold? Perchance you say: 'I started with high hopes. I prayed that I might be patient, that I might be kind. But the tests were so many, everything seemed to go wrong and at last I fell. The day ended with grief in my heart, I wished that I could live it over again.' Is this not the experience of all spiritually released souls who wish to serve their God? You have a Father and Mother God who understands. You are a spiritual soul in the making, otherwise you would not be here. You have to undertake this discipline of the physical will, but the testing processes are purifying your mediumship. When sleep claims you and a thousand times more when transition takes place, you will be able to follow the Light, and the Master shall trust you with His Holy Mission.

"You are free, yet you are bound. The great gift of freewill represents on one side a mighty power for good and on the other a terrible menace for mankind. You may ask: 'But what has this to do with those who have passed beyond the veil? I want the mediumship which can link me up with them, I want my child, I long for the voice of my husband.' Perchance the man cries: 'If only I could see my wife again, I would take up my cross unto the end'.

"I know the hunger of your hearts and minds. I know these pangs of love that seek for ever the one who has gone before and the awful sense of loneliness when you fail to connect. Because I know so well, I speak to you regarding your own mediumship, your own part in the Divine Plan, your Divine Inheritance which one day must be taken up by you.

"The one you love is not in some far off sphere, centred in happiness, while you are mourning in this dark world. Love seeks until it finds. But this grave thought must be forced upon the consciousness of man. When the dear one comes back into the home, links up with you in thought, what do they find? Many shrink from the responsibility that this represents. When a little child comes dancing back into the home, do they find peace there or do they see parents looking at each other with cold eyes, wrestling in mind one with the other? The happiness of that little one is changed to sorrow. Can you also imagine the torture of those whom you name Guides. They would give you love in unstinted measure. But the shadows of the earth have built up a wall between you, and you walk in the shade while the sun of love burns on unspent.

"So I ask you each to have mercy on the other. You who are aged, have patience with the young, and the young to seek to do their part so that the aged may comfort them in turn.

"You are all going through your training now for some great purpose. You are mediums, everyone. You cannot escape your mediumship because you are God's children. I want to cheer you by the glorious gift that this represents. Held, restricted, living an obscure life, perchance you can become a medium second to none, for within you is God, waiting for the release. Within you is a mighty healing power, and your mind - what it represents - has never been grasped by man. Only a fragment of your powers are used at this same stage. But the time will come when you feel your mental growth taking place. The doors of the physical mind will swing apart and the Light of the Holy Spirit will stream in. The old problems that once vexed and tortured will be made plain. The old sorrows will be healed, the old misunderstanding will be no more. More than that, by the Power of holy thought you shall set into being those beauties which adorn the Spheres of Spirit, that loveliness which no earth words can portray.

"Why has God gifted these things to you? Because He loves you. Because without your progression and its ultimate completion, the Father and Mother Heart is lonely. God is Love! If one fragment of Himself is missing, then the Father suffers, as those who are parents can understand in little part.

"Therefore, in these days of toil, of tumult, of injustice, of hatred, brother against brother, your mediumship can be used in the God-way. As you read daily of the wrong here and suffering there, send out your thoughts of sympathy. Let mute prayer go forth that such as these might be comforted and raised. When you pass through the busy streets and notice a haggard face of one person, or the look of obsession of another, again your mediumship can be released. You can in your own time be saviours of your world by linking up with the Great Saviour of us all, Jesus the Christ, Who has won us by love. We are meant to do our part.

"Today, I beg you, with deep urgency from the recesses of my being, to prepare yourselves so that as the cloud intensifies you may stand in the light of God; that you may be amongst the brave, amongst the calm, so that when there are frightened sheep all around you, you may raise your voice and say: 'Peace - God rules'.

"Is there mediumship as fine as this? Oh to be the one to instil faith where faith has fled. Oh to be the one to pass on the courage to those who are cowards at heart. Oh to be the one to take the road up the steep hillside and call the others to follow on.

"Ponder upon these words. What has mediumship done for the world? You may see the sorrow-side, but you can see the joy-side as well. You notice that here and there people are good. Those who care about the plight of their neighbours. Those who tend the sick. As you look, a renewed faith seizes your being and you say: 'From now on I will be on God's side; I will watch my thoughts; I will safeguard my actions so that the world may not be dragged down because of me'.

"Then think of the joy you give to those in other realms, the peace which comes to the mother and father who bore you when you come back into your home, or walk along the busy streets. They know that you are responding to their guidance, that you are a medium through which they can express their love. There is no joy like the joy of service. There is no torture like the torture of the disembodied soul coming back into the earth plane to watch the dear ones and seeing the brightness pushed aside for the darkness.

"God's Will is being ignored for the furtherance of their own base nature. Then there is nothing that can comfort us except the thought that the time will come when, spiritually, such as these will wake up.

"For each and everyone, transition must take place. You in your time will come back into the earth plane seeking to influence others. So I beg you to have mercy on the unseen, use your mediumship in the God-way. Then in time you may come back and your guidance may be taken up and the sweet joy may fill your soul as well.

"If only the earth language could express our love for you. If only some term could be found to express that greater love which Christ has for each and everyone, whether they want it or not. But it cannot be! We seek to give and those who are keyed into the spirit vibrations can take. The ones who have had a hard life can take far more easily than those who have had an easy time. Even in this is shown God's Mighty Law of Compensation at work. Truly as we live so we love, and truly as we love so are our powers enhanced. As our powers grow we are able to do God's work in greater measure. In time to come, when men and women become fully aware as to their gifts of holy mediumship, then wars will be no more, poverty will be impossible. The body will respond to the peace and the healing in the conditions that abound. This is the future!

"I bless you by the power of God as I take my leave, entreating you not to push aside lightly these simple words. I remind you how the Master turned to the simple things of daily life and how He loved to be amongst the poor, how He longed to minister to their many needs. So I, as a servant of Christ, long to do in little measure what He did in perfection. I call you by the power of the Holy Spirit to love also, to be servants of the Master, creators of the Eternal Kingdom, for herein is your mediumship demonstrated in holy form.

"I bless the workers and I say unto each and everyone that as they have shown their faith so their faith has been justified. To those who have gathered in, forsaking the comfort of their own homes, to each one a blessing comes - 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto you!' As you grow ready to receive, blessings in the God-sense will be yours. But the blessing which is the greatest there could be is this: to hearken for the call and to respond, saying with one of old: 'Speak Lord, for thy servant heareth!' .

"Farewell. In God's good time, we shall meet again."

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