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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Onchan, Isle of Man, on Sunday, 23rd October, 1949

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Saviour Christ, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"My children, with great happiness I come amongst you; but I want you to know that I draw very close to those who love the Master, and oft-times it has been my privilege, unseen by mortal eye, to give a blessing upon the gatherings of those in the flesh, who have met together to learn something of life in its wider sense.

"I want you, too, to realise that angelic ones from the Bright Spheres are sent back by God the Father to guide you, and to share your burdens. But, alas, free-will cannot be interfered with, and there are many in the body who spurn them, who turn to material things, and drown their sorrows in that which degrades and eventually destroys the body.

"So tonight it has been ordered that I come where love draws me, and I have been asked to speak to you upon: 'Mediumship and Its Effect Upon Religion'.

"Now, dear children, I ask you in thought to go back over the long, long past, and if there are some to say to you thaupon: 'Mediumship and Its Effect Upon Religion't you are being led out of the beaten path into the dangerous unknown, then, as you think of those past yesterdays of time, you will realise that mediumship from the beginning of history, and long before, was ordained by God the Father. Turn to your Bible, and there in the Sacred Book you will find from the very start evidence of those who saw spirits and those who heard spirits.

"And, I ask those who are puzzled over the first chapters to accept my word that that which is given there is as a parable of life in its beginnings.

"As you will find by perusal that man fell by his desire to have power in that far-off time, so the warning was given by the Lord God Almighty.

" - 'Eat of the fruit of the tree and you shall be as gods' - that was the temptation then, and also over the generations, which has brought about wars, which has destroyed nations, and, in degree, has stemmed the trend of civilisation.

"But I want you to think of that wonderful medium of old - you call him Moses. Here was a man, humble-hearted and humble-minded, and to him was entrusted the gigantic task of removing a great people from authority, to where they might find something of liberty.

"Why was it that Moses - a man who in his own mind was unsuitable for the task - why was it that he obeyed the Voice of God? Because the influence of the Holy Spirit was so strong upon him that his mediumship could not be denied. And you find, and you marvel over it, how he challenged authority, and although the penalties to be inflicted upon him were terrible, yet he stood fast.

"God was with him, and the children of Israel passed out of danger and would have reached the Promised Land but for the frailty of human nature. Faith grew dim, disobedience was rife, and so time had to pass until the children were sufficiently freed from self to have that great reward which was promised to them.

"And is it not the same today? Is it not true that for each and every one there comes the possibility of peace and contact with Spirit conditions; but the majority, swayed by material thinking, influenced by the cries of the world, they prefer to worship their false gods - the god of the mind, the god of the body, the god of earthly treasure; and the Promised Land is not for them until they are cleansed of their infirmities.

"Oh, my little ones, I speak with force because I know there are many here who feel there is a power around them, that they are called. By whom are they called? You are all mediums, everyone, but, as you can imagine, there are some who are responding to those among the unseen who know not God as their Father. Yet, there are always those to respond to the Bright Ones who come back with power, sent by God to guide them through the valley paths of physical life towards the City Beautiful, where peace and understanding can be found.

"And a point which must be emphasised is this: children, you would have no religion at all had it not been for the mediumship of those of olden times - the prophets, those who were the custodians of the lives of others, those who braved authority, those were sacrificed from the physical standpoint, but left behind a golden inheritance for all who followed after.

"So oft I underline the work done by those of old who did so much for the bringing of the evolution of man. You today would still be as barbarians but for those with the courage and the faith. Does it mean that in this same time there are those, too, with the courage and the faith to bring into this material plane the blossoms of the Spirit, to cast the good seed, and to have the faith to believe that the Harvest is safe in the Master's hands?

"Again, I say: go back upon the days of old when humble men and women were granted visions. What of the shepherds out tending their sheep? Could there have come to any set of people a greater manifestation of Spirit? They saw, they heard, and they obeyed.

"This is the way to emancipation; and you, cabined in the flesh, may not at this stage have your clear vision released, but you can all listen for the Voice of God speaking to you through your conscience, through your heart, and through your holy emotions. The still, small Voice of God is granted to everyone who wishes to be emancipated; and these inheritors of the Kingdom are as the leaven that shall leaven the whole.

"Oh, read the Holy Book with a new mind and a fuller understanding. Many have laughed to scorn that the ass was able to 'speak' and to turn the tide when its owner wanted to do wrong (Num. 22:22-34). But, my children, there is not one object that could not be used in the same way if man had the gift of clairaudience. If you could hear the voices, it would not matter the object through which it came. And because there was no one there to give the right guidance, this hearing was released, and it seemed unto that one that it was the ass itself that spake the words of truth. Would God disdain to use an animal? Have you not read in the Holy Book that a little child shall lead man? There are instruments on either side, and whatever the kind - animal or human - they can be used by God as His mediums to pass on the Truth, maybe not always in words but by influence.

"Many a man passing out of the earth plane, lonely because of the follies of the past, has found something of comfort from one of the animals in the Spheres - one who loves without reasoning, as the dog loves; and through that link of companionship there has been started the beginning of the redemption of the wayward soul. God despises nothing that has been created, all are blessed; and the tiny bird, or the little insect can be used by the Father to distract those who have done wrong, to make a link with another form of life and to induce the one so earthbound by the past to strive for freedom and for the peace it surely brings.

"When you are arguing with your friends, never be distracted by the thought that this is some new teaching. It is as old as the hills, older than history, as I have already said. You are children of the Father. Within the Divinity granted to each one are all the good gifts as possessed by the Father, but in miniature. We are all fragments, He is the Source; but in time, as you evolve, as you strive and do not turn from suffering, those wonderful gifts housed within your divinity shall be released; and the time comes when you win back once again your angelhood.

"You were created in the Image of the Divine, but you had no personal experience. And I want to underline that over the far, far past, you have had lives in countless worlds; the earth is but one short stage of life. You have had countless experiences before physical birth; you died to one world to be born into this world; and you will die to the physical world to be born, please God, into a Spiritual World. And there are countless states in front until at last you are restored to your angelhood. Then you have a complete personal experience of life in all its aspects, and in the many worlds through which you have lived.

"It is a gigantic thought, but does it not bring home a sense of responsibility? Are you not persuaded that to struggle now is so well worth while? To suffer now is not representing something that has gone wrong, but it is an indication of the strong Spirit within you. To understand your fellow men and not condemn - that is a sign that in the next stage you can be used as a leader of others, training them, drawing them out of limitation into something of understanding, too.

"So I send you back to the Holy Book and I ask you to read with a new mind the stories therein chronicled by that which you name mediumship. Many are merely the result of true stories passed on from generation to generation, until at last the opportunity came to put them into words. Therefore if you find in the Holy Book something which seems a little faulty, remember how the facts and the knowledge there came into your possession. The mediums were in earnest but the mediums had their limitations.

"Today it is the same; some are not so fully developed as others, some are still held by their material thoughts, some are still tempted by the desire for gain; but they are all mediums, and the time must come when they must extricate themselves from the chains which hold, otherwise anguish lies ahead.

"Your churches, your chapels, your temples, they have done God's work, but there is this limitation which those, unseen, are trying to break down. All are told in the Holy Book that they who seek shall find; yet some are held back by fear, some are held back by authority; but still the call comes from the World of Spirit: 'Seek and you shall find!' But the seekers must be prepared for sacrifices, prepared for discipline, as the explorers upon the earth plane. For great things gained, great things must be demanded.

"So I ask you in the silence of your own home to consider this point - that you are called by God Himself to penetrate into the unknown, and if you penetrate in the right spirit, by prayer and by effort, you shall find that which shall surpass your highest hopes.

"But always remember this - that all who seek, that which they seek they find! If there are those who seek the lesser, by the law of attraction the lesser is drawn unto them with dire results. If there are those with psychic gifts who think there is no need to safeguard them by hard work and sacrifice, then they will find to their horror that they are commingling with those who are like-minded to themselves in the body and free from the body.

"Man does not change by the change of the body he wears; your thoughts, your attitude towards life, the desires of the heart, you take with you; and until such as these realise their limitations, they are not free from the dross of the earth and the restrictions which they represent.

"But never forget that you would have no religion at all had it not been for mediumship; and today mediumship has been given in greater measure by the Father so that the barriers between the World of Spirit and the world material may be broken down. It was never the Father's will that when you lost your loved dear ones you should be separated from them. Through the gift of sight and through the gift of hearing, if man had not fallen away from the path of duty, man could have watched those dear ones in the Spirit World, just the same as you can when sleep holds the body.

"The spirit is then released from the body, and night by night the mother is with the little baby to whom she thought she had to say good-bye. And when she passes over there shall be no thought - 'Shall I know my son, shall I know that tiny one, or will it be confusion and I shall have lost the way to him?' That mother, night by night, is watching the growth of her child in the Spirit World, is assisting in his education, and sometimes is being educated by the child himself.

"So when kindly death comes and the door between twilight and the Light opens, mother and son meet with no barriers in between. They are comrades in arms, and, please God, part of the great army which the Father gathers together to fight down the evil that assails not only the earth plane, but in many other conditions as well.

"So, dear children, never say to yourselves - 'Is it wise to penetrate into the unknown?' - but rather to pray that the Spirit of God will guide you to do so in humility of spirit, that you may find step by step the Light of Truth to guide you on your way. Then, having penetrated beyond the clouds of physical life and learnt a little about that wonderful Life of Spirit, surely you can bring comfort to the broken hearted, you can go to those who are lonely and their loneliness will be no more. You can speak to the ones who condemn God because God seems to have failed them through the facts of earthly life; you can reason with the mind of the body and teach them as to the Law of Life and Being; yes, show them that the scales of justice cannot waver, but God co-operates with the stronger Self within, which means that very often this is at variance with the desires of the physical mind. But how can God betray His trust? He has given unto man free-will, but if the spirit within chooses the road of suffering, then God must co-operate with that stronger Self. But time passes, and when the physical mind is laid asunder, understanding is made his own, and the regrets of the past wither and die away never to be remembered again.

"Oh, I want you to understand what God has prepared for those who love Him. In your homes there are Spirit visitors for those who are hard beset by adversities, for those who are fearful over the winter and are wondering how their material needs will be met. To such as these I say: 'Fear not, little flock, the Father has you under His Hand'. In your home there are those bright and glorious to behold; but perchance you have taken on a difficult phase of life to show what you are worth, to show you are not a coward, to show that you are amongst the pioneers. Should God stand in the way of such wonderful progression?

"Yes, I ask you to think upon these things and lay them upon your heart. Religion is based on mediumship. There are those in the chapels and the churches who are inspired. They may say: 'I am not a medium.' But anyone with clear vision would see when words of wisdom pour from them, that one bright and fair was standing close, throwing rays of Light upon the physical mind of the speaker, and a few glints here and there come through and penetrate and brighten the material world.

"When you are kind, when you sympathise with others, when you try to stem the word of complaint over the pains of the body - what think you, my children? You are borrowing power from an angelic presence who delights to help you. And always with those who are strong in purpose, the mediumship is demonstrated in various ways, not only through those gifts recognised as mediumship by you in the body, but far more by the life which is led, by the aspirations of the human heart and mind, by the true religion expressed by some of these who, knowing naught of mediumship, it seems to them, yet by loving God are demonstrating that they know much of love and life and the holy purpose.

"So it is the Will of God that I come amongst you, using the feeble body of my instrument to give the blessing. Why do I give the blessing? It is entrusted unto me by the Master Christ, whose servant I am, Who allows me to come back. It is through His grace that I use this tabernacle of flesh, and over the years much missionary work has been accomplished because of the power given day by day, meeting by meeting; and however many the adversities of the flesh, never once has the Grace of God been withheld. Why is this? Because my instrument wants to do the Master's work, wants to show that faith is a living thing.

"So oft those in the body confuse faith with wishful desire, or with creed and doctrine; but faith is something that can transcend the difficulties of physical life, which can triumph over the weakness of the flesh. 'Your faith shall make you whole!' - those words of the Master ring down through the ages. Therefore, my children, remember that a faith that is real can be expressed only in works; a faith that is of the mind alone is barren. Good thoughts are good, but how much better are good actions.

"So when the good thoughts come into your mind, see to it that they do not slip through but are translated into action. In this way you are building up a wonderful future; and when this short stage of discipline is no more you shall awaken in the World of Spirit and your gifts shall be all around you, and the Master of all good workmen shall set you to work anew. No limitations then, no restrictions, but, as you strive, so you attain; as you work, so you build; as you translate prayer into action, so your actions are there for others to see.

"So then what is the blessing tonight? The blessing is that you should be doers of the Word, not hearers of the Word alone. That you should go through the house of your heart and mind and see what is there impinging upon the spirit, halting your progress, holding you back. For such trivial things man barters that which is of infinite worth.

"So I say to each and everyone - be doers of the Word of God; and be not disheartened if others deride you, if others betray you, for all pioneers have these tests to face. They are the ones to go in front to meet the enemy, and the enemies of the Spirit fall upon them, even as in the narrative which you name 'The Pilgrim's Progress.' But put your strength and confidence in God and, whatever happens, seek and you shall find, knock on the door of Spirit Communion and that door shall open and reveal unto you a vision glorious. And strength shall come to endure a little more. Thus progress up the steep hill of achievement is assured.

"Your mediumship is then a living reality. Your religion is something seen in your life; and the narrow confines of your religion which separates man from man and sect from sect - that is banished. You are all children of the Father, and when you reach the Promised Land, religion there will be shown in all its wonder as service to others, by which you serve your God.

"So indeed the peace and the power prevail in these conditions, and each one gathered in shall, if they are willing, feel upon their brow the tiny Cross of Jesus the Christ, indicating that they are ambassadors. And as the days go on, as the tests are met, and as faith triumphs over the tests, then, not to your poor sight but to our clear vision, the Cross of Jesus Christ shall grow in beauty and in strength. And disembodied souls who have lost their way shall see from the Cross that you are a missionary and that help can be obtained from you, for you love God and therefore you love your brother man.

"I bless the workers here, and I say that their inspiration shall grow, and greater things shall be granted unto them. They indeed must be tested. There will be those who will come to them with great promises, and these will fade away; but others shall take their place. The ranks shall not be shown with cleavages if the work is pursued as the Father wills, and I know that the work will be pursued as the Father wills. Therefore, shepherds of the flock, be of great courage, and know that the seeds sown in this material world shall bloom in God's Fair Land.

"Farewell, my little ones, but when sleep holds you this night, if it is your wish, we shall meet again, and you shall make your vows anew to be a servant of the Master Christ, the One Who loves you best. In His Name I bless you and in His power I leave you. Peace be with you all. God be thanked for that which He has given. Amen."

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