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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Clacton-on-Sea on Sunday, 18th September, 1949

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Saviour Christ, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"MY CHILDREN, glad indeed am I to come amongst you and to pass on the message from the Spirit spheres to those who will listen. Now here we have a point upon which much hangs. You must remember that free will is never interfered with, and those who come back from God's Bright Land are commissioned to give you the truth. But you can refuse the truth. And this is why there is so much sorrow upon the earth plane, for always remember, my children, that Christ uses many instruments, not all mediums as you recognise mediumship, and yet all mediums as we recognise mediumship. But as you look out upon the earth today you find that there are only the few sufficiently prepared in mind and in character to seek for truth and to put it into practice.

"So today I am commissioned to speak to you upon: 'Material Warfare and What It Reveals'.

"I know that the thoughts of the majority have gone back to that day of days (Battle of Britain), when it seemed to all, that annihilation was actually in sight. And yet you found that there was one sufficiently sensitive to receive the inspiration from the Spirit side of Life, and he decided that the battle must be fought in this little Island itself. Grave were the obstacles, many to oppose, but his will prevailed.

"And then what happened? The chosen few, the ones who had gained sufficient experience to undertake most dangerous work, they were delegated to do what they could to save their land. I know that some of you do remember those lads, do pause to think upon the gigantic sacrifices made by what appeared to be a handful of valiant souls.

"In the deepest anxiety those in authority watched how the day would go, hardly one dared to hope that victory would come following on the footsteps of failure. But as the day wore on, amazement and gratitude were shown on either side; a miracle of Grace had taken place in these same modern times, and the few, because they were willing to sacrifice their all, prevailed over the many.

"Children, those boys of yours did not stop to consider results; they had a task to do, and they did it with a determination that every ounce of energy and skill should be given out by them; and, as you know, many perished so far as the physical vehicle was concerned. But what an awakening they had, what congratulations greeted them from their forebears. And they saw the angelic messengers who had inspired them, who had built up a wall of power around them so that weariness and fear were defied. The battle was won, not only against material forces, but far more in a spiritual sense, for although they knew it not while the flesh held them, soon they saw the legion sent forth to destroy that which they endeavoured to save.

"Now what emerges from that never-forgotten scene of youth grappling with the giants of wickedness, of evil? Some people, as I say, remember, but many forget. When you look about the world today and you see materialism that has gone wild, liberty abused, the craving for the lower pleasures of the physical mind, the thoughtful ones wonder what the heroes in the Better Land are thinking of it all. They are learning much, they are seeing for themselves that when things are going comparatively well with any country, the opportunity is given for the unseen enemies to creep close and to do their dreadful work; but they see, also, that amongst the rank and file there are those still inspired by a sense of duty, still with the instinct to sacrifice, still with a love that can defy the adversities of physical life, so they do not despair, they know that these are as the ears of good wheat, and the tares have not the power to completely annihilate them; indeed, the good wheat lives on long after the tares are destroyed for what they represent.

"And when I speak of destruction you can understand that it is essential that those who fall into temptation, who are swayed by self, have to go through the furnace of suffering before the aura can be cleansed, before the body in which they take their way in another land can become purified of the grossness and the dross of physical life.

"I want to speak to you today upon an all important subject, and that is: 'The Power of Gratitude'. What do we mean by gratitude? Does God expect you to be grateful for all that He has done for you, and do the guides and helpers look for gratitude? You know that sometimes they look in vain. But does the lack of gratitude or the faithlessness of those upon the earth plane, stem their efforts? Is God's Love less because so many of His children ignore His very existence? Your hearts answer: No! God is the Father of mankind, and although His children want Him not, His love is over them, and forgiveness finds no place where love abounds.

"But there is another aspect, and that is what the instinct of gratitude can do for you in the body, the kind of protection it builds up around you, and what it has prepared for you when this short stage is over. My children, as you know, there are many people in the body who benefit from the efforts of others; there are the parents who have denied themselves to give their children a better chance than they had themselves. There are many workers who untiringly over the years have toiled early and late, and perhaps through their sacrifice have built up something of a material fortune to leave to their offspring.

"Search your minds and you will find that very often those children who have benefited by the sufferings of their forebears have very little gratitude in their make-up at all. They take their easier life, their material possessions, their pleasant homes as something which represents their rights. But what right have they to take so much and to give so little?

"I ask you also to consider within yourselves the reformers, the men who put down slavery, the missionaries who went through dreadful adversities and perhaps met with a horrible physical death in order to bring Light into dark conditions?

"Only the few remember what they have done. Their lives may be expounded as part of history, but are the children taught to give out thoughts of gratitude to those who have paved the way, so that the little ones of today could have so many privileges and opportunities, so much spiritual light if only they did not prefer the darkness of the selfishness which now abounds.

"I speak to you because you are among the enlightened, because I know that there are so many who give love and gratitude to their unseen friends, who thank God for all that they have done for them, thank God that they have opened their eyes to something of Truth. And I want you to know that because this instinct of gratitude is fostered and allowed to grow, you are doing something for yourselves which will fill you with delight when you are free from the limitations of the flesh and are able to regard things as they are in conditions of Reality.

"Power is built up by gratitude; loss of power certainly comes to the ungrateful. And yet today the cry so often is - 'What have I to be grateful for? I did not ask to be born! Certainly those who brought me into physical life should do and should give.'

"The ignorance of such as these is profound! Each one owes a debt of gratitude to the great Father of us all. They were created in the far, far past in the image of the Divine, but they had no personal experience, and they have passed through countless worlds to gain that great gift of experience, and countless conditions or spheres await them when the physical body has done its part.

"I want you to think upon this great subject. You have a wonderful land, you have people in it who have a measure of understanding, you have those who are willing to sacrifice so that their idealism may become part of the physical life of their dear homeland; you have men and women in humble walks of life struggling to do their duty, to bear their burdens bravely, to silence the word of complaint over the ills of the body.

"Are you, as a soul, paying tribute to those who are spiritualising their own Empire, to those who are making it possible in time to come that certain aspects of spiritual revelation may be seen and may be heard by the masses? Are you grateful enough because you have been brought into contact with the denizens of the Spirit World?

"Many exclaim with a love that fills their being: 'This man or that woman brought me into this Truth; I owe them more than words could ever express.' How true that is, and how that attitude of mind will help them when they pass into the Better Land. It was a protection while the physical binds, but it was also building up power for that greater work for which they were being prepared while the flesh held them fast.

"I want you to pass on this truth to all concerned. Man was meant to be a grateful thing, grateful to his parents because they worked hard to educate him, grateful to those who opened so many of the hospitals and orphanages, grateful to those who founded churches, chapels and temples in which the worship of God takes place.

"Oh, remember, my children, that when you pass into that greater Life you will be able to do so much more for those who remember you with gratitude. Those who are ungrateful have, as it were, shut the gate between you, and not all your love can open that gate until they are sufficiently awakened to their duty to open it themselves by the love and the gratitude they give at so late a date for what you tried to do for them.

"So we think of the heroes and heroines, so we think of the young who counted not the cost, who responded to the call of duty, so we thank God for the ones who were inspired to send forth those lads to save their land, for they not only saved their country, but they safeguarded their own souls and they saved their spiritual home, and it is beautiful for evermore. For there is nothing that has the power so to beautify any condition as sacrifice and all it entails while the physical body holds man so fast.

"I want you to emphasise this point in your teaching, but not necessarily to tell the people that they must be grateful only to the speakers and the mediums. The religion of every country should be that all living therein should render grateful thanks to those of the far, far past.

"Oft I speak of primitive man, because I know that you today are enjoying your liberty, are able to show a measure of intelligence, have acquired something of craftsmanship because of primitive man, who, forced by necessity to keep life within the flesh, found the crudest implements to bring some measure of help, and some measure of protection against the wild beasts and reptiles of that time. Many perished in a far more terrible way than the human mind could now conjure up; but they contributed their tiny portion to evolution, and when they came into another world, they found that they had gained immeasurably through the misery which had held them in the past.

"All this is as a wonderful lesson to those upon the earth plane today. Does it not kill pride, is it not as a devastating force to destroy vanity? Men and women who think that they are cleverer than the average, should go back in thought and in gratitude to primitive man, to their forebears, and to those parents who gave up so much that their children should have greater advantages than were possible for themselves.

"You see, dear children, no one is independent; you cannot say that this or that gift is mine! Most of the gifts exercised by you in the flesh today are borrowed, borrowed from those of the past, borrowed from the great unseen. When you are inspired to do something that is worth while, give thanks to God that through your attitude of mind those with the greater knowledge can pour into your consciousness a ray of light, which has meant that many rays of light have come to others not yet sufficiently released to respond to inspiration themselves. And as you think thus, pride of all kinds withers down to its roots.

"So I would plead with the good mediums, with the good speakers who feel a sense of self-satisfaction over their gifts, to remember this: that when they pass over they will stand humiliated when they see how little was contributed by themselves from their physical or mental consciousness, and how much came from the freed Spirit-consciousness of those released from the body, the missionaries of God working upon the earth plane under the Father's Will.

"Never forget these words for they will make all the difference to you when the change called death takes place. Be grateful for little things, grateful for kind words, for a kind look, for someone who remembered what meant so much to you, while so many forgot. Be grateful to those who minister to you when you are sick, and forget not to pay back in like measure if the opportunity is your own. Be grateful to those who have worked so hard in this Movement over the years. Many receive naught but ingratitude; and there are those who have sown but few seeds who would turn them out of their temples and take charge themselves. Oh, the folly of it all! But repentance will come when they see what they have done, and when physical death releases them from the limitations of the earth life, in conditions of Reality the truth must be faced.

"Be grateful to those who have given you a beautiful garden. There were many to experiment, many to overcome disappointment, many to toil early and late to make the flowers more beautiful and to give them a greater fragrance than they possessed. That is how weeds, as you regard them, or the wild flowers, became cultivated and had a stronger life, a greater beauty and a sweetness not associated with those dear little emblems of God's Love which grow by the wayside.

"Yes, be grateful to the good gardeners, and when you think thus, should you not be still more grateful to the good gardeners of human souls, the ones who have taken the rough soil and, in spite of the basest ingratitude, still have sought to sow the good seeds among the many tares seeking to choke them out.

"Oh, my children, think of your boys, think of your heroes and heroines, and remember that as your gratitude goes forth to them because they did their best under the direst circumstances, because they died physically so that you might live, remember that your gratitude will reach them and that will enable them to do more!

"It is one of the saddest sights to those who are free from the flesh to see how soon those in the body forget their benefactors. But when they pass over they will have the anguish of seeing that others, materially-minded, have forgotten what they sought to do for them and struggled and sacrificed to bring about.

"So on this Day of Remembrance we take another step forward, going through the mind of the body and seeing what is there which does not bear resemblance to the Mind of Love, or the Christ life. Be not despairing if it seems to you that there is so much you do not like. God understands, and as long as you strive, as long as you pay tribute to those who are helping you, so I can promise that God will finish what you have not the spiritual strength yet to bring to fruition.

"That is comfort for each and everyone, for there are many earnest souls who will read my words who at times feel something of despair about themselves. So high they want to rise, but their bodies seemed chained to the earth; so much they want to do, but opportunity passes them by.

"But that is the life of the physical alone, the life of the Spirit is going on all the time. There is no good thought, no good action that rises up in the physical mind and cannot be brought to pass, that is not worked out to its fulfilment in that greater Life which you enter each night as sleep holds the body of flesh.

"Oh, remember ever that the physical consciousness is one half only of your life. When sleep holds the body, so by the law of attraction the real self is drawn into those conditions where it can gain something more of self-expression.

"And so it is that many who are sick, many who are old, many who are very weary, go on day by day taking up their several tasks, doing what they can, and leave the rest to God, in Whom they have believed. And He will never fail them!

"So I bless you all on this bright and happy afternoon and I say that it has been good to meet together, because I know that there are some here who will remember the words of the messenger. Forget me if you will, but remember the message entrusted by the Christ to pass on to you so that you may pass it on to others, and so that the material conditions of the earth plane may in time be purified and the flowers of the Spirit find a place to grow.

"Peace be with you all! And the blessing of the Christ, the beloved Master, indeed has been added to the words I have expressed. God bless you all and may you take your way with a firm determination to express something of the Divinity here and now. Farewell!"

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