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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes in the earlier part of the twentieth century..

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership).

"MY children, you have been drawn together because each and every one is as a prepared tool for service, and you are linked to each other in Spirit in a way you cannot grasp. tonight I ask you to put aside all thoughts of self, even those desires associated with the heart and the spirit which make you long to contact with those you love; to put aside all this and to concentrate upon work for God, upon preparing for the great things which must come to pass.

"Oh, cannot you grasp how great and glorious a thing it is that I can come and say to you that you are as prepared tools, that you can be used by God to work in that part of the pattern which indeed the spirit undertook before the physical body was thought of by you? Yet we must not pause there. Our part it is to look a little ahead and see that that which we represent, the tool which we are, shall be ready for use when the great call comes, when the need arises, when those unprepared seek our help and shall not seek it in vain.

"Tonight, then, dear children, I speak upon that which I name 'Master-Builders', and I want you to focus on this thought: To draw to you the conception of the great Master-Builder, the Creator of all life, aye, the Creator of life in many forms in different conditions from those familiar to you at this stage, the Creator of beauties and powers undreamed of by the mind of man, the Creator of a glorious future which no one, however inspired, has dared to anticipate; for indeed the finite mind cannot grasp the verities of the Spirit.

"The mind of man - held by so much, chained by the past, by all that which has been thrown upon the sensitive instrument of the physical mind - the mind of man cannot grasp the past and still less can a conception of the future be made its own; yet I have told you, and I speak under the ray of Truth, I have told you that you are Divine, that the real self within has all-wisdom, all-sight, all-power in degree, for indeed you are the children of the Great Father, the One Who thought out existence in all planes and all conditions. You are the children of that great and mighty Being and His gifts, in miniature, have been made your own, and this day you could be as gods (John 10:34,35) - using that word to denote power and expansion - if it had not been for the falling away from the law of the Spirit, the turning from the light of the countenance of the One Who has fought and struggled for you over time inconceivable. If it had not been that we, out of the vanity, the pride and the self-will that held our hearts, if we had not turned from our Protector, then that which you name sin would be unknown upon the earth plane at this same stage.

"Yet, little ones, I am not here to chide. I have not come from the Master to cast sorrow upon the brightness and the happiness of these surroundings, but I have come to say that because we have a measure of understanding we have a great responsibility, and the Father looks to us, as to others, to work in the Divine purpose, aye, to hasten the freeing of humanity at large.

"Oh, think you of the Master-Builder, the One so powerful yet the One Who stands before all as an embodiment of humility and gentleness, compassion and love. Little children, what is it that you have put in over the past? You may say to me: 'I have tried, but I have failed,' and I answer: 'Not a master-builder yet, but a builder charged with the power of God to bring into being something of the great and glorious ideal which the Spirit within holds.'

"So then, little ones, ponder over the past and think as to the present. You are builders, builders under the Master-Builder. And if out of ignorance, out of lack of comprehension of the higher laws of the Spirit, sometimes you put in that which seems to spoil the plan, then I say unto you: Have faith, for the Master-Builder overlooks your work and He, using the messengers, the comforters and the healers will tell you how to rectify, how to make good, how to turn the second best into that which is the very best, likened unto that created by the Father Himself.

"Builders under the great Master-Builder, how great are your opportunities, how marvellous are your resources! For forget not that you, being children of the Most High, are linked to the Source of all good things, of every power, to the sweetness and love which abound in Spirit conditions. You are linked to all that; therefore how should fear or apprehension hold your mind for one instant? You say unto yourselves: 'I would build for God, but I am afraid my abilities are limited, my spiritual faculties are not yet fully released; if I attempt I shall fail and then the work will suffer.'

"Little children of the Light, go back on the past, to those who put in that which you name spiritual history. Think of Peter and those who followed after. Cannot you understand how these thoughts tortured them? Do you not realise that to every pilgrim the same test must come? So I remind you that others, far more ignorant than yourselves, far more bound, those who indeed stumbled along through the twilight of misunderstanding, that such as these drew strength from the Source. And so God's power was demonstrated for all to see, and light took the place of twilight, truth overcame falsehood, and in a measure, love triumphed over hate.

"Cannot you see that where the weakness lies today and all days is in the fact that man depends upon himself? Man so limited, imprisoned in the physical body, held by the limitations of the physical mind, man still depends upon himself not only for guidance, but for so-called illumination. Oh, bound and foolish ones. These walk amongst the dust of the earth when all around them might be the flowers of the Spirit. Woe unto such as these, for there are many - because they stand as authority to others - who are followed, yet they tread the dust of the valley and seek not the sweetness and the purity of the hillside.

"Little children, indeed they are builders, but they build that which is as a mountain between themselves and the simplicity of God, and that mountain - put together over the years by consideration, by deliberation - that faces many a weaker soul, many a frailer child. And when such as these perceive so formidable an obstacle between them and the heights, between them and revelation, sorrow seizes their mind and they either retrace their steps or sink by the foot of the mountain. Woe unto the leaders, for in time to come they will look back and see with anguish that they were builders, builders influenced by the enemies of the Christ.

"Many will exclaim: 'I knew it not!' - but the answer comes: In the Sacred Record laid down for all to see, are the words of so-called wise ones, their questionings, their doubts, their cynicism, their disbeliefs, and such as these crucified the Truth-Bringer. And history is repeated again and again. They were builders, but that which they erected sent them back into the wilderness; that which they erected blotted out the brightness of the love of God.

"Little ones, I take you in thought far from this tiny speck called home, I take you away over the ocean into lands foreign to you, and I say unto you, because it is the truth, that beyond the reach of the white man there were, in time long past, those who found God, who followed unconsciously in the footsteps of the Christ; those who gave out from themselves, who tended the young and safeguarded the old. And such as these today - out of the faith within, out of the obedience to that which they knew not - come back to those with the cultured minds, with the 'clever' minds, and seek to cast their chains from them.

"Cannot you see that many of the so-called wild races built truly, yet unknowingly, that many put in the part of the plan ordained by the Father? They suffered, they starved, yet they sought to turn to the great White Spirit and to kneel in spirit before that Being. Builders under the great and glorious Master-Builder, such as these have done a mighty work, and they passed into a revelation which would stagger the greatest mind of this age.

"Keep your vision clear! Let not the past confuse the present; let not the future act as hindrance to that which must take place now. You are builders in very truth. Day by day, unconsciously, so the building or the wrecking goes on, so the strength is given out or so the weakness triumphs over yourselves and those around.

"Builders under the great Master-Builder, what do you seek to do? Where are your tools? How much effort do you put in as the hours go fleeting by? Ah, little ones, here we come down to fundamentals; here we come down to those facts which one day will mean all in all to each and every one. What as to your tools? How much effort does the day produce? What do you build as sleep claims you? And I answer, by command of the One Who loves us best: There are many who have built that which shall amaze and bewilder when the little earth life is o'er. There are many here who - by the holy thoughts given forth, by denial of the love of ease so associated with the physical garment, by seeking to keep the hand on the plough and, again, to keep the furrow straight - there are those here this night who shall acknowledge with a joy surpassing anything they can conjure up that, unconsciously or consciously, they worked under the guiding power of the great Master-Builder; and their part of the pattern was worked in to the best of their ability, and God - forget not this - God finishes what they began.

"This marvellous law of the Spirit, as yet, has not been sufficiently impressed upon the mind of man. That which we do during the earth stage seems so trivial, so far from the heart's desire, so faulty, so lacking in the precision which we had in mind, but God finishes what we begin. Oh remember this: If the will remains firm, if the heart and mind is set upon attaining the best yet only the second best or even the third best is reached, then God finishes what man begins. Because you are the beloved of the Father, He watches over your efforts, your thoughts, your desires; He comforts when failure comes, if you wish to rise again, He gives out from the great fount of healing forgetfulness, and always the words of the Master are the same: 'Go on! Go on!'

"So when I come into your presence and I say that this night is dedicated and consecrated to God's most holy work, when I say unto you - commanded by Love - that you are builders under the great Master-Builder, still I warn; I point to tomorrow. I say unto you: Relax not your vigilance for there are many enemies around. There are those, bound in the past and still more bound today, who would spoil the plan, who would mar the pattern under your hand; yet God is God, and His angels have charge over you to keep you in the way that Christ laid down, and all is well, wonderfully, wonderfully well.

"Yet the builder is faced with this: Yesterday, perchance, he built truly; today, in an unwary moment the wrong brick, the faulty tile was substituted for the one which God intended. Sadness seizes his heart: 'After so much trying, so much labour, I have spoilt that which I tried to build!' But when tomorrow comes, by effort, the faulty brick - or that which is unsafe, unlovely - can be removed. This is a Divine law, the Divine law of retrievement which man has never grasped in anything of its magnitude. Yesterday can be retrieved by today, and out of the sorrow which the retrievement exacts, so tomorrow, a little more experienced, a little more watchful, a little stronger, the builder does better still.

"Yet again I say, and the warning must come, that no builder who works under the Master-Builder is content with the second-best. The second-best may be all that he can rise to, but if the desire is for the very best then God, by His love, will transform the imperfect into the perfect, and all will be as the Spirit within the builder and the great Father-Spirit intended.

"So, little ones, think as to your individual work. Think not as to the past, except to illumine the present and to indicate the future. What was weak, what was faulty in the little yesterday can be retrieved today and tomorrow, and in front lies opportunity in a way I cannot explain, for you are held by much. But I say unto you that it is opportunity in the God-sense; and out of faith, out of trust, leaning not upon the so-called strength of the physical mind or the physical body but turning to the great Source of Strength, you shall build for God in a way that shall satisfy the Divine within.

"Builders, every one. Out of little things, out of simple things, out of little duties, out of little tasks, out of the raising of heart and mind beyond fears or apprehension or misgivings, so by that created, by that thrown out from yourselves into the vibrations, you are building Spirit conditions; and others, not yet awakened to the possibilities around and within, shall be led as little children one stage nearer understanding. Through that which you sought to do, so you turn the idler or the sleeper into a builder in turn, and so again I say that all shall be according to the Will of the great and glorious Being Who gave us life.

"So, my children, I charge you in the name of the Most High to build truly, aye, to give out that effort from within which shall show that not only have you built truly, but quickly through the power of God. Through turning to the Almighty Source and depending not upon yourselves, you shall build that which shall never pass away, and I exclude not one.

"Tonight I have gathered in many who have wandered in twilight over the long past, and I say unto them: Have no fear! Even if the mountain lies between you and the promised land, have faith; for has not God said that by faith the mountain shall be removed? Little ones, go on, go on! Fear not, for strength is by your side. Others who have taken the path that you tread now have come back, and they will lead you on, they will never fail you; and in time, aye, even today by the effort put forth, you are building for God, building for others weaker still. I bless you with a great and mighty ambition to be as builders under the great Master-Builder, and the time will come when you shall create that which ministers to the Divine within.

"My children, over the past much has been put in. Over the past there have been builders in plenty, builders with sight, builders with wisdom, and, alas, many as spirits in prison. Today we are reaping that which has been sown. Today we are held or we are helped by that which man has done before. Then hearken unto my voice, and think of your great responsibility in the days to come, for what you build today in the little tomorrow shall provide either strength or weakness for others who must take the earth journey for good or for ill.

"Then build bridges, oh build bridges! On all sides there is temptation, on all sides there are enemies, and these represent the deep crevasse into which the heedless and careless fall. Yet unto you comes that great and glorious promise of the Most High. Out of the effort, out of the longing, out of the holy desire, so the bridges can be thrown across, and what you have secured shall enable the heedless and careless to pass out of misunderstanding into the light which never fades.

"Therefore, as pioneers build for God. Hold not back that which is of yourselves, but build for God. Day by day, hour by hour, as you seek the guidance so the guidance shall come; and if error, if mistake, if that which is faulty seems to take place, believe that - so long as the will remains firm, so long as the desire is for the best - these things are tests; and out of failure, out of seeming hindrance, so the foundation of your spiritual emancipation shall be made more firm.

"Children of the Light, hold up your light, for there are thousands in darkness and they find no light to give them direction. Be builders under Christ; see that what you construct bears resemblance to that constructed by the Master as He walked the earth plane. Keep that example ever before you, and in the sweet tomorrow compensation in full shall be made your own.

"I bless you with the pioneer Spirit, bless you with the will to build, the will to construct even as God intends; and in the measure that you desire the very best, so the power of the Holy Spirit will draw to you the very best, and God's will on earth shall be done. I bless you with courage, with the will to go on.

"Farewell, but we shall meet again. Keep ever in your thoughts the love that I have for each and every one, for you have been linked to me over the long past, and God has blessed the chain of many links. Farewell."

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