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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 8th February, 1925.

"O Tender Shepherd, we ask Thee tonight to help us, to strengthen us and to give us courage to go on - not only the courage that can grapple with difficulties, but that inner courage of the spirit which allows us to ride over them; which gives us the capacity to fix our gaze upon the distant hills - on their splendour and on their promise - and thus, with our eyes raised from the ground, to see only Thy glory and not the roughness of the road. Grant that we may be able to ignore those dissuading voices of the shadows; grant that we may neither see nor hear them, except with that tiny part which, as yet, is not free from the toils of the earth.

"O Father, we know how Mighty Thou art, and how Gentle, how all-Understanding. And because we are certain of these things - with faith and with perfect confidence - we ask Thee tonight to turn sadness into gladness, weariness into strength, faltering steps into big strides which will take us on and on, past the awkward corners of physical experience out into the wide country where sunshine is all around, and where even the most carefully thought-out schemes of those who wish to hinder shall be as nought.

"Father of Infinite Love, we leave everything in Thy watchful care, and we know that because we are obeying Thy direction - the direction which Thou hast given - seeing the infinite joy these evenings are going to bring in the happy days to come and their far-reaching results, that Thou Who hast directed us to continue this work, will send down grace and strength and that complete faith which will enable us to close on a note of understanding, of perfect unity, not only with each other but with Thee, our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ - Who never forgets and who never fails.

"Father, we thank Thee and we turn to our work satisfied in Thee now and for ever... Amen...

"My little children, we start rather late tonight (8 p.m.), and it seems to you a curious thing why so much on the physical plane is allowed, apparently, to interfere with our plans when those plans are formed solely with the idea of following obediently the direction given.

"Well, my children, looking at things from the earth point of view, I allow that there are many things in your daily life which seem to run diametrically opposed to all-Pervading Love - a sense of which I am determined to instil into your physical minds. Yet, dear children, viewed in the big way, in the way that you will regard it when you are free, you will see that nothing has gone amiss - there has been no miscarriage of justice - but all is as it must be in order to produce the beauty and the power which will be required later on.

"Because some suffer under the process, would you that the plan should be thrown aside? For, my little ones, how often must I tell you that it is suffering which produces the highest and the best; it is suffering which provides the necessary working power; it is suffering which brings you closer to the Spirit than anything else.

"Yet, again I say I can understand the earth point of view. Human nature has its limits, and the thought that only by so much discipline can the real self emerge, causes a chill to the heart and mind of each one who listens to me and to those who read my words. So tonight I am going to make things clear - I am going to tell you that suffering was never meant to last throughout the physical journey. It is, as I have said, required to provide the strong staff, the experience and the guiding instinct to lead you unto God - and when once these have been obtained then the necessity for suffering is at an end.

"You are concerned, very often, about the sorrows of others; the almost devastating experiences, so you think, which they have to face; you are troubled, both in heart and mind, that there should be so much hardship in the world at large. The recital of another's earthly experience causes deep dismay. And yet, my little ones, while it is necessary that you should listen and enter into the sorrows of others, I bid you also try and take a wider view of that, which, of necessity, must pass away in time to come.

"I am not under-estimating the grief in the world today. It is caused partly by the hardness of heart of those who are better placed; it is caused also by that lack of self-restraint in the centuries long past, which has allowed the evil forces to gain a much stronger hold than ever was intended. Yet, dear children, as you realise, free will cannot be interfered with. And so our Heavenly Father has taken that which has been done to wreck and wound, and, by the miracle of His Love, has turned loss into gain, suffering into happiness beyond all expression.

"You see, it very often happens thus, because the free will of the individual is a gift from God, never to be thwarted - never to be influenced except by love - and because of this, God has chosen another means of working out His wonderful purpose. And though the evil may strike you and others again and again, the Father takes the very blow itself to bring you gain, to give you your heart's desire in that day when the vision comes and you see the splendour of the Life which has no end.

"My children, I am very near you in thought tonight. Nothing makes a barrier between me and those I love, although, dear ones, you find it so hard to take this in. Nothing in the world or in those conditions where darkness reigns - nothing - nothing can separate me from my children, to whom I am bound by every tie and link there could be; and those links are sealed by God, to remain unbreakable for ever and for ever.

"And now that I have got you all safely under my wing once more, we will talk of other things; and first of all I have just a few words to say about one who has called forth your love and admiration - admiration because the spirit within is strong and courageous indeed (Mr. Ernest Meads).

"Tell him from me, my children, that the work goes on apace; that the love of God which is in his heart has brought him into conditions which shall defy trouble and sorrow and suffering. That one, dear children, has suffered much, he has been through deep waters.

"And yet, keeping his eyes on the Light above, safely he has swum from shore to shore, and ever the land grows firmer under his feet and he is blessed of the Father indeed. Shut not your love off from such a one; cast aside those crippling thoughts of the earth which forbid this and forbid that. Love was given to each one to give again - and he will understand. Ah, yes, he will understand that Spirit calls to Spirit and that the tie is one of God alone.

"I give these few words, dear children, because I want you to know that, more and more, I am leading you hither and thither where help and strength may be found; and yet you cannot imagine that after directing you to take, I should tell you not to give in return. The power of love is greater than anyone on this plane has ever grasped - its healing, its sustaining power is unlimited, when the love is pure. And so I say to you and to all who read: Give out of your love and restrain it not, because God said: 'Little children, love one another'... love one another!

"And now, my little ones, speaking of love, I will pass on to a subject which, in the physical minds of many through the ages, has caused perplexity and sometimes that which is far less pleasant - a certain lack of delicacy, which is hurtful to them and to those who hear...

"I refer, dear children, to Our Lord's statement that there was no marriage, or giving in marriage, once physical life was ended.

"Now here, dear children, we are brought up against two attitudes of mind, because, as you know, that which you call 'marriage' has not been carried out as Our Father intended. To those whose experience has been bitter or disillusioning, the thought that once physical life is over marriage, as marriage, exists no more, is greeted with a sense of thankfulness which goes too deep for words...

"Then, dear children, there are others - many others, thank God, who have got fairly near to the ideal; and when death steps in, the one who is left behind is conscious of a sense of loss which even the knowledge of reunion later on cannot wipe out. Children, they view it somewhat like this, they say: 'Oh, I know we shall be together again, but it will not be the same!' And by this they mean to imply that that which awaits them will be far less complete than the union during their physical lives.

"Well, dear children, with a subject like this, on which so many queries arise, it is well, I think, to give a plain and straightforward statement, so that you, and others, may readjust your minds to the truth as it is and has been from the beginning.

"True it is that there is no 'marriage' in the bright spheres, but, my little ones, there is a unity between soul and soul which far transcends anything that has ever been experienced, even under the most ideal conditions upon earth.

"Because humanity, as a whole, has been unable to get the true vision of unity of Spirit, it goes to the other extreme and rules out that 'wedlock' between individual souls, as non-existent. It is strange to us, dear children, that the word 'wedded' should represent to you only a state which is possible while the physical body remains - it is strange to us that man should be so blind and that love should have been allowed to fall so far from its high estate.

"Little children, do not misunderstand. Those laws of nature are necessary for the working out of God's plan - necessary because there are countless thousands waiting always to undergo their experience on earth. But, dear children, love is a far more subtle thing than that. The attraction between individuals on the earth plane is simply and solely the bare outline, the merest indication of the unity of Spirit in the Realms where Spirit has full scope.

"I want you to get your view point right; I want you to be able to say to those who have suffered under the conditions of marriage - I want you to tell them that there is in store for them a unity, a wedlock, in its spiritual sense, which will reveal to them God's mighty Love. And I want you to reassure those who feel that something has been taken from them which will never come back in the old sweet way again, I want you to say, with faith and with certainty, that beautiful as that love may have been - complete, in the earth sense, the sympathy of mind established - those things were but a reflection of the real. And when they come Home, they will find their loved ones waiting for them, and in that reunion - which means a unity which it is impossible to explain in words, because it is of the spirit and not of the body - joy and perfect happiness becomes their own...

"My children, here I interpose one remark, for fear I may be misunderstood: There are many marriages on earth in which the Spirit takes by far the largest part - these unions are the only ones which are of God. But within your own knowledge, there are countless numbers who have entered into this holy state with minds which are unholy indeed, with motives which are of the lowest, with that base misrepresentation of love which, in itself, is a desecration to them both. You can understand, dear children, that it is indeed a farce to say to such as these: 'Those whom God hath joined together let no man put asunder'. God was not asked - God had no place in their thoughts. But the evil, seizing the opportunity of their 'unawareness', brought into being a state of things which wounds the Tender Heart indeed.

"Children, there is not one who has suffered under these conditions - suffered through no fault of their own - who will not reap the blessing of the Father, and joy and power in the days to come. They have not failed their vows. And because another forgot, even as the words were spoken - God holds the injured pure and free. And in place of hurt and that deep anguish of the mind, gives healing, gives grace, gives that understanding which will not only help them on in their own spiritual progress but will enable them to help others - for only those who 'understand' can heal like wounds or can restore that which has been broken...

"Oh, my children, there is so much more in this statement than you can grasp just now. But I say to you that the linking up of two lives in this way should be regarded indeed as a sacrament - not in name but in essence and in the very spirit of the word. Names count for nothing; but the sacredness of these unions should never be forgotten. Children, I have told you before that those who provide the opportunity of allowing others to take on their earthly experience - that these, if they are in touch with God, are indeed not only following His Will but are lending themselves to the working out of His unlimited purpose for the raising up of mankind...

"There is one other aspect which, perhaps, it is wise to underline tonight, and that is in regard to the unity between spirit and spirit once the body is laid aside:

"Children, when you come here, you will find that there are many others who are linked to you, and to whom you are linked - by the closest ties of love imaginable. And so it is that very often, during the early stages of spiritual emancipation, there are those who work together - who are linked in this way - because at that particular stage they provide for each other the necessary help, or the one has certain qualities which the other is trying to develop.

"I don't want you to get confused. You must remember that love, as love, represents a very high state of spiritual progress. And once the body is discarded, those who wish to climb are the first to realise that, as yet, they are not ready for that perfect union - that complete unity of spirit and spirit to which I have referred. So, voluntarily, looking into the eyes of Christ, they start their preparation, and this goes on - sometimes, through many stages - and, to you, it would seem that much time elapses before the final linking up is there.

"But, as you have been taught, where love is, there are no barriers - spirit can commune with spirit, whether in the body or whether free from its restrictions; and this is worked out throughout the spheres. Yet I would have you consider that love is so of God that much preparation is necessary before you can make that most precious gift your own, in the sense that God intended.

"You see, my little ones, how perfect is the Mind of God. Nothing is withheld, but once the sight is there, you see for yourself that it is better to wait awhile so that when that which is your own is made your own, you can hold it fast and may fail it not.

"Now, my little ones, I leave you. Yes, I know you want me to stay, but there are duties on every side and these duties cannot be ignored. We are one in love, one in sympathy, in aim and in purpose, and meeting thus nothing which is not of God and Light can enter in..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, I am sure you will admit that my words when we met have been justified up to the hilt, and peace and refreshment and happiness are in our midst tonight.

"I want you, in thinking over the evening, to gather this from it: That you had it illustrated that the strain of the day and the weakness of the body - the obvious lack of physical resources - did not and do not mean, necessarily, that the good gifts of the Spirit are absent too.

"Dear children, it is difficult to sufficiently impress you with this thought; yet you know that the work of the day provides the power which gives you freedom to enter into the Bright Realms at night. Following on this, it should not be difficult for you to grasp that when there has been strain - which has come from without - that that is not allowed to interfere with the full working of the Spirit in this way. The one thing that does cripple us, is when the thoughts ally themselves to the adverse circumstances. When this is so and a definite struggle against them is not put up, at once we feel the pull, and it is not easy for us to make good that which is missing.

"I only mention this because I want you to know where our limitations and restrictions come in. When things are trying in physical life, it is not easy to keep the mind under control - the one reacts upon the other, and weariness of body plays directly into the hands of those who are out to wreck.

"It is rather a fine point but we shall get it clear in a moment. I remind you of the saying: 'It is not the fight that crowns you, but the end' - with which, of course, I differ. Because those in the Spirit have been taught to look at things in the way Christ views them - and in His sight it is the 'fight' that crowns, even if the 'end' fails to come up to that high standard which marks victory and triumph. That which the little children tried and failed to do, the Father finishes for them.

"Here you get the 'fine point', and I ask you all, when days are dark, when conditions are against you - I ask you to pray and to fight, and if you do this to the best of your ability, and still find that the sadness and the regret both come, then I can say - directed by my Master - that Christ will finish what you have begun.

"You see, my little ones, how loving is the Father, how generous, how bountiful are His good gifts? Ah, then, raise your hearts and minds to Him, and take the comfort that He offers in so lavish a way. Never let it be said that Love went lonely because the shadows grew too strong. Never let it be said that the hand of the Friend of Friends was overlooked because those who were evil in intent were holding you fast...

"Oh, my children, be free from that which seeks to hinder; harness your thoughts - those straying thoughts of the physical mind - harness them and bind them to the anchor which Christ represents. And then, though storms may be fierce, and though advantage is taken of the physical disabilities to which all are prone during the earthly stages - when enemies such as these advance, then fettered to the Rock which never gives, you can meet them with faith and with patience, with confidence and with perfect calm. For what you are unable to do yourself, that will the Father finish - and, in time to come, return it to you, complete and beautiful indeed, even as if you had accomplished it yourself.

"There is Love on every side - Love and protection too - take it and make it your own. And in taking, draw unto yourselves the joy which comes in seeking to find that which Love represents, that which we are all out to find - before which the strongest as well as the weakest know they are as little children - little children, holding on to Strength. And drawing from Strength renewed strength, the journey will be ended, not only in peace, but in that deep victory of self over self which, in God's good time, shall come to you all in an unlimited sense...

"And now I must close because my child is somewhat tired of body, although the power holds good - tired of body but... (words missed)...

"My children, I am having a little difficulty here because this is directly opposed to the physical mind of the one I am using, so in deference to her wish I will leave it. But she, and others, shall find that when the pattern is laid out, those who were tired of body very often were stronger of soul than they imagined...

"I bless you with God's most precious Love and understanding. He is gathering you into that which shall make harmony and happiness complete. Just open your hearts to Love and all will be as He intended.

"Goodnight, my children, and remember that Love unlocks all gates, not only in the physical world but in all the worlds over that little river which you had described to you just now... Love opens all gates, admitting - ushering you from one state of beauty into that which is nearer perfection still...

"Goodnight, my children - and think of me more and more, remembering my words of love tonight, and that God has not only linked us together but has sealed the links, and those links shall remain unbroken for ever and for ever... Goodnight."

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