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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 18th January, 1925

"O understanding Mind of Love, with gratitude we gather together, taking advantage once more of this blessed privilege of communing direct with Thee and those who are linked to Thee in aim and purpose... Father, we cannot put into words our gratitude for all Thy care, for Thy protection, for the power vouchsafed again and again to lift and to restore; and more than that, to send us a pace farther on so that we, Thy little children, can look back and see that what we were unable to do ourselves Thou hast done, with a patience past all imagination...

"Father and Mother God, help us we pray Thee. Grant that whate'er betide we may rest secure in the thought that faith lies between us and the enemy which would strike...

"O God, Thou knowest all things - the hardness of the road, the deceptions, the many pitfalls which, it seems to them, wait for Thy children in order to cause them to stumble, but because Thou understandest everything Thou canst protect; and tonight we affirm with love and gratitude that never hast Thou failed in time of need, and never wilt Thou fail when danger draweth nigh...

"O Saviour Christ, grant that this consciousness may so penetrate the physical mind that the powers of darkness may be thrust aside without a qualm of fear; grant that the consciousness of Thy most tender care and protection may bind us unto Thee in faith for evermore... Amen...

"...My children, tonight, perhaps, is one of those evenings when, from an outside point of view, it would seem that conditions were adverse because of undue strain upon my child. But, as you know, God is so good, and when any one of His children have suffered - because they have suffered - so He sends down power and grace in order that it may never even be thought that the Father is not mindful of both the small and the great things which concern His little ones. So, dear children, starting perhaps a little slowly, we shall work through that which is not up to standard, and the evening shall show God's blessing all round.

"Tonight there are very many things which I should like to discuss but, as usual, we are limited for time; and so in order to distract your thoughts a little, I think I will speak to you in regard to: 'Man's treatment of Animals'.

"Now, all of you, and the vast majority, are singularly compassionate towards the dumb creatures created by God. Some there are who lavish much love upon their pets, and, if not robbing another, then I say this is good in the sight of the Father. But, as you know, it could not be pleasing to that which is Love Itself to overlook human creation in favour of any other... I do not say a 'lower' creation, dear children, because in God's sight these grades do not exist. Humanity and the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms, are separate states, each demanding and receiving the necessary care of which they stand in need... And in regard to plants, later on in our studies I will try and show you how the Love of God is shown in them and how they, in turn, reflect the love of the Creator.

"Tonight, however, we are considering animals and their part in the scheme of things; and I say at once that it is not pleasing to God when excessive love is bestowed upon these, and hardness and coldness of heart is shown towards the little children who stand so sorely in need of another's care.

"My children, some there are who say they find it far easier to love a dog or a horse than one of these little ones whom Jesus blessed - for in blessing one child He blessed children as a whole - and you do not need me to put it into words in order to grasp it, in an unlimited sense.

"Then, dear children, we will turn to the other aspect, which is terrible to some to contemplate. I mean that, now and again, you hear of cases of intense cruelty to one of God's dumb and helpless creatures; and I want to give a word of warning on this subject.

"But first of all, you must remember that death, as death - by which I mean the taking of the life of any animal - is, in reality, bestowing upon it a gift of price. Now keep this point clear in your minds: I say that the surrendering of 'life' and the suffering entailed by the brutality of another is, by reason of what it cost, turned into unparalleled gain to the one concerned.

"On the other hand, I tell you - and I emphasise it with all the power at my disposal - that those who, out of carelessness or cruelty, inflict one pang of pain on another who is unable to defend itself, is piling up that which can only be worked out by much, much effort and suffering.

"And then, dear children, I pass on to another point, which, naturally, comes into the consideration of this subject - I speak of the slaying of animals for food. Well, dear children, some have debated this as it concerns the law of creation, and I want you to do your best to follow me in what I am going to say.

"These animals used for food are a provision of the Almighty for the needs of the physical body, and there is not the slightest responsibility placed upon anyone who kills an animal in as humane a manner as lies at his disposal. But, mark you, that which does not come under the heading of 'humane' is a tremendous mistake, viewed from the psychical aspect and the evolutionary processes of the soul...

"But I want you, dear children, to hark back to the remark I made - that the taking of the 'life' of another does not do anything but render a service to the creature concerned - because according to the proportion of suffering, and by the very fact that the carcass is of service to others, so that greater life which was within is helped and is added to in a way you cannot yet understand.

"Is it not feasible that God, who is mindful of every sparrow that falls, should be concerned with the suffering, the persecution, and the brutalities inflicted on those entrusted to man's care? It is a tremendous responsibility, and many there are who, on laying the physical body aside, are appalled by the spectacle which meets their gaze - that massing together of the small brutalities which, ere they can continue the upward path, have to be made as non-existent.

"And this applies, dear children, without reserve, to those who, under the name of 'sport' torture that which God has created. Yes, I know it will be said that it has been done throughout the ages, and that it is a healthy exercise, that it is the custom of the world. But the day will come when those who took their amusements in this unspiritual way - when these, with sorrow, will have to go back on their tracks and make good that which was so sadly missing.

"Selfishness, or rather, love of self, sometimes can do as much harm as deliberate, preconceived evil thinking. God is not unmindful of the hare or of the fox; each pang suffered by them is reflected in the Heart of Love, and because they are His creation never would He separate Himself from that which is His own...

"The world has to change its attitude of mind over many of the so-called customary things of everyday life. And I entreat you, dear children, when the opportunity arises, to put in a word for Christ on this tremendous subject which is so misunderstood.

"And then I must refer to another point which, in the minds of my children, has caused serious misgiving - I refer to the extermination of so-called 'pests' which if allowed to increase unchecked, would soon make life quite unbearable from a physical point of view.

"My children, a little incident in connection with this has almost passed out of your minds, but we do not forget. I speak of the little mouse and its distressing end which caused tears from at least one of my children and prayers from others. Well, dear children, I want you to know this for your comfort: That you are well within your rights - indeed you are called upon to so regulate your household, that only that which promotes health is allowed to obtain a footing. Yet I would add just this: That your tenderness over the sufferings of the helpless can be, and has been, used by the Mind of Love to mitigate that pain which follows as a natural course.

"You see, dear children, how wonderful are the spiritual laws that govern your life and mine, and nature in all its forms, and every living creature. No thought of compassion, no shrinking of the heart from the pain of another ever falls to the ground unused by the Father. So you see, dear children, that even in this way you can soften the suffering of others. There is not one of you who has not again and again thrown over some dumb creature, as it were, an anodyne which mitigated its suffering. I tell you for your great comfort that God is happy in His children when they send thoughts of healing - which means compassion - in the direction of that which is helpless to defend itself.

"I think I have made the matter clear, and I cannot tonight go into the part which animals have in the scheme of things. But you have been told that certain animals have been seen on this side, and therefore know that they have their place amongst those who are free from the body.

"Everything has its place. That is what I want to leave on your minds tonight. To you, very often, nature appears as a cruel and pitiless monster, and the suffering that goes on on either side, to you, is appalling in its many ramifications.

"But I beg you, next time when such a thought arises, to remember the words which appear in your own precious Record - that the Father is mindful of every sparrow that falls (St. Matt. 10: 29; St. Luke 12: 6).

"You cannot grasp this, and neither can I, but I see and I know that in each living thing is God - in the sense that it was created by Him - and He acknowledges His responsibility towards it.

"You have much to be thankful for, my children; and one of the things which should call forth your greatest gratitude is that sensitiveness over the pangs of others, which are so often overlooked by the many who are immersed in themselves. It is a privilege to feel for others, and even - or rather because - you suffer in so doing, so it is adding power and enlightenment to yourself, because sympathy is an attribute of God, and each one of us who can gather it unto ourselves shortens the length of the bridge between us and that which we want to be, and that which God intends us to rise to.

"Well, my children, I must not stay any longer tonight because last week, as you know, the personal messages had to be severely curtailed, and I do not like this to occur because your dear ones so look for the opportunity to speak direct. You cannot understand, my little ones, what it is to us to come in this way and to express in words the love and the understanding that we have for you all, and for humanity at large.

"And in connection with this, there is one to whom I would direct your attention. Those who are bound to you by ties of love, of relationship, and those strong cords of friendship - these pass through your minds with regularity, and they are able to take advantage of their turn when it arrives, without undue struggle to overcome the opposing forces. But there are others who, from your point of view, are strangers, both from a physical standpoint and also as far as their characteristics are concerned, for as yet they have had little opportunity to demonstrate these in person.

"There is one tonight to whom I refer directly - one, who by long years of service, of watchfulness, of unceasing prayer and unbroken patience, has linked himself to your lives and to the work for evermore. When you come here, dear children, you will be amazed to see the close and loving friendship which exists in the Spirit between you and what you would call 'total strangers'. It will be a wonderful revelation, and if a pang of compunction is felt as well, then love will soon cover that over and all will be as God intended.

"The one to whom I would direct your attention has appeared in these records under the name of 'Mr. Taylor', and by God's direction I bring in his loving personality tonight. He will come when an opportunity offers - not necessarily this evening - but send him thoughts of friendship, of gratitude, and of sympathetic understanding, for he has done much, has suffered much, has overcome much, in order to make his presence known among you. And there I leave it...

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

..."Well, my children, there is so much peace in this room tonight that could you but see things as they are, you would know that Christ is here - not only in the vibrations, with all their beauty and power, but indeed is enshrined in every heart.

"Sorrow may beat against the window-panes of the soul, but safe and secure inside, that soul can look at the tumult without and say: 'We have nothing in common!' I want you, dear children, to visualise things to yourselves in this way: To be certain and sure that you are protected, that you are guarded on every side; and though that which represents destruction and danger may be outside, yet, like a tempest that beats on the window-pane, it never reaches that which is within.

"Dorrie, I have a word for you here: I say that you are to believe that the protection is complete, that you are to believe that God understands you better than you understand yourself, and that you are centred in Divine Love for evermore.

"And now, my children, for my closing words. They must be brief because my child is almost spent, but I ask you to have them written on your heart and mind:

"That God, being your Father, wishes to show you what a Father's love is like! And those things which you have laid aside, perforce and with sorrow, yet those things, because they were parted with with as much willingness as you could find, they will represent treasure in the days to come. They have provided the weapons by which we work, for only by the negation of self - in the sense of giving up that which the physical self craves so much - only by that was it possible that this work should have spread, should have thrived and developed and produced a beauty which shall never fade...

"Yes, dear children, the little seedling that I told you about a long time ago has turned into a tree, and the tree has many branches, and those branches - in God's good time - will produce seeds and trees of their own; and what was once a barren wilderness shall no more be shown as such, but as a place where many may find shelter and rest and refreshment, because God's blessing is on those who sowed in ignorance, yet sowed in faith...

"I bless you with courage and with renewed determination, not only to demonstrate God upon earth, but to do your best to reflect the Christ within. And in saying this, dear children, I have the infinite assurance that God's strength will be forthcoming, and that you will make good in spite of backward thoughts - make good, when regret no more will have a place in your heart and mind...

"Goodnight, my little ones."

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