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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society's Hall, Bexley Heath, Kent, on Sunday, February 3rd, 1946

..."I know there are many who have questioned as to the ways of God to allow helpless children to be mown down by a pitiless enemy, but I remind you that God has given unto man free-will, and that which the Father has bestowed He takes not away.

"This stage is but a short stage. Immortality lies ahead, and those who were martyred in their helplessness and their fright, they have left upon the earth plane the sweet waters of refreshment for others, and when the record is written, and the yet unborn will read that which others did and that which they endured, it shall stir up the fire within them, strike off some of the chains which hold, and remain for evermore as a lasting ideal of how, through physical weakness, man's spiritual strength can be demonstrated by the Grace of God.

"Then we think of another aspect of survival. What of the culprits, what is the future of those who so abused their power and sinned against the law of humanity? Many upon this planet repudiate the idea of a hell; they scorn those parables of torment passed down through the generations merely because they take them in a literal sense.

"Beloved, no pen and no human mind could give a description of the dark planes built up by man's misdeeds, for man goes to his own place. But in those hells there are no helpless children, there is none who has a greater power than the other, for like attracts like, and those who are in bondage have to meet a conflict no words can express.

"Can you imagine a vast condition peopled by those who are determined to torture others? I mention this because it concerns survival, the survival of the earth life and facing the records of their physical and mental conditions, to be worked out by suffering throughout a long time to come.

"But I would not sadden you; we are missionaries, we know that not one soul will be shut out of that which you name Heaven; yet you can understand the scope of the work that lies before the children of God in the Spirit spheres, in all the spheres, for we are one family, and if one were missing God's Home would be incomplete.

"So we come to that very practical question. We will admit that all of you here may be willing to consider survival, but the point is this: in what condition do you survive? When the body is cast asunder you are not changed in character, except in the degree that you strove to overcome your weaker self.

"Then you have the joy of finding that God has given the Grace to finish what you began, for no one turns in earnest prayer to the Father for help in his hours of weakness who is ever denied the consolation of being made whole. They have touched the hem of His garment by their prayers and they need sorrow no more.

"But we come to the point which no soul can evade: how will the individual survive, in what state of mind, what kind of body will he have, what memories. Ah, here we put our finger upon an open wound with many - what kind of memories will man as a whole take with him into Spirit Life?

"Beloved, when we come back in this way it is not ours to flatter or to give that comfort which might deceive. We are charged by the Truth-bringer to give unto you spiritual facts, and at once you realise, as you think of all the evil in the world, that if those concerned could grasp the conditions of their survival, then they would hesitate and repent.

"Think of those who have ruined countless families, who have cheated the young, who are responsible for the blind, the diseased and the mentally deficient - how do such as these survive and what do they find? You can answer these questions yourselves.

"So we turn to those who are having a hard life; perchance they are tortured by the body, they have many material cares, for when health is broken so oft it means that all the other hopes are broken too, and at times it appears to others that their lives represent failure all along the line. And can you imagine what the 'failure' feels like, looking around and seeing others achieve what is impossible for him; others gaining far more than the little that would bring contentment to the tiny home; others appearing so happy because they are irresponsible, casting their burdens upon others. Can you imagine the feelings of the failure?

"But if despair has seized his mind then it is because he has not been taught aright, he has forgotten the Scriptures. There outlined is example after example of the spiritual pioneers - of the traps and tests, of the jealousies and enmities, and how the majority met a terrible death."...

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