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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle on 10th February, 1945.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership).

"SAVIOUR CHRIST, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child...

..."My children, we are gathered together once again for work, because before anyone can teach they have much to learn, and only when they have tested the teaching and have perceived that it stands the assaults of the enemies in the body and free from the body, can they place upon themselves the garments of an instructor. So if at times it seems unto you that the experiences of daily life are harsher than circumstances should dictate, remember the real self within struggling for self-expression and, as little children, hold out your hand when, although you may see it not, it shall touch the Hand of Christ, and fear shall be no more.

"But today I have been sent into your presence to speak upon: 'Man's Auric Powers and Their Responsibility'.

You have been taught in little part regarding that wonderful envelope in which the physical, as well as the spiritual self, has its life and being. You know that the health of the aura is not only important to the health of the body, but it is essential for the happiness of the Divine within. And there are many who during the earthly experience change the aura in its hues and character again and again.

"There are those dominated by the mind of the body who take a very winding path before they reach the gates of Truth, and no one can save them from that winding path; they brush aside the experience of others, they claim the liberty to carve their own way. Yet all the time, dear children, they are being led by unseen enemies who hope that by following the winding path, even as in a maze, they may never find the gates of release. But all who struggle on with an honest purpose, seeking to educate the mind of the body and to loosen its chains, find the golden gates of revelation, and what is more important, these are not closed against them.

"If as you think over your own experiences and the different kinds of religion which have appealed to the physical mind, you can sincerely say 'I desired the truth', then today you have your answer. In spite of all that might beset your path, the guidance held, the way led to the straight and narrow path, where the things that appertain to the material and the bondage side of the mental, could be cast away into the thicket on either side.

"And if you had eyes to 'see' you would perceive the changing states of the aura from the immature stage, when it is limited in colour as well as in strength, and then the gradual emerging, as it were, from its imprisonment into real beauty, at times however, to be drawn back by circumstances, by a companion, by something read, when there was a shrinking of power. And those who have been educated as to the aura may have made no comment, but they were sensitive to the change which had taken place, and sometimes, dear children, friendships are ruined by these changes.

"Human nature is inclined to be impatient; many argue: 'I have done my best for this one and that, but evidently they prefer their own way and I must let them go!' Oft this occurs because of the many other lives impinging upon the activities of the one concerned; they cannot wait for the sluggard, the hill lies before them, the cries are so urgent from those who would be guided aright that they must press on, hoping that someone else may be there to give a helping hand in time of need so that the one who has fallen back may still make some progress.

"Yes, all those who are doing the Master's work have these experiences, and they bring their heartaches and their wonderings. They forget that no thought of theirs to save, no effort put forth to readjust the unruly mind of the unwary, is ever wasted, that there are many who are obliged to learn their lessons in their own way, and no one is able to implant in their minds those rudiments of truth which would save them much pain, many cares and suffering as well. So I ask you in thinking of yourselves, and your theories in the yesterday of time, to realise that those mental changes had their purpose if they were used as stepping stones to better things, and during those stages the changes in the aura were very marked.

"Now, my children, you associate certain colours with certain attributes, but you must remember that your eyes are holden in great or little part, and colour to us means something far deeper than you can grasp until the flesh is cast asunder. When you speak of colour you are only referring to those which you recognise with the mind of the body - the blues and the golds and the faint and deeper pinks of love. Yes, and the reds which sometimes lead on to those murky colours which you associate with the passion of the body and the passion of the mind. You try to expand your understanding in this respect and this is wise, because when you are free from physical limitations you will have to learn the meaning of a thousand vibrations of light, because light, as expressed in this manner, has a language of its own; it is speaking to you - or trying to speak to you - and you will be able to respond when you have been sufficiently trained.

"For instance, if you passed out of the flesh at this same stage and you saw certain hues in the World of Spirit, your interpretation of them would be as incomplete as a child's interpretation of a picture book; you would only have objective sight, you would not understand the tremendous amount of variation in colour, and, what is so important, that each variation is speaking to you and passing on a Divine meaning. I know it is not easy for the physical mind to grasp these great truths, but it is my part to come back and do my best, using the crude words of your own language to convey something of the wide ramifications of that which you regard as the aura and the auric rays which emanate from it.

"Children, shall we take an illustration, because I find that if I use this method of teaching it is easier for you to remember? You associate the weakness of an aura and its pale colours with sickness; and it is true that where the body is affected there is a definite shrinking, to the eyes of the physical make-up, in the aura of the one concerned; but I would not have you think that it is a spiritual shrinkage. What you see is given for your guidance so that you may concentrate your powers on a certain part of the body and seek to restore the vitality, both in vibration and in colour, of the aura of the one concerned.

"But I take you a little further. For instance, you must remember that the physical does not dominate the spiritual, it is quite the reverse, and if you are not very careful over the choice of words, the one who is sick may go away feeling depleted both in spirit and in mind as well as in body, by the thought of a shrunken aura close to the organ affected.

"So I would try to open your mind to realise that in that which you might regard as 'space' - and we are thinking of the contour of an aura of an undulating kind - there is something else, which is of the Spirit, but it is too fine to be perceived by physical sight or even with that which you name clairvoyant sight.

"Oh, hearken unto me, because I want you to grow not only in grace but also in experience, when you will find that the love within your heart and mind is enhanced by knowledge, and knowledge in this case verges on the great gift of wisdom, which is part of your Divine inheritance.

"Now, my children, in that void made by the shrinking of the aura, there are forces at work which will make a showing when the body is no more. They represent - but it is not easy to describe in your language - they represent something of the inner life of the one concerned.

"It is in this wise: As you know there are those upon the earth plane who fall upon bad days, and those bad days are shown by outward and visible signs of poverty. You visit a little home and you are careful not to look at the things which are in it. They are so poor, so few, so shabby to your physical eyes, that a sense of delicacy holds you and you try to make up by your cordiality for your sense of what is missing on the material side, and it is wise to act like this.

"But what you have not perceived, perchance, is that you are not the only visitor, that there is a variety of life there, and if your mind could take in a wider area than is possible now, you would see that in place of their honourable poverty there were many treasures, and there was a beauty that could not be bought by anything upon this plane of matter; and also a radiance denoting the character of the Home to be inhabited in the by-and-by.

"This is a very rough illustration of the void or the gap or the space in the aura brought about by its shrinking through physical disability, and it is well to hold this thought in mind, for even if there is not too much patience shown by the sufferer over pain and the weariness it brings, yet it is as a cleansing fire; it may have burnt up that aspect of the aura which you witness, but what it has left in its place is, as I have said before, too much of the Spirit for you to gaze upon at this same stage.

"Then we come to the question of colour, and this is a fascinating subject to those in the body, whether they have the artistic sense released or not. You find throughout life the attraction of colour. There are colours which make you glad, colours which seem to express your feelings in a tangible form, and, as you know, primitive people place high in estimation those colours to which they vibrate, although naturally they do not understand the law which is in operation.

"Why is it that these children of Nature prefer sometimes very crude colours? It is because in their own lives there is so much which is grey. There is the greyness of the lack of appreciation by others, the greyness created by the barrier of colour, and the still greater greyness brought into being by the ignorance which holds their minds. Therefore as an antidote they seek those somewhat harsher colours and find not only some sort of satisfaction but even a healing power from them.

"It is not wise to judge, because in the degree that we do not suffer under those same disabilities, we are a bad judge. But by watching the lives of others, by treading the same path as they must tread, and undergoing the same hardships, and suffering from the same whip which Nature wields so fiercely upon the unprotected, we gain something of understanding, and then our lips are sealed.

"Those bright colours represent a contrasting ideal. Often in the clime in which they live there are violent contrasts of colour but few half-tones; therefore, there is nothing to attract the mind or to teach it as to the harmony and peace which come from those colours which have been purified from astral strains.

"And here I would bring in another point. There is colour, too, in the hells of man's own making, there are those colourful things which arouse a thrill of delight even in bonded ones; and sometimes harsh colours have their own place in the missionary work which must be undertaken to free imprisoned souls, those who know not that by their own effort they could break their prison doors, breathe the sweet air of God's own Land, and find the power which shall heal their wounds and rid the vehicle that holds the Spirit of the vile poison that has done its dreadful work.

"So you see, my children, that colour has a very important place in life and a tremendous influence. You know what you like, and you know what causes a sense of rebellion - you rebel because there is something in your auric rays which cannot mix easily with that which your eyes see, and the eyes in this sense act as custodians of the soul (Note: Symbolised in Revelations 4:6-8).

"But the real self has many eyes and many ears, and if you could analyse the aura, you would find that it represents, in symbol, a thousand eyes and a thousand ears,* nay, if the mind of the body could grasp it, I would add to that number in far greater measure. Now what is the purpose of the eyes and ears of the aura? In the first place, my children, they are sentries on outpost duty, and that which they accomplish cannot be too highly commended when they have the willing co-operation of the owner of the aura.

(Eph. 6, 12)

"Here we come to a dividing line, and it explains why it is that a vast nation who claim a culture which they think no other country possesses, why it is that such as these have descended to the very depths of infamy, as it appears to you, and rightly so, for many seem devoid of all human feeling. It is because the eyes and the ears of the aura, by the will of the one concerned, have been polluted; they are no longer the custodians of their soul, they are the treacherous enemies who steal, who surely have obtained control over the ones concerned during this stage of matter.

"Now I want you to try to visualise, terrible as it may be, the aspect of such an aura, and how void it is of strength as you regard strength, and certainly of beauty. But to us it has its strength, and although you like to associate strength with something which is good, we have also to consider the strength or the force of those enemies who have done their best to crush civilisation and all it means. Yes, when you are free from the flesh, and have been tutored and trained and tested again and again, you will have the will to gaze upon such auras, but it will take all your endurance to bear that which you witness.

"Sometimes you have been shown illustrations of dreadful diseases and you close the book, it is too awful to contemplate; and you know that such can take place only by the abuse of freewill. Well, my children, I must ask you to exercise your imagination and to believe me when I say that such illustrations are but a pale representation of the condition of the aura of those who have so defiled their own Divinity. But hideous, repulsive as these auras may be, the healers rest not, but work on, supported by their love of Christ, knowing that as they strive and sacrifice, the wounds at last will give place to health, and health will restore the eyes and the ears of the aura, when once again they can act as custodians of the life within.

"It is a vast subject and when I ask you to hold in your minds a multitude of variations of every hue, you can imagine I am merely using an illustration so that your minds may become accustomed to the wonderful 'language' which appertains in true Spirit spheres, and how the individual, after enduring much and giving of his very best, becomes able to interpret those multitudes of vibrations of light and many other things as well beyond your consciousness at this same stage.

"Thus he gains in little measure dominion over other forms of life, not domination, my children, remember this! The whole trouble with the world lies in the difference between those two words. Man was given dominion over all other forms of life by the great Creator, but it was domination that he sought and fought to make his own.

"Again and again I must return to this vast subject because everything you can learn during the physical stage will be not only an asset in the life to come but will save you much time, as you regard time, before you can take up your spiritual equipment and go forth to do and dare amongst the wayward children of God who have lost their way.

"And now I will leave you for a span. Those who come into this circle of power are messengers from other conditions; some found the light of truth by one method, some by another, many travelled a long way or were persuaded by others to carve out a path of their own; but these are the experiences of physical life, and I repeat that only in the measure that the traveller ceases to desire to find the truth is the truth withheld from him.

"There are many ways to God, many more than you can grasp, but the processes to be met with upon the journey are always the same - the cleansing by pain and disappointment, the testing of the purpose, the assailing of love to see if it is strong enough to be called 'love'; and then the greatest test of all: voices calling from the Unknown in the hope that some time, some where, the individual will have forgotten himself sufficiently not only to listen and to hear, but to respond.

(After others had spoken Zodiac returned and gave a personal message to each of the 18 sitters)

"And now, dear children, God's work this day has been done. Those who are absent in body but present in Spirit, by their sacrifice have gained that power which shall stand them in good stead. Remember ever man's auric powers, and how changes can come, and how growth or lack of growth is expressed in human life; and remember also, my children, that in your own hands it lies - yours is the choice to be all glorious to gaze upon, or to represent a withered flower upon whom the frost has fallen.

"Let it be that however great the effort in the yesterday of time, today and tomorrow there shall be enhanced determination, there shall be a further cleansing of the heart and mind, there shall be a strengthening of the purpose, for the auric rays that stream from you have an influence beyond human words to express.

"Literally as lighthouses you are there to save others from the rocks of destruction, and if your light is dim many souls may be drawn into the very vortex of danger itself! So with a glad heart, in your name I render thanks to the great Creator of all good things, and I say that not only has it been good to meet together this day, but the good shall be shown in the lives of others, for you are missionaries every one.

Zodiac closes the circle with a prayer

"We thank Thee, Father of all Life, the One Who guides and ever protects, and we ask Thee to tighten the rein so that we may not wander, but ever see the rope that shall hold us when it seems that we might fall. Oh, open our eyes so that we may catch between the hills of time the golden rays of our Eternal Home, and thus, with grateful hearts, forgetting the troubles of today, hasten on our journey home to Thee.

"We rededicate our lives to Thy most holy service. May we be true, may we be faithful until the strength comes when fear and misgiving are no more. In the name of these children I petition unto Thee, knowing that ere I asked Thou wert listening and giving once again. Amen.

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