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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at The Greater World Sanctuary on Sunday, December 22nd, 1940

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Banish thoughts of sadness, thoughts of loss, and prepare your minds for the greater peace which further understanding of the Christ can bring to you. How often do you have to be reminded that you are Spirit! You are only in the body of flesh for a while because the time comes when the physical body and the wonderings of the mind are laid aside, and you take your way in the garment of vitality.

"It seems that the earth is crushed by the clouds of war on many levels, but this is only seeming. Out of the tribulation and all that entails, there is coming an uprising of spiritual manifestation for those who do their duty to the end.

"As you evolve you will find that the simplicities of the Christ contain all the wisdom of the spheres. So let us give thanks to God for the Christ and all it means, as you ponder for a moment upon: 'The Mainspring of the Earth Life'.

"As you go back over the past it is easy for you to find the various mainsprings of the life of individuals upon the earth. You know what was once the mainspring of your own life. Maybe it was the pursuit of earthly knowledge; the acquirement of the treasures of the earth; maybe it was to become a power in the land. Or was the mainspring of your life to have friends, to give love, and in doing so to honour your Creator.

"Looking out upon the world, and tracing the history of the age, you see so plainly uncovered the kind of mainspring that has guided those in power; the kind of influence which has surrounded their lives, and the guides to which they gave the care of their souls. It is right when you think of wars and the suffering of others for out of what has taken place there comes revelation.

"The mainsprings of the life of the worldly may have brought about wreckage and suffering that no words can express. But remember the origin of man. Deep down in the heart of each one there is God. However much man may disregard the Holiness given into his care, the time comes, by the working out of retribution, when the Christ within once again is set free.

"You need patience and a great faith in God and His Divine Purpose. Life cannot be judged by material standards. Man has deceived himself or has allowed himself to be deceived by others. But now that tribulation has come, those would-be leaders of modern thought stand shamed before their neighbours; and some in the background, despised by the worldly, are shown as beacons of light. They did their part, but knowing how feeble they were, they had the common sense to put their trust in God. The mainspring of their life had to be faith and trust, for man had betrayed them and the conditions of their life mocked them. But God understood, and the Christ was there.

"Be willing to face facts. All the planning and all the scheming by the mind of man - yet where is he today? The mentalist stands as a helpless child when the storms break, when buildings fall. Many of those who despised their brothers are shown as cowards at heart. Because their confidence was in their own minds, with its many resources, the story of the Jesus left them cold, neither did they believe in the holy visitations in time of long ago. 'Figments of imagination' was how they dismissed the vision of humble men and women, who, being stripped of material things, had room for those of the Spirit, whose earthly eyes had not gazed upon the treasures of this earth, but were opened to the glories of the life beyond the darkness of this vale.

"Think about Mary the maiden, Mary the mother. From the life of this one woman surely there is a parable of all life. So young and innocent, yet she was deemed fit to carry the heaviest burden ever placed on any soul. Have you ever visualised the thoughts and the sufferings of the maiden - the scorn of others and their disbelief - and her helplessness in proving that she was pure? Have you thought of the mother finding in her own home a Child so strange; looking at the light that shone from His eyes and knowing, by a woman's intuition, that the price for such a gift must indeed be heavy in time to come?

"Think of the mother as she saw the rising wave of jealousy, which in time she knew would submerge that One so dear. Think of the mother as she stood at the foot of the Cross, and her lot when this strange Child of hers was caught up to heaven. Who shall understand the thoughts of this loving woman, tortured in the stillness of the night by loneliness and yearning? Yet, she was faithful to the end.

"There are many kinds of martyrdom, many kinds of heroes and heroines. The same sweet opportunity can come to you individually in the same degree that it came to Mary in the long ago. When you forsook the path of pleasure; when you saw the look of surprise in the eyes of your friends because you wanted to stand for the right, the Christ Spirit was working within you. Others did not believe, many argued that there must be a motive of expediency, something to be gained materially for that change of mode in your life, which you were determined to follow. So, as it were, the Christ Life was brought to birth. You had burnt your boats and there was no going back.

"But sometimes you had to face the eyes of Jesus in the form of your conscience because there were wonderings within you. Maybe you had fallen into temptation of acclaiming that you would make your full surrender for Jesus the Christ, but when you were tested - only a little test - something was missing within you; you shut your eyes to the questioning look on the face of the Christ.

"God understands, the Father does not chide you, He is infinite Patience, and He knows that as the release takes place, you will be flogged by your own thoughts. The Christ comes to comfort, the ministering angels are close around; but they are not there to dissemble truth, they are there to give you the strength to face it. The time will come when you will say you will be willing to do.

"You see this law worked out in all religious communities. For a time progress is made, for a time the precept is given forth, but the laws of God are irrevocable and the one concerned, the leader, must find the strength to approach his cross and to accept it. Here, alas, this is where human nature fails. But you are Divine, God is within you; human nature is but one phase. In time you too shall meet the tests as did the disciples of old, regarding them as stepping stones towards your soul's desire.

"Birth is only the first page in the book of life. What shall be written therein as the years go by? The message of the Christ is a direct challenge from God that you shall realise that the Divine within you is for some great and mighty purpose, not merely for the bringing about your own salvation, but so that you may learn how to seek and find those who are lost and bring them back to the stable, so that they face the agony and bring to birth that Christ Consciousness which is waiting to be born.

"The mainspring of your life: Wars have a way of changing things. Those that seemed so valuable in past years are shown today to have been of little worth. The ones who were looked up to because of their position of authority now stand revealed for good or ill. The things that man coveted to make his own and the pleasant places have been laid low. But is this loss? No, it is gain. Unconsciously within you, the Christ has been brought to birth, by service and by responding to need. Within the human heart is the brotherhood link that can never be broken, only covered over with the tangled things of the earth. Strain and sorrow and danger act as a cleansing process, and once again the link comes up bright and beautiful, blessed by God. Man's duty to man has been recognised at last.

"What is the mainspring of life? Love is expressed as fraternity. Fraternity is like a ray from the mighty heart of the compassionate Saviour who loves us so well.

"As the new times dawn, is it too much to ask of you that you will face reality? How far will the mind of the body take you? How far will the physical body take you in times such as these? The Christ within, by the pilgrim spirit released, will take you to journey's end with joy. There is no joy so deep as the peace that springs up through working in harmony with God.

"The future is charged with much but there is no fear if you who have sought to do your duty. It may seem to you that you have failed, yet still the desire to carry on is strong within you, and all is well. Send out your prayers to those who have broken faith with God, who have betrayed their brothers and sisters as well as the Divine within. No one who has vowed to the Father to do His work, and then has failed to meet his Jerusalem, can have peace within. These are the sins against the Holy Spirit which must be worked out in time to come.

"By the mercy of God, in time to come such as these will find the strength to arise - go back to Jerusalem and face the cross - when they shall find life in its true sense for evermore.

"There is much opportunity, but it depends upon the mainspring in your life. If it chances to be self-preservation, remember before it is too late that the only way to gain preservation is the way laid down by the Master who was greatly tested. If there are some who are seeking to gather together the remnants of their earthly treasures, hoping to salvage that which once meant so much, then they need to understand that the wreckage they see all around is not wreckage to you. In many cases it is clearing away the rubbish of the earth, taking the axe and cutting from the individual their lust for possessions, and it brings humanity back to the essential things of daily life.

"If your eyes are opened, instead of chaos you would find a power from which springs up the blossoms of the Spirit. Were there not rescuers, were there not many who sent their prayers over those who were so sorely afflicted? Something at last has found the strength to hold the conditions, but it could not come until earthly things had passed away.

"Be of good cheer. Tests are in store for you. Be of good cheer. It is a sign of progression; a sign that you are considered worthy to contribute your part in supplying the fount with the power that must be upon the earth to succour and restore.

"When the body is no more and you pass through the Door of Jesus the Christ into the Land where sorrow is unknown, then you will look back upon these days and you will echo, perhaps with surprise: 'No it was not loss!' The great fires of trouble swept over the earth to burn up the roots of material desire, and out of the suffering, out of the going without, out of the heroism, out of the prayers, the desert of the earth can become a green pasture where souls, once bound, may rest and gain their freedom.

"What is the blessing that you desire? To be saved from the outward effects of the wars? No. To be saved from your own weakness, to be saved from reluctance, to be saved from playing the coward's part. As you pray and as you strive, slowly the power shall be gathered around you, and in time of test, the angels shall bring you through.

"There are many who are struggling with their baser selves. As they struggle they are an example to others; they are showing what is the mainspring of their life, that there is something so glorious in selflessness, and that it is worth all that life can offer to make it their own.

"You ask for liberty, you are entitled to your liberty; you are wise to struggle for that which has so deep a spiritual significance. But remember this: The liberty of the body is as nothing in comparison with the freedom of the soul; and the time will come when you will smile at the things which held out, at that wondering mind of yours which must analyse and tear to pieces. Then the light will have shone into your very being, and by sacrifice, the door of revelation will be flung wide open, and the past with its bondage will be shattered for evermore.

"It is a joy to meet together. Those who allow the trivial things of life to stand between them and Holy Communion must regret it. The time will come when they will understand, and in their new-found wisdom shall be teachers and examples to others.

"You are blessed with mighty hope; blessed with firmer courage; blessed with the capacity to have as the mainspring of your life Christ and His Love.

"As the years roll by you will get to understand the lives of those in the past - with its pain, its persecution, and its sublime sacrifice - and then the scene will be changed. The time will come when the veil will be rent in twain and you will stand with those of old by right, for in your age you sought to follow in their footsteps - and others, faithless, can rebuild their faith and joy in turn.

"Happiness can be yours because love is being released in the hearts of many. Compassion is a sister to love. The time will come when the love will be so great that the sisters will be as one. This is the purpose of so many; this is the reason why the Lord Creator sends into physical conditions ministering angels - to teach man how to love; and when you have learnt your lessons, then indeed no more will you be outside of the Household of the King; you will be a prince or princess and many domains can be given into your care. In love there is creation, and in creating the things that are of God, there is perfect peace.

"As you take your way, open your eyes and look upon that which you see with something of spiritual vision: For the time will come when the eyes of man will be opened to the glories of God and His protection upon the earth.

"Once again the Master Christ surrounds you with His cloak of protection."

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