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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Seymour Christian Spiritualist Church, 26 Sussex Place, Bristol, on Sunday 5th November, 1939

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"We meet under the blessing of the Christ. Realise that you have been called to service and in the measure that you have answered the call the responsibility will never cease. The word 'responsibility' carries something of a grave note, but opportunity in a way beyond the earthly mind is included in responsibility. When you are free from the flesh, your heart shall rejoice, your mind shall be filled with peace because the little you have done has prepared you for the great work that lies ahead.

"Through Divine Law every one of the children of God have the same privilege of winning equal power. Irrespective of environment, of mental make-up or the opportunities of education, each one can do as well as the other. Within you all is the Divine Spark of Immortal Love. When you are free from the flesh you will see that the only power that is real power comes from the capacity to love.

"Today, with sad hearts, many are wondering as to the future. Some are caught up in the net of war, fighting for a high ideal. But there is something stronger than self that sends them forth and it is not hatred but a deep love for their brethren who have been ground beneath the heel of those possessing earthly power.

"Many in the flesh are confused in their thinking. They do not realise that warfare in a spiritual sense is progress. They also forget that the very food they eat, the freedom they possess comes to them only through the sacrifices made by others. The ones who condemn those who feel that they are fulfilling their duty by taking up arms, to be consistent in their attitude, should not take of that provided through the efforts of others. So many will not face the fact that when they pass out of the flesh they must go into the dark planes and fight and struggle for bonded men. They will require all their courage then.

"Earthly warfare is terrible to you and against the Will of God. It comes about through the abuse of freewill of His children. But however terrible the warfare may be on the physical plane, it is nothing in comparison to that which must be faced by every individual who is a missionary at heart. In the sleep state there are many who go into those conditions where man is held captive by his past. They need all their courage, all their faith and all their resources to do God's work and not to quail.

"Think of the Immortal Fires of Love: what love has the power to build; what love has the power to destroy. Think of life as it is presented to you concerning yourselves and as relating to others. Children of the Light, in the days of old when the Master trod the earth what were His tools? Immortal Love. What was He enabled to do? He was able in part to scorch out perilous evil in order to allow the good to creep in. He searched the hearts and minds of men and He found the few, the faithful few who were willing to suffer. Today you owe your freedom, your liberty of thought and the spiritual consciousness you possess to them.

"As man looks back over the past he sees the accumulation of all things that are against the Will of God. Yet he also finds that which brings hope, a direct message from the World of the Spirit to those prepared to stand and fight disease, impurity and to fight against the selfishness of those who are out to wreck.

"Ponder upon these things and allow your imagination to roam far and wide to those lands where the children of the earth seem at the mercy of Nature in her cruel moods. There are many who have not received the ameliorations that have come to you. They are swept by diseases and are prey to those things that are not experienced by you. Yet there have been those, inspired by the spirit of service who have gone forth to fight the uncountable dangers and their part for the love of God. Continents have been opened up and something of comfort and understanding has been brought to those sufferers far away.

"That may be a simple illustration so raise your consciousness, realise and accept that which lies within your power now. You are the children of the King of Kings and the inheritors of immortal life. Within you is the fire of love. In that power of love is all that you need for your missionary work here and now and in the realms to come.

"Think of it! If love were the motive force, the whole problem of economics would be solved. All the struggles between nations would wither and die away. It is fear that permeates the earth conditions, fear of injury, fear of loss, fear that another may have an advantage that does not come to the one concerned, fear that another may have more love and fear that another may be able to call out the plaudits of the crowd. In fear there is death; death of noble ambition, death of the desire to serve and the death of that which the Christ came to bring to life.

"Think about those beautiful words: 'Perfect Love Casts Out Fear.' As you ponder over that measure of love that is possible while the physical body holds, know that there lies before you a wide area of effort and inspiration that shall never fail. Perfect Love! If there was perfect love upon the earth then disembodied souls with a higher intelligence won by suffering over the past could pour through the vehicle of the physical mind such a mighty illumination that the problems that beset and face man would be no more. Mistakes would not be made. Wrong judgement would be impossible. The knots in the rope of life could be loosened and the hearts of humanity would rejoice.

"Love is given to man to so many purposes beyond his comprehension. But even so, you know what love can do. It can burn up the dross and when the weeds of the heart and mind are withered then the sweet blossoms of the spirit can find strength to come forth.

"There are geniuses in every land but will the world be better for such as these passing through the conditions? There are many imbued with great qualities or gifts who have done a lasting harm to those on earth. In the training of the mind of the young, fetters have been laid upon many a striving soul by the abuse of genius. You are reminded that you are all mediums. It is of the utmost importance to you and to God, those you allow to employ your mind and to guide your thoughts.

"For those who suffer mentally or physically, for those who have been stricken in life and those who know the bitterness of a faithless friend, there is a message of hope. Be of good cheer. The time is coming, if you arise after that which has struck you, you shall find that your faith has made you whole. You have won something that no one shall take from you; a fragment of the immortal fire of love has been released within. So you shall be numbered not amongst the earthly geniuses, but amongst those who can be messengers used by God.

"What is it that has darkened the horizon of your earthly life? Let there be no skeletons in the cupboard. Face the Truth. Love has the power to cast out fear. Once fear is absent then there is no wound that the balm of Jesus the Christ cannot heal. You are reminded of your high destiny and the capacity that comes to everyone. Whatever your lot, whatever your equipment, you have the power to love. Many of those, not burdened by the teasing thoughts of the clever mind are able to love in greater measure than such as these. In time to come, if they persevere they shall find themselves as men and women of authority. There shall be those who come at their call and go at their command. This is not earthly leadership, but won by a sacrificial life, the power that can control others, the power that can set the prisoner free.

"Today there is a growing tendency to be afraid of love because others have the power to strike at the tender feeling that wells up within. In the degree that you hold back love, you are stealing from your neighbour. For love is the law of life. Do not be concerned when others spurn you. Remember your holy companions of the many unseen who are pouring out their love on you. How often do you spurn their pure and untainted gift? If anyone believes they are alone it is by their own will. It is against the law of God. The great hosts of the unseen keep step with the humble-hearted, sharing domestic work and trying to lift the burden of anxiety.

"It is so obvious that man has obscured his own vision by earthly reasoning. There is a greater genius within the human heart and mind than man has ever grasped. It is the genius associated with his Divinity, and in that spark of God possessed by all lies all-knowledge, all-power and all-understanding.

"God does not interfere with freewill. You must break your own chains and cut the cord that binds you to material things. As you strive, as you pray and hope for your release, ministering angels work with you and it shall be accomplished for the Christ has promised.

"Though the pains of the body may be severe, though the diseases of the body may bring fear to those who watch, sometimes these very afflictions are used by the Father to build up a spirit body charged with power. There is not one pain you endure now that is not contributing to that finer body of light in which one day you will take your joyful way.

"Think then of your circumstances and of the circumstances of those around you and remember the law. God is a God of health, of strength and beauty. Past generations have broken the law and in the today and tomorrow of time the marks will be shown. But because the innocent have suffered for the guilty, so comes to the innocent - through that which they have endured - a mighty grace for the life to come.

"You are meant to heal the physical body by the immortal fires of love. In God's sight the blessing is doubled when the healer remembers to cleanse the soul body at the same time, and to revive the aura through which the Divine Power has to penetrate to the physical tabernacle, and to see that the house not only without but within is made clean.

"Everyone can send out the immortal fires of love so that what cannot be done on the tabernacle of flesh is being worked in on the next body that the individual must wear. There is no one with sympathy, no one with compassion, who has not the power to exercise the fires of love, which only have the powers to heal, scorching out in time the physical infirmities also. But never forget that many who suffer are paying the price alone for the misdeeds of their forefathers.

"Surely you can thank God for the great fires of healing that are released through the children of the earth. As you think of war, of turmoil in commercial life and of disharmony in the homes, light streams in upon you. There is something stronger than evil and that is good. God shall triumph. If those who sin against the law of brotherhood bring retribution upon themselves, then even that expresses love. It clears the path for them so that when the transition comes those rocks are absent, and they can go on, climbing the steep hill with nothing to block their path.

"When you allow the shadow of depression to take hold of your thoughts it is because you have forgotten your holy origin. Man today is deceived by the mind and hypnotised by that which man has created and invented. However released the physical mind may be, its capacity for knowledge seems to those in the spirit world as the dust the wind sweeps on in an autumn day.

"In this message there is deep, deep hope. You long to do, you desire to create but the restrictions are many and the capacity seems to be missing. One day, in a happier land, having won your freedom, you shall find that by the holding condition of the earth life you have purchased freedom, freedom to do and freedom to bring into being. Always remember that you are children of the Lord Creator. Within you is the same creative power, but in miniature, as is in the Lord of life and being.

"The short way into revelation is by love. The only way to stem the sorrow and pain, the hatred and the fear, is by the wider distribution of loving thoughts. Have the faith to believe that love is not only immortal but has a two-fold power. These are to destroy that which is against the Will of God, and to bring fuller life to those faculties - those finer qualities - that are housed within the Divinity given to each one by our Father God. The soul body is of infinitely greater importance than the physical casket that will be cast away and forgotten for evermore.

"The teaching of the Christ is plain. His words are simple and how beautifully He illustrated the immortal power of love during His earthly existence. Never forget, that in time and turn, you are called upon to be as the Christ. The release of Divine qualities can be absolutely separated from mental ability. This is God's wonderful law of love. Each one is equal in His sight and each one has the same inclusive gifts. It is for you to struggle and strive to take those things that have burdened you and cast out fear. As you grasp them the consciousness shall come that all the time they were mighty gifts. They provided the essential equipment that you must have and which can only be bought by the individual concerned. This is the equipment to allow you to demonstrate your Divinity in the life to come.

"The Power of the Christ is always with you. Some can be quickened into a glorious spiritual light and the light is needed to guide the straying souls out of the darkness into the safety of God's Eternal Fold. Continue to pray. Beware of the physical mind and its thoughts of doubt that would persuade you that earthly reasoning is more pertinent and more potent than the spiritual consciousness struggling for release within. Always be on your guard. Know that God shall be manifested and that God will show His Hand. In the dark days those with the pioneering spirit shall arise, scattering the limitations of the flesh and many shall bless their name.

"The faithful who have prayed - and who seek to relieve the suffering even though at times they seem to be deserted by God and man - shall be numbered among the strong souls who have willingly in spirit taken on this great burden so that the God imprisoned within them shall be released.

"Those who spurn the thought of a life to come, shall, in time, go down on their knees at the foot of the Cross, and confess their limitations, and make their vows anew.

"Blessed are the workers with simple hearts for they have taken the road of duty and allow no thought of this world to stem their efforts. Be of good cheer. There are tests ahead because for every pioneer there must be tests ahead. Use them as stepping-stones into higher and better things. Though the heart may ache, though there may be those that deride, God shall be justified. Faith shall rise triumphant and the world will be sweetened and cleansed because of you.

"Give out more and more love. Remembering that the time is coming when you will be living in a world where only love can be found. Then those who are not attuned to love cannot enter. Those who have sought to express their love in service shall find the doors wide open and revelation after revelation shall be theirs in God's inclusive way.

"Peace be with you all - the peace that comes from the Immortal Fires of Love."

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