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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 8th November, 1926.

"Most loving Father, we ask Thee to lead us into the Light of understanding, not only ourselves but each other, that Light which once we have made our own will show us where we stand, who we are and to whom we belong...

"O Christ, teach us by Thy example, by Thy tender instruction, by Thy wonderful care, how great a thing and how glorious it is to live the Christ-life; how many are the channels, how wide is the area and how magnificent the climb. Grant that the consciousness of weariness, and the sense of imprisonment may pass away, and that Thy children, though cabined in the flesh, may function in Spirit conditions, where liberty abounds, where there are no boundaries and where Love envelopes all...

"O Christ our Saviour, Beloved of our hearts, open the gates of our affection and allow that Divine gift of love, which Thou hast bestowed, to emerge forth and to cast its beauty, its brightness and its sweetness on others...

"We ask this in faith, certain that Thou wilt answer in Thine own good time, and that we, through love, shall contact more closely with Thee our Father and Mother God... Amen...

"My children, tonight, although there may be dreariness without, in this little room there is radiance, and that radiance is as beautiful as only 'service' can make beautiful the conditions in which you live. Remember this, and again I say remember. All those many qualities which you associate with the Christ-life, lack the final touch, they lack that spirituality, that glory which is of God, if those qualities, those gifts, are not translated into action...

"Yes, it is as the rising sun. Some mornings the clouds o'ercast the sky, and the beautiful rays which herald a new day are missing, and those who watch are conscious of a sense of chill. Yet, the sun has risen, but lo, that which represents density and covering lies between the children of the earth and the beauty they would witness.

"This is a brief illustration of how it appears when the finer qualities of heart and mind are, as it were, confined to thought, when they find no expression in definite constructive work for God. The sun has risen but the clouds of misunderstanding are there as well, and so many go without, because the individual concerned has not learnt the true meaning of that word 'fellowship', has not comprehended that the only way to honour God is to serve and minister to His children...

"My little ones, tonight I am going to underline once more how much you mean to me, how you fill my heart and mind, how I thank God, as you would say, even minute by minute, for His goodness and His graciousness in entrusting you in my care. 'Yes', your heart answers, 'but how we must have made you suffer'. Well, dear children, if I said this was not so you could scarce believe me, and indeed I should be departing from that accuracy which I strive ever to attain. Yet, am I not as a mother and a father to you all, in the Christ sense of the word? And would a mother and a father wish to be separated from the child of his heart because that child was beset by illness, because that child had faltered over the lessons it had to learn? No, ten thousand times no. The true parent is drawn to her child during the time of strain, during the time of discipline, and though perhaps that child may present some coldness by reason of the distress which assails it, the parent draws but closer still, realising that the need is great...

"This explains my position towards my children. If your lives were as a fair summer day, how little would you need the comfort of my presence? If the path in front had been smoothed for you, would you want my strong arm to help you on your way? How foolish it seems, how unreasonable it sounds, that love could shrink from sharing the trials and the troubles and the misunderstandings of the ones so prized, so precious; who are, as I have said before, even as the nerves of my heart...

"So, my little ones, not chiding you because you wish for many expressions of love from me - those expressions which reassure your aching hearts - not chiding you for this, I say that without that wish indeed sorrow of a very different kind would fill my being. All that I ask from my children, my sacred charges, is this: Love and confidence. All I ask, and yet when this is bestowed the individual has treasures far beyond what the earth can give, far beyond the value of anything the physical world may contain.

"So, my children, it being the will of the One who loves you best, even our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I would speak to you tonight on that which I would name: 'Love in Action'.

"Yet, I must send you back over the years that we have been linked together, and remind you that each word which has come through in this way has been a definite expression of Love in action.

"But because your thoughts are tending towards the Day of Remembrance, so for the comfort of the many who read these records I would show them tonight in part - ah, it can be only in part - how that which they call tragedy and horror has been turned by God into a mighty gain; how on the wreckage of hope, how on the agony of heart and mind, something beautiful, something glorious has risen, and today is growing in strength and purpose...

"Children, right back over the ages, there have been wars and strifes and disagreements; yet, you cannot say - knowing that Christ taught love between brother and brother - you cannot say that God is concerned in those battles apart from the fact that, as the Redeemer, He seeks to readjust, to retrieve and to restore that which the adverse forces - in this little world and beyond - have so recklessly destroyed.

"My children, could you look beneath the surface, you would see that 'war' is the accumulation of many influences, of numerous unseen enemies, of a gigantic struggle absolutely beyond the grasp of your physical minds. The actual strife which follows is, as it were, a materialisation of all that which has been gathered together before.

"You see, dear children, that the enemies of the Light, they work in a way which, as yet, is not understood by the mind of man. As it were, it is as the swamp or the pool, which, though presenting no obvious danger to the unskilled, is charged with an infection which can wipe out an army before anyone is aware where the danger lies. As time has gone on, so those who have penetrated into knowledge have discovered many of these unseen enemies of the physical body, and have sought to protect those who are forced to live and to work in districts where the danger abounds.

"In time to come, those who have penetrated into wisdom through the revelation of the Holy Spirit, will be able to warn others as to the many unseen enemies which are for ever striving to create revolt, to promote discord, and finally, to bring about that havoc and waste of physical life and energy which has been demonstrated throughout the years which have passed.

"You see, dear children, from the outside it seems that one country committed an act of treachery, that another forgot its just debts and obligations, that another was consumed by the desire to possess that which belonged to a nation other than their own, and that still another, obsessed by that craving for power, sought to gather in the weak and to make them as in bondage to themselves. That is the outward, and those who have recognised God in their lives are shocked and pained by the lack of honour, by the absence of loyalty to those principles which should be shown by all.

"But, my little ones, I must take you far, far away from those concrete incidents which have been presented to mankind. Over the ages, so the destroyers, little by little, have implanted in the mind of this one and that those thoughts, those desires, which are the second best; and as time has gone on, so, as a consequence, still under adverse influences, countless numbers have laid aside that which holds the tenets of humanity in it. They have sold their spiritual birthright for a mess of pottage, and they are determined to have that mess of pottage whatever the cost may be.

"This has happened not only with individuals, not only with countries, but alas, it has taken place over large areas of the world; and the time comes when the destructive forces have gained such strength that, as it were, the volcano breaks open and the lava of hatred spreads over what was once the sweet countryside.

"That is war - war on a scale impossible for you to comprehend, for the hidden battles, the hidden temptations, the hidden suggestions, are beyond understanding while bound in a body of flesh.

"Yet, dear children, think not to yourselves, that all this goes on unchecked; that God allows the evil to triumph over the good, that those who are so strong in hate have conquered love. Never can that be said, for in war even more than in peace, expressions of individual love, of heroism and of sacrifice, cast gleams of sunshine over the wreckage, over the waste, over the desolation which has been wrought.

"And that is not all: Your Father and Mother God has sent His legions, His armies of helpers and constructors to retrieve, in the measure that is possible, that which has been destroyed. Yet, free-will cannot be interfered with, and man's free-will has decided that brother fight against brother, and that nations shall engage in struggles which entail the bartering of the best, the sweetest of their race. Yet, out of the havoc itself so Love builds another city, less of the earth, more of the Spirit, beautiful and charged with power.

"This, dear children, is Love in action - the Love of the Creator, of the Great Parent who not only looks in anguish upon the sufferings of His little ones, but because they suffer, lo, He has gathered for them that which otherwise would be missing, that which makes all the difference when the body is no more.

"Yet, in saying this, it lifts not the responsibility from those who were the culprits, and the culprits who are hidden from your physical sight. These, whoever they are, whether in the body or out of the body, these must one day retrace their steps, and inspire others with peace and love instead of hatred and the desire to destroy...

"Oh, let your faith flow out like a mighty river, for you shall find, as you progress, what the Love of God can create out of the folly, out of the wilfulness, out of the selfishness of man. Cannot you see, dear children, that those who have sustained loss, who have had their loved ones - so they think - torn from them, that such as these need instruction as to the way in which Love has been working in their lives?

"Horrible, hideous war - oh, the anguish which has assailed the individual; oh, the many wakeful nights when the true self has sought an answer to the question: 'Will the one I love come home again?'...

"These things are written in the Book of Life, and underneath that which represents pain of the heart and mind, so also are the promises of God - His Love in action, His redeeming Hand at work, in order that each one may read for themselves, not the sad story of the past, but the glorious truth of the present and the years to come.

"My children, when that which you name the Day of Remembrance takes place, think you to yourselves in this wise: That God, being our Father and Mother, has in the time of humanity's need not only drawn close, but has taken from the wilful desires of some of His children that material which has built up those possessions of the Spirit which shall remain for ever; which shall be used by the individual and shall grow in strength, in beauty, and utility, as the days go on...

"Children, in the lives of each one of you, there has been this and that lack; there have been those incidents which are hard to forget, there have been deep upheavals in many forms; and some have questioned whether the future can wipe out the past, whether the Love of God will be made manifest during the years on earth which remain.

"Well, children - and I speak to a vast number hidden from your sight - God is so much more wonderful than you can understand. Cannot you grasp that the wars and the strife, the temptations and the blows of others, which have taken place in your life, that these only on the outside are as they appear to you, whose vision has been blinded by the clouds of sorrow which have enveloped you over the past?

"You have been told that the journey of experience was not meant by God to hold the enmity of others, that it was not the Father's intention that His children should injure each other; but indeed should stand side by side, as good students, and learn their lessons together, passing on out of knowledge into wisdom, out of wisdom into revelation, when the past and the present is made so clear...

"To all those who have suffered, to all those who have questioned within themselves: 'What have I done that I should bring so much evil upon me?' - to such as these I speak, instructed by the Beloved of us all: I tell them to penetrate beneath the surface, when they will see love in action - the Love of God which has transformed sorrow into joy, tears into laughter, and the pains of the physical body into strength for the soul within.

"Yet, my children, pause not there. In the hearts of the majority there is this great yearning, aye, and this great lack: Those among whom they mingle, they give friendship of a kind, an affection which is mild in character - but there are few, very few, who have found that love which can bring comfort and solace and healing after the morning of trial.

"You see, my little ones, what is so sadly absent amongst humanity, in the main, is that same love in action. There is that which the world names 'love', which takes more than it gives; there is that form of 'friendship' which wants the object of the affection at the time most suitable to themselves, but friendship in its true meaning - that kinship of thought, that mutual understanding, that close sympathetic love - ah, it comes but to the few. The majority know not how to purchase it, and if another made them the free gift, regardless of its worth, they would allow it to slip through their fingers in their efforts to grasp the more tangible things of the world...

"When you are free, you will look back over the lives of those you knew upon earth, and you will see that there was one room in their mind which was fast closed, which was unused, which held nothing within its space. Love, in the spiritual sense, was absent; and the key - which is understanding - had not been lost but had never been found. To those many who have lived upon this little earth and passed hence, conscious of that lack in their lives, to them I speak and I say: You can open the door, but only by seeking to force an entrance into the heart of another.

"God's Love is around everyone in unlimited measure, but unless there is love within, so the story of that love remains a story, and the reality is missed. Yet, that is not God's will. It is His will that love should be taken and love should be given. It is His will that His children should bestow lavishly on others that which He has bestowed so lavishly upon them.

"But, my little ones, this is difficult as I can see. So difficult it seems to you that you cry out: 'Where shall I begin? How can I force open that which in self-protection I have closed to the world?'

"Children, Love is a persistent Stranger, and even though the sorrows of life, as it were, have pulled down the blind and shut the sunshine out, lo, the Stranger knocks and knocks again. When it is Love, there is no forbidding its entry, and the closed room does not deceive the one who has the discernment which is of God.

"You, in your separate spheres of work and of environment, you, dear children, have to open your hearts and minds to take in the Love of Christ in a definite, personal, individual way; and once the consciousness of His Love has penetrated into your being, as a natural result, that which represents yourself will be thrown open, and all and sundry will share in the gladness which is your own...

"Yet, I come back to Love in action as it concerns the life of the majority. I say to them: Remember that God's Love is unchanging and unchangeable; recollect that though the Divine seems far from you, yet not only is He ministering to you, but He has those you love under His care, under His guidance; and through the channel of Christ - the one and only intermediary - you can commune with those you love and thought you had lost awhile.

"Oh, remember this: That Christ is the Door, and that Door is only shut by the physical will of mankind. 'Knock and it shall be opened unto you', and once that Door - which is approached by faith - has been unlatched, those in the physical world and their loved ones just across the threshold in conditions of Spirit, so these, through Christ, can commune, can exchange confidences, can reassure each other, and demonstrate to the world at large Love in action - the Love of God which has provided the way, the Love of God which has furnished the link, the Love of God which has made separation or division impossible where love abounds...

"My children, though it is hidden from your physical sight, if you could see things as they are, you would find that you are, as it were, entwined in a beautiful web of Spirit power; and by means of that web, with its multitude of channels, so your thoughts and aspirations find an outlet in spaces and conditions far beyond your ken; and, again, through those same channels can come to you succour - reviving, inspiring - that which others farther along the journey of experience delight to send back to you.

"Love in action - what a world of exploration lies within those words: No pang of sorrow, which, by the law of the Spirit, is not translated into gain; no grey day, no sense of weariness, no thought of compassion for another, which - because God is a God of Love - is not used by Him to build up for the individual and many others just that which is necessary to forward the plan, just that which is necessary for the working out of the Divine purpose.

"So, my little ones, in viewing your lives, think to yourselves like this: 'Around me and around all, there has been built up that Spirit machinery, which, as it were, is casting aside the useless, the trivial, and is preserving the good, the strong and the pure; and because God is a God of Love, I will open my heart to Love and I will pass on the good tidings to others, so that they may be distracted from their anxieties, so that the consciousness may be born within that God is not only stronger than the destroyers, but that out of the very acts and desires of the destroyers, He is building that which in time to come will represent their heart's desire...

"That is Love in action, and though wars may come and though they may be great or small, national or individual, out of the wreckage so the gems have been gathered; and so the sufferers are the gainers, so the victims are the victors, and so the broken-hearted are the ones who, when sight is their own, will sing the gladdest songs in praise of God; for Love in action has been demonstrated before their eyes.

"And now, my children, I will leave you for a little while. This is but one more fragment of that wonderful unending subject of: 'Love in Action'. And, again and again, as we go on - ah, it must be so - evening by evening, I shall show you still further aspects of God's Love in action, and how, in miniature, those who love Him can reflect to others that which the Father has in perfection. How you and I, dear children, every hour of our existence, can not only take of Love but, by our thoughts, can create power which will circulate our love into such activity that not only will the happiness be within but its glory will be over others; and in giving happiness to those others, so we shall enhance our own, filling the once vacant room in our minds so that the void may be furnished for ever...

"In creating that consciousness of the Love of God which finds expression in love, child for child, upon earth, so in the creation of that greater realisation, we ourselves shall find the Beloved of our hearts closer to us, more tangible, more part of ourselves; for through Love we learn and we teach, and again through Love we teach and learn that which comes under the higher ranges of wisdom, that which leads on to the revelation which has no end.

"And now, my children, I will leave you. God's will must be worked out tonight for your own sakes and for the sake of many whom you know not, and because the desire is within to serve, so the protection will be complete. And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"Well, my children, there are many who would send a message of love to you and to their own, but I cannot allow more tonight because I would not have my children over-strained when they are so anxious to do their part. But tonight, dear children, you can be certain that love has been active on all sides, and before we part I want to bring in, once again, that wonderful Truth which is new and yet is as old as creation itself: The power of Love.

"My children, in your daily life, there are those perchance who think on different lines from yourselves, yet both worship the same God, both wish to follow Christ. How can the gap between such as these be bridged? The waters of disagreement and sometimes of opposition, they flow between; on one bank stands a servant of the Beloved, and on the other an equally devoted worker for the Master...

"Children, so plain it is, so often underlined in the Holy Scriptures. Set to work and build each in the same degree, each with the same diligence, each with the same enthusiasm - build the bridge of Love; and if you do your part, so the connection shall be made by God, never to be broken, never to be weakened by doubt or misgiving.

"But the effort must be made by His children upon earth. And if it seems to some - and if it seems to you - that your part has been done but that the will to bridge that void is absent in the other, then, my children, and I speak to all, I say: Still do your part. Let the planks of the bridge of Love be fastened securely, and the time shall come when that which was missing from the other side shall be made good, not perhaps by the individual concerned - who is bound by the world's point of view and has forgotten Christ's injunction to love his neighbour - but that bridge shall be completed by those in the Spirit who love you, and who understand you through and through. And once you clasp their hand, those others and their reluctance shall be forgotten, for you will be conscious that a greater love was given instead.

"And now, my children, I bless you with confidence, and I ask you to be guided every step by the spirit within, to walk warily and yet securely, to allow not the physical mind to betray or to deceive you, but to take each event as God-meant; and if a little sorrow comes here and there, to be certain that God's Love is acting, and is turning that which seems as loss into a precious gain...

"God bless you with confidence and with happy hearts. Goodnight, my children. Hold fast to the Love which has been built up in this little room, hold fast to Love."

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