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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes

"...We pass along the earth way. The child in its early years seeks for this and longs for that - the bright toys which attract the eye, that which satisfies the hunger of the body; and those who are older in experience they give to the child that which gives content. But the child must grow up; the trivial things must be put away; the first lessons bring their tears but, in time, they are learned. Self-discipline in its many forms does its work for God; and lo, the man and the woman, according to the release within, take the hard road, the Christ road, the road of denying the body, the road which means the curbing of the desire to rest, to have the many comforts of life, the blossoms of the earth.

"The man and the woman who bear the sign of the cross upon their brow, they ask not ease, they ask not to keep aught except that which means healing and nourishment for others; and as they go on, helping one and taking help from another in times of difficulty or doubt, so little ones, could you see, all around them built up in their vibrations are beauties and treasures, glories inconceivable to the physical mind. They surrender the lesser to take the greater; the powers of the physical body are exchanged for the gifts of the Spirit, and the love which is human - oh, so human - slowly but surely merges into the past, and in the present and in the future, exquisite in its fineness, in its holiness and its purity, is love in the God-sense, charged with the life that can never die, something which must grow more beautiful, more powerful as time goes on, something which emerges out of a reflection of the God-love into resemblance of the love of God itself.

"But, again, I take you back. These things so delight the heart and mind; we long to arise, we long to scale the heights - but are we willing to endure the weariness of the journey? Some, little ones, have endured much for Christ's sake; some, little ones, are prepared to endure much more for the sake of the God within. But I tell you that if there are others who hesitate at this same point, if there are those who think they can do God's work and still hold that which delights the mind of the body, then to such as these I say: 'Take care, beware; the enemy is around and it will strike!' The tools of the Most High, the instruments of the Master, they take the humble way, they hold not to themselves aught beyond necessities for the body. And in the measure that the children of the Most High hold the lesser, so the greater must evade their grasp; for this is the law of God.

"Oh, I entreat you to go back over the history of the past, to the prophets, the teachers, the saints and the martyrs. Is it not plain? The children of the earth limit their powers by their desire for the things of the world which must pass away; the children of the earth are hindering their spiritual progress and the progress of humanity as well - for each one is linked to all - by that which they are unwilling to give up. My little ones, let the destroyer pass you by; let those of the world who seek to hold the world and grasp the gifts of God, let them commune within, for I say that in this day or in another the truth must be faced; and in that day of self-revelation and self-realisation anguish must be theirs. They comforted the body of the flesh and they consulted the body of the mind; thus comfort for the Spirit has escaped them and the content of the creative mind, with all its mighty powers, is absent and the powers themselves are quenched.

"So I bring you back to my subject - Love, Human and Divine - and I say to you that I am not calling you to that which you cannot reach, but I am calling you to that which is already within. Open the door - the door of the lesser self - and let the Christ shed on those around the radiance of the love which is love and which can never pass away!

"Little ones, as I speak, I am held by much, for I feel that some comprehend in part, and others scarce comprehend at all. But I say that you shall learn and you shall be free; but the only way is the way of effort, the way of self-denial, the way of putting aside everything upon the earth plane that holds and hinders.

"We are out on a great, grand work for God; the power has been given - it has been won by suffering and it shall be retained by the willingness to endure; and your part is to give strength and encouragement to those who are called to grapple with the problems of their time, your part is to urge on and on and on, to keep the eyes of the pioneer upon the star which is the coming of the Christ within and without humanity as a whole, the coming of the Christ! And in the measure that lesser love holds you - and I speak to many, I speak to the crowd that have gathered in, I speak to all the children that shall read my words - in the measure that the lesser love holds them and they say unto themselves: 'This I will do, not that' - and in the measure that they say to those who would rise to the highest: 'Consider well, pause, you know not what the future has in store' - in that measure, my little ones, such as these are traitors to their trust."

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