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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday 9th March, 1924

"Father of love and tenderness, we draw near to Thee once more seeking Thy blessing, asking that Thy healing may descend upon us, and leaving all in Thy Hands - knowing that Thy great and understanding Mind will find no difficulty in separating Thy children from the things that grieve and fret and retard; knowing that by Thy power, all can be made complete and that the evil may be cast aside and its destructive forces rendered of no account.

"O Saviour Christ, guide us, teach us, enlighten us as to Thy Way - the Way which is of Light only, the Way which scatters darkness for ever more. O give us this power of understanding, of grasping something of what it means, and of sending our minds into the future when all will be made plain and clear.

"The eyes of the spirit have looked upon the wonderful things which Thou hast prepared, and have found them of value indeed. The physical mind, with its limitations, halts by the way and demands its freedom again and again. But Thou, O God, knowest that the freedom asked for is captivity itself, and that the only freedom that is worthy of the name is to go on and conquer, and from the steps so mounted to look down upon the chains of self and see them broken in pieces in the valley beneath.

"O God, accept our contrite hearts, and cleanse us from all that would keep us from Thee. Give us the peace which comes only from Thee, and the reassurance of Thy love and tender care. Hold us, Father, hold us close, so that nothing can come in between...

"It is accomplished and Thy Spirit is upon us, strengthening, cheering, renewing, and all therefore is made one with Thee...

"...My children, once more we meet together in this way, and if tonight there is a lurking sadness in the air, then I would have you know at once that even as the body can be triumphed over, so these enemies which attack the physical mind so ruthlessly, they too can be grappled with and despatched beyond the borders of this circle.

"So tonight, my children, I tell you to raise your minds from the thoughts which seek to grieve, and to try, during these sacred hours of communion, to get a little closer into touch with joy.

"From an outside point of view it seems almost like folly to suggest such a course, but you can do it, and there are many here this evening who are most anxious to link you with that bright and glorious thing called joy.

"Joy to you and joy to us perhaps differs a little. Unconsciously, upon the earth plane, joy is associated with material possessions and the company of kindred minds; in fact, it can be expressed in the term which is so common today - that of: 'Having a good time'.

"But, my children, I think you will find that it is a very inadequate expression of a great and wonderful gift. Certainly, to us, joy includes the companionship of kindred souls. But I am afraid if we were offered that which represents so much to you, we should regard it in the nature of a white elephant only - something cumbersome and in the way, something that you want to lose at the first opportunity.

"When you see with the eyes of the spirit, those things to which I have referred, seem painfully crude and ugly and uninteresting. You see, my children, over here the gifts which are in our possession - and the gifts which are also in your possession during the sleep state - these are so magical, so superlatively refined - if I may use such a phrase - that in investigating their intricate wonders, the mind is held and fascinated, but yet is incapable of grasping one tithe of what they represent.

"It is all 'Greek' to you, as the saying goes, and it is hardly kind of me to tell you of these gifts when, at the moment, even those crude possessions - of which I spoke rather critically, perhaps - when even those things are outside your range; or so you think.

"I quite understand that it does hurt rather a lot to have described to you beauties and joys and the unfoldment of mysteries which are denied to your longing hearts and minds. Don't think that I overlook this - never, never! It is only, my children, that I am so anxious to bring you on, right over that dark shadow which is thrown across the sunlight on your path. I use this simile because indeed it is not more tangible than a shade cast across a sunny lane. But I am so anxious to spur you on - spur you on so that you may look back and see all that represents sadness and grief far, far behind, and the open plain stretching out before you, and the Light in front calling you on and ever on, until you are merged into the brightness which is of God.

"Tonight then, my children, I will pass on from the comparison of joy in the physical world to joy in the Realms of the Spirit, and after reminding you that I have asked you to stretch out your minds to happiness and gladness, I will leave that too, because, as I said before, there are countless numbers here pouring down upon you joy and peace and love, and you shall yet find, my little ones, that something of these treasures shall cling to you and remain your own possession.

"For a change, I think tonight I will speak on the Lord's Prayer - just to touch upon it, of course - nothing more is possible in the limited time at my disposal. I will take you through those simple sentences which yet contain the greatest wisdom imaginable. But like all things that are precious, that wisdom has to be sought for by the minds of those who wish to love God.

"Of course, dear children, the words as you say them are not quite the same as given by Christ when upon earth. As is the case with all translations, here and there the meaning of a word is changed in the slightest degree by one and again by another, and so although the meaning as a whole is not lost, yet the inflections of the meaning of certain words lose in value by the process.

" 'OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN: HALLOWED BE THY NAME': Now, in the first line, unfortunately, to the mind of man, a sense of distance is created by the words: 'Which art in heaven'. But I wish to pause upon this a little.

"In teaching the spiritually untrained, the first thing which is necessary is to attract the mind away from self to those high reaches into which self can find no place. This is the simple explanation of a very telling fact. Christ said: 'Our Father which art in Heaven', in order to separate the mind of His hearers from the world and its many distractions, and to fix them on the Supreme Being whom they called Jehovah.

"Then the next sentence is very beautiful indeed: 'Hallowed be Thy Name'. It is a mark of direct deference from the child to the Father who loves him; it brings into being the sacredness, not only of His greatness, but also of the tie which links them together. 'Our Father... Hallowed be Thy Name' - there is love, there is adoration in that simple line, and yet the 'Our Father' makes it impossible to separate the child from his Creator.

" 'THY KINGDOM COME; THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH': Here, dear children, we get very close to things as they are. To the majority it seems, sometimes, that evil reigns alone and that God in despair has turned aside - but that is quite wrong from every aspect there could be.

" 'Thy Kingdom come - Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven' - and those who are faithful, they shall see the first sign of God's rule upon earth, of His will being carried out, stronger, more dominant than any obstacle that evil can erect. Many are being trained in order to contribute to this great privilege, which for so many years has been held in trust for man - and I say that those who wish to love and serve the Master shall see indeed His will being done upon earth as it is in Heaven.

"But I must pass on - 'GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD': Little children of the earth, so accustomed to think on lines of management and of contrivance, take this sentence in its literal sense, and in that they are not all wrong because of this.

"The daily bread to which our Saviour referred was the food of the Spirit, which gives all power, all peace, all reassurance, whatever the day may bring, and whatever the strain may be upon the body which covers up that which belongs to God. My children, you see what I wish to convey - that in praying for this spiritual manna you are calling down upon yourself those most precious gifts of the Holy Spirit, and in so doing you are providing for the day in a material sense as well, because the children of God are not forsaken. His Hand provides that which is necessary, and those that love the Master never go empty-handed, so far as the necessities of life are concerned, and I would have you note this statement now and for always: I say that those who love and trust their Father never go empty-handed so far as the necessities of life are concerned. It is the broken faith that lets the evil in, and that is the tragedy of it all.

" 'FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES AS WE FORGIVE THEM THAT TRESPASS AGAINST US': My little ones, your Father does not misunderstand you when you repeat these words. Is it likely that as much is expected of the child as is forthcoming from the Father? It is hardly reasonable, I think you will allow. You are exhorted - for your own sakes - to tear out of your hearts and minds the bitter fangs of unforgiveness. And I say that if you pray with sincerity, to be able to forgive those who have injured you, then on crossing over you shall see indeed that the hurt which seemed to remain was but imagination.

" 'Forgive us our trespasses' - all of us, dear children, again and again, have to make this petition to the Father - and it should not be necessary for me to tell you that His loving Heart never would or could shut us out. Ah, if you could but grasp just a little of what this means. Over and over again, these spiritual battles go on in the heart and mind of man. The one side cries out to be free from the lesser, and yet that lesser at the time appears to be the stronger, and anguish follows as a natural result.

"My children, in spite of the clamour of the physical mind, God hears the cry of the spirit within, and never ceases to help and to encourage it to get free. Don't be disheartened over these battles. They seem so terribly destructive to you - as though in a few short hours they had the power to pull out the bricks of the foundation of your faith, and to let the whole topple to the ground. So it seems to those who wish to do better. Yes, to those who do not wish to do better, the tragedy does not seem intense. I want you, my children, to try and read between the lines, and to strive still more earnestly to gather in some faint conception of the love and compassion of your Father.

" 'LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION': Here, dear children, you have an illustration of the faulty interpretation given to a word or two which enables them to convey an impression totally against the most elementary ideas of Christianity.

" 'Lead us not into temptation' - and God came to earth as Christ and man, in order to lead His child out of temptation, into the safety and protection of holiness.

"Many of my children who have spiritual vision, have adapted this line to suit the requirements of the spirit within, and so I will not lay down a hard and fast rule that this is right or that that is the best, but I do say that no one who loves God can repeat with any meaning: 'Lead us not into temptation'.

" 'BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL': There you have the revelation of Christ as Saviour of the world, Christ who indeed has delivered us from evil, and Christ who is going to prove to suffering humanity that evil has got to give before the power of God.

" 'FOR THINE IS THE KINGDOM, THE POWER AND THE GLORY': The word kingdom suggests a Ruler, and indeed God rules over all, and could you but see it, dear children, even in rebellious hearts His rule is wonderfully strong, because separating the spirit from the wilful mind, again and again, His love gets through, surprising even its owner by feelings and aspirations for which he has no explanation at all. This has happened with even the frailest and the vilest, even with those who have turned deliberately from good to evil - now and again, the love of God breaks through, and in the compassion shown to an animal, or to one sunk in greater misery than themselves, so is the spirit demonstrated for all to see - all who wish to find God in everything and everywhere.

" 'For Thine is the Kingdom the power and the glory'. Oh, my children, let your minds rest on these words - on what they seek to convey, because therein is expressed the joys of Eternity - the perfect unity between man and his Creator in those bright days which shall surely come, for it is ordained... Just as day pushes night aside it shall be, and the Sun in the Heavens, by its very strength and brightness, shall banish all thought of what has been, because in the present is the power and the glory which is of God.

"My children, as I said, I can only just touch on these beautiful and familiar lines, but I should like to add this: That really words are not of so much importance as you might think. In saying this prayer, or any other, we over here do not get the actual words as they are repeated. We go deeper than that, far deeper than you can imagine. You would say it is the spirit behind the words, and you are right to a certain extent, but only to a limited degree. Behind the motive of your prayer lies the past experience of the soul, which counts enormously.

"When you pray, the spirit within - which perhaps has had a terrible uphill fight – is seeking to express itself, while you are only conscious of a tired mind, a sense of distance from Christ, and a feeling of separation from the veneration and holiness which you think should be the setting of prayer. You see how I am trying to throw off some of those numerous veils which cover up things as they are? There are thousands and thousands of them, but already we have thrown a few aside.

"Remember this: That what the spirit has taken on lies behind the prayer which is uttered; and you shall find hereafter that because you wished to pray aright, the prayer was right in the sight of God; and because you wished to contact with holiness, holiness was able to draw near; and because you wished to pray from your very heart, that prayer counts not only from the heart, but far, far deeper than that - from the great well or the spirit, which is so deep that echo answers not to the mind and body, and much grieving is caused in consequence.

"Think it out, my little ones, in your own way, and be certain that God does not expect all His children to have uniform thought; and that He understands everything and everyone; and that prayer to Him is not a matter of words - but of the wish to rise, the longing to be free, and the effort that is put into the struggle to achieve this great and glorious end.

"And so I leave you for a little while, and I think you feel, as I promised in the beginning, that the shadows have retreated, and that there is peace and contentment in your midst tonight...

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, you see we gathered them all in, all the sorrowful thoughts and all the misgivings too - gathered them in, and laid over them the Love of God, and if you could lift up that Love, you would find they had disappeared entirely.

"In your world only a magician could do that, but over here we are all magicians in a very definite way indeed - all those who wish to serve the Master - only our power comes from the One Fount, and is not given to deceive the eye and mind of the watchers, but is given to turn greyness into gold and dark into God's perfect day.

"I want you, once more - I say, I want you to let us help you more; not to throw aside this power, but to remember that I, and all the rest, have been given those good gifts from the Father, who wishes to show His love in a multitude of ways - that we have been given this power to ease your lives, comfort your minds, and to clear away all those shades which, to you, seem for ever across your path.

"Hold on to that which is highest; wish to be as God would have you be; pray for strength, and I say, in God's Name, that strength shall come and you shall be free indeed.

"Goodnight, my little ones, sleep peacefully in the thought of brighter tomorrow, and hold on to the staff of Faith, which never fails to support, if only the grip is there. Goodnight."

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