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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Tivoli Theatre, Nelson, under the auspices of the Spiritual Mission Church, Cumberland St. Nelson on Sunday, March 12th, 1933

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

..."What of language? When we are free and pass into God's Land, all those who have sought to carry out their duty - who, perhaps, may not had received much education - by God's Divine Mercy, by a dispensation of the Holy Spirit, they can borrow from another the gift of tongues.

"Can you remember those of old who congregated together and the power of Holy Spirit was poured down upon them and they were able to speak to strangers in their own tongue? It seems foolish therefore, to question any soul who, for long years, has passed into the Realms of Bliss, and to marvel why he can speak in a tongue that was not his own while he was in the body.

"You will remember what happened after the Crucifixion of our Divine Master - how little groups from village to village, town to town, listened to the words poured forth by the chosen few. Many made their vows and within their innermost being pledged themselves to spread the truth, whatever might befall.

"So the persecution began. Men, women and children were taught by their teachers to stand firm under the tests which they were forced to undergo. Many were turned into living torches; their bodies were destroyed. Yet, because they had courage, because they had faith, the light of truth, released by the burning flesh, blazed up strong and clear.

"Today, you owe more than you can grasp to those pioneers, to the early Christians, who gave their all for the love of Jesus the Christ.

"Before the Christ came into a body of flesh there were the true prophets, inspired by the Holy Spirit who spoke that which God directed. They too, were living torches. There were the prophets of India and China and other far away lands, who possessed a greater or lesser truth; yet, the teaching of God - as exemplified by Jesus the Christ - is that each one is blessed according to the degree that they released the Divinity that was imprisoned within their fellow man. Race and colour cannot divide. Yet, what does divide both on earth and in the Realms of Spirit, is the lack of capacity in man to deny himself.

"The wish of God is that every man and woman should represent a great spiritual revival so that from henceforth all may be living torches unto God.

"Make no mistake: God is the God of all Creation, and He has made it possible for every living soul throughout the globe to create the same glorious future by the life he lives during the earth stage.

"What of the position of the Heathen? What if they have never heard of Jesus the Christ? That does not mean that their progression commences only when they leave the body behind. God has provided that even those who worship false gods can have the same glorious experience. You are reminded that in the wilds there is a suffering you cannot imagine. Suffering as they do, many of them are torches of endurance; they demonstrate so clearly the Christ within - unknown to them - even the Name unheard of.

"You may have much to contend with, but it should not cause the sorrow that often assails the heart and mind. If you had many earthly possessions you could live your life according to your baser inclinations. This would bring much sadness, for, when your earth life was no more, you would not shine as a living torch to others; the light of the Spirit would have burned so low that you would appear as darkness itself.

"How simple life becomes. Everyone has ambitions; the young have an urgency to succeed quickly with little thought of the consequences. Do not be deceived by the values of the earth. The rich man often makes his way with a lonely heart, and sometimes the riches of the earth lose their first exhilaration. Soon, weariness and boredom take the place of swift enthusiasm. Pity those who live for themselves. Remember that each child of God must represent a living torch of the Holy Spirit.

"What of your life and its burdens concerning the call of the world? What of that far stronger call of the spirit within to arise out of that which binds and to build anew something that will last beyond the earth stage - something that shall be found in God's Land? Day by day and hour by hour, this is possible for everyone. You are not asked to go into the lion's den. You are not asked to find the endurance to be burned to death. You are asked by the Divinity that is within you to arise and be as a light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of spiritual death.

"You have an opportunity now which is second to none. Look at the beautiful flowers, so simple, yet they demonstrate something of the beauty of the Mind of God. The flowers are blessed because they are here as an act of self-denial and as an offering to the Most High. Yet, you, in your daily lives, can represent something far deeper, far more beautiful and far richer than anything that Nature can show. You have the divine seed of immortality within you, and by tending the seed in the simple way of following the path of duty, of helping your neighbour, of raising your mind in faith to God, challenging the enemies of physical death, so you are beautiful to behold.

"Those who are free, who come back among you, live in your homes, go out with you as you take your daily walk, work with you in the offices and warehouses. These bright ones do not see the garment of flesh because their eyes are upon the opening out of the blossoming of Divinity that is within.

"When you are free from the body, you too will look back on the earth life and at those you knew. You will look at life in many spheres in this same way. You will penetrate the outer and see that which lies within. Your loved ones are not dead, you know that well. They come back into your lives and they do not look upon your tired body, but your soul, the body you are weaving by the life that you are living.

"When those you love come back and do not find that beauty within, they might imagine that they have found a stranger and not the one they loved so well. Too often those in the body forget - because they continue to weep and mourn - the plight of the one who is free. That one has seen something of the grace of God and comes back to the earth plane searching - for what? For living torches, for the light of the spirit within which shall give them deep happiness and consolation.

"So remember this: Not only do you have a responsibility towards those in the body but also to those who have gone before. There are many who need to be helped, to be guided, to be lifted, to be refreshed and to be remade by the strength that you alone can give.

"In the places of pleasure upon the earth there are many earth-bound souls. Not all are antagonistic towards God but many are ignorant of His existence. They are wandering souls come back into the halls of pleasure seeking for something - they know not what. Restlessly, they go on. Do you realise what it means to the missionaries of God to hold Divine Services in such halls of pleasure? Just think there would be no dedication in these places, no holy conditions, no honouring of the Lord God - until you came.

"Oh, what joy: As servants of the Christ we love to go where His Name is not honoured, speaking to lost souls, who are indeed as lost sheep. But when you come, these sheep are gathered in, thousands of them, drawn here, because they are accustomed to come. But now they are seeing the light of the Holy Spirit rising from each one who does their best. If your spiritual eyes were opened, you would see a huge bonfire - without the smoke - and the Christ is manifested to those poor straying ones who passed out of the earth body and found themselves chained by their past and the selfishness that it held.

"So the message comes to each one, young and old: There is no one who cannot represent a living torch of Truth - a light in a darkened world. Recently, there have been many natural disasters and there will be more in the future. In these times of physical disaster, in times of fear and panic, the living torches will lead many out of the mire of spiritual darkness into the glorious light of the future.

"Face the vicissitudes of daily life in the same way. Deep anxiety holds the hearts and minds of many, in some the body is troublesome, but know that your stripes shall be your power; your pains may represent chains while the body binds, but, when you are free, then a happiness that surpasses anything that the mind of the body can build - the happiness of peace and freedom which is your inheritance - shall indeed be yours.

"Remember the words that have gone before, and if you cannot work for yourself then work for others. If you have employment, see that others benefit as well so that in the tomorrow of time your transition into the World of Spirit will represent a casting off of the old and a taking on of the new.

"Minister to the disciple-spirit within, remember your sacred dead, and when the hasty word comes, when depression settles upon your heart and mind, fight for your sacred dead, so that those who come to you find the light - a living torch.

"Let your 'working out' demonstrate the glory of God, the added power, the added privileges, and the increased beauties. Then, when the earth lessons have been learnt, when the book of this brief stage is closed, you will open a new record and in those worlds that are hidden from your consciousness now, you will work for God in a way that you cannot understand until you have contacted in Reality with the Saviour Christ.

"You have been marked on the brow with the tiny Cross of Jesus the Christ - protection against your troubles. This is also a sign to straying souls that you represent refuge, and from you strength and light can be borrowed for their own use.

"You are blessed with peace and that deep consciousness of the joy of being a living torch in a world that is hemmed by materialism - a living torch of light and love and joy, so that the Master, as he walks the earth plane, can look upon one here and another there and see that His work is being carried on.

"Make ready, for great things are coming to pass. Woe unto the dark souls. But blessings uncountable shall be upon the would-be disciples of the Christ, and their light shall illumine all spaces; for God shall be manifested through them even though they are held by the body of flesh.

"Redouble your efforts, prepare and prepare again. When this earth life is over let there be joy and brightness for you and the smile of the Christ - seek to do your best. The path of duty is the path of achievement. The path of poverty is the path of spiritual ambition. The path of mercy is the path that leads to God. God bless you."...

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