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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes, at the Greater World Sanctuary, 3, Lansdowne Road, Holland Park, London W11, on Sunday, April 5th, 1942

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Before we can consider Easter and its glorious message of hope, we have to consider what it was that had the power to bring to pass that revelation of the Love of God.

"As you look back over your years of youth, then those while growing into maturity, you remember some sunshine and a certain quality of joy. But still more you remember the times of trouble, and that means a measure of limitation during the earthly stage. You can say that the sunshine was only fleeting, that just when you hoped - something happened - and back came the greyness of material life.

"You remember too the separations when it seemed as though a dagger had pierced your very heart, when the world appeared empty because the one you loved best was no longer there in the physical presence.

"Let us pause for a moment and think about GRAVES, because there are many kinds of graves, and not all of them have the power to wound. You think that there is only one kind of grave and that associated with an aching heart and bewildered mind.

"Dear children, think of other graves. All of you have dug those graves and put something within them that meant much to you. Think of Nature, and of how those who co-operate with God also co-operate with their little brothers and sisters, the trees and shrubs.

"Can you remember the sense of anticipation when you dug a grave and put therein a tiny seed? As you stood back having covered the seed, perhaps there was sorrow of separation in your heart. But you had made a grave for a special purpose. You knew, because experience had proved it, that out of that grave something delightful would eventually appear.

"You remember quite well the sense of joy when you inspected your garden, perhaps after a shower of rain and lo, the first miracle of grace had taken place. The grave had given up its dead - the outer covering was mingled with the soil and something within had come from the little seed to gladden man's heart and to teach him a wonderful lesson of faith.

"So, as you think of Nature at this sweet season, naturally you must think of many graves, but no sadness is associated with the burying because you know that a change must take place. The only ways in which the change can take place is to bury one form of life to bring forth another fairer still.

"Think of other graves. When you were young you had many high hopes and perhaps many material ambitions as well striving for expression. You were willing to work, you were willing to sacrifice, and you did not expect your treasures to be tossed into your lap. You were prepared to go down on you knees, to endure physical fatigue and mental strain, because that which you desired was precious to you.

"Time passed and your hopes did not materialise. Instead you had to dig a grave, take up the spade of duty and beat down the soil upon that which you desired to make your own. Disillusioned you took the narrow way.

"But remember, that in the grave a miracle was being wrought, and the time will surely come when from that grave will arise something far nearer to your heart's desire because it represents also the desire of the spirit within.

"Does it matter so much when you look at things under the light that shines from the Love of God? Can you say that if those hopes of youth had materialised they would have brought you happiness? Look out upon the world. There are many who have bartered their most priceless gifts for material treasure. Are they among the happy? - Very seldom. They do not know peace within, and the grave that hides their spiritual treasure is so deep that much effort must be forthcoming in the stage to come to open the ground which has become as hard as granite.

"Would you change places with such as these? - No. You are older now and have learned lessons, and you have a deeper understanding within. You know the sorrow of your Gethsemane. You remember how you prayed to God so that you might not have your Calvary. Yet because of the circumstances brought about by the will of man, many of you - trembling and reluctant - had to take up your cross and stumble on, perhaps feeling that you would never reach the shelter of God's Home.

"Perhaps the light streamed down upon you, and your tortured heart received its balm. The agony of separation became less acute and the time came nearer - or will come - when you can look upon Nature and learn from Nature what the grave gives up - and that with those who love God, it never takes away.

"Change is the portion of life in all spheres. But only change as instituted by the Father-Mind means always something better, something sweeter, and something nearer to the soul's desire.

"There are so few who can teach the real meaning of earthly graves.

"You who have suffered, what is your position today? What is the position of humanity as a whole if the grave in which the Holy Master's body was laid had not given up its dead in a changed form? Your minds are held by earthly things and cannot grasp the great gift to all life of the Master coming forth as Spirit from the earthly grave.

"The reason why the Master undertook this responsibility was because of you and because of all those He loved so well - because of the broken hearted, because of the motherless, the fatherless, and those many whose lives seemed wrecked by the passing over of the ones they loved so well.

"It is your bounded duty in this time of tribulation to do your utmost to face spiritual fact, to seek and learn. Spirit Communion was never intended to be a sop for the mind of the body, or something that should minister to the human longings and the curiosity that abounds.

"Spirit Communion was ordained by God so that you might learn, so that you might have sufficient discrimination not to be deceived by earthly reasoning or by the earthly aspect of things, so that you could bring light to those in darkness.

"What of you who think you are nearing your Easter Day - these are numbered amongst those who have had a fierce blow yet were determined to hold fast to Christ. Think of the Master's words: 'I THIRST!' The Master thirsted for the love of humanity. The bodily agony was as naught in comparison with the desire for the sweet spray of love to pour upon Him.

"But there were only the few. The others mocked and derided, and the burning pain of unrequited love scorched His tender Heart: 'I THIRST!'

"When you are in trouble, when it feels that life is not worth living, remember the words of the Christ: 'I THIRST', and give to Him the sweet spray of your understanding love.

"Long before Easter time, much preparation has been put into the soil which is to receive the seed and which in time will bring forth that which shall help man.

"You may be mature in years and know something of the preparation that has gone into the planting - the tilling and the ploughing went very deep. You may stand and look upon a barren field - your own life; even the tiny flowers that you planted have withered and died away. You may be tired of waiting for the ground to bring up its treasure.

"Your thoughts and feelings are understood, and how at times it seems there is only night for you. But you are reminded that in spite of all the doubts cast upon your mind by unseen enemies and enemies in the flesh, there is harvest time for you. Sometimes the eager one sows too early, sometimes an enemy in the form of storms and flood wrecks the work that has been done. But man has learned by experience. If one crop fails he must try to sow another.

"That is physical life and many disappointments await the good gardener or the one who tills the field for his own benefit and the benefit of his brother man. Yet that is the material aspect alone.

"You may think that the seeds of sacrifice seem to have been dead too long to spring into life and bring forth refreshment. Yet, what of the Master? What of His Crucifixion and that which followed? The revelation came only to the few, and because they had revelation they were persecuted and the majority were violently slain.

"But did the knowledge of their fate deter them? No, it only quickened their pace. They could not sow the seed fast enough. They did not picture their own harvest time. Indeed, they knew so little that they scarce conceived that harvest and its joys could ever come for them at all.

"You, today, know so much more than they did. They had to take the way of faith, there was no thought of reward, for the Master taught us, with great emphasis, impressing upon their minds that physical death meant life and joy and freedom and revelation.

"Therefore, remember the saints and martyrs, the early followers of the Light Bearer, saw no physical harvest at all, but they were prepared for that. The Master had warned them that there would be those to lay traps for them, and those who would never stop until they had netted their prey.

"Today, you are not tested as they were tested. But you are tested. Some of you cannot see any prospect of harvest time upon the earth. Does that matter so much? Think of the earthly harvests in this land and many others. At times when the wheat is flourishing in all its glory, a harsh wind or storm occurs and the corn is beaten to the ground.

"Sometimes it is better to wait for the harvest of your efforts so that you can view them under different conditions, where there is Divine protection; for then - because of the sacrifice and the heart-ache and the struggling after faith - there is no enemy strong enough to destroy your beautiful field which is there for your own use, which means for the passing on of the Bread of Life to others.

"There is so much that links Easter to Harvest time. There is not one soul that has ever had a spiritual harvest without the test of the Garden, the carrying of the Cross, and the emerging from the tomb of doubt and even of hostility to God - to the attitude of mind that change must come. When there is trust, each change means something fairer, something nearer to Divine Power.

"All can rejoice. Although the world may be bathed in sorrow - all can rejoice because you know that Calvary is bringing the revelation of Easter Day and securing the harvest which shall not fail throughout all time to be.

"Think upon these words. Remember the many graves that you have had to dig unwillingly, the wondering whether God was sleeping because He did not answer your prayers; then raise your thoughts to those other kinds of graves in which you planted your seeds with hope and trust in the future; and had reason for that hope and trust in the future. Lay the balm of these words upon your heart and mind, and graves may be deep, they may be wide and dug with anguish, but God rules, and when you turn to Him, at last the grave will give up its dead and rejoice your heart for ever more.

"There will be many who will see Gethsemane in its true light, and will remember that they have buried their seeds of efforts to secure a harvest time that shall never fail them and which shall transcend their highest hopes with all its beauty and its power.

"To those with aching hearts and who are lonely, think of the marvellous companionship that is all around you. Sometimes you cannot contact them; sometimes it seems as if the clouds have parted for a moment and you catch a glimpse of the blue sky. Because the clouds gather again it does not take away the blue sky, but by the endurance called upon, by the harnessing of the will to duty, then when you are free from the flesh you shall see a sky so radiant with the Power of God that you will never again be able to recall with sorrow the darkness of the physical life.

"As you go along your way, make up your mind to take up the spade of faith and dig more graves, and whether you have the strength to make a grave deep or not, drag out of your mind the rebellious thoughts, the disappointments, the wondering about Divine Law, and put them into the soil, then tread upon the ground, and go forth with a lightened mind.

"Out of that which you have buried - in time - shall rise the blossoms of the Spirit, for the change has come. Your unruly thoughts are cast from you and they were transmuted into the thoughts of love. Through your understanding of the doubts and misgivings of others, you can cull your flowers, and by your sweet example teach others to dig their graves, and over the graves to build a firm plateau of faith on which they can stand and draw others to them.

"You are blessed with rejoicing hearts; with the desire to send out more prayers to those so sorely struck. You are promised that in the Name of the Father some comfort shall reach the oppressed. Within the hearts and minds of thousands, a new faith in God is rising, and that faith shall be justified, and the harvest time shall be glorious to behold.

"Peace be with you. May the Christ forever lead all mankind, and may the passing from one stage to another mean reunion with the One Who loves us best, our Saviour and our Lord. Amen."

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