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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 10th April, 1927.

"O Perfect Love, we draw close this night, giving out from ourselves that which we wish Thou wouldst take. Oh, help us to grow. Grant that the mind of the body may be able to catch from the mind of the spirit something of its wisdom; and that Thy children, realising that they are the sons and daughters of the Most High, may diligently turn themselves to their various tasks, knowing that every temptation overcome, every task well done, means one step nearer to Thee...

"Our blest Redeemer, give unto us the power to teach others, grant that self may be forced back, and that in front may be the light of self-revelation; for we know that only when in a measure we understand ourselves - our weaknesses and our failures - can we be used as instruments in Thy holy work. And when this process of training comes to each of Thy children, oh, grant that despair may be far from them; that they may realise in very truth that the revelation of themselves is as a tool, so that in turn they may understand others...

"And so, Father, commending ourselves to Thy care, certain that the power will be sent down, we commence our work this night with grateful hearts - with gratitude and love that Thou hast provided this channel of holy communion, that Thy little ones can meet together and, as it were, stretch out and find, not only their loved ones, but contact with that which is Holiness Itself. Father we thank Thee. Amen...

"...My little children, tonight I will commence somewhat slowly, for the instrument I use is not in that condition when it is wise to exert the unlimited power which is all around. You have seen many times that the spirit triumphs over the physical; but it is not the Father's will that those who lend themselves thus in this holy work should, in any measure, be over-strained because of their willingness to give.

"Yet, dear children, each one can help, help in the way which draws together the greatest volume of power, either on the earth plane or in those conditions which as yet you scarce can understand. You can focus on the One who loves you best - our Father and Mother God, our Redeemer, our Saviour, the greatest Friend, the sweetest Companion that you or I will ever know. Focus on Christ, and let aught that comes in between be sent far from you, for this night we work according to plan, according to the great Divine purpose, and each one must contribute her part...

"Children, when we meet thus it seems, perchance, to you, that those in Spirit, gifted with power from God, that these have much to do before it is possible that this sacred communion can take place. Well, little ones, I will expand your view just a little this night, and I would tell you that the preparation for these evenings, it is never done; it was not this day, not little yesterday, but unceasing is the effort to keep this channel open, free from intruders, accessible at any moment of the night or day. Thus it seems that when the need arises, the instrument I use can ask and instantly get her response.

"You may say unto me: 'Is not this so with all?' or again: 'Why should it be so with some and why do others find the obstacles so great?'

"And I answer in that one word which so many, as yet, have scarce understood: The reason why this channel has been made and kept open is because of the unremitting work on that branch which, in itself, is less attractive, which demands the physical vitality and that concentration of the mind of the body (transcribing notes). And if, as you go your different ways, some may ask why is this gift denied them, then reply that in their own hands it lies. In season and out of season the concentration must go on.

"There are many who approach the threshold of the Unseen as the mood takes them, as the inclination directs, and pain seizes their heart when they find between themselves and that threshold something impassable, something too great to be overcome. The only way, the only way to keep the channel of communication open between you and those realms which are Spirit in very truth, is unremitting labour, the disregard of the calls of the body and the weariness of the mind... I speak thus against the inclination of the child I use, but it must be faced.

"And now, dear children, I take you on to that which is the subject of our conversation this night, yet what I have said bears upon it in that measure which it deserves.

"Tonight, my little ones, because at this season of the year the thoughts of those on earth who, in a measure, are released from their bondage - because the thoughts of these are turned towards: 'The Light of the World', so I speak of that Light.

"And so, my little ones, I seek to take you a little nearer to the great Source of power, to unlimited Love, to the One who works unceasingly for His many creations whatever form they may wear.

"The Light of the World - oh, think you, my children, of the One who loves you best, think of His life on this same earth, lived in that same tabernacle (a human body) which you endure yourselves. Think of the One so loving and so kind; and then, in your imagination, draw up a picture of His environment, of those who surrounded Him on the earth side...

"Children, in the Sacred Record, very little is disclosed of those early years regarding the Holy One. Here and there, as it were, the curtain is drawn aside and you see something so sweet, something so typical of that Love which He came to demonstrate to mankind.

"But I want you to go deeper than that; I want you to visualise to yourselves the child, and then the boy, and then the young man, until you reach that time which is called maturity in that country to which He came; and as you think, so the boundaries of your mind in regard to that life will be extended; and as we go on, I am instructed by the Beloved to tell you many details as to His thoughts, as to His dreams, as to the curtailment and the thwarting of His actions during that time of preparation which indeed was a discipline most severe.

"Little ones, think you as to this: When a babe comes into a home and does not belong to the father of that home, often trouble arises and there is that barrier which grows more formidable, more dangerous, as time goes on. In the first thrill of faith, when understanding in a measure has been released, so all seems fair and no hint of disharmony or doubt arises. But as time goes on, these visions fade, and man, bound in a physical body, restricted in a thousand ways, unwittingly - aye, unwillingly - pays credence to the destroyers, to those enemies of the Divine within.

"Yet, I am instructed to ask you to think with great love for the one you name Joseph, for he has done much for you and much for humanity at large. And he suffered. In the measure that doubt crept in so he suffered then; and in the measure that he listened to the destroyers, so he was anguished when freedom was made his own...

"Then, dear children, in order to create that which expresses accuracy regarding the events of that so-called ancient time, I must remind you as to the position of the women, as to their place in daily life, as to their weakness and as to their greatness. Today, much which grieves the tender Heart of God goes on around you, but for the most part, it is a voluntary act, it is the clinging to those things of the world and pushing aside that which is of the Spirit.

"In those far off times, in a way you scarce can grasp, the women were the chattel of their brothers, their fathers, aye, and of the stranger without the gate. I speak thus with a great purpose, I speak thus, for Truth, as it is, shall be declared, for God has decreed it. In that time, so the women of the people were, in a measure, the common property of those who had the power; and Mary, seemingly so sweet, clothed, as it were, in the purity of innocence, in her sore distress - as you regard it - she was judged by many and condemned.

"The spirit within had been prepared over the ages for that burden and that gift; the spirit within - though it suffered by that which was arraigned against it - the spirit was bound to its Creator and flinched not at the blows, at that condemnation which was so freely poured upon the child-wife in her defenceless position.

"And so it was, my little ones, that her physical protector fluctuated between his tenderness and his suspicion. And the Child, so loving, ah, the Child tugged at his heart, yet out of loyalty to those (children) who followed, he not only placed them first but tried to shut the door of his love on Love, and Love suffered as you can never understand. Yes, Love suffered for Himself, but ten thousand times more for the mother who gave Him physical life...

"Children, think of Joseph with great tenderness, for he was tried by much. That which you name poverty dogged his heels, the body was even as a cross in his later years; and all the time the voices were taunting him while the spirit struggled for its own. By the very fact that he was cabined within a body, so, alas, the destroyers overcame and overcame the resistance which was within.

"Children, compassion for him - compassion for one who was tried almost beyond his strength, compassion from you is his due; and at this moment he is by my side asking for your love and understanding, for he suffered much when sight was made his own.

"Little ones, this home life formed part of the preparation, it put in that foundation of endurance which in time to come would be needed, needed to withstand the enmity of the world. And Mary, because of that which had come to her, kept back the bitterness which might so easily have assailed the mind; and she waited with faith; waited, recalling ever the words of the angel, conscious of some great mystery, and trebly conscious of the ignorance of her own mind, yet, again, conscious that somehow God would keep faith with her and that she must keep faith with Him.

"In that home, dear children, there was this: Lack of material things as you regard the essentials for comfort and content; and, again, that spectre of doubt which, as it were, ran like a river of poison through the little home; and where love might have sweetened all so love grew dim, and there was naught save patience to keep the faithful on the path which it had been ordained that they should follow...

"Little ones, the child Mary was sweet to look upon, and those of the world gave her not that confidence and trust which, as a woman, pure and spotless, was her due. Yes, in those days, the women suffered much, their place was but to minister to man's every need, and for them was reserved a toil and a weariness unknown to you in these so different days. The women were not recognised in any form by man; but God watched over them, and out of their pangs, out of their many injustices, so He not only claimed them as His children but He gathered them, at last, into the Light which never fades.

"I speak, dear children, of those - and there were many - who, if they had known, if they had been instructed, would have been faithful in things little and great to the Lord God Jehovah, however cruel His decrees might have seemed; for the women were used to persecution, to a discipline that was harsh, accustomed to condemnation and unaccustomed to consideration...

"Out of the little home so came the essential soil needed to produce that great and mighty character whom you call Jesus and we call God. And remember this: That God, when He came to share man's experiences, held not to Himself any of those advantages which man did not possess; nay He stripped Himself of all that which might have mitigated the severity of life on earth. He came to suffer as the most miserable have to suffer; but He came to show that however great the sufferings may be, it is possible to keep love and hope and faith high above the earth, untarnished by anything that has taken place.

"And then, dear children, in later years, there was much of that which you name study and the cultivation of the mind. It was possible in those times for the studious, though poor, to contact with those who held the knowledge of the world. They learn, aye, but in a manner far more complicated than you can understand, for knowledge in those times was as something which had to be fought for, struggled for again and again. The simplification of the acquirement of the knowledge of things physical, this goes on apace; but in that far-off time, much was by word of mouth, and that which was by word of mouth, by the very reason of the obscurity of the knowledge to be passed on, required an intentness and a concentration a hundred times greater than today.

"The curbing of the will, the harnessing of the physical mind, that was part of the training; but think not, dear children, that the Light of the World depended upon that knowledge to instruct His listeners as to those things which are of God. Nay, but it was the preparation; for has not man to apply his mind in like manner, has not the growing boy to put aside his desire for recreation and for that which entertains, and to pore over the uncongenial task, to pursue the lesson which has no interest at that stage...

"Keep your vision clear: The acquirement of the knowledge of the things of the earth - if that knowledge is used for the protection and the help of others, that releases the Divine within and its unexplored wisdom in a way you cannot grasp. But pursue knowledge for its own sake, for the credit it brings, and the applause of the populace which knows not God, then I say that such as these, when they pass hence, find they have shackled themselves in chains which can be broken only by that which is suffering indeed.

"The men and the women who pursue this path and that, knowing that God can use their knowledge to succour the ignorant and restrain the weak - these, by the discipline imposed, will pass into a knowledge inexplainable to you at this stage. But pray for those who delight in the mind of the body, forgetful of the Giver of those same gifts which they prize so much; pray for them, for their ignorance is great.

"So, my little ones, keep this point clear in your minds: The Saviour taught not to others that which He had learnt from the minds of men, but by His unremitting efforts, by the curbing of the physical will, so - as is possible with every one of His children - He released the Divine within, and the wisdom poured forth. The channel was open between Himself and that All-Powerful Self, which He had laid aside in completion when He came as a babe to suffer as man suffers upon the earth plane.

"My children, though at this time the Cross stands out before you all in its majesty of humility, think once again of the greatest miracle that any world could ever know - the miracle of the Christ-Child, the miracle of God coming into such conditions, fettering Himself as the weakest is fettered, dependent on His mother even for that food which kept the life within the little body...

"Oh, ponder on these things, for the mind of man, so bound by its own vanities and conceits, cannot conceive of All-Power willingly laying aside His power and being the victim of His own creation.

"My little ones, the Light of the World since the beginning of time has been available to all, but the individual, using and abusing the gift of free-will, closed the channel between himself and that unlimited wisdom which God meant should be his own; and so came the Cross.

"Oh, let not sadness seize your minds, for lo, joy followed upon the suffering of the One you love so well. The Beloved knew that when the deed had been done so in those who loved Him the Light would forever find a place. And He knew, dear children, that those faithful ones in their sufferings, in turn, would leave on the minds of others something of the radiance they had made their own.

"Out of the Cross, the darkness and despair, so, irresistibly, the Light should come. And that Light, in time, should be shed over His creation upon the earth plane; and in that time, so those in planes less highly evolved would catch a gleam of Light from the earth conditions, and the work would go on and on...

"The Light of the World, the gentle Stranger, the One so sweet, so humble, so unswayed by the world's view, the One who delighted to serve - ah, my little ones, we would have kept Him from doing aught, we would have hidden Him from His persecutors; but again and again we found that He was doing all that for us. Love would not be denied, could not be denied, and Love finds its joy in giving and giving again.

"So, my little ones, in thinking of that which you name the Great Sacrifice, remember always that that sacrifice could not have taken place in the way it did, and, ten thousand times more, it could not have had the effect which it has had, if it had not been for the years of preparation, for the discipline, for the love thrown back; all, all was essential to build up that spiritual foundation on which, when the test came, that Man could stand.

"Forget not this: A man was He, even as those followers who seemed so far beneath Him in their outlook and their aspiration; for God came as man and brought naught with Him either to stem the pain or to act as a shield and sword; that which He had He bought out of the self-discipline which He imposed upon Himself. And in that hour as He stood before His creation and was judged by man, in that hour, no thought arose to use that unlimited power which, through the release of the Divine within, and the opening of the channel between Himself and His Godhead, was at His disposal and could have wiped the people of His day from off the earth...

"The majesty of humility: Oh, try and grasp something as to this, for the Christ within is denied until something of humility is made your own.

"The Master, aye, the Lord God of all, stood before His creation and His body was condemned to death; but He looked beyond the grave and He saw a vision glorious; for the Mind of God is patient, patient in a way we shall never understand; and as He stood there, silent, before His traducers, so He looked into the tomorrows to come and He was content... I say the Saviour was content to give that which was Himself for the sake of His children, those He loved so well.

"And then, my children, I take you on to Calvary, for there a great sign was given to humanity; but many prefer those opinions built up over the course of time, influenced by the destroyers. Man's satisfaction in his own mental processes blind him to that which was shown on the Mount of Calvary as a sign to all:

"Little ones, the Saviour, as you know full well, hung on the Cross, and on either side was one of His creation. Oh, think of it like this: The centre Cross proving unlimited Love. On the one side - perfect forgiveness without repentance; on the other - the promise of unending life. The thief, in his agony, cursed his God, but Love responded: 'Father, forgive them for they know not what they do'. Was there repentance in His persecutors, in those who had condemned Him out of the evil in their hearts? Was it not as a sign to all that Love forgives even when repentance is far from the mind of His creation?...

"And then, dear children, there was that on the other side - the promise of unending life. Christ said not to the dying man: 'In some far time we shall meet at the Throne of God' - He demonstrated the continuity of Life: 'This day thou shalt be with Me in Paradise', knowing that that which man calls 'death' must take place...

"Oh, I entreat the thoughtful to ponder on this, for these two facts have been denied again and again. Man's forgiveness does not depend upon his repentance. God knows not unforgiveness, for where Love is forgiveness or unforgiveness has no meaning. Unrepentant man bars himself from the joys of spiritual life, from the priceless gifts of an all-Generous Father; it is he who holds fast the door and piles up the furniture between himself and his God.

"And again, I ask the teachers and the instructors to ponder on that one who, as they 'died' together, was linked up with the Light of the World. 'Today thou shalt be with Me in Paradise'. Would Truth, crucified, have mocked an ignorant child in his agony as he hung by His side? If unconsciousness, or coma, or a negative state, had been the next stage that awaited His child, would He have said: 'Today thou shalt be with Me in Paradise'?

"Oh, my children, go back to the Sacred Record and read the Word of God. Let those who name themselves His representatives on earth, preach the Word of God as the Word is, and reach out and grasp something of the unlimited Spirit with its wisdom, which lies beyond...

"Thus I speak by command of the Gracious One; and as we go on, again by His sweet intervention, I will tell you something as to that inner life and struggle which was His own, as to His many temptations, His longings for love and how love was denied Him again and again...

"And thus, dear children, we shall get a little nearer to understanding the Mind of God. And when man asks himself and others: 'Why preach Christ?' - you can answer that only by telling of the Saviour can you, or they, in any measure, understand their God.

"The time will come when the Name of Christ - ah, and still more that most loving Personality presented to man of his God - when that sweet picture will arise in the mind in every need; when that which causes pain creeps near, when the enemies attack, when the body fails, lo, in the mind, the Beloved will arise in His majesty of humility; and the love which it calls out will push aside anything and everything which comes between the aspiring soul and its God.

"And so, my little ones, we go on; yet in the little tomorrow, oh, think of Calvary and what the three crosses demonstrated for all time; and pray that the Light - which the Light of the World came to bring - may penetrate into the minds of the teachers and the preachers, the instructors and the healers, so that they may pass on the Promise to others.

"And those others, coming under the radiance of unlimited Love, may not rest, for the spirit will not allow them to rest until, in turn, they have taken their little torch to another. And the tiny taper draws its Light from the larger source; and those with the larger Light, having drawn in greater measure from the Light which never fades, they in turn, because God inspires, pass on of their Light to the little taper, and lo, it is as a torch. And the torch is carried through dark and terrible places; and those bound, imprisoned, arise and follow the torch, and as these stumble along they shall no longer be as the darkness but even as a taper themselves...

"On and upward we must go, for the great Call has gone forth for those with the humble minds and the patient hearts, for those who will not quail when the great test comes, for the ones who will forget their little earth interests, their troubles, and those who have sought to wrest from them that which they have - all this will be forgotten, for at last the understanding will be there, and self as self will be torn from them never to be donned again...

"And so I bring you back to the One who loves you best, and I say to you and to the many who read my words: Oh, focus on Christ, hold fast to the Saviour, the Redeemer, and let not your hearts quail whatever may betide; for being linked to the Light of the World darkness no more can be known by you; and the twilight which now comprises your conditions will depart for the glorious dawn.

"And now, my children, I will leave you; yet, I feign would stay, for we have much to do together, much to learn, and the preparation cannot be neglected; but it is the Father's will that others should lend their aid, should speak to you as to brothers and sisters, and so make that link of love which shall never pass away. And so I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my little ones, this evening perhaps has been a little trying to my children who write (Dorrie and Margaret), but I ask them both to hold close to themselves the blessing of the One who loves them best.

"I draw your thoughts away from the things of daily life, even its trials and its tests, and I tell you once more to focus on Christ; and in the measure that you seek to hold fast to Him so you shall have that greatest gift of all - the gift of service and the vision which it brings...

"The Light of God's Love is streaming over this little earth. Enemies may rise; battles between that which you name good and evil must be fought, but the radiance of God's perfect Love shall triumph over strife. But oh, remember the coming of the little Child; and, again, remember the symbol of that which you name Calvary, and the deep, deep meaning underlying it all.

"The world, as the world, must be cleansed and uplifted and instructed in those things which are of God. The children of the Father - His children grown in understanding - they shall have the peace which passes all that which your minds can conjure up: The peace which is rest, the rest which is action, which is doing God's work on earth and in those mighty conditions beyond...

"In the Father's Name I bless you with revelation of the Cross as it concerns you individually, as it concerns those of the world, as it concerns the great unborn into physical conditions, as it concerns all those who have passed into the next stage; I bless you with revelation as to the meaning of the Cross, for Christ's sake, Amen. Goodnight, my little ones."

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