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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Battersea Christian Spiritualist Church on 15th November, 1931

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"My dear children, joy is within my heart to come once again and to speak to you in this same way.

"I want from you your choicest gifts, I want from you not only your love, your dedication, but I want from you your determination to follow the path laid down by Jesus the Christ, for we together have much to do. So I appeal to each and every one. I ask you to do your best to prepare your hearts and minds for use in the great, great mission of the Most High.

"Today I speak to you upon that beautiful statement: 'The Light that shineth in the darkness; and the darkness comprehendeth it not'. I want you not only to recall those words as something familiar, but I want you to bring a fresh light to bear upon that simple statement, that truth which has been given to man; for man, for the most part, has understood it not.

"The Light that shineth in the darkness! You think at once of Jesus the Christ, but I would remind you that Christ is but example for us all. The Master came and did and gave, and in return the earth body was taken from Him; but the Master would not have come in that same way were it not that He had to demonstrate what man could do in turn.

"For within man is the Divine Spark, within man is a mighty power, within man is something of God Himself; and what Jesus the Christ was able to do, so by the power of the Holy Spirit man can do - if he is willing to suffer and endure.

"I use as an example that which appertains to the earth plane. You know, dear children, that as you take your homeward way, the night seems dark if no stars appear; you miss these kindly friends. The man who has a long journey to take, the man who has a difficult task of navigation to perform, that man not only thanks the stars, but he is glad to have the strong clear light of the moon as well.

"In looking up at the stars, do not only remember that they borrow their light from the moon or the sun, but recollect that they borrow their light from that great Creative Power which comes from the Divine. Yes, in looking up at the stars which seem so far away and yet are as familiar friends, think you in this wise: You, too, in a darkened world, can represent to another a star of direction; you, too, hampered, hindered, restricted by poverty, by social conditions, you can indeed be as a glorious star to another who has lost his way to God.

"But you can do more than that, your light can be enlarged; your world - the world of effort which is built up by you around the physical self - the light of that world can be increased from that of the star, and can be even as the full moon, and not only one here and one there may borrow safety because of the light which shines from you, but thousands the world over will thank their God because by the light that you gave out they found their way safe home at last.

"Again, I take your thoughts on, for there are no limitations where man is concerned. Man is a child of God, and therefore there is no end to his power, no end to his opportunity, no end to his privilege. You can - by effort, by giving out, by thinking sweet thoughts - you can be even as a glorious sun.

"Oh, what man has to thank the sun-rays for! Health comes from that brightness; man owes so much more than he can grasp to the warmth, to the light, and to that which you regard as electricity. Think you of man without a sun, think you of this little world so dark and grey, think you of the sorrowful faces, of the weak bodies, of the rampant diseases. Thank God for the bright and glorious sun, for it is indeed a health-giver and health-bringer to the body, to the mind, and sometimes to the spirit as well.

"Think of this and allow your ambition to soar. From the stars you emerge into the light of the moon, yet the light of the moon is but a reflection of the glory of the sun which shines in the physical heaven.

"But what of the brightness of those 'suns' which shine in the Realms of Spirit? Is it not glorious that you are a child of the King of kings? For you can emerge out of your earthly representation; you can demonstrate your Divinity in the planes of light and among those creations which are hidden from your consciousness now.

"What are we here for? What are you in the earth body to work in and to work out? You are here, dear children, not as punishment, not as a victim of some angry fate, although I know that some of your lives seem hard indeed; you are not here to be treated by others as something less than themselves, you are not here to enforce your will upon those who are too weak to resist.

"Nay, you are here to develop your individuality, to release yourselves from that which binds you; you are here not only to show man that there is a life to come, but to show man that even as he takes his way day by day, hour by hour, he can create beauty and power and that which shall last for ever.

"So little of joy the earth life holds for some, so little of joy. The days pass, their monotony seems to chill the heart and mind. You arise at early morn and you know more or less what the day has in store, so you think - so you think. But you know not, dear children, what is going on in the life of the spirit, what is going on in the real self - you know not that by silencing the word of complaint, by doing your task to the best of your ability, you are creating the 'light' which shall safeguard your brother. And more than light, you are creating life, for out of light comes life, and out of life there is that which the mind of the body cannot grasp. Yet these things are held in the Heart and Mind of God, these things are built into the Planes of Spirit, something preserved, something harvested for the sweet by-and-by.

"So I come back to those who are hard beset at this time, and I say unto them: Be glad for the sake of the spirit within, be glad, for the little star which you represent in a darkened world is precious to many - aye, and precious to God. Soon, soon, the little star will extend its beams, the rays of light will not only illumine the path of those who are in your surroundings, but because light is of God, the rays of the star which you represent shall pierce those darkened conditions beyond the earth plane, and they shall arouse a slumbering brother, one who is dead to his higher self.

"And the next stage, as I have said, is brighter still. By the patience, by the withholding of the angry word, by the seeking of peace and all the beauty that lies within its folds, so, little ones, your light is enhanced a thousand-fold.

"Every ray that shines from you is blessed by the Master, every ray which you give out is charged with a holy power; and as time goes on, you emerge out of that which is the greater into something which is greater still.

"Did not the Christ example this in perfection? He was the Light shining in the darkness and the darkness comprehended Him not. But, thank God, there were the few who had a little light - and because a little light was released within them, so they comprehended something of that which was demonstrated by the Christ.

"And when the earth journey was o'er, when the mistakes, the blunders, so-called, were overlooked, they found to their great astonishment, to their exceeding joy, that that which they thought had gone wrong had been righted by the One Who loves us best. The little light which comprehended the Great Light was turned into the Light which faileth never.

"You, each one, have the same chance as Peter, the same glorious opportunity as Paul. What are you going to do? Are you going to throw away that which will mean all in all to you when the earth life is no more? Are you going to turn from the tests? Are you going to say: 'Not that, not that!'

"Oh, I entreat you to reason within, to allow the light from the Fount of Grace to shine down upon you and to make the path in front clear and bright once more; for whether in this stage or in the stage to come, you must be as a light that shineth in the darkness, and if at any stage you sorrow because the darkness comprehends you not, oh remember the Christ, remember His sweet forgiveness, remember His looks of love upon those who denied Him and the love He bore for them.

"The light shineth in the darkness, but if the darkness were not there, the light itself perchance would not be perceived. So you see the grace of God!

"Therefore I entreat you not to relax your efforts, not to lessen your haste upon the way; I entreat you rather to rededicate yourselves, to work out again and again not only the mistakes of yesterday but the mistakes of long ago; yet not with sorrow, but with a great joy.

"Light within, light without - the greater Light which shines from Jesus the Christ mingling with your light, giving unto you strength, courage, and a thousand things beyond your consciousness now. And drawing you, by the power of its loving rays, up and up and up, until at last as a pilgrim freed from self, you take your way by choice back into darkened places. Your light shineth in the darkness, and if the darkness comprehendeth it not, oh believe that because you come with the power of Christ, in time, in time, the darkness shall comprehend you, and a little of light shall be brought to those who dwell therein.

"Oh, I would that this truth could be forced upon the physical consciousness. It matters not to God what you do, in the sense of its importance or lack of importance - what matters to God is whether you do your part to the best of your ability. Nothing is common, nothing in the nature of toil is 'low' in the Mind of God.

"I want these thoughts to be placed upon your heart and mind, I want you to honour the work that you accomplish, I want you to see in the mundane tasks opportunity, sweet opportunity, to demonstrate the Divinity that is caged within, and to realise that as you take up this and lay down that, lo! you are indeed as a star shining in the darkness, and in time the darkness will be lightened because of that which you have done.

"Sweetness and peace, these are the vibrations today; sweetness and peace and comfort like a great cloud is descending upon you all. Comfort over your daily woes, comfort over your heart¬aches, your losses, your many disappoint¬ments, comfort for you each one; and the greatest comfort of all comes in the thought which I have tried to explain today - that out of that which seems to have gone wrong, out of the strivings and the apparent failures, so light in greater measure has been drawn to you.

"Thus I say in the Name of God that all is well; thus I say in the Name of Christ, go on. And I can promise, by the power of the Holy Spirit, that the strength for the going on shall never fail.

"Remember the Great Source of Light, and remember that because you come from Him there are no limitations, no restrictions, nothing which can stand between you and your high ideals; and more than that, nothing that can be strong enough to stand between you and God's Will regarding the Light that shall be your own.

"Rejoice in that thought, and hold fast to the staff of faith and trust which He has given unto you this day, and will give each day as the years go on.

"Farewell, dear children, but we shall meet again. "

John Chapter 1, verses 1-9

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. The same came a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe. He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light. That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

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