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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Bromley, Kent, on Sunday, 21st July, 1946.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Saviour Christ, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"MY CHILDREN, in these times of much reasoning, when the mind of man seems to be stimulated by the events which have passed and the problems of today, it is wise to meet together and to consider how each individual is drawn into the great Scheme of Life. And it is with real joy that I come into your presence because I know that there are those gathered in who are interested not merely in themselves, but in their part in helping to release humanity from the bondage which has fettered it to the past.

"It is an important point to remember - that tradition, that old habits and rules, have their place, but also they can be something in the nature of a chain to certain minds and certain temperaments, who are so held by the views of their forebears that they cannot individualize their own thoughts. I think if you asked the majority a certain question and received the answer and then said: 'Why is it that you hold those views?' you would find a confusion of thought. Many would say: 'Well, that is the general opinion.' Others perhaps would say: 'That was the attitude my father and my mother held, and I was brought up to think that way!' And in regard to religion this is very understandable. But the point we have to realize is that religion cannot be separated from Life as a whole or from human thought, because through the evolution of the soul there is drawn in, in many guises, some not easily perceived, that element of religion which will be recognized as such when this short stage is over.

"So, my children, I want to speak to you today upon: 'The Life's Work of the Aura'. You are all interested in the subject of the aura, but the majority regard it from a purely personal point of view; they like to question: 'What does my aura look like? How can I improve it? Why is it that some people have a far finer aura than others?' All reasonable questions and prompted by interest in the subject. But tonight I want to go a little further than that, to draw your thoughts to something which relates to you and yet concerns Life as a whole, because you must remember that not only individuals, not only the flowers and the animals, and the many other forms which you recognize as 'life', not only have all these their own auric rays, but also those inanimate things which you take as a matter of course. For instance, your books, your furniture, even your garden paths. They all have very positive auric rays which, in turn, have their influence upon the sensitive make-up of human beings, of children before the mind is mature, and also upon the animals and the Little People.

"You see, we are getting rather far away from the purely personal element, and yet it is infinitely more personal to you than to know the exact colours of your own aura, for all Life is one, and it is impossible to separate legitimately the different parts and portions of Life. We know that the scientists, the thinkers and those who have made a study of books, are always trying to dissect Life, and they are able to do this to a certain measure, but later on they will find that that was the physical aspect alone, and we today are dealing with spiritual Truth.

"So in the first place let us consider the auric rays of certain branches of education. We are not only thinking of the schools or the colleges, we are thinking of the great school of Life; and you, my children, are examples, according to the views which you hold, of the influence of the auric rays not only from people but from things.

"As you know, the reading that you favoured when you were young had a certain repercussion upon your views. There were men and women who were brought up in religious households and taught instinctively to love the Lord Jesus Christ, and then as they grew older they were attracted to certain scientific books put together by those with great minds, not only of your own nationality but of other nationalities; and those books, by the very merit of their cleverness, had a deep influence upon the mind which was not really set into the true mould of spiritual understanding, and great damage was done.

"There were many who supplanted faith not only by doubt but even by ridicule; they were no longer satisfied with the records in the sacred Book, they discredited the miracles, they even discredited the life and teaching of the Holy Master! And they thought it was 'progression'; they said that they had emerged out of the simplicities of youth and taken upon themselves the maturity of an age which had made a study of the mental processes of man.

"It was a great pity that those so easily swayed by the furniture of words could not follow the 'career' of these great thinkers. And I would admit at once that they had extreme ability, they were able to present human facts in so attractive a guise that they deceived even those who were regarded as experts. So it was that such as these were led to supplant humanity and the sympathies of physical life for that which they named science, or to control those attributes by scientific knowledge. But as I said, they were not able to follow the career of the afterlife of those clever people who, without realizing it, had come under the auric vibrations of disembodied souls who had lost their way.

"Remember that there are many mental guides seeking to find instruments today. We do not despise them when we call them 'mental' guides; but if you have spiritual knowledge you are brought face to face with the fact that the mental make-up is a very trumpery thing in comparison with the release of the real mind connected with the Divinity that is within.

"And I ask you to pause upon this thought, because there are so many discouraged by their own mental tools, or by the use they have been able to make of those tools. They look with envy upon the clever ones, the ones who seem to be regarded by others as authorities on this and that; but I want to give them a word of warning, because they are not able to follow the career of such as these; they do not see with their physical eyes that the mind of the body can become literally a prison-house, and the door is barred to the revelation which God intended that even in this limited state, when the flesh holds you so fast, should be within the reach of each and everyone.

"Yes, those auric rays sent out by educational movements are vital to you and to the coming generations, and if your eyes were opened you would be able to see - even from the books you hold - extraordinary manifestations of the personality of others, not only of the writer, but of the ones who influenced the thought of the writer and, more than that, of those perchance who handled the book. You see that even 'reading' can represent a danger if the heart and mind are not linked to God, and if there is not a true comprehension of the limitations of human thought and also a comprehension of the wide ramifications of knowledge which are open to man as he progresses through the Spheres.

"So, dear children, immediately you think of the Life's Work of the Aura you are taken not only to the mundane things of physical life, but to the influence that even a tree may have upon you, or the house of a friend, or the garments that you touch and wear made by other people, and in addition to all these there is the past to be considered, and the future.

"I want you to take very seriously the subject of pre-existence. So many people cling to the earthly stage as if it were all that Life had to offer; they also regard physical birth as something of tremendous importance and physical death as a catastrophe. It is simply because their sense of proportion has not been trained by true knowledge. So I ask you to try to grasp the fact of pre-existence in many, many worlds before you were ready to inhabit a physical body. You have died to innumerable states to be born again into innumerable states; and when you came into the earth world you simply died to the stage before, to be born into this; and when the time comes for the transition, again, it will be merely a question of death and rebirth into another world with a different kind of body.

"But here we come at once to the importance of the aura, and I want you to realize that your make-up today, your attitude of mind, your sensitiveness to certain things or your lack of sensitiveness is, as it were, a map of the past. You may say: 'I have faults which I do not like!' But I would reassure you: the moment you realize that there are discrepancies between your physical and your spiritual self, you are progressing.

"The man who is in an almost hopeless position is the one who thinks that there is very little improvement to be made in him, judging by the average. These people have to wander in mental loneliness for a long span after the physical body is discarded.

"But in regard to your aura now and your present make-up, the mere fact that you may have a weak body, or perhaps not so able a mind as you desire, is no indication of failure in the past; and I would emphasize still more that the misfortunes which beset so many souls are not an indication of wrong-doing in previous lives in other worlds. That theory is one that has tortured many a humble striving soul, struggling along with a burden far too heavy for the physical make-up, but borne with patience by the strong spirit within.

"My children, you have indication of this truth in the lives of great people way back over history, and I use that word 'great' in connection with character, for that is the only presentation of greatness which is possible to us. You have the saints and the martyrs, you have the pioneers, those who started on great adventures and suffered for their enthusiasm. It seemed to others that they made unnecessary sacrifices, it seemed to some - of their time - that they were in the nature of a nuisance, they had got out of the beaten track, they caused all sorts of mental disturbances, they had aroused the people from the spiritual coma which they were in, and the price had to be paid.

"So although you may not regard yourselves as among the 'great' people, you are really not in a position to judge, because greatness is revealed on the pattern of the aura, and very few of you have sufficient spiritual sight to witness either your own aura or the auras of those around you; if you had you would not be entrapped so often as you are.

"Many people are taken in by a pleasant manner, by a seeming generosity of mind; many, to their cost, see their young ones being called away from the path of duty by that fatal law of physical attraction. If the eyes of the young could be opened and if they could see the conditions around that one as they gain a sway over them, they would be horrified, and their one wish would be to get as far away as possible from such an enemy masquerading as a friend.

"So when I say that there may be people gathered in this night and many who will read my words, who in time to come may be counted amongst the saints and martyrs, you need not reject this as illogical or lacking in commonsense. You yourselves may be amongst them, and I turn to those who have had hard lives, difficult problems to solve, heavy responsibilities and, perchance a body which has not had that vitality which would have made things so much easier for them. Many seem only to flounder along the way. When they were young they had high hopes, and ambition like a glorious flag drew them up the steep hill of labour; but circumstances proved too much for them. And now today, in looking at their present conditions, they feel that if they are not actually failures, well, they have failed themselves in many respects. But again I say, they are not in a position to judge.

"I want each one to realize this fundamental truth - that quite unconsciously, hour by hour, penetrating through the tabernacle of the flesh, from your real self there are important auric rays pouring out upon the conditions and upon all those who are in those conditions. Some of you might think that a magician's wand had been at work if you could see what happens when real sympathy springs up from the heart and mind one towards another, or a practical expression of compassion. Service is rendered by all sorts of people in all sorts of ways as a matter of course; in fact, it should be regarded as the law of life because it is the law of progression. But the one concerned - the tired mother, the weary worker who stops to give a word of cheer, the one who sympathizes over a material loss or with the absence of one who is loved, how often does it occur to them that from them beauty in an indescribable form in human language is pouring forth, streaming out on either side like a fountain of Everlasting Life?

"And you cannot kill auric rays; they can be impinged upon, they can be imprisoned, even as the wild flowers have been imprisoned by buildings. Many stand with amazement as they look upon the wreckage of that put together by man, and see the miraculous way in which for hundreds of years life in the tiny seeds has been imprisoned in the earth beneath. I want you to consider this parable, because it is of infinite importance to the whole scheme of things in this world and in all the spheres. You cannot kill Life! Man, by the exercise of free-will and through force of circumstances, can so imprison it that it appears as dead; but once the encumbrances are removed, because there is life in the seed, beauty springs forth for the education of man.

"Perhaps I have taken some of you far away from the everyday round of physical life, and yet if you consider my words you will find that everything I say relates to mundane life, to the little tasks you do, to the uncongenial toil, to the cleansing of the house, to the repairing of the garments, the going through the store of food with anxiety, for the hungry little ones who soon will be running in and you must satisfy them. Yes, it comes back to the personal, and I want you as you take your homeward way not to despise little things. You see, you do not understand the power of the auric rays. You look at a flower and think how beautiful it is, and a moment later your attention is distracted by something else; but that impression of your thought is left upon its aura and, more than that, the mere fact that your sensitiveness has responded to the beauty of the flower has brought to your aura a finer kind of beauty, fragmentary though it may be.

"Then in regard to your thoughts; sometimes, when in a brown study, your eyes suddenly meet the eyes of a stranger passing by; almost unconsciously you register that there is illness there or something wrong with the mind or the soul. Yes, there are thousands of people who send out a thought of sympathy, to be forgotten a moment later by them. But the passer-by has caught that auric ray, and you cannot say as to the measure of the life and strength of that ray which has reached him from you. The act was seemingly unconscious by the mind of the body, but conscious by the mind of the spirit.

"It is a vast subject, and tonight I can but touch upon it in outline, I am here to give you just these few thoughts which I hope will sufficiently rouse you so that you may find some interest in following the avenue entered just a step or two. You are meant to educate yourselves, you have within you the gift of God - Divinity - and in Divinity there is all-knowledge, all-wisdom, all-power as well as all-beauty, for that fragment of God is perfect, even though It may be but a fragment; and man's part and portion through the various stages of Life in the many worlds through which he has been and in the countless worlds through which he will progress, is to gain room for the expression of the fragment of the Divinity gifted unto him by God the Father at creation. You who are gardeners have found that your plants need light and air and room. Sometimes over the years a tree has been the obstacle, but once its part has been played it is removed, and you notice with joy increasing forms of life, either in the vegetation or in the flowers you cherish.

"This Law relates still more vitally to the Divine Spark within you. If your eyes could bear to gaze upon it, it would seem to you not only as the brightest star, but as the brightest sun, and from that fragment millions of rays are trying to find their way through the dense material casket of the flesh, yes, and through the soul-body as well, because with many the soul-body does represent a great barrier to the expression of the real self within, for it is untutored, untrained, undisciplined by the exercise of man's free-will.

"So I want you, if you will, to focus upon the thought of the Spark of Divinity within you radiating a greater number of rays than the earth mind can grasp, and all those rays have their separate service to perform. It may seem baffling to you, but when you pass out of this stage of limitation and enter even the next stage of Being, the majority of things there will seem to you utterly bewildering. You will be in Fairyland, in a Land where miracles are wrought every moment.

"So it is wise to strain your imagination now, to get it into something of training by exercising it. And remember that you are a son or a daughter of the Most High, and your present state represents a state of extreme limitation, yet a state whereby the release of Spirit consciousness - and this can be done only through observing the law of service - by the release of Spirit consciousness you can not only seek revelation but attain it.

"My children, my time has sped, but I want to come amongst you, for I see the auric rays of all of you here. Your lives are as open books to me, and I say this in all humility, because Spirit sight is a gift from the Father, it is not something which we can claim by ourselves, it is something so essentially associated with our Divinity that indeed humility holds our being as we think of the wonder of God and His amazing generosity to His own creation.

"And forget not this: man is only one form of Life, and it is not for anyone to say that this form of life is more important than that form of life. Each form of Life has its own place in the great scheme of things set into being by God the Father, and they are all manifestations of His thoughts, although not in their present guise, for there has been the exercise of free-will, and the evolutionary stages have brought in their train that which is a distortion of the Holy Plan.

"My children here understand me and they are giving out love and sympathy as I pass among them, and no harm shall attend the medium for the cloak of protection is folded around her. And I want you to understand that the things which are possible for one are possible for every one gathered here and for all those who will read my words.

"I ask you to consider over everything in Life - over your going out and your coming in, over the tasks you do which you like to do and those from which you shrink - how the auric rays are springing forth from the Real Self within, and then by the exercise of spiritual free-will to ensure that each day shows you one portion nearer to the Divine Image in which you were created, that each task that is undertaken, humble though it may be, is another step in the right direction.

"And when you are free from the body you will not mind all the differences of education, all the social distinctions, all those dissimilarities of mental and physical make-up; these things will seem to you so trivial in comparison with the one fundamental fact - the development of character, the use you make of your one talent and the use that, perchance, your friend made of his dozen talents. For remember that the scales of justice never waver. The man who loses from a material or a physical point of view in this stage surely must gain Hereafter. The one who snatches, sending down the weights of the earth in his own favour, finds to his horror that the things of the earth perish with the earth, and that which he might have had to bring him the Bread of Life, is missing in the great Life to come.

"So I bless you with the desire to exercise your thinking minds, not to go with the swim or to argue: 'Does it matter?' but to realize that the things of the earth are of the greatest importance in relation to the things of God, and that man's free-will can hinder God's plan or bring about its speedy fruition.

"I bless you all in the Name of All-Wisdom, and I pray the Father that there may be many gathered in who will pursue the path and, having learned themselves, will pass on of their knowledge and save their fellow men the weariness of suffering when this short life is ended for them.

"Peace and again peace, and the blessing of the Most High rests upon us! This night there are those gathered in who will meet in the realms of Spirit, not only their own guides and helpers, but the teachers from the higher spheres.

"Farewell, my little ones, we shall meet again!"

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