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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle on Saturday, 2nd November, 1929

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"SAVIOUR CHRIST, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"MY LITTLE CHILDREN, you have been drawn into these conditions to contribute to the holy power required upon the earth plane, and if it is the Father's Will that you take in turn, remember that you, as Spirit, can function for this short time free from the body of flesh, free from the physical mind, and God blesses this communion, this gathering together in His name.

"There is much that I am commissioned to pass on to those who seek to know, but there are many, alas, who are so unprepared. They seek, it is true, but the spirit of dedication, the spirit of sacrifice is absent. When sight is made their own, they see that those who seek without dedication and sacrifice betray the God within, and it is a treachery which must be worked out in time to come.

"I speak thus sternly, for indeed there are those who know not the power which is used at these gatherings, who know not that God gives unto the faithful that which is of Himself.

"Remember that one day you must go back upon these hours and then you will see that the Presence of Christ was gifted unto those who gathered together; and in the measure that you did not rise to your great responsibility, in the measure that you forgot to give out from yourselves, so grief must hold you, for this Communion is holy as God is Holy.

"Tonight, dear children, I am directed by the Holder of all wisdom to speak unto you upon that which I name: 'The Life of a Flower, the Life of a Tree'.

"I want you to try to grasp the meaning which I seek to convey in the language of your little world, but to remember always that spiritual things have no parallel upon the physical plane. We cull words from this one and that, seeking to portray the truth, but indeed only a faint representation of that which is true can be passed on, for the language, the symbols, the representations are gathered under that which you name the seeming, and reality - God's Reality - is held for a span, until by work, by effort, by giving out, revelation is made our own. Still it is mine to pass on to the mind of the body fragments of the truth which is of God.

"Think you as to this. You know, in a measure, the life of a flower and a tree upon the earth plane. Some of you have marvelled over the workings of Nature. Some have seen God in the unfoldment of leaf and blossom. Others, in spirit, have knelt with humility before the great Creator as they have examined the little seed, and realisation has come as to the life held within that speck. Those you name the scientists, the thinkers, the probers, they have taken the flowers, the leaves, the fragments of grass, and, putting them under that which you name the microscope, have seen something of the creative power of God.

"These things, dear children, are symbols of the great, the comprehensive processes of life which were in operation before the earth plane was brought in use as part of the purpose and the plan; again, they are indication in miniature of processes of life which go on in those conditions which you name Spirit. And I am here this night to seek to unveil something of wisdom in its God-like form.

"Little ones, there have been those on earth, instructed by more highly evolved Spirits than themselves, who have passed on something of truth regarding the flowers and the trees. They have probed an inch, as it were, into the conditions surrounding the tree and the flower, and they have discovered that these creations have that which they name 'soul' or 'sensitiveness', a higher consciousness than they ever dreamt could be associated with Nature, which - forget not - is under the control of man. This is an indication, in part, of the history of that which took place in time long past.

"I take you back to the Sacred Record. In the book of wisdom - the wisdom gifted unto man - is the story of Creation in parable form. There outlined for all to read is the sacred Word of God, in the measure that man could grasp and understand. In time long past, so the lesser creations were placed under the guidance, under the control of the sons and daughters of the Most High. Yet, as you know full well, wilfulness, the turning away from the light and the cleaving to the darkness, wrested from man his great and glorious gift; and time was, upon this little plane, when Nature was stronger than man; yes, and even today, Nature, unharnessed, uncontrolled, is stronger than man.

"The life of a tree, the life of a flower! Little ones, it is difficult to portray this truth unto you, yet it is mine to explain. In the days of creation, from each flower, each plant, so healing in perfection poured forth. From the flower, from the tree, so music in its highest form was given out; aye, perfume, fragrance, strength - all those gifts which you associate with the loveliest and the best.

"Man was given dominion over Nature, over the beasts in the field, over the creeping things, over all life - under God; yet involution, the breaking away from the holy law, the taking and not giving back, all these things contributed to the hindrance of the holy plan. I would that you hold this thought in mind, for even as you go your daily way, even as I speak, it is possible for the individual to interfere and hinder the holy plan.

"Through seeking that which was the second best, so sorrow came upon all creation, so the realms of light were forsaken for the half-light, and so time came when darkness held the children of the Most High, and even as one, Paul, said: creation groaneth together (Rom. 8:22) through the hindrance of the holy plan.

"The life of a flower! So short it seems unto you but the life of each little flower is for all eternity, and way back in the great unfathomable past, so God gave unto man beauty in the form of flower and tree; and one day, released from man's bondage and man's weakness, Nature will again assume something of its beauty, something of its power, something of the miracle which it represents.

"Think as to your own lives, think as to the long, long past. When God created man in His own image, joy filled the Father Heart. Picture unto yourselves the attitude of the Lord God Creator of all. Out of Himself, so creative power was passed into His Creation - unlimited, pure, perfect as that of God Himself. Yet time passed and the plan was hindered and well nigh wrecked. But because God is God, the Holy Spirit, even as a life-line, holds humanity in its extensive measure, and out of the suffering and the weakness a little strength was raised; and in time to come once more as God's children we take our place in the Kingdom of Creation.

"All flowers, as I have told you before, have their own conditions, their own sweet vibrations. Around each plant is a little world which represents, in miniature, its part in the mighty scheme of things. From the tree the man or woman with consciousness can gather much. The axe reveals the earth history, but for those who have the gifts of God, no axe is needed. As we stand beside the tree in the forest, something comes as to the history of that tree long before the earth condition, long before what you name 'the stage before'; and by the gift of memory, so is revealed the beauty, the power and the protection which Nature has afforded, and which is its part for ever and ever.

"Little children, when those who have passed from the earth plane come back and wish to portray unto you something as to the glories of the home in which they find themselves, cannot you understand how they are held by earthly language in describing the trees and the flowers, the sweet sound and the glory and the colouring which is all around, how they are baffled when trying to pass on to you that which is the truth? Yet it is God's Will that you should allow your imagination to soar and to try to visualise the next stage of the flower which you hold in your hand one day and which, the next, is cast upon the rubbish heap.

"Take the rose, with its sweetness and its power - the rose which has the influence to draw out the love of others: The fragrance of the rose lifts the mind above the earth and earthly things; and from the fragrance of the rose those with a measure of consciousness can breathe for a second something of the sweeter conditions of Spirit. Yet it is mine to force upon your realisation that the beauty of the rose and its sweetness represents to us that which is loss indeed. In the stage to come the beauty held by the rose is enhanced in the degree that it gave unto others; yet, again, the beauty of the rose is enhanced in the degree that through the selfishness of those upon the earth plane it was prevented from doing its part in earthly conditions.

"Responsibility to the little rose! Responsibility to the life to come of the sweet and fragrant flower! Man was given dominion over Nature, but again and again even in these so-called enlightened days, so by the carelessness, the lack of sensitiveness of the individual, creation - God's creation - is mishandled and the purpose and the plan is hindered once again.

"Little ones, hold fast to this thought, for as I speak I know within your minds is remembrance of the beauty of the rose. Yet to us, as we hold it - and in the degree that we have sought to serve God greater consciousness is made our own - as we hold the rose, so within each petal folded fast is that which you name 'Spirit-power', Spirit-power from whence comes all beauty, all fragrance in everything that has life, in everything that has being.

"How can I portray unto you the wealth wrapped in the petals of the rose, the life hidden within the stem, the healing power which the leaves hold for each and every one? As I unfold the petal of the rose not only fragrance is released, but that which you name music and a thousand things beyond your consciousness now.

"The tree with its stately branches, with its strength, with its power of protection, the tree upon the earth plane is lovely unto you, and in the degree that it brings joy and happiness and protection to the children of the earth, so in that degree is it beautiful to us. The trees in the realms of Light have much work to do for God. Think you as to this: There are those upon the earth plane, bound by the physical mind, making a god of intellect, who pass into the next stage bound in very truth. They were satisfied with that machinery which is so limited unto us. They thought there were few who could teach them, and thus it was they learned so little. Such as these, when the body is no more, hold the same attitude of mind, and those you name the guides are powerless to release them. Yet Nature in more God-like form can do the Father's Work.

"Children, there has been many a so-called scientist, many a man, many a woman who once delighted in the gifts of the physical mind, who have stood shamed before a little tree in the next stage; for, borrowing the sight of those who delight to give, they have had revealed to them something as to the history of God's 'lesser' creation.

"Can you grasp, little ones, that which is sight to us? We look upon the flower and we look upon the tree, and naught is hidden. The present processes of growth are open before us, the ground hides naught, and within the roots of a tree even on earth is hidden a knowledge too stupendous for the mind of man to grasp.

"The life of a flower, the life of a tree! So we come face to face with something of Reality; so our littleness falls from us; so our pride and our folly are seen for the childishness they represent. Within the roots of any plant upon the earth plane there is a knowledge hidden which would baffle the mind of man to grasp; indeed, the physical instrument could not hold it, for it is keyed to other things.

"So I draw back your thoughts to your own position, to your own attitude of mind, to the privilege, to the opportunity gifted unto the children of the Most High. Forget not that in time long past each child of God had power to create life in its lesser form; and when we have learned by sacrifice and service, when we have emerged out of the prison-house of self, so once more, because we are the sons and daughters of the Most High it shall be ours to create life in the manner that we wish; yet before we can do this we must have penetrated into the worlds which surround the objects of our desire.

"Patience and work, suffering and forbearance! There have been men and women going through the earth stage - unhonoured by anyone, classed among the so-called uneducated, having few gifts of the mind - who when the earth body has been cast aside, have found within their reach the power to create for God. They were rulers over naught upon the earth plane. They were ruled and controlled by others, many were despised; but out of their sufferings, out of that which they sought to do - treading the path of duty - when the physical garment had been cast from them they were rulers over many things. They had drawn back something of their Divine inheritance, and they had gained dominion over Nature in the measure that they sought to serve their God.

"Little ones, perchance I seem to speak in tones that are stern this night, but I am looking into the future and the past is open unto me. I see in the future that because the lesser voices will be listened to by the vast majority upon the earth plane, so sweet opportunity will be cast from them, and it will take time unthinkable to you, centuries so named, before such as these can draw back to them some of the powers which God meant should be their own.

"Thus I speak in urgent tones, and I entreat you who have the opportunity of knowing and understanding, to pause not, to allow not the things of the physical, the things of the mental to hold you back; for the time must come when shame will hold you and your humiliation will be complete if you scorn the steep road, the simple yet difficult road which leads to the wisdom of God Himself.

"Oh, ponder upon my words! When you are far from these hallowed conditions - hallowed by effort and suffering and sacrifice over the past - when you have passed from this little room, take in your hand the little flower, and seek to grasp something of that which I have portrayed.

"Over time unthinkable the flower has had life in conditions hidden from your consciousness now, and over all eternity the life of the flower - beautified, strengthened, purified - will go on for ever.

"Responsibility is all around, responsibility because we are of God, because housed within us are those same glorious powers - in miniature though it be - God-like powers gifted unto us by a generous Creator, but we bury our talents, or we abuse our gifts, or we forget to render unto the Giver the thanks which are due to Him. And thus it is over the past man fell from his high estate; thus it is that Nature on the earth plane is beautiful and dangerous; thus it is that the storms and the tempests, the avalanches and the eruptions take place.

"For the earth plane was brought into being by that worked in or shirked in the stage before, and your home in the world to come - which you are building up even at this moment - that again will hold much of beauty, but much that will cause your heart to ache if the sacrifice is only made in part.

"Oh think, dear children, ere I pass from you in this sweet way, think as to those realms which you name 'Spirit': God-power all around. In the flowers, in the conditions, in the atmosphere above us and, thank God, in the garments that we wear, all is harmony. What is harmony but the gathering together of the sweetness, the fragrance, the sound, the feelings of those things and many others which you cannot understand: the harmony which is of God.

"The sweetness of the rose is indeed sent out on the conditions by an unselfish thought; for thought has colour, fragrance, and, again, a thousand things beyond your consciousness now; it is beauty in something of that perfection created by our God.

"Listen to the voice of the Spirit. Even as I speak, so, through the grace of God, these conditions have been opened wider and wider, and there are some here who are conscious of this fact. Why does the power come and why do we gather in those who know naught of sweetness, naught of life, naught of love? Because we are missionaries of the Most High, and those who once were gifted with God-like powers but now are more bound than that which you name the animal, they must be drawn in and taught and led, comforted, strengthened and recharged. The fragrance of the earth flowers brought into this little temple of peace has been taken out into their conditions, and the sweetness of the flowers brings unto them some consciousness of better things. Would that your eyes were opened and you could see them as I speak. The sweetness of the flowers brings hope for better things.

"Cannot you understand, little ones of my heart, why you wish to bring the flowers into these conditions? They can be used by God for the furtherance of the holy plan when their earth stage is o'er, and though blackened they may lie in physical guise yet, because they have brought to the spiritually imprisoned something of hope, something of light, their beauty shall be enhanced a thousand fold and the work that they shall do for God shall be trebled in proportion.

"Think again as to the life of the flower, of the trees, and the care and the love and protection of the Father over this, His creation; and then hold in your mind what you mean unto Him, and how sorrow fills His heart when by your turning from the way laid down, the gifts He longs to give cannot be made your own. But tonight the gifts have come. The power of the Holy Spirit has been bestowed not only upon you - you represent the point of concentration from which the rays go out - but the power of the Holy Spirit has descended in volume upon those many others, strangers to the light, and henceforth a little light shall be their own.

"God works in mysterious ways. The miracles that can be seen by human eyes are the least of those miracles worked in His Name.

"I place upon you all the mark of the Cross, and I ask you in the Name of Love to prepare for those things which lie in front. Sorrow must come upon the earth plane, but those who are linked to Christ shall know naught of sorrow, for their joy shall come in taking their gifts to those who have them not, and working in their part of the holy plan.

"I bless you with sight, and I bless you with the will to arise and to do your best. In the Name of our Father and Mother God I bless you; and if anxiety sometimes holds me over the future of some who could have the full light, then forget not this: that what is lost in one stage must be made good in another; and if in the next stage still wilfulness holds the little children of the Most High, yet we have the promise of God that in time to come each one will lay aside the gifts of little price and take up the treasure which shall never pass away.

"The Cross of our Saviour Christ protect you from yourselves now and in the days to come. Farewell, dear children, and remember that you have contacted with holiness this night."

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