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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Slough Christian Spiritualist Mission on 29th September, 1929

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Saviour Christ into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child...

"...I want you to remember that those who are free from the physical tabernacle can, by the grace of God, come back in this sweet way and, as it were, clasp hands with you who are still bound by the flesh. We see what must be faced by all. We know what life, in its real sense, represents.

"It is the Father's Will that you should have knowledge in part. But as you become aware, as you prepare your heart and mind, vision is opened before you - life as it is, health as it was meant to be, happiness, as it is God's Will, should be your own.

"When we pass amongst those who are cabined in the body of flesh, we see their desires for this and their cravings for that. We see how little satisfies them, and we feel sad. What do you know of Life? You may say that you are much troubled, that you have experienced the ills of the body, that you are faced with the anxiety of creating a livelihood for yourselves and others. That represents life to you. But I say that when the earth experience is no more, you shall go back upon the record of the past and see how you were deceived by the outward life. You forgot to probe beneath the surface and find the real life which ran on uninterrupted by the so-called vicissitudes of the day.

"When things go wrong, perchance those you love turn from you and betray your trust, when the body suffers sorely, when anxiety faces you day by day, that is only the outward. The life which is drawn out of these experiences is in those realms which you name Spirit. Sorrow today is translated into joy in that life which is life indeed. The worried thoughts, the consideration of ways and means make you feel chained to the earth. But if you had sight you would see that you had wings and could soar, for out of that with which you wrestle, power is built. Resistance, opposition, persecution and all other tests are a treasure to the soul who has seen God and who recognises Christ as his Leader.

"Therefore, I come to give comfort and explanation. There is a revelation for those who have suffered and yet wish to be strong. Life as you recognise it represents death to us. But death in the earth sense has no meaning at all to those who see and know. For a while they die, as it were, to beauty, to joy, to peace and to strength and health. But out of the bondage represented by the earth life comes the next stage which represents life in greater measure, joy in a form you might find strange and power inconceivable to the mind of man.

"When you were created in the far past, it was in the image of God. Each one was given fragments of His unlimited power. Sight, hearing, understanding, the power to do, the capacity to create. But by the abuse of Free Will we cast our gifts from us and the time came when, bereft of that which signified the God within, we trod the valley of desire and the hills were never climbed.

"Yet God is God. Do not forget that in other planets or conditions you have had innumerable lives and eternity lies in front. Because God is God even though man may cast aside his great inheritance, out of the suffering that he brings upon himself, that which was lost is drawn back. So it is that I can speak with joy to those who recognise the Master who is of God.

"Though sorrow may have been your portion in those lives which are hidden from your consciousness now, you learned many bitter lessons, you suffered many grievous blows. So with something of knowledge and something of explanation, you desire to blend your will with the Will of the Divine. The future is glorious indeed. Life as we recognise it in the World of Spirit is being prepared by each and every one. When the earth garment is cast aside, in a body which bears resemblance to the body you now wear, but glorified, charged with health and strength, God shall set you to work anew and you shall create that which is the Spirit's desire.

"Now we come to Spiritual health: 'Life, Health and Happiness' in the God sense. There are some who thank God that they wake morning by morning and feel healthy blood course through their veins, feel that they have the will and the capacity to live life to the full. Others envy them because perchance that same gift of health is not their own.

"It is God's Will that each garment worn by the evolving soul should represent perfect health. But remember that there are many brave souls in weak and maimed bodies. There are many courageous spirits who do not have physical health.

"This is not God's Will, but the abuse of Free Will by man in time long past. When man was created he was perfect as his God, and perfection includes all the gifts of the mind and all the gifts of the spirit. But by turning from the light, by seeking the lesser and forsaking the greater, so the garment that was worn was injured. When the individual cast the garment aside he found to his exceeding amazement that he was in a body less healthy, less beautiful to look upon and with powers less powerful than those which he had before.

"That is one side. Then we come to the earth condition. You know that you have the capacity to pass on to your children good and bad characteristics. The scientists have made much of this. Some have sought to trace man from the animal state and have satisfied themselves that they know everything to be known about the origin of man. But when they are free they will see that although man at one stage represented that which was animal and lower than animal, yet man came from God, he was created in the Divine Image.

"Men and women going through the earth stage, create physical bodies, characteristics of which will be passed on to other generations. Maybe the weakness and folly of the past have damaged that garment and the spirit which is anxious to continue the long journey of experience comes into a physical body that has been ruined for it by those who should have guarded and protected.

"Countless thousands today suffer with poor physical health. There are many with strong bodies who are damaging their soul body in a terrible way. They have physical health and strength but they abuse their gifts.

"There are countless thousands suffering, awakening day by day to pain. They struggle to keep up with the great army of workers who are building for the next stage the strength and the power which no physical garment could possess. Here we come to reality. Do not say to the sufferers: 'I pity you'. Say instead: 'In time to come you will be the winners; I congratulate you on the strength of the spirit that is within'. The spirit has chosen God, the desire of the spirit is to be as Christ.

"There are some who must enter the bodies damaged for them by their forebears. Who is likely to take on such a burden? Brave souls who have seen God and who do not flinch from the Cross and all it represents.

"Then I speak to those who have physical strength and who seek to draw down to them the rays of Divine health as well. How can this be done? If you are strong, give out your strength to those who are weak. Thus you demonstrate God Himself. For God, All-Strength gives and gives. His example is always there for all to follow. If your body is strong, thank God, then seek to do His work. Go to the weak and pass on to them the strength which is housed within the physical tabernacle. Then when the earth garment is no more you will find that you too have a soul-body glorious to behold.

"Why is it that the truth has not been given to man? Why is it that the shepherds do not lead the flock up the steep hill to God?

"Alas, so many have no light within. They go to the sick and to those in trouble and say 'God knows best'. Those who suffer ponder on these things, wondering: 'Are my pains of God Who is Love? Is my loss due to the One whom I am entreated to regard as Father and Mother?' Doubts chase through the physical mind.

"God is Love. Health comes from God. Disease, weakness, pain, that is man's own doing. Over the past, by the abuse of Free Will, suffering fell upon him and upon the generations that followed after.

"God is Love. Out of the pains which some must suffer, who reach out for the power of the Holy Spirit, comes that which is Life for evermore. God rectifies what we have done out of wilfulness and blindness and disregard for others.

"Happiness! What do you know of happiness? Of the happiness, the joy, the peace which cannot pass away! What do you know of true happiness, joy and peace? The happiness of the earth often hides the sleeping viper beneath. The young snatch at pleasure; they are not condemned because they do not know what lies within them.

"There are many who say: 'Enjoy your youth while yet you may, for time shall steal sweet youth away'. Yet we who are free seek to gather close to the young in order to safeguard and warn. I speak to the boys and the girls. What is your definition of happiness? Is it the pleasure of the few hours which brings weariness in its train; the clutching of something belonging to another which has to be given back; the drowning of anxiety in the lights and the noise of the dance hall? Remember that Christ is there even as in the churches dedicated to His Name.

"You know so little of real pleasure. The restless urge within to seek this and that distraction in order to forget - many call this happiness because they do not know the sweet joy of the spirit that is linked to God.

"I speak to the busy mother. Perchance she might say: 'I have no time for pleasure. My days are full of care. I must work and work'. I say rejoice! For although you do not know it, around you even now is a happiness which no one can take from you. You are building your spiritual home and if true sight could be yours, you would be amazed at the beauty of the conditions in your humble home. Christ is there! The Angels most high keep step with the tired mothers who seek to stem the tears of an ailing child. Happiness? Such as these are drawing to themselves the joy that has no end.

"Then I speak to the men who are immersed in business. God can be demonstrated in the humblest, most unpleasant task; in all that which raises such swift and fierce rebellion in your mind - the injustices, the hatred of the work at hand and the longing to build that which is your heart's desire. Be as men! Square your shoulders! Look up! What has happened? You are taking the rough road today so that tomorrow you shall see the beauties of the Spirit and the glories prepared for you by the One who loves you best.

"Remember the anxieties of the Master and His life upon the earth. You are blessed because your day represents strain and privation which is so close to that experienced by the Master Christ. There lies your link with Christ our God.

"You sorrow in one stage to joy in the next. Those who snatch the earth happiness now must sorrow in the life to come. But out of the sorrow in the next stage to that, joy comes back and all shall be as the Father intends.

"We are here on a great and glorious mission. The Truth we have! The sight we have borrowed! All is to be used for others. Perhaps you say: 'I have so little sight and I have not learned the theory of life as it was meant to be'. To such as these I say: All is well; seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you. The humble heart, the dedicated will, is a greater gift than that which you name clairvoyance.

"Remember that the desire to heal the sorrows of another, the will to go out and work for another when weariness holds you, in the sight of God is an achievement second to none. All can be blessed in the same grand and great equality. You are sons and daughters of the Most High, equally loved, equally blessed, equally surrounded by protection. Why weep over that which will pass from you?

"Life, Health, Happiness in the God-sense - all can be yours now. There are many around you who love you dearly. Can you feel their presence? What is their message to you? The same old familiar word: 'Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you'.

"Nearly two thousand years ago I trod the earth plane. There are those here who, thousands and thousands of years ago, went through the physical experience. There are no barriers where God is concerned. Spirit calls to spirit. Where the need is, so the disciples of old draw close. What does it mean? It means that you are linked, not only to those you love and honour, not only to those who made spiritual history, but the Angels of God. You are linked to them for ever and Christ blesses their spiritual work among you.

"So I entreat you to commune with the spirit within you. Do not push the truth from you, but face facts as men and women. What is it all about? You are a spirit with life evermore. Therefore, you must provide for your future. You must work today. You must take up your burdens. You must carry your cross and then when the physical life is over, joy, peace, health and life in the God-sense shall be your own.

"I would have every one of you feel the power of the Holy Spirit, sense the wings of peace - both within and without. Yet all those who work for God know that the only way to hold peace is by going where turmoil abounds and giving out peace to those who are in need. We who are free know that the health which is our own in so great a measure cannot remain unless we go to those who are bereft, those crippled and terrible to behold and try to help them release themselves from their turmoil. Then peace like a garment will enfold them once again.

"The time will come, when, free from the earth body, you will mingle with those still bound in a temple of flesh. Your one desire then will be to give of the life which is your own, to give of the health which you have purchased, to pass on the joy which God has bestowed upon you.

"The blessing of the Holy Spirit, the power of the Cross of Christ be upon you. Raise your hearts and minds and rejoice for to you truth has been given and henceforth you can be disciples of Christ. By the power of the Holy Spirit, under the direction of my Master, I bless you in His name.

"Never forget that we who come back in this way are dependent solely upon the Christ for power. Without His gift I must be dumb, indeed the instrument could not be mine.

"Through our Saviour Christ the blessing comes to all, take and hold and seek to pass it on. In the measure that you give of the Holy Spirit to others so indeed your own treasure shall be greater. We hold only by giving. Those who seek to restrict or restrain suffer the loss of the treasure as time goes by. Only by giving to others can you draw down to yourself the power which is of God.

"The Cross is upon you all. Feel its warmth, feel its strength, feel its health, its joy, its peace, its life. The Cross is the gift of Christ to each and everyone.

"Farewell, it is the Will of God that we shall meet again."

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