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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 23rd July, 1927.

"Beloved of our hearts, we come this night stretching out from physical things into something of the beauty of the Spirit, thrusting aside the mists which so oft surround the mind of the body and asking Thee to pour down illumination upon us so that we, in earth conditions, may yet dwell in the realms of Light; that those bound by the body may be conscious of greater power within, of greater understanding, of a wider grasp of the purpose and the plan...

"Oh, teach us how by the laying aside of the will, we not only can call ourselves Thy children, but indeed that Thou, as our Father, wilt bestow upon us something of Thyself. Grant, though the journey may seem long, that the star of hope is never obscured, that ever the twilight holds out to us the promise of a glorious dawn.

"Let us ever remember that with us, step by step, go those who have the long vision, those who have taken the way before; and that Thy little children, nothing doubting, casting fear from them, with happy hearts may continue in faith and trust, certain that Thy Love draws them on and that Thou art ministering to them direct...

"Father, we thank Thee for all Thy understanding and for Thy sweet, sweet patience which never fails... Amen...

"...My children, tonight I have called you together for a special purpose, that purpose which will be shown in the days to come. It seems to you that desire on your part and desire on the part of my little ones here, that that accounts for your presence here tonight. It plays its part, but I would have you send your minds beyond the narrow area of self, and to take in something of the power of influence, something of that linking up over the long past which, for a space, is forgotten by you.

"Never forget that the spirit within has had aeons of experience behind it; never forget that the real you not only functions in this world of sense and material things, but that the real you is capable of crossing many borders, and while the garment you wear is bound by physical limitations to the physical world, the spirit has its setting elsewhere. And there are many hidden from the eyes of the body who call to you by name, aye, and by that stronger tie of love, and you answer to them; they are the ones that matter most to you, they are the ones who for many, many years, have acted as guides, as guardians of that which is holy within.

"More and more I entreat you all to get the wide view and the long vision. You suffer today, perchance you remember the pangs of yesterday, but tomorrow you shall stand linked to the One who loves you best, and look back over what has been, and say with all your heart: 'God's ways are best'.

"This represents a mighty test to all those who, as it were, are bound by the thought of life on the earth plane alone. But, dear children, you have passed through uncountable conditions, yet each condition is as a birth; and in order to gain the benefit of that next stage, much is covered over in the way of memory; and that which you name imagination is used to explain, yet the explanation itself conveys nothing either to you or to your listeners, for the link is missing. You know not what lies behind those thoughts and feelings - that mighty building up which is only, in small part, connected with the mind of the body.

"I tell you all that within you - the real self - there is a vast store of knowledge, but if, as those births took place, you brought with you all that which is your own, then, my children, the little lessons of each stage would seem too puny for your attention, and because of that they would remain unlearnt.

"You are gifted by the Father with that which is of Himself, yours for ever; but experience - in the sense of treading the road yourself - that is absent, that is not there until you have laid aside your treasures and followed the path of the pilgrims who have gone on before.

"Tonight, I draw your thoughts towards the journey in front, yet I remind you that if it had not been for what the past has held, then the journey in front would bear a different aspect altogether. In a measure you have 'sight', in a measure you understand something of the purpose and the plan, in a measure your chains have been struck from you, and in a measure you have released the Divine within.

"And so, my little ones, I speak as to: 'Life Before that of the Earth Plane', and as to the next stage beyond.

"And by the direction of the Beloved of our hearts, I would show you that, in spite of all, in spite of those many things which seem so unnecessarily to have gone wrong, God's ways are best...

"Little ones, forget the present, aye, seek to blot out this little earth and its conditions. As seasoned travellers, accustomed to the steep climb, you have come out of that which, in a measure, has many things in common with this world, so familiar to your eyes; and I want you to concentrate on this point for it explains things which otherwise are hidden or which have become involved.

"This planet - which you call 'the World' - has been brought into being in precisely the same way as those conditions into which you will pass when the body is no more. Yet forget not this: That the Great Creator holds the entire Source of power to create, but we are His children and within us is housed something of Him, something of those many gifts which He possesses in perfection.

"Keep this thought clear in your minds. You have been told, and you find it quite easy to accept, that when the earth stage is o'er you pass into conditions which have been built up by yourself - by that which has been done or which has been ignored. You have been told that the one with the lowly heart, with the mind akin to the things of the Spirit, that such as these, whatever their environment on the earth plane, pass into the Realms of Light, that they find in their hands gifts and powers to bring into being everything that their heart desires or that the mind can conjure up.

"Yes, that is true, and the only thing I would emphasise in regard to this power, is that each one brings into being that which they themselves have released within. You, in your mind, have some conception of beauty, some conception of happiness. Were you able to materialise this, it would bring something so wondrous, so marvellously like God, that you would find it impossible to express the gratitude that you felt.

"But remember that when the body is no more, your conception of joy and of loveliness is infinitely greater than when on earth, and this applies to all stages of development. When the faithful servant of God is free from the tabernacle of flesh, it seems that unlimited power is its own, but as that soul gains further release from the memories of the earth and from any weakness that may remain, so its conception of holiness grows and the creative power with it, and this goes on for ever.

"Therefore, my children, it is logical, it is reasonable, and it is acceptable, even to the mind of the body, if I tell you that this little world - with its varied beauty and cruelty, with its freedom and its bondage - has been built up by God's children in the 'before' stage, and is the result of their strength and their weakness, their failures and their successes.

"This explains why in the material world before man commenced to till and to restrain, to cultivate and to harvest, that you get a riot of beauty mingled with that which you name the pitilessness of Nature, the preying of animal upon animal, man upon man, the devastating storms and havocs, the suppressed so-called powers of evil which, at times, the earth seems to release to the horror of all...

"I want you to get this wider view, for much depends upon your attitude now, as indeed you can see how much depended upon the attitude of the travelling soul in that before stage, in that 'world' from whence you came. Yet, remember this: That before each 'birth', in some cases, much time must elapse, and, again, before each birth, in all cases, those who are the tried servants of God minister in a sense inconceivable to the mind which you now use.

"So, my children, you get the similarity in the so-called Spirit World with the beauty of this little earth; and this little earth, again, is, as it were, a materialisation of the thoughts and the life of the individual in the last experience which was his own...

"It is difficult for some to concentrate on the whole, for, by instinct, the mind of the body, because it is physical, is concerned with the physical world. But in that past - and remember that that stage before represents but one span of the journey behind - in the past, in a way impossible to express in your language, there have been births and experiences over the aeons; for you were created by God in the Father's image, all-pure, with a wisdom, with a love entirely beyond your comprehension now.

"And when the body is laid aside, into one of the countless 'spheres', so-called, you will pass, and you will find the beauty of this little world transformed, aye, touched by the Hand of God, for out of your efforts, out of your heartaches, out of all those things which seem to have gone wrong, you have built a city fairer than the fairest spot that you can call to mind...

"This is your gift, but never forget that the strong soul, the soul who is linked to Christ, holds not its gifts but passes them on to others - passes them on to others. And this explains once more why the strong soul upon the earth plane has the hard lot, the dreary drudgery of physical life; why the strong soul - instead of being centred in those beauties which it created, in turn, with others during the stage before - stands aside and allows those who have neither spun nor toiled to have that which is the most desirable of all...

"My children, let not your minds wave aside my words, for this is God's truth. The stones on the roadway from which you shrink, they are your choice, for, out of the strength within, the spirit has fixed its eyes on that which is of God Himself, and the intermediate stages are there to be conquered, to be overcome. The spirit has its gifts, but, out of its kinship with Christ, holds naught for itself, but allows others to take of that to which, in some cases, they have contributed but little themselves... Pity those who have and hold, for, when the earth stage is o'er, indeed they pass into the wilderness - the wilderness built up by all that disregard of the cry of the nobler self within...

"This earth stage, so brief, is of exceeding importance, for it provides a terrific test: It is as the plane of temptation - think of it - the plane of temptation. And those in bondage, they look with longing on that which represents more chains, and they cling to their treasures, their possessions - the ministering to self in a myriad forms; and when the body is no more, they find that they gave away that which is life itself, they bartered the life of the Spirit for the things which are as dust...

"My children, in the 'before stage', you have all met and worked together; in that before stage you gathered something of experience, and many were ready to take the earth stage long before a body was available for them. And so, because the Father controls all things - yet, never interferes with the free-will of the individual - so the Father, out of His mighty Love, made provision that you could work upon the earth plane until a body could be provided for you.

"You have worked in scenes and conditions far from this little corner of the earth, and this explains why those have, as it were, flashes of memory as to other lands, as to brightness or terrors and persecution which have no place in the experiences which the mind of the physical body has yet been through.

"Each one has worked for God - worked for God in many parts of this little world, and thus it is when you, or they, enter a garden or a city not seen before by the physical eyes, sometimes you exclaim, and with truth: 'I have been here before!' You have ministered to others there, you have learnt the lessons of the earth life - aye, many of them long before the garment of flesh could be donned by you...

"And here we come to a point which one day will have to be faced by all, a point which, in these days of selfishness and shrinking from pain, is apparent on all sides: The unwillingness of the individual to provide the physical garment for the souls who are waiting to enter this most important stage.

"There are countless numbers, bound by self, listening to the voice of the shadows - aye, pandering to the desire for pleasure - who deny to others the physical garment, who evade their responsibilities, who plead lack of material means or physical strength. Such as these, when sight is made their own, will have to face those who were their flock, and in that day will see themselves as false shepherds in every sense of the word...

"Little ones, I know in regard to this, I speak to a certain extent against the physical mind, against those theories which you call your own. You argue amongst yourselves: 'Life is hard; thank God I am not responsible for bringing another into the suffering I have experienced myself'. Again, you think: 'After all, only a few are suitable for this particular form of service, only a few can produce strong bodies and sound minds. I will stand aside so that those who are born may have a better chance'. You argue in this way, and in many other ways as well; yet, my children, the purpose and the plan is that those in the physical world should provide the opportunity for others to take this stage as well as themselves...

"Oh, I speak to the vast majority. I speak to those who have turned from the Light of service to the twilight of pleasure and ease, and I impress upon them that in the keeping back of others so they have trebly kept back themselves.

"Little ones, I would not pass from this subject without saying in an unqualified way that God understands the suffering and the sacrifice entailed, but out of the stripes so the power comes - so the power comes. And the man and the woman who do their best for the little ones in their care, though they may blunder in many other respects, though their follies may be manifold, yet their thought for others - the work, the self-denial - that remains a possession imperishable, and sometimes represents the only spiritual power which is their own when the body is laid aside.

"I want you all to remember this: To some, perchance, the opportunity of motherhood and fatherhood may not come. To those who have this sacred instinct, I have words of comfort and reassurance. I speak to many. I tell them that around them gather the little ones, and at night, when sleep claims them, they carry on their work as mother or father, and God's will is done, and much gain is theirs when the desire is to reach the highest and the best...

"Oh, forget not this: There are no childless, and there are no orphans under God's scheme of things. The child who has not the baby in the family circle, that child has the baby in the sleep state, otherwise precious opportunity would be wasted and the preparation would not be put in. But as the man or the woman grows up, and inclination for this and desire for that holds the mind, so then the Father cannot interfere with the free-will of the individual, and thus it is that many a man and many a woman are as frozen rivers, for the ice of self binds them in.

"Yet these, when the earth stage is o'er, must go back on the neglected task, for the mother-spirit, the father-spirit, must be developed, if not now then in some condition to come. The father-spirit, the mother-spirit - all that is housed in the Divine within, and if it is thwarted, if it is crushed, then one day those bonds must be struck from them, for God represents the mother-spirit and the father-spirit in perfection, and we are something of Him...

"My little ones, I would emphasise this point once more: Never forget that the power to create life is part of your gift from God. The manner of creation during the physical stage is for that stage alone. When you pass hence, according to the release of the Divine within, you can create the beauty of the flowers, or you can set into being that which you recognise as life in the animal - aye, and in the babe.

"Oh, forget not this: That All-Life has bestowed upon us (James 1:17) - when we are fit to hold and to use - the gift of creating life in turn. Creative power, in its highest form, in all stages is Love, and out of the love within for those things beautiful in Nature, so - if your love is strong enough and pure enough - you can bring into being not the rose of the earth but the rose of the Spirit, representing a fragrance, a beauty and a power, impossible for you to grasp while the body binds...

"And now, my little ones, I go; yet raise your hearts to God for His stupendous generosity to those He has brought into being. Remember that God denies us nothing. According to your bondage you deny yourself again and again; according to your release you pass on of your gifts to others, for Christ, God - the great controlling, creative Spirit - holds naught for Himself. Everything brought into being is for His little ones, and He longs for them to be strong enough, to be wise enough, to have and to hold that which is rightly their own.

"That is God - Love, Love, Love. And we, His children, we must release within love as well, for without love we are as burnt ashes which represented once a bright and beautiful fire; without love we can neither warm nor comfort nor be of utility to others, for Love is the law of Life in that greater, wider sense - Love is the law of Life...

"And now, my little ones, I will leave you for a space. Concentrate on Christ, the Missionary of us all, concentrate on the One who loves you best, for He is training you, teaching you, so that in turn you may train and teach those who are ignorant as to the purpose, as to the great almighty law..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, as you wend your different ways, I want you to reflect over this evening, and I want you to focus your attention on the one thing which comes out pre-eminently over all, and that is the lavishness of the gifts of your Heavenly Father.

"I want you to hold in your heart the comfort that whatever the way, whatever your experiences, provision will be shown; that though there may be stones on the path, all around you there are strong helping hands; and as you step from boulder to boulder, so you are climbing, and so the strength within calls down upon you the greater Strength without.

"As happy warriors, do battle with your weaker self, for only in this wise can you do battle for Christ. Fight the enemies within - strike off those masquerading as sadness or depression, refuse to listen to the ones who point to sorrows or mischances in the future, bar the gate to all who advance unless in the Name of Love.

"And Love has countless aspects. Love radiates comfort, joy and peace, confidence and trust and faith. With love - the love of Christ in your heart and mind - you are stronger than the strongest force from the darkest plane. In front is the Cross, radiant, glorious, and behind the Cross the tender, smiling Saviour of the world...

"Oh, forget not this: Grasp the Cross, advance to meet it, for only in this wise can you get nearer to the One who loves you best, the One who can wipe away all tears, bind up the broken heart, heal the tortured mind. Only by advancing towards the Cross can you stretch out and contact with Christ...

"My little ones, I bless you with courage, with high endeavour; I bless you with trust in God. Let the future be illumined by the faith which is within, and remember that God's promises are worked out in the spirit and not only in the actual word. God's promises but wait for your faith to reach the right altitude so that you can grasp and make them your own for ever and for aye...

"Peace, little ones, peace. Give to the One who has given to you that which is beyond your comprehension, give to the Father your love, for love is faith and trust combined.

"And now I go. Goodnight, my little ones, and oh, forget not my words..."

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