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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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 An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Christmas Service held at The Greater World Sanctuary, 3 Lansdowne Road, Holland Park, on Sunday 23rd December, 1945

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"In the Name of God think of those things that shape all worlds, although at this time you can scarce perceive one tiny sign. Eventually out of chaos something of order was brought to pass. Those marvels from the physical aspect, superseding the darkness of the ignorance of the past, symbolise to all mankind a great and wonderful truth.

"Accompanying the chaos of the earth, from Nature's point of view was the bondage of the spirit within. Those born then into the earth conditions were in the training stages of the long journey of life. Yet they had reached only a very crude state that represented the darkness that had enveloped the soul.

"History reveals many instances when one with more strength than others, was called by God to act as a leader. In some cases the example of that leader had far reaching influence. But there were many setbacks and those leaders had everything to learn in regard to leadership. They were trained simply by a Voice that reached them out of the vastness. Sometimes they were certain as to their directions. At other times because a rain of criticism fell upon them they suffered sorely, feeling that they had made a mistake. They were prophets, but they were in a childlike state of understanding. Only infrequently could the Voice penetrate the density of the mind and bring to mankind something of guidance for the days to come.

"You are reminded of Moses and the wonderful work accomplished through that humble-hearted man. He was a reluctant leader who felt that he was not competent or suitable for the great responsibility that had been forced upon him. He would have gladly been excused. But the Voice of God was so persistent that there was no escape. Think upon this simple fact and you will find from studying the lives of some of the great ones who have left their spiritual mark on time, that for the majority there was no escape. It seemed that they were hemmed around by a set of circumstances and by those unseen who were determined that their footsteps should not stray.

"What of the question of free will? There is the free will of the physical mind and the free will of the soul. Those free from the flesh who have been given charge over someone in the body, co-operate with the strong, driving soul within; sometimes seemingly the steep hill to God is too hard.

"The sufferings of those leaders cannot be ignored. As spiritual leaders they led those around them out of the desert of ignorance towards the Promised Land. Recognise the discipline imposed, the raging jealousy that sought to stem their efforts day by day. All this provided that which was essential to purchase the power to obey God's injunction - Let there be Light.

"The Old Testament contains marvellous narratives of human suffering. Although you may pause with sympathy upon the persecution of the prophets, the despising of the pure heart and of those who had heard the Voice of God - although you may pause upon those wonderful illustrations of the strength of human character, you know that they were but tiny incidents leading up to something that would bring about in the world a reversal of everything that once had been held as law.

"Today you think of the Light of the World. Yet, before you reach the stage of kneeling before the mature Presence of the Christ, you are taken in spirit to the tiny Child, so helpless, so utterly at the mercy of man. God shedding His power, shedding His capacity to control man is come in the tiny form of that infant and you look with love upon Him because you know the journey the little Child had to follow.

"Those prophets of old who had leadership thrust upon them were grown men. To a degree they could protect themselves. Their minds were used to the barbs of envy and hatred that fell upon them.

"Now you have something entirely different; now you have from the very beginning in a little Child the promise of God fulfilled.

"How would mothers today feel if, as they looked upon their infants, so frail and helpless, they knew that such a one was chosen to be the Light of the World? Yet, each child that is born into this world is intended, according to the holy Plan, to be a little light-bringer.

"Try to visualise the state this world would be in if since the time of Christ every little child had been instructed as to his or her great responsibility. Today, the earth would be a Paradise. You would have no woes of the body, no sorrows of the mind and no terrible grief to tear your hearts. If only man had fulfilled his rightful destiny.

"But it is no good weeping over what is lost for you are here to see what can be gathered up from the fragments of life and effort and love gifted so lavishly by your gracious Father and King. As you seek God and love the Baby Christ, be comforted, because it shows that you accepted the responsibility laid upon you at physical birth. You promised to contribute your quota of light to the Light which is needed so sorely to scatter the darkness of this material plane.

"Some feel a stronger calling to service than others. Some wonder if they are made differently from those who find it easy to make the full surrender. Within everyone is the same measure of Divinity. It is just simply that one has struggled more to break the bondage that has held Holiness. That is the only difference and the only way there can be any difference between the children of God. But that difference erects a barrier of conditions.

"Sometimes when you speak to those who claim to be friends you are conscious of a sense of chill. Remember that division is due only to conditions and not to circumstance. Conditions are represented by that little world that God has gifted to you, entrusting you with the task of being its builder. That wonderful world is the aura which surrounds the physical body. Its strength or its weakness means happiness or unhappiness.

"Having tried to do your best but still feeling unhappy, remember that the body wages war against the spirit within. Do not be deceived, children of the Light, the happiness of the earth is not the happiness the real 'you' desires. The real 'you' desires it so earnestly that it is determined to allow nothing to stem its efforts or to interfere with its holy strivings to reach that which God has laid down for this lifetime.

"Be cheered at this season of the year. Focus your thoughts upon the little Child. Impress upon your minds that the Jesus you see portrayed in picture and in form, is a symbol to you of that which you have within - the Baby Christ. If you are afraid of the processes of growth, how can the little child mature?

"Mary, the holy mother, bore many things in her heart. She knew that such a Gift must exact a terrible price. But she had heard the voice of the angel and she realised that she must leave things in the Hand of God. So the little Child grew up and His childhood was not unlike your own. You too had trouble to bear and burdens you felt too great for your young shoulders.

"The conditions in the home were controlled by the poverty that knocked insistently upon the door. As the Child grew, He was put to work. There was little time for play for the poor in those days. Tiny fingers were set little tasks that would save time for the older ones. What is felt by those today, who see the beautiful workmanship turned out by willing fingers and eager minds, knowing that for the few pence exchanged they had created something that would last for generations.

"Picture in your mind the situations in that little home. Joseph growing old, Mary, with other children to care for. Each of them were partakers in the toil that continued from morning light until evening shade.

"Surely, your Heavenly Father understood that when men knew of the childhood and boyhood of the Light of the World, they would find marvellous links of sympathy. Here was not a prince of a royal household, nurtured and cared for over the years. In some ways He was an outcast, yet within that Child, by processes of discipline, gradually the Light was released that was to bring the Light to all the world.

"Sometimes you pause too long on Calvary. It is not one incident in the life of anyone that brings great Spirit Power - it is the daily round, the common task, the focusing of the mind on helping others, unsparing the body because their need is greater still. That is the only way to bring into this material plane the power that must be, so that the darkness, through that degree of light, may be mitigated by the light of sacrifice and of the effort that has shone upon it.

"This is a direct message for those who have had hard lives, who feel that they have been overlooked by fate. Having asked God for patience whilst going through suffering and finding that it is not forthcoming nor even the grace to bear the pains of the body, you are at a loss to know what is going on.

"You are being tested by the only process that can prove to be an effective test. Remember this when you ask God to take away your suffering, yet the suffering still goes on. Still you hold onto your faith in God. Surely this in itself expresses a strength and a power that illustrates for all to see that the Divine within is in command.

"Do not fear the tests. Those of you who have not experienced these tests be very fearful if you do not exercise all your efforts to mitigate the sufferings and sorrows of others. This represents a greater test than words can express. Those who are physically strong, surrounded by happy conditions feel that the direct rays from God's own sunshine is streaming upon them. They are deceived. It is only the sunshine of the earth and it represents an acid and a searching test. For the few who can pass through these conditions rejoicing in their happiness, there are millions trying to hold around them the rags of protection that seem to be falling from their shoulders through attack.

"You are always brought back to the loving Saviour of mankind. He was a prophet. How was He received? Those in authority sought to put Him to death, although there were a few who later gained an inner wisdom. But there were many untroubled by earthly ambition, for poverty and suffering were their lot. They gazed upon the loving face of the Master, they turned to Him, knowing that there was someone Who would understand and help.

"What of you who have had adverse experiences, who know how hard it is to resist the continued weakness of the flesh? There are those who, when trouble strikes them, remember you. They know that you will understand and can draw upon your strength again and again. When giving out the word of sympathy, that word of cheer, remind those who suffer that it takes practice to overcome suffering and still to keep on the upward way that leads to peace.

"Christmas is a time of jubilation, but not the jubilation of the earth. Its message is for the tortured souls, the lonely ones, those who seem to be forgotten by those who are better placed, and its message is charged with hope. They may not understand it, but they have accepted the responsibility bestowed upon them at physical birth, to be a little light-bringer. They do their part to obey God's mighty instruction: Let there be Light. God knows that until the Light has come, peace and real happiness and health for the body and soul, are impossible.

"Looking back on the great tribulation and all the horror of the darkness wrought by evil, we see that God's injunction was fulfilled in a wonderful way by thousands of souls. They did not understand, but within them was the instinct to do their best. They were the light-bringers and although they have passed on into a different kind of light than that which the earthly mind can grasp, they left behind them light for those who are as yet unborn.

"Perchance today, the change of the swing of the pendulum has come. There are always the snatchers, those who take advantage of the goodness of others. Once again the pendulum will swing back and history will reveal the lives of the light-bringers. The warriors were prophets in their own way because without knowing it, they revealed the truth. They laid down their lives for their brother man. Many of them had no assurance of that wonderful Life just across the narrow stream of death. All honour to such as these, for the light that shines from them shall illuminate the pages of history. Little ones being taught about the sweetness of sacrifice perchance shall find within themselves the desire to contribute their portion of light, as it is the Father's Will.

"There are so many gathered from the Spirit World seeking to heal and seeking to comfort. Realise that you are never alone. Sometimes in the darkness of the night when sleep escapes you and your inner strength seems at its lowest ebb, you wonder if your life is worthwhile. From a material point of view the answer may be that it is not because you have experienced so much trouble. But the Divine within you has sight and understanding. When the morning comes you are surprised to find that courage has returned. You take up your task although the body is weary and with astonishment, before the day is ended, you realise that you have done more than you deemed would be possible.

"Step by step each day brings you nearer to God, nearer to that wonderful Home that is being prepared for you. If your eyes could be opened and you could view that other little world of yours, that world of the aura, you would smile to think that anything so lovely could be made out of the ugly things of the earth. Those things of the earth that appear so attractive to the physical eyes are the grey patches of the aura. The gold, the blue and the rosy pink, which remind you of the radiance of the setting sun, are there because of your disappointments, your pains and even the unkindness of others and because you overcame the hurt and tried to send forth kind thoughts in return.

"You are wonderful weavers, hour by hour, minute by minute. Encased in matter you see nothing of the wonders that are going on. Yet I remind you again of history and how as you trace back through the Holy Book, you find that, little by little, darkness has given place to light. Those who contributed did not understand what they were doing, neither do you. But God has it all under His most loving Hand.

"Today you are brought good news. Nothing has gone wrong. The spirit within has seen the Star of Bethlehem and is determined to cross the dark desert and find the meaning of the Star, to kneel before the Baby Christ, bringing the offerings of a contrite heart, of willing service, of desire and determination to see the battle through.

"Once again in spirit we kneel before the Baby Christ, thanking God for this most priceless Gift and the life that followed. Thanking Him we lay upon our hearts the balm that it represents.

"The storms will beat upon for such a little while. Then the clouds will break, the sunshine of Eternal Love will be opened out to you with revelation transcending your highest hopes. All that you have gone through, every pain, will be justified. Then again in the spirit you will kneel before the Christ, thanking Him that the strength was given, and although you faltered you went on up the steep hill to the glorious end.

"We thank the Father for all that He has bestowed, for the honour of this mission that one day will be revealed to you in its wide ramifications. Out of little things great things have come to pass, but only by withstanding the assaults of physical life.

"Peace and peace again. May the golden Cross of Jesus the Christ be forever before your eyes."

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