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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Kingsway Hall, London, on 21st May, 1938.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"SAVIOUR CHRIST, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child...

"My children, indeed my heart is full of joy to come amongst you in this same way and pass on the blessing of the Most High! I ask you each and every one, to try to extricate yourselves from the things of the earth, to realise that the angels of the Most High have gathered in to minister to you direct, to give unto you your spirit's desire, and to thin the veil still further that hangs between you and the World of Peace.

"Tonight my words are full of cheer, for I know that there are some gathered in who are in need of more spiritual aid - they need help for the physical casket, and they find at times that the brightness of God's Love is overcast by the shadows of the earth. I want those who are being tested thus not unduly to reproach themselves, but rather to realise that through that which they are under-going now, in a happier time they shall have won the experience to come back to those on earth and break the clouds which shut out the sunshine of Eternal Love.

"But this day, my children, I am instructed by the Master Jesus to speak to you upon: 'Our Kinship With All Creations'.

There are many barriers - barriers erected by religion, by social standing, by colour, by environment, by a host of things which the enemies of the Light employ to make divisions between man; and yet so obvious it is that because we have one God our Father, there should be nothing strong enough to separate us from our kind, whether that kind is in this land of yours or relates to strangers far beyond your mortal ken. That is one aspect of our kinship, and I want to underline that knowledge of Spirit Return and Communion is going to be an irresistible force to break down those barriers between brotherhood which indeed wound the Heart of Christ.

"So we think on a little wider area, and we ask ourselves in what relation we are to other forms of creation. And you know, my children, that although man seems to be predominant and to hold the power, there is a vast life, a marvellous accumulated life beyond the bounds of humanity, as you name it. You have to consider the varied forms of Nature. There are also those many aspects of life which are not open to your human vision. So as you think of kinship with all creation, surely there comes to you some realisation of the controlling Love which links all life together?

"There are many of you who believe that your animals live on, there are some of you who have had the privilege of seeing (mediumistically) one of the kind you love so well, and you have rejoiced at the enhanced beauty, at the greater love that is cast forth from the pet you prized so much.

"But I want you to try to go a little deeper than that, I want you to try to realise that man, being as it were the highest form of creation, man being a son of God, there is vested in man a mighty power, and that power can be employed for good or, again, for evil against other forms of life.

"Think you of Nature as a whole. You see upon the earth plane, as it were, the materialised thoughts of God, but you know that in that materialisation there has been also the influence of man, and you realise that that part is responsible for the malformations, for all that in Nature which in turn is a menace to mankind.

"Now think you as to this: In the far yesterday you had life and being in other worlds and in other states, until the time came when the physical body could be made your own.

"But there is this to be taken into consideration: that man is a living soul and, because the gift of free-will is not interfered with by the Creator he has the power to create the next state into which he will pass. So as you look out upon this little plane you gain some explanation of the storms and tempests, of Nature in her dangerous moods, of those vast forests where once disease dwelt, and those untutored lands where still Nature seems to be the master of all concerned. These things indeed are the materialised thoughts of mankind on the life before the earth plane as lived by him! I draw in this point, however, merely to show you the saving Grace of God.

"Think of those who have left the comfort of their homes, who have been inspired to open up other lands. Blessed are the pioneers for that which they have done! They have passed through vast tracts, braving great dangers and enduring much disease; but through their heroism, so it has been made possible that in time, by the effort of man, those menaces to future generations should be overcome. In this is a wonderful promise of hope for us all, an indication of the mighty power that is housed within you to rectify not only the weakness of your own past, but to be used as a saviour, a rescuer of others.

"Think of those vast conditions where the children of God have congregated because they followed their own way and despised His laws. Think of the millions who have passed out after living a life of bondage while in the flesh. Surely it is a direct call to you today to be up and doing, it is a direct call to you from Spirit to undertake that pioneer work which in time shall set them free; and more than that - and so plain is this - remove the blemishes from future worlds to come, remove also the dangers and the menaces which still hold their own upon this plane of matter.

"Life is so much bigger than man has been taught in the past. You are here for a short span and many seem controlled by the flesh, but the flesh is merely a covering, as you know full well. But what you do not realise is this: the tremendous power which is housed within the Divinity that is your own! Today, through the Grace of God, there are many disembodied souls not only coming back and carrying on the Christ work on earth, but they are seeking to train those in the body so that they can be used to bring release to the ones in bondage, to those who have lost the road to God.

"Oh, surely as you look back over the little past, as you remember the time when you first began to understand the Divine laws which control your life, surely you recall the joy, the sense of amazement, the thankfulness to God that such a mighty provision had been made by Him. Yet that is but the first step of consciousness. That the one you love so well is alive and well, is good news, and you are wise to give thanks to God for this definite knowledge; but that is but the first stage, the first step towards that wonderful release of knowledge which is possible to you here and now whatever life may hold for you at this same stage.

"For remember this: once a man passes out of the flesh all those earthly distinctions and differences pass away, and as a living soul the individual stands before his Creator. It matters not what his social position represented when on earth.

"There are kings and queens of kingdoms that are not of the earth at all; and my eyes are opened and I know that gathered here there are many rulers of spiritual kingdoms, and indeed when the flesh is cast asunder their eyes shall see and rejoice!

"But, again I say, this is not enough. We are sons and daughters of the Most High, and because God is the Father of all, because there is no form of life which in its beginnings did not come from God, we stand as custodians of sacred trusts which so oft are denied.

"Now I ask you, dear children, in regard to those with the great minds today, those who have the high positions of authority: what does this represent if at the same time, being on earth, they are not extending their heavenly kingdom?

"There are men and women who, although they may deny it, are fallen angels, masquerading in the flesh. They may have around them those on whom they shower a lavish affection; but I ask you in regard to animals or children: what is the true aspect of a child of God in relation to such as these?

"There is no form of life - and I draw in the insects from which you shrink - there is no form of life from which you can disassociate yourselves at this stage or at any stage. You are not meant, little ones, to show weakness but to show strength, and in regard to your own little ones, I plead with you so that you may have peace in time to come, to guide their footsteps up the way to God, and to draw them back from those many phases of pleasure which in time to come will represent bondage to the real self within.

"But there are those here who may say unto me: 'Surely the young are entitled to happiness!' And I answer: It is because they are meant to be happy that I send out this plea to all who will read my words, to safeguard the young in the Christ way, and not in their own fond way which is an expression of weakness, because so oft the parents pander to the young in order to hold their affections, to buy with the things of the earth that which only should be purchased with the things of the spirit.

"There are so many truths embodied in this one truth, there are so many possibilities open to prepare now so that when the body is cast asunder it may be light and not twilight, it may be revelation and not misunderstanding, it may be service to Christ instead of being put back to learn the lessons anew - by safeguarding another from falling into the same pit.

"Now think you of your beloved in the World of Light. What of the little children and the studies they so gladly take up? Can you visualise the task of teaching little children how to penetrate the world of the flower, to understand the meaning of the aura which surrounds the kitten given into their charge? Cannot you see that sometimes the little ones have more knowledge than those who are skilled in the things of the earth?

"Where is the scientist who can analyse for you the life of the insect, or the tiny creature that scuttles across the field? Yet before you can enter into your sonship and daughtership with the Creator, is it not reasonable that you must learn something concerning these other forms of life, and is it not on these lines that we seek to send missionaries to other lands?

"You know that there are a few who have the same ideas as your own regarding the lot of animals that are under their care. With those brought up so differently and with such different standards of mercy, is it not the simplest and most direct way of teaching them, to send a missionary from these shores to give out the truth and to unfold the responsibility of mankind to other creations? Unless you can argue with the mind of man and give him good reason, you will not persuade him to show compassion and care to the animals in his charge.

"You have to come down to fundamentals, to point out that the life inside the animal is part and portion of the life inside himself, and in injuring that other portion of the Holy Spirit, surely such a one is injuring the Divine encased within himself?

"I ask you in thinking over the next stage and the next, not to have fear of the future or over your own part. You cannot all go forth to other lands, but you can do something which is equally blessed in the sight of God, you can combine in love and in thought with those who are the chosen missionaries, sent out as it were amongst material wolves, perchance to be slain, so far as their sensitiveness is concerned.

"Children, you cannot grasp with the mind of the body those marvellous qualities which are housed within you, but you can seek to learn about them, and to provide that as time goes on they gain a wider release. You are taught to heal the sick by prayer and the laying on of hands, you are taught equally to cleanse those who are spiritually sick, and it is far better to have a sick body, to have a maimed body, than to have a crippled soul (Matt. 18:8), for it takes much longer in your definition of time to rectify those malformations of the next body that must be worn.

"So tonight I come into your midst realising that the spirit of thanksgiving holds these conditions fast, but again I say that this is not enough for the awakened soul. You cannot say with truth that because you know God as a loving Father, you are obeying His Will if you exclude your neighbour who at this stage and time has not the same opportunity as you of understanding the Love of Christ.

"Spirit Return and Spirit Communion have been given to man essentially for missionary work, and I know that there are many here who long with all their being to be better missionaries, to have the power to raise the fallen, to comfort the broken-hearted and to give sight to the inly-blind; and I say unto you, my little ones, these instincts are going to purchase for you a spiritual treasure no earthly language can express.

"We look out on the world today. There are seemingly great inequalities, sometimes the brave appear to be beset by a host of opposing forces, sometimes the weak in spirit come under the earthly heading of fortunate so far as material things are concerned. Yet all these aspects of life are but seeming, the real life of the individual is built up upon motive, and when you are free, so, beloved, it will not be your mistakes that confront you, it will be the instinct behind them; and I say to many here who have thought that their good reverts to ill, that the joy bells will ring for them when they see the Master's handiwork upon the so-called mistakes of their physical life.

"So this night as we are gathered in, companioned by a great host of witnesses to the truth of Spirit Return, oh, surely there are brought unto you the sweetest tidings there could be. The lives of some of you may be hard, the little temples over which you have striven in the past do not progress as you have hoped and prayed, but that is only passing; the real temple, born out of your holy aspiration, is permanent in the ether, and in the World of Spirit you shall find it again with a beauty of its own - all the anxious thoughts transforming it with spiritual light, all the sacrifices building up within it a Divine power, and the temple shall be used for souls passing out in deep distress.

"Oft as I come back in this same way I find from the vibrations of some the desire for more earthly knowledge, for the probing into this and that, but I say unto you that disease will not be conquered in this same wise, that peace among nations will not rise from the physical mind of man, but only from a changed heart.

"And I want to emphasise to those who have suffered sore perchance through the weakness of their forebears or the conditions under which they have to live, that the only way to stem pain and to stamp out those awful complaints which assail the human body, is by going to God in prayer, when, after sufficient preparation, true inspiration shall be passed on from the Realms of Spirit, and man shall be healed through that which has come from the Throne of Grace.

"Oh, I speak not of the doctors and nurses who are true in any other terms but those of deepest praise - they are blessed, and blessed again; but I say unto the investigators that they have made a great mistake; the knowledge necessary for the alleviation of disease comes not from the things of the earth, but from the Realms of Peace, and many are proving this today.

"So as we think of our kinship with all creations, just for a moment I would draw your attention to those creatures of the wilds from which you shrink, the hideous insects, as you name them, which cause a thrill of horror to pass through your being. My children, they may be repulsive to your sight, but when they were created by the Father God they were beautiful and they had their own special use.

"Is it nothing to you, all ye who pass by, the sufferings of the lower animals, of those little creatures who have their home-life of toil and struggle, and yet so oft everything they have done is swept aside by a child's shoe? The child was not taught that such as these have their place in the great scheme of things, the little one was not to be expected to understand that the killing of insects for amusement would have to be rectified in another state.

"But as you know full well, there are those forms of life which in themselves are a menace to health, and the ones who destroy with compassion - and there are many - shall one day see that which was destroyed, bearing a different image, reflecting that mite of love that came and passed so swiftly in the accumulation of the things of daily life.

"My heart is full of gratitude over the Grace of God, over the knowledge concerning Divine Law which I have been allowed to pass on, but it is not enough. Many hear, but so oft they forget to apply. You, my children, are teachers, many of you, of the strangers outside the gate; you welcome them in, you show them the value of spiritual gifts, you are able to raise their fallen hopes, and give them courage again; but many of you find, like the Master Jesus, that so few return to give thanks to God. 'Where are the other nine?' (Luke 17:17). One comes back here and there, but many take the privilege of these same gifts as just another amelioration for their life, they do not know that each individual who has been helped by Spirit Return must render account to God before the field is cleared for his progression and his expansion in the Worlds of Light.

"So I want you all, you here who know how greatly man can be blessed, I want you all to take it as part of your own religion not only to seek to comfort those in such deep need, but to impress upon the takers that in taking and not seeking to return, they are indeed building up sorrow for themselves when Reality must be faced by them. Then they will see that by their ingratitude they have not only hindered their own progression but they have failed in showing their kinship with other creations, they have failed Nature, they have failed the beasts of the field, they have failed to contribute their part in building up beauty and security in the life to come.

"So I say unto you who are missionaries in spirit and yet seem bound by so many restrictions: There is no force strong enough to bind you to the earth if your thoughts wish to soar. Omnipresence is the gift of the sons and daughters of the Most High, and the mind of the body, which may be a useful tool during this stage, that, my children, will seem unto you a very poor tool when the mind of the spirit, released by sacrifice, can be used by you.

"There are some who, knowing of the gifts of the Spirit, use them for themselves alone, and the time comes when Divine protection fails because Divine Law has been ignored. Then there are those who exclaim with a loud voice: 'This is the result of Spirit Return!' But I say unto those ignorant ones: be honest, search your heart and mind, did Christ and His humility come first with them? And they must answer faithfully that desire to shine, desire to manifest these strange gifts, as it seemed to them, this alone was responsible for the damage that was done.

"You cannot, dear children, release by earthly means those gifts associated with your divinity. There is one safe way alone, and that is by work and self-denial, by carrying the burdens of others, by forgetting self. And I want you to be insistent when others deride and accuse, for indeed even as the words pass their lips they are showing their hypocrisy, for they have not the courage to admit that the laws of God have been broken in regard to sacrifice, humility and service unto others.

"But again we think of our kinship with all creations. There is not one man or one woman with an aching heart that is not our responsibility; there is not one suffering animal whom we can repudiate, there is not one fallen angel whom we cannot help. Oh, how vast is the area that is opening before us, but we want more and more who are missionaries in spirit!

"Those who take unto themselves Spirit Return and Spirit Communion for their own needs and repudiate the needs of others, they have much to learn, and they will suffer in time to come. Those who have the gifts of the Spirit and use them for material ends, they too will find that they have exchanged the pearl of great price for a mess of pottage.

"Oh, my children, is it not plain? The Master came into a body of flesh to pass on these great truths to man; Spirit Communion was indeed part of the great plan, and His example surely must be followed by each and every one in time to come. The need is so great, the responsibilities are overwhelming, God waits for you to do your part, for you to awaken to the marvellous privilege that has been made your own through the divinity that is within you.

"Have you slept in spirit, have you grown weary of the upward path? I understand, I know the strain, but you have forgotten the unseen helpers, the saints and the martyrs who also felt weariness in turn. They come back to you today to cheer you on your path, to strengthen you when you are weak, to open the mind of the spirit to the great link there is between you and every other form of life.

"You see in the flowers and in the great forests signs of man's handiwork, you see in the curbing of the waves, the riding over the storms, a tiny instance, the merest example of the wonderful power which in time shall be released within you, because you are of God, and no one and nothing can limit God.

"Children, as I come amongst you - and I know that there are those gathered in who have been faithful over the years - as I come into your midst in this same way, surely my message must be that you should bring in more workers for the Christ Mission, that you should concern yourselves with the destinies of others, that you should share the burdens of those who seem to be in utter darkness and find no light at all. You cannot say: 'My own life exacts too much from me!' As you continue your daily toil, as you tend your little children, draw in other workers, draw in the children of others, and believe, because it is true, that you are ministering to them, that you are sending comfort to those women who are as beasts of burden far from these shores.

"Is it not worth while? Cannot you see that out of your stripes there is being released a marvellous power; out of those opposing forces of the material plane, because you resist, because you do not wish to be swamped by them, something of revelation is being made your own? You struggle and then you fall, but you struggle again and again, and the time comes when you fall no more! This has a wide reaching effect on all forms of life, not only on this plane but in many other conditions as well. Because you have struggled, strength is borne to others to struggle too. What could be finer missionary work for you to do?

"So I bless you, with the power to give out more love, with a deeper capacity to share your joys with others and to be willing to partake in the sorrows of those who scarce can stand alone. I bless you with the power of healing which shall indeed pass through to the very souls of those in deep distress, and I say unto those who struggle on, those who are determined to see the battle through, that their awakening in the World of Spirit will be sweet indeed!

"Remember always, my children, that you do not find God through your physical mind but you find Him by contact from the Divine within with the Great Source of Life.

"Be not deceived by the things of this mundane plane; they shall pass away and leave not a wrack behind. But the good thoughts, the kind thoughts, the desire to serve, these things indeed represent the beauty of the world to come, and then you will look back and thank God with all your heart that no marred parts can be attributed to you. You may have blundered, you may have made mistakes, but as I have said before you are judged by God from your motives. And this again brings great responsibility to the holders of office in spiritual work. Let them give out the Truth, but let them also see that their motive is selfless if they wish to see that miracle of grace returned to them when the body is no more.

"So I bless you, and indeed, my little ones, it is hard to leave you. There are questions arising in your minds, there are those who feel that the fight has been over-long. They are the ones, the strugglers, who are to be congratulated that they have been found worthy to bear so heavy a cross, and their cross in the Better World shall be used as symbol and sign, throwing out beams of light penetrating the dark spheres, and many a wanderer shall bless their name.

"How wonderful is God! How simple is the Christ message! You are called to spread the Truth, beloved, but the only way to spread the Truth with power, is by sacrifice, by self-denial, by contributing of your very best; and when man does this, then man is filled with the Grace of the Spirit and can count the things of the earth of little worth. Then indeed there shall be shown upon the earth plane mighty manifestations of Spirit, the ones who were blind shall receive their sight, the ones who were lame shall leap with joy; and the ones who repudiated God, they shall be overwhelmed with the foolishness of the past and shall seek the Cross and wander no more.

"Indeed I bless the workers and I say unto those who have gathered in that there is not one act, one thought that will not be remembered by the Great Recorder, and will not be shown to them in time to come (Rev. 20:12). Let these be sweet anniversaries, let every day represent a thanksgiving - at morning, at noon-day and even through the darkness of the night, for in the darkness surely the Light of the Spirit is shown by the mere fact that men and women encaged in the flesh find the courage to go on and to hold fast their faith in God.

"There is naught that you do that can be outside the Divine Pattern if you seek to do your little best; and indeed there shall be rejoicing in heaven for many souls who are there, when their beloved on earth come home, because the home-coming will show once again that God's promises are kept. Those who sowed in the darkness shall reap in the light!

"Oh, I thank the Father that we have pursued the path for an inch or two. I have said before and I say again that the great Christ Campaign has only just begun. Think of it, the wonderful privilege, the marvellous opportunity, this represents. It is not too late for you to draw the stranger in, not too late to go out into the highways and by-ways and find the wanderers.

"The great Christ Campaign includes all forms of life, for those who are named men and women are preparing the way for the raising up and the release from bondage of strange forms of life which are hidden from your consciousness now, but are, as you say, in the nether regions waiting for sufficient power to be released upon the earth plane so that they can progress, so that they can take the upward turn at last, so that their end may be peace and sweet liberty for evermore. These things are hidden in the lap of time, but as you grow ready for it so shall be unfolded the so-called mysteries, and they shall make plain our kinship with all creations.

"May the blessing of the Christ be poured upon us on this sweet anniversary day, and may the conviction be stirred within that our star is the Star of Bethlehem, our course is through the desert of earthly experience to find the Promised Land, awaiting our swift approach.

"So I bless you all! Peace be with you, disciples of the Christ, missionaries pledged for service now and throughout all time to come. Farewell, beloved, farewell! In God's good time we shall meet again."

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