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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 24th May, 1925.

"O Divine Spirit of Heavenly Love, we ask Thee tonight to send down Thy power and strength, to make good the weakness on the physical side, and to recharge Thy child that the body may not hinder the spirit; but both may be offered up to Thee, willingly and gladly, because love dictates, and the desire to serve presses ever more nearly, ever more persistently, and will not be denied.

"Saviour Christ, Thou knowest all that we would ask. Thou knowest the needs of Thy children individually - those who are gathered here and those who are far away. Grant that they may feel Thy peace, and that the blessing which Thou distributes so freely may be tangible and real to them all...

"Today, O Father, once more we ask Thee to use us for Thy work; we ask Thee to give each one just that right poise of mind which may make the contact between those in the Spirit and those bound by the physical, complete and lasting.

"Into Thy Hands we commend ourselves; and we know that if we go on in faith Thou wilt send the power, Thou wilt renew the strength. Give us ever more and more consciousness of Thy protection, consciousness of Thy wonderful Love, consciousness that because the spirit within wishes to do Thy will, all else must stand aside. Amen...

"...MY children, we start a little over-weary tonight but - as you know and as I have shown you before, by God's direction - when the Spirit is in command that which is physical must stand aside. And tonight, because we have work to do, so we accomplish that which has been laid down. Send out your thoughts of strength, of faith and of certainty, and once more prove to yourself and to all who will heed, that the Spirit of God at work will not be gainsayed; that it is able to gather together the weakness and the weariness of the body and to demonstrate that because God wills, that it is as naught.

"Tonight, my children, we have work to do; but I do not wish you to gather from this that you have slipped, even in the smallest degree, outside my loving care.

"I speak to all my children where'er they may be - whether their thoughts are lent to us tonight or whether the things of material life have, for the moment, distracted them from God's great purpose, His purpose in demonstrating His Love for humanity, and the perfect plan which evening by evening is being unfolded to you.

"Never think, dear children, because I place 'the work' so high that it removes you into a lower strata, because, as yet, you are bound to the earth, bound to that physical body which now and again - unwilling though you may be - comes between you and the realisation of the wonderful Heart and Mind of God. When you get a little further on, you will see, with so much joy, that by concentrating on the furtherance of the work, I did but honour you as Christ would have me do: I laid upon you the responsibility - and the responsibility brings privileges which no tongue can tell.

"Tonight, dear children, heeding the request of one of my little ones (Miss Owen), I will attempt to tell you something about: 'The Kingdom of God'. Yet in the beginning you must know that physical language is totally inadequate to describe the things of the Spirit.

"Many mistakes have been made, and will be made, in regard to God the Father of mankind. In the first place, I must ask you to get right away from your idea of a monarch's position. Of necessity, you cannot think of kings without at once surrounding them with pomp and splendour, with power and much authority in regard to the lives of others.

"Children, the position of a king of the earth and the King of kings does not tally in any particular. And so, dear children, I want you to banish from your minds that sense of exclusiveness and the remembrance of all that furniture - physical, mental and material - which shuts in those who have been chosen to fill high places in a world which, in reality, knows not its God.

"Then, dear children, I want to say this: That the one who put this question (Rev. H. R. L. Sheppard) that he, during the sleep state, has wandered far and wide in the Realms of the Spirit. In the Spirit he understands what constitutes the Kingdom of God, and because it so arrested his attention during those journeys - so soon forgotten - so the mind of the body, catching a reflection of the greater mind of the spirit, sends out that query yet fears no answer can be given.

"Children, many there are who have asked of us and others: 'Where is the Kingdom of God?' or 'Of what is the Kingdom of God?' And we - instructed by our Master - we have taken them from beauty to greater beauty, from marvel to greater marvel still, and at each point they have thought or said: 'Surely this is the Kingdom of God!' But we say: 'Not yet, not yet'. And so the quest continues, and sometimes much, much experience has to be gone through before they are in a suitable condition in which to grasp something of the splendour, something of the beauty of the Infinite Mind of Love...

"Children, at this point I must try and explain that those spheres or planes - which you refer to for the most part in a figurative sense - that these, as some know well, are but conditions - conditions of holiness, or conditions which as yet cannot be called holy, because those who dwell therein turn from the Light to the darkness, turn from freedom to a hideous captivity indeed.

"From time to time, I have tried to explain to you that the physical world and the spiritual world are undivided; that it is impossible to say where one begins and the other ends. Indeed, they are so weaved together that in some cases the physical is directly a reflection of the spiritual, and in God's good time will be made the spiritual without any distinction whatever.

"When those on earth - in order to convey degrees of progress - use such terms as the first or fifth or twelfth sphere, they are trying to interpret in words what cannot be described in words at all. You see, dear children, we are all handicapped in the same way. There are 'conditions' which we are most anxious to describe to you - to portray to you in imagery - so that some realisation of the Mind of God may be your own. And in order to do this, we are forced to choose words and phrases which will convey something to your physical minds - something which you will recognise - and that is as far as we can go until spiritual sight is your own, when words are no longer necessary, their support no longer needed because - again in miniature - the eyes of the spirit have seen something of the Glory of the Lord.

"Dear children, I do not wish to destroy anything in regard to those planes and spheres which you have heard a little about. Such descriptions are essential, and they give as fair a representation as it is possible to have while still bound by physical limitations. But there is one objection - and this to us is of a somewhat serious character.

"As it were, the inference creeps in that these various spheres and planes are separated one from the other; that there are spiritual distinctions just as on earth there are social distinctions; that those who are farther on are centred in such holy conditions that indeed space divides them from the child-like soul in those spheres which you grade as the 'lowest' - that that void in between is there in very truth, as unbridgeable as the gulf between a king of the earth and the beggar who creeps along the streets...

"Children, I have had a little trouble here because this point is so important to impress upon you; and you know that when I am trying to break down barriers in the physical mind, a certain amount of opposition from the shadows has always to be met and overcome. Still we go on.

"Tonight, it is my endeavour to show you that although those in the Spirit may be divided by conditions, separation - as separation - does not, and never has, existed. Those who have learnt their lessons more quickly than others, those who have found within themselves resources, determination, and will to find God; those whom you would describe as the 'Angels of Light' - they indeed are but nearer in love and in patience and in understanding - than the child of the earth, buried in materialism, buried in all those thoughts which block out purity and holiness and truth...

"Cannot you see what I am trying to impress upon you: That the greater one's capacity for doing the will of Christ, the nearer we grow to reflecting - in a fragmentary way - He who is Love itself. As we try to follow in His steps, so also we try to do His work. We seek out those who have strayed; we travel far in thought in order to companion those who, it would seem to the world, are outcast from all that holiness represents.

"Never think, dear children, that because you hear that this one or that one has penetrated into a higher and more glorious sphere - never think that he is separated from you, or that you are divided from him. Still, as you must know, like calls to like - and sympathy of thought and aspiration dominates both the spiritual and physical worlds. And so it is that sometimes the children of the earth can be helped more easily by those - who have passed out of physical life - who, as yet, have not attained to those heights of spirituality to which your thoughts and hearts ever go out with such deep longing.

"Children, in that last sentence, you get the key to the whole so-called riddle of life and death; of physical and spiritual experience. If in your minds there is a desire for holy things, there is that love and admiration for those who have got a little nearer towards the Christ-ideal than you yourself have been able to reach, then, because those thoughts are in your mind - instinctively, without any barrier in between - those who are the most experienced in the Land of Light love to gather to your side as friends, as companions - not as dictators, not as directors in the earth sense - but as companions, as most understanding friends they come to you, and they abide with you as long as the need and the desire remain.

"You will see, dear children, what I am trying to convey. I am hampered tonight, and always, by the gigantic readjustment which has to take place in your physical minds when I attempt to describe that which is in the Mind of Love...

"It would be incomplete if I did not draw your attention to another point which perhaps you may have forgotten; and that is the domination of the Spirit in physical life. In this material world of yours, the Spirit of God dominates and controls. And although there may be those who refuse to recognise its guidance in their lives, yet even they, when they are free from the body, will look back and see that in spite of their destructive thoughts, in spite of their most destructive actions, the Spirit - if not able to hold its own - yet still controlled many of the events of their earthly experience.

"You see, dear children, from this, that I am trying to show you that this physical world of yours is not divided from any of those spheres or planes except, and only, by the thoughts of the individual concerned.

"It is strange to us, that so many who read with delight and great devotion the sacred records of the sayings of Our Lord, can, at the same time, relegate the spheres of God as something which have to be waited for, and which cannot be penetrated into so long as physical life remains. Tonight then, yet again, I ask them to reread those portions which relate to the Kingdom of God, and to try and gather something of the inner meaning which The Master endeavoured to convey.

"Children, in no instance will you find that the Kingdom of God is described as a place. Using various similes, it is likened unto this and unto that; a condition is described - a mental and a physical condition - and anything which could be termed a 'place' is rigidly excluded.

"You see, dear children, that it was impossible, as I have told you before, for The Beloved to speak to His listeners of things as they were. In the first place He was hampered, just as everyone has been hampered, by the lack of similarities in physical life, and the inadequate nature of the words at His disposal.

"And I want you to remember also, that although, in endeavouring to convey some impression to the physical mind, we liken the things of the Spirit to the things of the earth, yet always the things of the earth are but a crude manifestation of the things which are of God. The things of the Spirit get not their reflection - in any particular - from the things of the physical world; for there is nothing in your world which - being rightly interpreted - is not a crude reflection of one or other of the many marvels which are of the Spirit.

"So, dear children, I come back, after going rather a long way round, to tell you - so far as it is possible for you to understand - where and what is the Kingdom of God.

"Children, be careful in your thoughts regarding those many edifices which are in the world, constructed to symbolise the home of God. I speak with due consideration of every aspect of this great subject - and I see, and I say, that there is an element of danger in the importance attached to those edifices and their many requirements.

"Yet, dear children, I should not be portraying the truth, if I did not explain that in those 'houses of God' - so-called - if the hearts and the minds of those who worship therein are as sincere and as pure as may be - or, at any rate, if the wish is there to be sincere and pure - then those buildings, those walls, do indeed contain a mighty force, a mighty power of the Spirit, which is used by God again and again, in order to help those who, as yet, have not found that same strength within.

"You see, dear children, it is rather a delicate subject; and yet viewed under the Light of the Spirit it is simplicity itself. As you know, in the Father's House - and the word should be 'home' - are many mansions. And that means that being the Great Parent, not only does He understand the individual heart and mind, but also He has provided many channels through which His children may find Him, unimpeded by those distinctions of thinking which make such barriers upon earth.

"Therefore, dear children, it is quite easy for you to sympathise with all forms of worship of God. You look at things in the reasonable, commonsense way, and you know that anything that is a help in raising the heart and mind to God - that anything which is able to do this - is precious in the sight of the Father. Yet when you come here, you will realise, dear children, that all unconsciously, at different stages of the earth journey, you took on this and that support, but as you grew stronger you were able to lay them aside, and, finally, to walk in your own strength into the Father's Home.

"It is in this connection that I would give one brief word of warning: Whatever the edifice may be, whatever the method of worshipping God, take care - take care that not only does God come first but that His second injunction is not overlooked: 'Love your neighbour.' Anything of the world, however beautiful it may be, however associated with holy memories and with sacred incidents - these things will be shown as obstacles between you and the One True Light, if that injunction is overlooked.

"You see, dear children, how I am trying to get things into their right perspective. These buildings, devoted to the honouring and the worshipping of God, are sacred in one sense and in one sense only: By the help they were able to give to the struggling soul, by the fact that they provided a vehicle through which this one and that one were able to find his God - but not more - not more.

"Never deceive yourselves as to this. Beauty of raiment or ornament or architecture, to the Mind of Love, is as dust itself in comparison with the salvage of one poor soul. Yet forget not my words. Some there are who are helped by the outward semblance of beauty - it enables them to visualise the beauty of the Life Hereafter - and because of that it does its part; but again I say, not more than that in the sight of God.

"Children, all unconsciously to yourselves, I am getting you a little nearer to understanding something of the Kingdom of God.

"I ask you once more to go back to your Sacred Record - to the example of the Great Lover of all. Children, do you remember the incident when The Master bathed the feet of His tired disciples? Keep that thought in your mind; and then recall my words in the beginning, when I told you that a monarch of your world and the great Monarch of all were not alike in any particular.

"You see, dear children, what I am trying to convey: That the Lord God Almighty, Creator of all things - that He who has not only created this little world of yours, but holds uncountable worlds and states in the hollow of His Hand - His attitude is the same today as it was in the beginning, and will be unto the end. The Father, the Christ, the Good Shepherd, lays aside His Glory and His Power and tends the weary children of the earth, not as a concession to Love but as a demonstration of the Love which is yours and mine for ever more.

"You see, dear children, when viewed from the earth's standpoint and from the spiritual standpoint, how different things are.

"And now I bring you a little closer still to the Kingdom of God, and I ask our friend (Mr. Sheppard) - who is inspired with the desire to serve God to the best of his ability - I ask him to ponder over my words, and to allow the spirit within to decide as to whether or no what I teach portrays that which is Love Itself.

"Children, the Kingdom of God is not in those distant heavens; the Kingdom of God is not reserved for those experienced travellers who, to you, seem to have worked through so much that you feel separated from them in every sense there could be. The Kingdom of God is not in any given place - not centred in any of those bright spheres which you long to hear more about - but the Kingdom of God is in the actual presence of those two or three who are gathered together in His Name. Yes, and in the heart of the humble worker - the one who does her best, unaware of the reward, unconscious of even the first threads of the pattern which she is working out in such beautiful design - there in the unselfish heart, in the pure and simple thoughts, there is the Kingdom of God.

"Children, within you all, you have the Kingdom of God - within all those who have been created, there is the Kingdom of God. But alas, in so many it is veiled and shrouded, so blocked in by the world that the owners perceive it not. Yet, where the Holy Spirit has entered in, there is the Kingdom of God, there is that which is sacred indeed - not built of stone or wood; the precious ornaments are missing; bareness and poverty often the surroundings - but where simple goodness reigns, there is the Kingdom of God; and because it is His Kingdom, God indeed is centred in His own...

"Children, I want you always to take that practical, commonsense view which, in its best sense, so nearly represents the spiritual; and I want you to think over the life of Christ on earth, to meditate on His holy teaching, to try and build up in your minds some conception of those gigantic truths which He sought to unveil to a world which understood Him not. I want you to balance all that with the little explanation I have given tonight, and to for ever cast aside the idea of a monarch in an earthly sense; to remember that God wishes you to visualise Him in your daily life as the Friend in need, as the One who never fails, as a Companion as well as a Guide, to whom the word 'dignity', as you understand it, is unknown...

"Once you see with the eyes of the Spirit, the only dignity that has life in it is that of service; once the hearing is attuned to the voice of the Spirit, those things which represent power are seen for what they are - very often weapons used by the destructive forces, not only to cause distress to others, but far more to damage that which is of God within.

"So, dear children, I leave this thought with you, and I want you all to try and get something of the inner meaning which lies beneath; I want you to try and penetrate just one step into the Mind of Love, and to think over His attitude towards His creation. I have told you before that the beauties of Nature are but a pale expression of the beauties of the Spirit; I have told you that the most perfect rose which the world has ever shown is but a poor drab thing in comparison with the beauty of effort, with the beauty which is created and which will last for all time by simple thoughts of love and sympathy towards others.

"Yes, out of the endeavours, out of the thoughts of His children, God has built up the beauty of the so-called spheres of Light. That beauty is not far removed from you; it is in your presence now and has been and will be. Blind the physical eyes may be, but the spirit within recognises that which is its own.

"So tonight I tell you that everywhere you go there is beauty, there is a definite expression, not only of Spirit power, but of the Holy Spirit itself. Ugliness is of the earth but beauty is of God, and so because there are portions of your little world which, by their squalor and neglect, are pitiful to look upon, so the Father has surrounded that which is of the earth with the beauty which is of the Spirit.

"My children, we have had several little things to contend with tonight, but as you know it has never been my rule to give way. Once you acknowledge that that which is antagonistic to God is strong enough to divert you from your purpose, then indeed are you striking at Love Itself. And so I bid my children go on; and you shall find that we have done better than you imagined, and that those concerned contributed their part, though nerves may have suffered a little in the process.

"My children, I leave you now for a little while, but only for a little while. The personal messages must stand aside tonight because I am anxious to leave upon your minds a deeper impression of the wonderful thoughts which are in the Mind of Love for His little children, who, as yet, understand Him not at all. And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, in spite of conditions, we have done well tonight; and I want you, when this intercourse is over, to put on one side feelings of weariness or of physical discomfort - and to rejoice that, indeed, we have worked through.

"My closing words will be brief. Once before, dear children, you were told that in this little room the Throne of God had been built up by Love. You were told, also, that where no church or chapel stands that those in the Spirit could see the Light of God reflected back to them from the earth. These two incidents just round off my instruction regarding the Kingdom of God...

"I want you never to forget that God is, and can be, reflected in any physical condition you can imagine; in the midst of the most sordid work; surrounded by those things which in themselves are a repudiation of holiness - there, in the heart and mind of a loving child, God can be seen, and God can be reflected to others.

"Keep things in their right perspective. Never allow your viewpoint of the things of the Spirit to be shaded by the standpoint of the earth. Remember that you are trying to understand, and, in turn, to interpret, something of the wonderful Love of God - and earth standards are hopelessly inadequate, in many cases are diametrically opposed to that which is of the Spirit.

"There is much I could say in elaboration of points which, of necessity, will arise in your minds on thinking over my words; but time presses and I cannot force things too much tonight. Only believe that if you wish to think with the mind of the spirit, unimpeded by the mind of the body, God will give you understanding over every point which may not be clear to you at this stage...

"The Kingdom of Heaven is within, and the Holder of that Kingdom is by your sides, claiming that which belongs to Him; yet only claiming that which you willingly and lovingly can offer. Oh, remember that, dear children, that although God's gift is within, although He stands waiting to claim His own, yet because He is God - All-powerful, All-creative - so He waits for your love to prompt you - waits until willingly and without reluctance, you can hand over into His safe keeping that which He longs to possess; for only by your willingness and your love can He protect you from grief, can He show you the short direct way into the revelation of what Love means...

"And now I go. We have used the power provided by the Understanding Mind - we have used it all, but we are strong in courage and determination and endurance, for God's grace and protecting care has been around us, and on us, in a way no words can explain...

"Thank God, dear children, thank God for all His good gifts and for that mighty Love which never fails... Goodnight, my children."

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