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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at an Anniversary Service of the Central Spiritualist Church, Brighton (Note-taker: Margaret Hoare)

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"SAVIOUR CHRIST, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child. Amen.

"My dear friends, it is indeed with joy that I greet you once again; and I want to impress upon those who regard me as a stranger that you know me well when sleep claims you. And thus it is that those of whom, perchance, you are unaware, have influenced you to gather here tonight and to join with me in worshipping God. For mark you this: Those who have known Christ, those who have banded themselves together for His service, they come back into physical conditions for one reason only - to teach the children upon the earth plane how to worship God.

"Let not others distract you from the great, important object of that which you name Spirit Communion and Spirit Return; for there are some masquerading, as it were, in sheep's clothing, who seek your downfall, they seek to mar the purpose and the plan. They would say unto you: 'Treasures I bring to you; see how glorious they are!' And those ignorant of spiritual laws, they snatch and would hold, and many forget that these belong to God.

"Dear children, there is much that I would impress upon you, but time is brief, so the message of the Master must be condensed. I am directed to speak to you this night on that which I name: 'Keeping Faith With God', and I want you with patience to bear with me, for in time to come you must go back upon this meeting and you will recall my words with joy or with sorrow, according to that which you sought to do or that which you forgot to work in.

"Keeping faith with God. This night you celebrate that which you name the anniversary of your work. Soon upon the physical plane there will be the commemoration of that great epoch, that day of days when the Saviour of the world was sacrificed by blind and foolish man. Indeed it is of anniversaries that I would speak; but I would draw your attention to this fact, that although those upon the earth have this day and that day for certain events, to us who are free it is so obvious that every day, nay, every moment is an anniversary in spiritual life - in the spiritual life of the individual, of the nations, of the world, of the many spheres and conditions about which you know so little at this same time.

"Anniversaries. They are with us when we forget as well as when we remember, and I want you to think as to this: Dear children, there are those upon the earth plane who know not truth as truth is. Such as these are not willing to consider the simple message which I bring, but the message shall be given forth, because the Master so directs. I have taught those who cared to listen, that life - your life and my life - commenced long before the earth plane came into use for the Divine purpose and the plan. I have taught my children something as to the stage before the physical, and I have warned them that the stage before the physical was simply the stage that followed after the one before that. There have been stages uncountable, innumerable; but they relate to facts, events and conditions which you cannot grasp while the body binds.

"These things are true. Man was created in God's own Image, and way back over time unthinkable, in many worlds you had life, and you learned the lessons of that stage or you rejected them; and so did those who have the greater wisdom, the wisdom borrowed from God. We know that the earth stage - important as it is, is working in for you and for me something precious in every particular - we know that the earth stage is but one stage, one span of the long, long journey from God back to God, back to the One Who gave us life.

"Yes, as a child is born, or as a spirit passes out of the earth tabernacle, indeed it is an anniversary. It is a commemoration of something that took place before; and, again, it is indication of something that will take place many, many times; but the earth stage is one stage alone. The spirit, that which is Divine, has one earth body only, yet many, many bodies according to that narrated by Paul in the Sacred Record.

"Now think you as to this: The holy prophets of old who brought light to many living in the darkness of self, in the twilight of spiritual ignorance, these kept faith with God in the many stages before physical life; and today, as I speak, the spirits of the prophets of old are back in the earth conditions, lending of their power to many going through that which the earth life represents. If your vision were opened, they would appear as the angels of the Most High. They are indeed the bright ones and glorious ones. Why? Because they kept faith with God in time long past.

"Yet I have taught those who would listen that the angels and the archangels - call them what you will - these are children of the Most High who took on experiences in greater form than you on earth today. Over the long past they kept to the Law of God. They sought to serve those in their vibrations; and the angels of the Most High, whether they passed through the earth stage or not, they understand you through and through. They have 'walked with' countless numbers upon the earth plane, bearing their sorrows, enduring their experiences, giving all that they can to those who stand in need.

"Again I say that the saints of old, the disciples, the bright and glorious ones, the angels of God, they are those who kept faith with the Divine within. They fell, perchance, but they strove to arise in strength. They sought not the wood of self. They kept to the narrow, straight path, that straight and narrow path up the steep mountain-side of spiritual attainment; and today they are here, countless thousands, seeking to impress upon the individual the importance of keeping faith with the God within.

"So, dear children, I bring back your thoughts to that which matters most. You are here by free choice, listening unto one who, when in an earth body, went through many sad experiences expressive of the bondage of man. You are here by free choice; some have been drawn in by the dedication within; others have come led by the cords of curiosity; and, again, there are others here, perchance, who entered this temple of peace to criticise and to tear to pieces. All are welcome in the Name of God, whatever the pretext; and the truth shall be given to you this night, the glorious truth of God.

"Forget not this: Man's span upon the earth seems short when you are free and look back upon the years of physical life. The time must come when each and every one lays aside the physical tabernacle, discards the mind of the body, and then it will mean all in all to you whether you kept faith with God. There are those who do not understand; there are those who have not been instructed by the wise shepherds, by the true shepherds, and they exclaim from the bitterness within because the troubles of life fall fast upon them: 'God has not kept faith with me!'

"But I have opened a long furrow, and the seeds of truth have been sown therein. Those who have the troubles of life, those who are hard beset, those who are separated from the ones they love best, such as these are trying to keep faith with God. The God within, the Spirit, knows that the giving up in one stage means the gathering in the next; the Christ within accepts the crucifixion for the sake of the resurrection and the life to come.

"Cannot you see how those so worldly-minded who place all their dependence upon earthly things, how foolish such as these are proved when the physical tabernacle is no more? What of the treasures of the earth when the physical body is no longer man's possession to enjoy them? What of all the worldly knowledge when the mind of the body is cast aside, and man comes back to the simple truths of Christ?

"There are anniversaries in the life of every individual, day by day, hour by hour. What did yesterday hold - treachery to the God within? Today the 'anniversary' of yesterday can show a different sight. Today you can arise and go to the Father and feel the blessing of the One Who loves you best. What of the last year, what of this time twelve months ago? What have the days held, what the hours? How much work has been done for the Master of all life? Are you farther up the hill or has self held you in its chains, making you stumble a span further down? If so, I come to you with hope, I come to you with the promise of our God: Twelve months hence failure can be worked out, wiped out by the effort you have put in.

"Keep faith with God, keep faith with the Divine within, because the years will pass and old age will come, the faculties will fail, the strength will diminish and you will have another birth. You will be born into that condition which you yourselves have built up, and you will look back over the anniversaries of the past - the long, long past before the earth life was taken on by you - and then in the degree that you kept faith with God, it will be joy or sorrow, strength or weakness, power or suffering.

"But to those who have made the greatest mistakes, to those who have shown the deepest treachery to the Christ within, even to such as these comes the promise of God: You can retrieve, yes, and as time goes on you must retrieve, for you were created in the Divine Image, and in time to come you must be as Christ - all love, compassion, purity and understanding.

"Therefore, dear children, listen unto the message, the simple message of truth. It is not mine to pander to the physical mind, to throw out phrases as to this and that in order to feed that which is fed so oft at the expense of the spirit within. It is mine to give you spiritual manna, the bread of life, and I say unto you in the Name of the One Who loves you best: Strive to keep faith with God! The sorrows, the trials, the material cares, the sickness, the suffering - all these things which exact so great a price from those bound by the physical - these shall indeed represent your treasures when the body is no more. It is the Divine within who knows the value of enduring, of building up resources, of cleansing, of purifying. It is the Divine within who willingly takes on these trials and troubles for the sake of the life to come.

"So I speak to those with the humble hearts, to those with the faithful hearts, and I say unto such as these: Joy in that which is your lot! If, perchance, you cannot joy, then believe that that which your life holds, which tortures and distresses, is an indication in very truth that you intend to keep faith with God. And in the sweet by-and-by - oh, how quickly earth time passes! - in the sweet by-and-by you shall be hailed by others as a bright and glorious one; you shall go to those in planes darkened by self, and, even as an angel of the Most High, you shall minister to them direct, bringing your gifts, that which you created by the going without, by the stilling of complaint. You shall pass as a missionary amongst the bound and blind and suffering, and they shall greet you as a messenger from the realms of bliss.

"Keeping faith with God - the past is passed, so far as you are concerned; yet the past must be rectified if you failed your better self. If you tried and failed, then I say that by the trying, God shall finish what you began; and when the earth life has sped, no weakness shall mark the spot - the miracle of God's grace has built in that which you wished but could not accomplish by yourself.

"The past is passed so far as going back upon the months and years, the moments and days; yet each moment will be reproduced again in another form, enhanced with beauty, or in that aspect of reality which is terrifying to the looker-on. But God is your Father and out of the follies of the past, out of the forgetfulness - that which you meant to do but the shadows distracted you and you forgot to do - out of all these things - something beautiful shall be built if today and tomorrow you start anew.

"Cannot you see where I am leading your thoughts? Anniversaries today, tomorrow and in the years in front. What are these days going to reproduce in the life to come? You who know, in part, are called to demonstrate the Christ within; and forget not that in the earth stage - or in the stage to come - you must keep faith with God, for you are of God, and in time you will resemble a fragment of that purity and peace which the Father symbolises to us all.

"So then, the path in front is clear before you. I speak to the mothers, I speak unto the fathers: How great an opportunity is your own. Not only can you prepare the future for yourselves, but by your example you can frame the young life entrusted in your care; and when the earth garment is cast from you and cast from them, lo, beauty and strength and peace shall be all around. You kept faith with God, and you sought to teach the one under your care to keep faith with God in turn, and a miracle of grace has taken place. God shows how He keeps faith with man.

"This is holy ground. The language of the earth cannot portray how God keeps faith with us. Mighty is the Mind of Love. Glorious are those plans laid down by the One Who loves us best. Moment by moment, over time unthinkable and throughout the vast eternity to come, God keeps faith with us in a way that not even those closest to the Divine Mind can grasp.

"Thus I draw in your thoughts. Let not the message so given, be cast asunder when the day is done, for you are Divine. Life is everlasting; and God waits with a love beyond your comprehension - waits with a love which never falters and never fails - for you to arise in spirit and to make your vows anew; yes, day by day, so that each anniversary shall see you nearer to God - nearer to God. The Father waits with love for you to claim that inheritance which He bestowed upon you when you were created in His own Image.

"So then, let this night be even as an epoch in your spiritual life, henceforth putting aside self - refusing to listen to the voice of the tempter - henceforth the release of the Divine within. And there shall be many here who shall see Christ built up in the conditions in that form which they can recognise and understand. There shall be those here whose eyes shall be opened and they shall see the angels of the Most High; and the past with its sorrows and its trials shall be forgotten in the joy, in the peace of the present.

"Dear children, I bless you with determination, I bless you with strength of will, I bless you with the resolution to waste no time, but to gather together your spiritual, your mental, and your physical resources - and to offer them to the One to Whom they belong; and in the making of the gift, so your spiritual, mental, and physical resources, are returned unto you in treble measure. And the way is lightened; the toil no longer distracts and distresses; the pains of the body are governed by the strength of the spirit within. By keeping faith with God you draw to yourselves the powers, in miniature, of the Christ, and all is well, wonderfully well.

"I bless you with understanding; and once understanding comes to the individual, so the will is aroused, so the determination is strengthened, so the enemies are cast aside and the pilgrim arises with faith, taking the staff of trust, and day by day, hour by hour, keeps faith with the One Who loves him best. Farewell!"

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