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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Ruislip, Middlesex, on Friday, 9th December, 1949.

"...Yes, and I would carry your mind on to another aspect, and that is in regard to Judas. Now Judas was a fairly common type in that nationality. He was ambitious, he was most enthusiastic and he was possessed by an idea which he wanted to carry through at all costs. Judas was not an evil man; he was just an inexperienced one. When Judas listened to the Master and heard His words of wisdom and saw the miracles He performed, he wanted Him to have earthly power, so that those with authority, those who disbelieved in Him, should be forced to see that the Man Jesus was stronger than them all.

"Where did his mistake come in? It is not wrong to be enthusiastic, it is not wrong to want to show that miracles are possible when a soul is released from self. The one great failing in Judas - and it is common still of the race today - was his secretiveness. If only Judas had spoken to the other disciples of what was in his mind, the mistake might never have happened. But Judas kept his counsel; he thought he knew better than the rest, he thought he could force Jesus to come out into the open, and show His power and become ruler over those who despised Him and wanted to put Him to death.

"Children, the lesson within this story is there for each and everyone. There are many people who are positive that they know better than those who are more experienced. They set their minds on doing a certain thing, and because all the planning goes on in the physical mind - for they do not consult those with experience - sometimes they are used to bring much sorrow upon others, and even to bring despair to those who have not sufficient spiritual power to turn then scale on God's side.

"Think on this. Do not condemn Judas nor imagine he was an evil minded man. He was merely a temperamental man, He was a man who had an enormous idea of his own power to plan. He thought he had a greater intelligence than those who listened so humbly to the Master, and he was going to show them what could be and should be done.

"And so too late Judas awakened to the folly of his vanity; and, as you know, he could not get out of the body quick enough. But Jesus ministered to Judas when He, too, had relinquished the physical body; and I can assure you that over the generations, Judas, because he loved our Master and our Lord, he has been working for humanity, trying to grapple with wilful people who think they know better than those who have been through the discipline of life..."

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