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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 30th November, 1924.

"Father of infinite mercy, we bring our small gifts to lay before Thee tonight, knowing that Thou wilt find them acceptable and that we, by so offering up that little which is in our hearts and minds, are doing what Thou hast directed and what Thy Love ever asks.

"O Saviour Christ, lift us up in thought above the busy world. Grant that the memory of irritations, of little things going awry, may fall from us and that we - in our new-found liberty - may be able to contact with that which is offered so freely.

"Father, Thou knowest what is in the heart and mind of each one - those longings to rise, those feelings of sadness over so-called failure, that mixture of determination and of weariness which all Thy children have experienced in turn...

"Out of Thy understanding Love comes healing, comes new courage, comes confirmed resolution - and so once more we thank Thee for all Thy good gifts, for Thy tender care which brings us through again and again out of the gloom into the sunlight of Thy sweet Presence. Give us tonight of the wisdom of the Spirit and grant that each one may be conscious of the blessing which is upon them. We ask it for Christ's sake... Amen...

"...Good evening, my children, and it should not be necessary for me to say that once more I come into your midst in this way with joy - with joy and deep, deep gratitude to God.

"There must come to you sometimes a thought as to the why and the wherefore that I sought you out, and, having sought and found, linked myself with you and the lives which surround your own.

"My children, these queries are very natural; they spring not from curiosity in this case but from tenderness - from the longing to know more about the stranger in your midst - and so tonight I just refer to it in passing, to assure you that none of these thoughts which pass through your mind are ignored or are lightly valued by me.

"It is sufficient to say that I am a servant of my Master, Christ, and because I long to be a little more like Him, in my small way, I seek to imitate that which He has laid down as the only life that can be - the life of gathering in those who, as yet, are out in the darkness of misunderstanding...

"It is not necessary for you or for anyone to try and put me in a place of eminence or of importance - these things, to those who are in the Spirit, are more worthless than a grain of sand. Over here power and influence, as the world regards power and influence, are as naught - indeed we shun them because we see how little they resemble He whom you call God. The only thing that matters is to try and follow, halting and perhaps ineffectively, in the footsteps of the Master.

"All the tools that the world could give, or any of the lower spheres on our side, are useless - useless in every sense there could be. One thing alone is required and that is love, in which, of necessity, is included faith - faith, love; love, faith - and you cannot have the one without the other when you come here.

"My children, I know that love often prompts you to make my name, or perhaps the personality which that name represents - to make that personality seem of some importance; but the greatest description you could give of me is to say that: 'Zodiac is a humble follower of the Master; who lives but to do His will and whose love is thrown over humanity as a whole, because the children of the earth are the children of the King.'

"And now we will get away from the personal side although I know your love thoughts - oh, so well. I know you long for me to go into the details of my life upon earth and my long experience since I have been free from the body. These thoughts, because they are an outward demonstration of an inward affection - which goes much deeper than you can understand - these thoughts are treasured by me, but with larger vision I see God's Plan, and I know that only by the effacement of self can He use me, or anyone, as a tool to work out His will. So, dear children, in thinking things over, remember the love which I have for you all, and remember that we are linked together by ties inseparable for all Eternity...

"Tonight we will go a step further in our thinking of last week, and I want you, so far as you are able, to get another glimpse of what was in the Mind of the Divine in those days which immediately preceded the death of His physical body.

"In particular, dear children, I would speak to you about that character which is so closely allied with the so-called tragedy of the Crucifixion - I mean he who was called Judas.

"Now, right down the ages this man, this individual, this soul, has been held up in contempt, aye, in hatred, even by those who proclaim themselves followers of Christ...

"I am going to speak quite plainly, and there will be some, of necessity, who will query my authority for this pronouncement. In time to come, either in the physical world or in one of many spheres beyond, they too will see with the eyes of the Spirit and will long to teach others the same.

"My children, you have been accustomed to look at things from the standpoint of the world, and the man who betrays another - moreover One so kind - naturally rouses in you those depths of feeling which bring forth the hot words of condemnation, which are kept alive so long as the memory remains.

"First of all, you have to remember that although Judas betrayed Our Lord and Master, that he was, and is, a child of God. There is no crime that anyone can commit that severs that close connection - it is the Father and His child.

"And it was because Christ saw the anguish of repentance and how that weakness - which took the form of betrayal - would retard the spiritual progress of the soul concerned, that He said: 'It had been good for that man if he had not been born' (Note: Matt. 26 24).

"There are some who have read into these words a condemnation so severe that, practically, Judas' case was hopeless - but I ask you to consider things as they relate to the Mind of Love.

"Christ, seeing what lay in store - the torture of remorse when the body had been laid aside and spiritual vision was there - said: 'Good were it for that man if he had never been born' - compassion, not condemnation, my children.

"I suppose it would surprise some if I told them that after that most unhappy man had taken the law into his own hands, as you would say, Christ ministered unto him and tried to lift him out of his wretchedness.

"Oh, you have got to alter your conception of that which is Perfection. How can you reconcile Unlimited Love with the spurning of anyone, even of he who had betrayed Him? My children, even in the hearts and minds of men and women, forgiveness comes welling up to those who have injured them most - they feel compassion for them over the evil they have done. Unconsciously, the spirit within views things as they are - it senses, in the treacherous blow, that most dreadful damage to the struggling soul of the offender, and out of their hidden resources of feeling, pity rises and takes the place of blame...

"If it is possible for us - so limited in our understanding, so puny, so undeveloped spiritually - can you not imagine that Christ would inevitably feel compassion because one, out of his folly and his weakness, had listened to the voice of evil and turned from that which was Love Itself?

"Oh, my children, do not think I underrate that most terrible deed. I know, because I saw the suffering of the one concerned, I saw that first flicker of repentance, that despair of self which caused him to put an end to the mind and the body which he regarded as a tempter. I, seeing and knowing the anguish of the soul which had to emancipate itself from so much that was antagonistic to God, I underrate it not.

"But I say to you all: Teach the gospel which Christ Himself taught. How many times are we to forgive?... You know the answer. Is it possible then that Christ, the Great Example of what must be and shall be in the end - that He could be held by self in the sense that He would wreak punishment on the one who had struck Him?

"My children, Christ, before He ascended into Heaven - as your records put it - ministered to the suffering soul of Judas the betrayer. And it is with joy and thankfulness that I can say that long since he has been gathered into Love and has worked for the Master, seeking only to do His will...

"You see, there are many readjustments to be made. It is not possible, dear children, for anyone who had ever seen or heard the Saviour, to be alienated from Him for long. No - Love, so stupendous, called out the love of others even though that love may have been crushed down under vices and weaknesses innumerable. Those who had heard the Call, who had been privileged to look into the eyes of the Christ, they were bound - bound to answer and to respond.

"I want you to think it over and, moreover, to enlarge your borders of thought - in this way: There are many in the world today who have heard the Call of Love, but were too busy to respond. There are others who listened for a while and then the earth claimed them and the God of Love was displaced by the god of self.

"Children, cannot you understand that during the physical life, there are few who, if the Saviour said: 'There is one who will betray me' - few who would not be forced to answer: 'Is it I?' - and that is the thought I want to leave with you tonight...

"You cannot turn from God - after having heard the Voice of Love - without putting Christ on the Cross again; you cannot listen to evil without betraying that which is Divine within; and at some time or another during the life of every one, the accusation of self rises in the mind: 'Is it I?' - and we cannot be too careful. The only safeguard for each one, is their dependence upon Christ, that constant reiteration of the simple phrase: 'Take me and make me as Thou wilt.'

"Oh, my children, don't you see in my words tonight the glorious Love for all? Don't you see that Christ, by His largeness and His unequalled sympathy and understanding, once more sets the example - the example of forgiveness? And never lived there yet a man or woman who had to forgive a tithe of what Our Lord forgave so freely during His brief earthly experience.

"Therefore, I can say to you all: Little children love one another and forgive and forgive again. Each time you can bring your physical mind into harmony with the Father, so is the Father able to raise you up in thought and in action also - and so, as with everything, you give but you take a hundredfold in return.

"Christ sends out this message to the world: 'Little children, love one another - forgive and forget'. And with the message goes forth the balm of healing, and the memory of what has been sinks back into the past; in its place rising up that sense of responsibility to this one and to that, for the linking of humanity is intact - you are brother to brother and sister to sister and children of the King for ever and for ever...

"Now, my children, I will leave you for a little while. I want you as always, to give out of your love and sympathy, and not only to meet your loved ones as they gather here, but in thought to cross the bridge and to walk back with them into your own conditions. Each time you can focus your thoughts on that which is of God, so you narrow the space in between; and there are many who - quite unconsciously - live and have their being in the Spirit World now, although they are still cabined in the temple of the flesh..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...My dear sisters and brothers - I speak to all who read these records - and I ask you to do your utmost to spread the gospel of Unlimited Love. I ask you to put aside your preconceived ideas and to fight for Perfection, and to be certain that you shall be inspired by those who have seen the Truth. The earth has suffered long enough from ignorance and from the imagination of man. It is time - it is God's good time - that the Light should come; and tonight I have been allowed to once more send a message across to the world - to ask those who have any love for God in their hearts to strike for Truth, and never to rest until the Truth is forced on the mind of humanity.

"There have been those who have tried to show Christ to suffering souls. They have pointed Him out as the sacrifice for all - as One who took upon Himself the burdens and the cares and the pains of His children; and these, finding solace in the strength which is of Him, have gained courage to go on again. But I, in looking round, I see this one great arresting fact: That even the nearest in thought and in love to the Saviour never understood His Love.

"Oh, broadcast it far and wide - say that I, once among them, working for the outcast, seeking and forcing those in who preferred the gutter - that I have come back to tell them that even in the gutter itself is the Love of God all around them...

"Sinners are called to repentance. How often have I used that phrase myself! I have said: 'Come and be saved' - but I knew not that even though they laughed me to scorn, Christ had the spirit of each one safe in His tender care.

"Yes, we have got a lot to learn. We preach Christ when we are in the body, as represented to us by the mind which is hemmed in and restricted by the flesh. Over here, we see the Truth, and we know that all unconsciously - God knows that - that all unconsciously we misrepresented that which is Love Divine...

"I speak tonight with so much thankfulness in my heart that there are those who, with firmness and with courage, have called to the populace - have called to it to answer to the Voice of Christ within. On such as these the power and the blessing rests; and we on our side are working and straining every effort that you could imagine - we are doing our part to gather the sheep into the one Great Fold. And each time there are those who have sufficient faith to call above the roar of the world: 'Christ wants you!' - so they are blessed of the Lord.

"It is Booth, and you can understand the deep feeling with which I speak, you can understand that this is of vital importance to me, as to all those with the greater sight. Never shall we cease to work, and never shall we relax our efforts and, in time - God be praised - I see the Light shall shine on those who sit in darkness... The Light shall shine and they shall raise their eyes to the Father and all will then be well.

"Once having met that most beautiful and understanding glance, they will not rest until that which was faulty has been made good. And on these we concentrate our thoughts, our prayers, our service. I want you to know there is not one whom you have ever tried to influence for good that has not been helped by us. And if they hesitated on the way still, as I said before, the Love is closing them in, and it is the Love which will never let them go.

"Goodnight, my friends..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, I have decided to bring the evening to a close because what you have heard I want to linger in your minds, and the physical mind has only a certain capacity and the danger in allowing too many messages is that one will crowd out the other.

"Each has its place in your consideration - in your tender regard - and each one who comes adds just that little more to the acquirement of the knowledge of the things of God, which is so essential for humanity as well as for my children and their many loved ones all around.

"In the future, dear children, we shall have to enlarge our borders and we shall have to strike out in one direction and another, but I want you to have perfect confidence in those who are directing and guarding your lives. I want you to be certain that each fresh experiment will be justified up to the hilt by what will follow... Yes, I feel in your minds that this thought brings a sense of distress and of disturbance, and I wish to despatch both of these at once - they are a hindrance to the work and the shadows make full use of the opportunity so provided.

"Dorrie, I speak to you, my dear little one, and I tell you that God has laid upon you certain obligations in regard to this work which, if faithfully carried out, shall bring you into the happiness which fades not. You are blessed of God in service.

"Margaret, your part will increase and not decrease. You have chosen, in the spirit, the part of giving also, and because of that you are secure for ever more. There is happiness, real happiness waiting for the appointed time - happiness which you can take because it has been earned by service.

"To the rest of my children I speak with most loving understanding: I tell them that because they have been faithful in little things, God will give into their hands those which are big, in a spiritual sense.

"I make special reference to Ralph and Agnes, and I ask them to be certain that in working under the inspiration of the Spirit, they shall enter into the peace which is of God Himself...

"Annie, have no fear. Each gives according to their capacity, and sometimes those who would give most are asked, apparently, to give the least. Yet to each one who has given of their thought, of their love to this work, I send a direct personal message - I tell them to be of good cheer. The work goes on apace, and that which they have built up in faith - although it seemed in blindness - that shall stand and be used by God in a way I am not allowed to state at the moment - but in a way which shall exceed their greatest expectations - because when Love gives it gives lavishly - and when the children answer to the Voice of the Spirit they are opening unto themselves a vista of glories upon glories which will never be closed to them again...

"My children, there is one last word. It is, as you will think, so often I have repeated it - it is just that of preparation and re-dedication again and again. Just offer up your hearts and your wills to the Master - say to yourself, not only night and morning, but say to yourself each free second of the day: 'I belong to Christ'. This, dear children, shall have the effect of destroying that sense of isolation which besets all those who wish to climb: 'I belong to Christ'.

"Christ - closer than breath; of you; in you, without Whom your existence could not last a second: 'I belong to Christ, and with Him all is wonderfully well!'"

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