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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 30th January, 1927.

"O God our Father, grant tonight as we are gathered here that we may be able to stretch out and grasp that which Thou wouldst bestow upon us. Help us in the little things to be faithful; give us the grace to see beyond today into that glorious tomorrow, when as Thy children, with sight, we shall witness Thy handiwork on all sides.

"Prepare us for the work which lies in front; grant that nothing of the physical may be strong enough to come in between, and that we, as children, with obedient wills, may look to Christ and receive our direction from Him.

"O most loving Father, give us that illumination which shall make the past and the present clear. Grant that the spirit within may function, even on the physical plane, and that we as instruments may do Thy work...

"Father, we thank Thee for all Thy many good gifts and above all, for the gift of Christ. Amen...

"...My little children, in this room tonight there has been built up, by the grace of God, that which you, bound by the flesh, could not gaze upon; yet because God is your Father, so the spirit within, which is of Himself, shall reach out and grasp that Holiness which is all around. Oh, let no fears assail the mind of the body, let doubts be kept far from you, for you shall see - if you are faithful to the highest and the best - you shall see in the vibrations which are your own something which you cannot recognise as anything but God.

"Children, these are the days of preparation, and during the processes of tests, so it behoves each one to go over their equipment to see what is missing, what is weak and what is strong; and then, calling on All-Strength, All-Power, to put in that which is necessary to make you perfect instruments of the Most High.

"That is the point. In the world on every side, you see the influence of this one and that. The child who plays by the road-side seeks to imitate another a little older, one who has perhaps a wider scope. The youth of all ages not only set into motion those desires which possess them at that time, but they are as impressionable wax, and on their minds, others, stronger, more developed - as the world calls it - these leave their mark, and sometimes it is not until the body is laid aside that those impressions can be wiped out and the past retrieved.

"Then in the world of sense, there are the evolving souls - those who catch an echo of the past, those who are influenced by the great ones in the Arts who have lived before them. These, although they know it not, these in turn are used, sometimes to make the world a little better, sometimes, alas, to put another brake on the wheel of evolution and the spiritualisation of humanity as a whole...

"So it goes on. Instruments every one are we, and it is only when, in a measure, the spirit within is released, that you and I can reflect on the greyness of the physical world something of the radiance of God our Father.

"So then, tonight I would speak once again as to the imperative necessity of fitting ourselves to be used by God; and, my children, you cannot teach another unless you have first learnt yourselves. But the lesson is not written on the earth.

"On the earth, there are many so-called facts, there is that which the scientist proclaims as the truth, but I say, instructed by All-Wisdom, that such as these have, as yet, only touched the outer fringe of that knowledge which God created for the exercise of the minds of His children. That which the scientist calls 'fact', ah, one day, in conditions far from these, as it were, he will hold in his hands that wrested from Nature, those secrets which evaded the physical mind for so long, and he will realise that even what he knew was the wrong way round.

"Yes, because those of the earth, seeking to understand the miracles of God through the earthy processes of thought, have gained but a fragment, and the whole wide continent of knowledge has been closed to them by their own act of free-will...

"Instruments, but only in part. The mind of the body - that tool most precious when devoted to God's use - the mind of the body has been held by the chains of the earth, and the wisdom which is of God lies far beyond its reach.

"Yet tonight, instructed by the One who loves us best, even Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, so I pass on to you His entreaty and His commendation. The entreaty, dear children, is to rest not but to forge on out of the physical into the spiritual; to take this Truth which is placed within your own hands, but not to be content with the physical manifestation of the gift.

"You see, dear children, that those who are permitted to come back and to instruct you on earth, that we, as instruments, incur a tremendous responsibility. Yet, there are many who, free from the body, are not free from the desires of the body or the thoughts of the body, and these, when the opportunity is available, come to those on earth and much damage is done.

"I want you to remember this: That those of you who listen to such as these, who use this Holy power for trivialities, for the discussion of the material things of physical life - that you, by listening, are equally responsible; and when you are free sorrow will assail for you could have understood, but the world called with an insistent voice...

"I speak to many, for there are thousands who know this Truth, who, as yet, are instruments rather for the destructive forces than for that constructive work for which God has bestowed the gift.

"Instruments, every one - and you are called upon by Christ to do missionary work even for those who speak to you, in this way: When they talk of that which is the second-best, if speech is not allowed, then to pray for them even as they speak, to pray that the sight may come, that they may realise to what a perfect use they can be put if the desire is there...

"My children, when the gift of the Holy Spirit was given to man in that far-off time when God created His children in His own image - in that far-off time, the gift of the Holy Spirit was as a Protector and as an Instructor, but, as the ages have passed, so though the Voice was there, yet other voices, which coincided more nearly with the desires of the individual concerned, these were listened to in preference, and the damage was done.

"Yet, I have told you that because God is our Father, because within us is God, therefore there is all-knowledge as well. And as we continue our different stages of evolution, whether on the earth plane or whether in those conditions which verge on to the physical, so, dear children, the Instructor is within as well as without.

"And in this connection, missionary work - on a scale absolutely inconceivable to the mind of man - missionary work must go on. We are individual, yet we are all one, and as the children of God we are called from all quarters of those conditions which are Spirit, to prepare and, again, prepare.

"The preparation is being put in at this stage. You, my children, who have sorrowed, who have had your losses, who have been sore beset by enemies, many unknown to yourselves, you have wondered within as to this and as to that. But I tell you that without those sorrows, without those tests, you could not be used by God as instruments in His holy work.

"And in the future, there is this coming, and it is writ large across that which you name the heavens: The call from Christ for volunteers; the call from Christ for those with the valiant heart; the call from Christ for those who will lend their bodies and their minds to pass on the Truth from Him which the children of the earth are waiting to receive.

"Again, I see that which to you represents a cloud; but, dear children, though the cloud may appear ominous, though it may appear dangerous, yet remember this: That even that is part of the preparation, part of that which is necessary to purify the heart and mind of man.

"We are instruments, yet we limit God and His purpose; we are instruments, and the great wide field of opportunity which lies open before us is scarcely yet explored, for the mind and the heart of the majority are still chained to earthly things. They seek, by desire, for those they love, and I say that though that desire may be inspired by love, when they pass into sight, they will find that in the measure that they sought their loved ones and not Christ, that in that measure they blocked the revelation which was waiting to be bestowed upon mankind.

"That, dear children, I cannot over-emphasise, for the mistake goes on on all sides. You seek those you love and God blesses that holy communion; but this gift, this Divine gift, was meant to prepare you, and those, who, as yet, are unaware - to prepare for the great unending Life which lies beyond the physical, to prepare them to become missionaries in turn, instruments to be used by God, instruments for the redemption of themselves and those in their own vibrations.

"I speak tonight on that which is beyond the physical comprehension, but I say that the spirit within knows God and the purpose and the plan, and in the measure that you fix your minds on that which is the desire of the heart and forsake the desire of the spirit, so you will mourn when you face Reality and understand.

"Children, as I have told you before, the babe that lies in its mother's arms is an instrument used by God. As I have told you before, the animals - those who have called out your love or the love of their kind - they too are used by God to reflect something of the future, something of the unlimited Mind of Love.

"You say to me: 'My life runs on certain lines; I do the task at hand and I pray that guidance may be vouchsafed to me'. And I answer that in the measure that you try to rise, in that degree you are used by God. And those who have the gifts of the mind, who have these tools at their hand during the physical stage, to them I pass on that which is Truth:

"I say the time will come when, with a range of knowledge, with a capacity for understanding undreamt of by you today, this will be your view, because of the love for Christ within: You will come back into humble places, you will delight to do that which lay outside the radius of your usefulness when in the body; you will turn aside from the great deeds to that which meant so much once on a time, and joy in soothing a child labouring against the enemies of the physical, delight in passing on your peace to a tired mother - ah, thank God for the privilege of sharing the hardships of those strangers to comfort, and despised by the world in which they live.

"Children, it is a question of values once more. That which appears so important, so desirable, so worthy of achievement - these things, when sight is made our own, are found of so trivial a nature that we marvel how they could have held us for one second. And gladly, so gladly we go back to Christ, to that simple life, to the daily round amongst the masses and the so-called common people; the raising up of the beggar stricken with that disease which is horrible to you; the bringing of joy to the widow over the 'lost' son; the quiet talk at eventide with those who loved Him, teaching, preparing, tending that within which in time to come He could use, when, so far as the body was concerned, He was far from them. In the humble homes, in the street, in the fields - ah, there, dear children, the wise on earth buy the wisdom which is of the Spirit.

"But few there are who see things thus while the body binds, for the world and the values of the world, they are ever before them, controlling, influencing, even against their will; but when they go back on Christ's life on earth, there they will find that which leads into a joy past all expression in the language of your little world...

"I come back to that for which you were created. Man was created by God to retrieve for others that which they had thrown away in their ignorance; and, in the very act, to restore to themselves that holiness which once was their own and was waiting the test of experience to be restored to them...

"Oh, my little ones, while I speak thus to you, the children of the Bright Realms are playing amongst you, instruments every one. Far beyond this little room there are countless thousands in conditions as yet unknown to you, and by the fact that my voice has reached them and they have paused to listen, so you and they are instruments used by God. For those who once were blind, having perceived a little Light, they will call others who also are blind, and so the good work goes on.

"We dare not think of ourselves, work for ourselves, or pray for ourselves. If we would be used by God, we must work for others, pray for others, think for others, so that, in turn, they - when a measure of understanding comes - they may redeem themselves by the same spiritual law...

"And so to you and to all those who read these records I speak, for the sake of the Divine within. I say: Focus on Christ, and in the measure that your concentration is upon the Holy One, so you shall find that the barriers and the obstacles between you and those who have laid the body aside, that these shall grow less and less; and by your concentration on All-Power, so you will bring to them strength to fight, strength to build; and, again, by the fact of their added gifts, so to you as individuals, a wider outlook and a deeper comprehension will come.

"But the preparation, ah, that must be put in. The effort and the sorrow, the disappointment and the uncertainty of the conditions of physical life, these bravely borne, these grappled with with an unflinching faith in God - that is the preparation, and that when you are free from earthly things will open to you the Kingdom of Heaven and none will say you nay, for God has promised. God has promised that to those who strive, the revelation of Himself shall be vouchsafed.

"The gifts are there, manifold beyond your understanding, but those gifts represent danger to the soul which is not linked to God. So by striving to follow in the Master's steps, by keeping a brave heart, by the holding of hope in the mind, and trust in the working out even of that which at this stage represents chaos, so little ones, you are not only making it certain that God will greet you as you pass hence, but you are making it certain that, in turn, with the robes of office upon you, and with the blessing of the Perfect One, you will be honoured by being used as an instrument for the Creator's holy purpose.

"This is the future; this is not merely a promise to be worked out some centuries hence. It is a promise from God which you can handle and see for yourself even while the body binds, if you will seek the highest and the best.

"God waits for us - how seldom do we wait for God? God waits for us to respond to Him; and with sight I see that there shall be many who will answer: 'Master, I come; whatever the path in front, I come'. And with grateful hearts, His disciples on earth shall gather up their cross even as a treasure - for a treasure it is - and follow on, not into sorrow but into unending joy.

"God's promises to man are worked out when man is ready to respond, and the future is fraught with much which is hidden from you now; but as you advance in faith, so the revelation shall come as you can bear it (John 16:12), and you shall see in very truth something of the glory of God, even upon this little earth.

"And now, dear children, I will leave you, yet ere I go, I would speak to the child there, the stranger whom I have gathered in (Mrs. Crompton):

"Little one, much lies within my words for you. Is it not plain, is the past unexplained, is the present obscure? I think not... Little one, God has honoured you by calling you out of the crowd - and why? Because only by that which your life has held could the spirit within be sufficiently released for you to have heard. And your direction is this: Trust God and fear nothing, for God is waiting, waiting to use you for His holy work, even in your daily life as well as during those hours of sleep, when, far from this little plane, you work, and you bring back with you something of the joy of service, something of the sweetness of a task well done.

"And now I go. Hold fast to these conditions for we work for God, and the desires of the physical mind are laid aside in obedience to the desire of the spirit within..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, tonight we have followed the instruction of the Holy One; we have laid aside certain desires, and we have drawn unto ourselves the Father's blessing.

"Once more I ask you to ponder within as to the honour of being used by God; and then to hold not that honour to yourself but to teach and to train others, so that they too can name themselves the instruments of the Most High. But think not that that word applies only to those used in this way. Wherever you are, whatever your circumstances, you can work for God in a way which is unlimited...

"Instruments, every one - but remember that only the highest and the best is for you. God has blest you with a measure of sight - it remains within your own hands to turn that sight into revelation. And the road, though steep, has joy on either side, for Christ is there and His angels minister to you, in weariness or sadness or misgiving, the protection is complete.

"And now in the Name of All-Love I bless you, passing on, by the grace of God, something of that Holiness which All-Holiness delights to give; entreating you in the Name of the One who loves you best to have confidence in that Love, and giving, as His promise, that whate'er betide - whate'er betide - you are bound to Christ...

"The blessing of God which is the desire to climb; the blessing of the Holy Spirit which is determination to rest not; the blessing of Christ which is the consciousness of His Presence by your side. Hold your gifts, and spread the Good News that God reigns on earth and directs the lives of His little ones when they will allow it.

"Goodnight, my children. Rest in peace, for God has been in this little room tonight and your spirit has reached out and found Him here in our midst...

"Goodnight, my children."

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