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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"My little children, I want to focus your minds a little more on reality. I want you to put away the theories of man, those opinions passed on to you by your forebears, and to consider with me for a while something which indeed you must learn when the physical body is no more, something which must be made your own before you, as witnesses of the truth, can return to those held by spiritual ignorance, and lead them out of the wood of misunderstanding on to the road of high endeavour.

"So this night, treating you as those who are grown, as those who have put aside childish things, I would speak on that which I name: 'Our Divine Inheritance'.

"And I want you all to give out of yourselves; for indeed, in order that the harmony may be complete amongst you, amongst those who came with you, and amongst the multitude who gather in to learn - in order that the harmony may be complete, each and every one must contribute from himself. So then, let God's work come first, and desire, in whatever form it may appear, be banished, for in time to come you shall go back upon this night and rejoice that you were used to further the Holy plan.

"Our Divine Inheritance! I have taught you that in the beginning of life as concerns the individual, each one was perfect even as God is perfect, being in truth a fragment of the great and mighty One. That is the beginning and, again I say, that is the end. Our Divine inheritance is perfection in miniature, even as God is perfect in the great and mighty whole.

"In the little yesterday I spoke of building from small beginnings the power to create, and I underlined that the power to create - housed in the individual - is governed in turn by the will to create. Now mark you this: Free-will cannot be interfered with, as you know full well, and there are countless thousands upon the earth plane who are creating not strength, not holiness, not love - they are sending out on the vibrations weakness, antagonism to God, and a host of other things which wreak their damage upon the Divine within themselves and others.

"Ah yes, you know it well. You pass amongst those with the gifts of the mind, and you see at a glance that in many cases the man who calls himself a painter, a writer or a musician has not held his gift above the earth. Nay, the gift itself is covered either in whole or in part with the mire of the earth; and even as he creates the progress of others is hindered in a way you cannot grasp.

"Think of those with the gifts of the Spirit. Some claim that they possess clear vision. How clear is that vision? How many use their sacred gifts in order to pander to the lesser minds of those who seek their aid? How few there are who use these gifts which should be expressive of the Christ within, to lead others back into the light of understanding, away from the knowledge of the earth into the wisdom which lasts for ever!

"The man who pens the word; the woman who soils herself by sending out on the vibrations that which indeed marks the minds of the young with disease; the one who possesses the holy gift of creating melody and uses it but to arouse the baser passions of those blind and unused to reality; the one who takes the clay and makes a god of the physical body - all these in time must face things as they are, and then to their horror they will see not only the marks of the beast upon themselves, but how through that which they did, that which they had the will to create, they have set the mark of the beast upon countless of the unwary. The responsibility in regard to this is too gigantic for you to understand at this stage.

"Little ones, from this point I fasten your mind upon that which you call 'heredity' - the inherited characteristics passed on from your forebears - the excuse that some seize upon in order to explain the weakness that is within. Oh my children, I condemn not and I understand in greater measure than you can grasp. I say it is true that countless thousands who enter the physical tabernacle find the pathway of the earth beset by traps through the folly and the blindness and the bondage of those who went before. Aye, the garment into which the spirit steps has been, as you say, ruined for the holder by the selfishness of the ones who bore or the ones who provided the physical garment for the parents.

"These things are truth. Men ponder upon what they call the sins of this little world, and when one here and one there exhibits characteristics savouring of the animal or lower than the animal, so, in their blindness they say it is a hark-back, it is something inherited from that time when man was as the ape.

"Man's inheritance is Divine, and man's future is perfection. Forget not that "inheritance" in its true sense can apply to the past and to the future, and man's inheritance is perfection!

"Little children, you will in time to come work amongst the bonded and the enslaved. While pity holds you as to the weakness of those who went before, and as your heart is wrung by that which is produced, born and bred, as you say, in the bone of the one you wish to help - oh, hold this thought, that to such as these opportunity in a way inconceivable to the mind of man is held out, in this wise.

"Think you of some great rushing river which has broken down the boundaries which shut it off from the pleasant plain. There are those who are affrighted; destruction is imminent; nothing can save unless that which is a miracle takes place. Again we come to the will to create. The brave souls, the workers, forgetting physical fatigue, forgetting self, these with speed gather those things of the earth which are essential, and seek to build a barrier to keep back the rushing flood. Sometimes they fail, because the enemy forces are too strong through the carelessness of those who should have held themselves responsible; but again, sometimes, out of that which they have given up themselves for the sake of others, something strong is built up and the waters are kept back.

"Now hold this thought in mind, for this is a simile of those passed on characteristics - the follies, the weaknesses and that which you name the vices. Oh, little children, give out the truth! You, each one, can do miracles in the name of Christ; and those in our surroundings who are bound can work greater miracles still, for indeed the forces against them are stronger than your own.

"Think you as to the inherited characteristics within the individual. Within the one who has the will to create there is the power to stop that weakness so that it does not pass beyond himself. Now how can this be done? Have I not told you that elimination is not God's law? At this stage man is as a shadow of his real self, even as the beauty of the earth is but a shadow of the beauty that lasts for ever. Whatever weakness may be in the mind or in the body - apart from that which is of a purely physical character - every weakness or frailty can be recreated by yourself into something which bears resemblance to a gift from God.

"Each characteristic within the heart and mind of man is an inverted gift, is a desecration, is a distortion of something which in its first beauty was like unto God. Aye, even that which you name man's weakness or the desire to forget trouble through drug or drink; all these things, my children, are a perversion of something which was holy, something which was pure. The appetites of the physical body, even as regards the greed of the little child for that which is harmful to the physical garb, all this is but a perversion of the craving for spiritual satisfaction, for the right to create as God intended. Each failing, each weakness is but the perversion of something which once reflected the Divine inheritance of man.

"Oh, I speak, perchance, in tones that are stern, but I look out on this little world today and I see those who are deceived; and, more than that, I see the deceivers. They go to one here, one there; they argue in plausible tones: 'It is right and meet that we should have this, that we should do that. God is not a God of misery but a God of joy'. And so the careless ones, the heedless ones, listening to the voice of the enemy, take that which they call the joys of the earth and build up the misery of the Spirit. And, alas, the wreckage does not stop with them. Even if they bear not children into physical life, their thoughts, their weaknesses have been sent out on the vibrations; and the children of others - not over-strong in the things that are of God, with the Divine within still in bondage - they are swept away from the light.

"When the culprits, when those responsible pass into self-revelation, horror seizes them. They have not only to root out the seeds from their own minds, but by anguish, by inconceivable effort they have to till the minds of others, for through them the unwary fell further away from their Divine inheritance.

"Cannot you understand how God has blessed you? Cannot you grasp what lies behind that which you recognise as weakness or strength in yourselves? You say: 'My father, my grandfather was like this, was like that, and I have inherited that same characteristic'. If it is a good one thank your forebears, for they, not knowing, have acted as a friend and as a saviour to yourselves. But if those inherited characteristics concern weakness or self-betrayal, oh then, my children, think of the rushing stream, and again thank God that by the will to create you can build a barrier, and that characteristic in time shall be blotted out of what you name your family. But damage done over the long past cannot be stopped at once or by one. Even as with the rushing stream, the time comes when the barrier built is not sufficient and others must build again.

"But do you not see the mercy of God, how the sins of the fathers can be stemmed by those who love and seek to keep His commandments? How the individual, by the effort put forth, can act as a healer for others, a restorer to those who have lost, a retriever to those who cast from them not realising the worth of their glorious gifts?

"So, my children, I underline again and again your Divine inheritance. You may say to me: 'I try, yet I fail!', but I answer: Try again, pray, and above all, work; and the time shall come - because God is God - when you shall fail no more, when the post shall have been hammered in so strongly that you can hold to its support and the rushing tide is powerless to tear you from it. Little ones, in this way is a country saved, is a world redeemed; and this applies not only to the earth plane but to countless worlds as yet unknown by you; only in this wise can states and conditions revert to something of the beauty they once represented. And this thought I wish you to hold in your minds: Each condition where those you name the bonded are held - the dark planes, the twilight planes - all these once reflected the beauty of the mind of God.

"Oh think not that anything could be created by Love that failed the highest. That which you name Nature is but a symbol of the glories of the Spirit. As upon the earth plane the once pleasant country is turned by man into a slum, as indeed in other conditions - by the bondage of the individual, by selfishness, by the will to create against the Lord God of all - so those conditions, once pure and free and glorious to behold, by slow stages fell from their high estate, and now indeed darkness holds all spaces.

"Is it not true that the inheritance of man upon the earth plane lies in the free-will of man? One builds, another destroys; again, another takes the wreckage and seeks to build; and still once again God's laws control man's laws. The one who wrecked the life of another passes out into his own place when the wreckage is all around; and the one whose life was wrecked - by the suffering entailed, by the anguish of the physical garment, by the tumult within and without from the enemies of the Spirit - he passes out into his own place, and wreckage is no more. God's laws governing man's laws. And those in the planes you name the dark or twilight, they, in time, through the suffering that these conditions contain, shall pass out of darkness into the dawn, and the dawn shall lead on into the full day, and the full day into the glory of the love of God, into the light which perishes not, into the joy and the peace which is beyond the power of the erring to destroy.

"So, my children, holding the thought in mind of your Divine inheritance - perfect holiness - think of those gifts which at this time you possess, aye, of the power to create and the responsibility as to the will to create. Oh, that that which you build bear resemblance to sweetness and holiness, bear resemblance to that which is allied to God.

"The long past as a record is open before my eyes as I speak, the long past as concerns you, my little ones. Why are you here this night? Because in the long past a compact was made that the time should come when you, pushing aside the things of the earth, should be linked together for God's most Holy work. So then, take care as to this compact, break it not; for these things are, as you would say, engineered by God. They are part of the plan. You are instruments, every one. See that what you weave in is good in the sight of the Father. Let not the thoughts of the earth, or the persuasions of others, or the calls of self, make barriers between you, for this link has been made possible only by the power of the Holy Spirit, and in time you must stand before reality and go back on all that which has taken place.

"The One Who begat you - the Lord God Almighty - forget not your responsibility to Him, for because you are of Himself, weakness and sadness, doubts and misgivings, these, each one, are registered in the Father's Heart, and the time will come when, in miniature, you will be like unto Christ - aye, in miniature - and Christ is God.

"So it is that each and every one has to learn that which is the trinity of progress - the highest in man, the highest in woman, and to cleave to the purity of the little child; and forget not that parenthood in the Spirit sense is essential for Development. In miniature you must be as the Father and Mother God and gather around you child-souls - the little ones in understanding - and lead them out of foolishness into strength; ah yes, seek to teach them as to their Divine inheritance so that in time they too, in miniature, may be as God Himself. For this God begat us, and this is our Divine inheritance.

"So, my children, face your responsibilities. Go through that which is your mental and spiritual equipment, and if there is a weakness there, say: 'It shall not pass beyond me; I will fight and I will struggle until I have overcome!' Oh, cannot you see that in this desire you are following the Christ example, the example of the One, the only One Who fought His temptations as they came and fought until He had won.

"Oh, little children, we are out on a great and glorious mission. The wayfarers cry to one here and one there: 'Rest in the pleasant shade'; but the pilgrim answers: 'No, I must go on, the pleasantness of the Spirit Realms awaits me!' Again the voice of the world cries: 'Foolish one, youth is slipping away, age will come and poverty will be your lot; seek to take of the things which I have in plenty'; but the pilgrim answers: 'No, no! My treasure is in heaven and thither my footsteps must hasten on!' Again, one with the half-light, with the half-understanding cries out: 'This is some huge mistake, the path of duty is enough for you; if you seek to scale the heights, punishment will follow fast upon your pride; be warned in time!' But the pilgrim, with his eyes upon the stars of achievement, replies: 'Had there been others to take the steep hillside, in this day war and poverty and misery would be unknown. I will take the steep hillside!'

"Thus the pilgrim demonstrates his inheritance and so he is drawing back to him the gifts of God. By suffering, by effort, by going on, he is showing that he is fit to hold and to use the gifts which are Divine. So then, my children, lay this upon your heart, and for ever answer: 'Lead Thou me on! Whither Thou goest, O Christ, there I seek to follow' - and the power shall come.

"I bless you, my children, with lofty aspiration and with consciousness of your Divine inheritance. The Master blesses us all as I speak, and the Master's words are these: 'Courage, little ones, courage - the great strength is by your side!'


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