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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Grange Road Hall, Middlesbrough, on Sunday, June 24th, 1945.

..."You have watched pictures which you name 'slow motion', and they have amused you and instructed you. When you are free from the flesh and you look back upon the earthly stage it will represent to you "slow motion," but because you tried to do your best, because you did not shirk your duty, you will have won the capacity to work at that higher rate which the greater activity of spiritual vibrations makes possible and, therefore, to have the added joy of achievement.

"The word industry is associated to you with buildings, with machinery, but all that is but a representation of something in the etheric realms. It is possible to find buildings there, and schools and colleges for those who feel they cannot learn or work without them, but you must remember that these things are echoes of a limitation.

"When you are as spirits, no longer will you want these remembrances of earthly equipment to allow you to bring into being your heart's desire. It is a wide thought and it may seem complicated to some, but I ask you to remember that whatever your environment now, however limited your gifts may seem to be, that is but a condition of the earthly plane, and each one - in spite of lack of mental education, lack of physical strength, lack of training, by doing his or her best, by giving out thoughts of sympathy and understanding, by being willing to work although weariness may hold the flesh - each one will step into power when the transition is made their own; they are not only equal to, but superior to those more accomplished upon the earthly plane, unless those with these good gifts made the same sacrifices, were willing to endure the same suffering for the sake of the by-and-bye.

"Then I speak to the healers, the doctors and the nurses, those men and women who have devoted the best part of their lives to study the functions of the physical body. Some of them achieve fame, others work on in something of obscurity, many are conscious of great disappointment: cures they hoped to bring about were only partial or they seem to fail to mature.

"It is a hard life and it needs great training in the way of patience and endurance to take a maimed physical body, or a body which has been ruined by the wrong living of forebears in the past, and to grapple with the flesh and to try to bring about a restoration.

"What are these people doing and will they find an outlet in the World of Spirit? Will all their knowledge fade with the physical world because there will be no more physical bodies in that next state of being? No, beloved, those thoughts are against the law of common sense, they are entirely illogical.

"The earth is a training stage, and those men and women who have devoted so much of their lives to helping others are wanted in Spirit Life in a way no earthly words can express, for never forget that the soul body of man is built up by the individual himself. And you know that there are many men and women who are suffering from dire spiritual diseases, by which I mean that they are out of harmony with Divine Law, they are deliberately squandering their spiritual inheritance in order to indulge the flesh.

"What does physical death mean for them? It means, beloved, a great awakening, it means facing consequences, it means that the physical body, which might not have been repulsive to the eyes of the flesh, has gone, and in its place there is a body which is repulsive, because upon it there is portrayed, even as a map, the misdeeds of the past.

"Try to visualise this, and you who suffer so grievously from the torments of the flesh, can you not find in your heart thankfulness that your disease is of the body alone, and that the soul is untouched by it? The soul-body of those who have defied Divine Law represents a hideous fungus and the diseases are far deeper-seated than anything that could be found with your foulest diseases upon the earth plane.

"That is why we want the doctors and nurses after the transition, and why they are so greatly blessed when they have done their best for those in the flesh. They may not have realised it; some doctors and nurses are material in their thoughts, but their actions are spiritual, they are serving. They may even say: 'I do not believe in a God!' but they are demonstrating the God within themselves by that which they do and that which they hope to accomplish.

"Cannot you see that healing is a marvellous industry in the World of Spirit, so vast in its implications that if you tried to conjure up a thought of all the hospitals in this world you would be entirely left out in your comparison with the training, cleansing, and renewal stages of the soul-bodies of the children of God, who squandered their inheritance while undergoing the experiences of this material plane."...

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