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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Christian Spiritualist Church, Stoneleigh, near Ewell, Surrey, on Sunday, January 6th, 1946.

"...So, as practical men and women, I ask you to consider what that great promise of the survival of the individuality means for you and for those you love. Some of you have characteristics you feign would lose and many which you long to make your own; the majority have their heroes and their heroines, and they are inspired by the lives of others to struggle out of the mire of depression and to cast out upon their own little world thoughts of cheer, of hope and sure encouragement.

"I want to reassure some of those who are gathered in, and many who will read my words, in regard to those characteristics which they had hoped would wither up within them, yet still the weed seemed to grow. I remind you of the Temptation in the Wilderness, and also of the fact that whether you recognise it or not, it is indication in degree of a certain type of missionary work.

"During the busy days when your minds are fixed upon the mundane task, you have visitors, uninvited visitors unseen by you. The mere fact that you are giving out effort, that you are trying to do your very best, creates around you that which I would describe as a wheel of power. It circulates, throwing off glorious hues according to your dedication on the work at hand. There are entities bereft of strength and beauty, who may be attracted by that which is manifesting around you, and they gather close, and if they could they would steal that which entrances them, that which represents light and a condition not experienced before.

"And so, beloved, you are conscious at times of depletion, of a strange depression which comes over you and you do not know its cause, a sadness, a sudden loss of interest in the work at hand, and you blame yourselves. There are thoughts arising in your mind that you do not like; and those who want to live the Christ-life are dismayed, nay, they are surely distressed, they grow so impatient with themselves that they ask: 'What is the use of trying when there is so much weakness within?'

"It is to such as these that I bring comfort. Be not deceived! Those thoughts, those emotions, they are not wholly your own; they have been cast upon the sensitive mould of the physical mind by an uninvited guest, and in exchange the stranger has borrowed from you something of power. The transaction has taken place automatically. But what I urge you to remember to do is this: in those hours of test stretch out mentally to those with the Light that never fades, to those with the strength built up over the generations, and soon you will find that your poise has been restored.

"And all this relates to the survival of individuality after this short span of physical life. You see, beloved, all that takes place on this material plane was intended by God to prepare you for work which will be presented in a different guise when you have survived the transition; but also there are those things which will survive as well which you will long to be without, and how your heart will ache, how your mind will burn with indignation if you did not see the battle through unto its victorious end while the chance was yours and the flesh was there to control.

"You see how subtle these things can be? But while I show the sad side, it is my part to bring good news from the World of Spirit. All those desires to rise higher, all those thoughts sent out for the sick and the poor and the forsaken, all the holy impulses springing up within to something worth while, forgotten by you but remembered by God, are gathered into your granary and blessed by Him. They represent something of that equipment which must be there to turn you into a useful citizen in the bright planes where reality cannot be evaded..."

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