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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes.

An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
printed in the Greater World newsletter on Saturday, May 4th, 1985 (date of Message not given)

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"I have been instructed by the Master to speak to you upon a subject that so often has taken your attention, and yet, for the most part, so little of real truth has been passed on concerning it. It is in regard to those on the other side of life, and I speak on those simple words: 'In Death Not Divided' (2 Samuel 1:23).

"You know the anguish which accompanies that expression of faith. The one so loved is no more, so far as the physical presence is concerned, and out of the desperation stirred up by the agony of soul, the bereaved one writes with quivering hand on the token that is given: In death not divided.

"But, dear children, there is so much more to be understood about the laws that govern life and being upon the earth and in all God's worlds. Naturally we long to be with those so dear, but sometimes the law that governs unity is overlooked. Mere desire is not enough. When you are in the Planes of Spirit, there is something that cannot be avoided or even overcome unless the necessary discipline is put in - and that is the barrier of conditions, that inequality of progression of the individual soul. When there is one so well loved who has qualities which call out true admiration, it is natural to desire to be with that one when the body is no more, yet there is spiritual fact to be faced honestly and bravely by each and every one.

"Now think of ties on earth, of the ties in the home and the wider fields of relationship. True you owe a duty to such as these; true again, when the earth life is over, there must come a readjustment of ties and bonds. The only relationship that has to be taken into consideration then is the linking up soul with soul, and more than that, the cooperation of soul with soul for the work of God.

"So I come to pass on Divine truth which will indeed enable you, when you pass hence, to avoid the anguish which comes to many when they see they are divided by conditions from the one so dear. They merely loved, but that is not enough. Love is a spiritual education, and unless our love brings out those higher qualities, releases the Christ within, it does not serve its purpose; and it takes time to overcome the obstacles created by selfish desire. Many who know not, speak of twin souls and spiritual affinities, but for the most part they mean material affinities, the linking up of soul with soul for the gratification of personal desire.

"So I ask you to bear with me while we think of love in its true aspect as the Father God intended and ordained.

"There are men and women who take their way in physical chains, which seem to bear them almost to the ground itself. Why? Because the soul within them is too much encased in flesh; they choose by the eye alone, and after the first enthusiasm is over, they look again and find that beneath the surface attraction there is nothing that holds, nothing that fetters their love.

"And many men and women, feeling betrayed, commence at once to betray the Christ within them, casting off the vows which they themselves undertook uninfluenced by those around, except perhaps the unseen enemies who hovered close. But there are brave men and women who realise that obligations taken on cannot be lightly cast aside, and so do their duty although their hearts are nearly breaking, and they intend to do their duty to the end of the physical span.

"What is the position of such a one when he or she is free? Dear children, I have taught ever that when you were sent off in the far far past as a thought of God - Life being breathed into the thought - creation was in pairs, and somewhere, in one world, there is that other self, that complement of you, the lonely you, and in God's good time surely you shall meet and sorrow no more.

"Think then of the man or woman who, having made a mistake, is faithful to his vows. When such a one passes hence, to his inexpressible joy he finds that the conditions that divided him from the other self are less in number, there is a stronger linking up, a more definite assurance that in God's good time no gap at all shall separate, for having purchased love by the only way which is possible according to Divine Law - by sacrifice - that love is cemented for ever and ever.

"You all have your affinities, but speak not of these things lightly. In looking into the eyes of another, though there may be love there, remember that as you evolve so your conception of love will vastly change and change again. While the body holds, so little we understand of the mighty Heart of God, yet there is a fragment of the mighty Heart of God within each one - fighting for release, struggling for expression.

"So as you think of earthly ties and seek to honour them, let there come to you a deep comfort for your soul. It may be true that you have little in common with some of those included in your family, but that family relates to the earthly experience alone; and the time will come when those others, also conscious perhaps of disharmony and lack of attraction, will cross the little river of death and find, too, that their loneliness is no more.

"You see, dear children, what it is that divides man from man, comrade from comrade. It is the inability of the individual to be true to his greater self. When you have advanced sufficiently in God's Fair Land, you will look around on either side and find no one who causes you nervous distress, no one you want to miss or hide from. Yet perhaps those souls are the same ones who caused you so much discomfort when upon the earth plane. They have changed; you have changed, and because within you both is God and Christ, in time all divisions will be swept aside, and as children of the same Father you will meet and greet and take your separate ways for the Master's work.

"And here, my children, I bring in a most important point, and I speak to all those who will read my words: When we are free from the flesh, what constitutes spiritual attraction, soul for soul, spirit vibrating to spirit? Children, it is a common object, it is the desire that surges up within us all, and it is always the same - the overwhelming longing to save souls from their follies and their weaknesses, to bring them safe home to the Master and His love.

"Then I ask you to consider this: What is it that you like in another, why is it that so eagerly you look forward to the next meeting and the hours seem to drag in between? If it is merely physical attraction, take care, beware. These links of the body can do God's work, and when they do God's work they are blessed; but many enter into holy wedlock with no thoughts of loneliness at all. God is forgotten, earthly things are too close.

"Then I bring in a most precious gift, and I want you not only to cherish that gift but to try to stimulate its growth, to watch it, to tend it, to see that no enemy comes near it - the gift of friendship.

"Once in the days of old as I took my lonely way, searching the eyes of one here and one there and finding nothing to satisfy my heart, once on my lonely way I met the Lord of all, and as I looked into those wells of compassion, virtually I was born again.

"Oh, mark you, there could never be a friend so sweet as Christ our Saviour and our King, and from Him we can learn the lesson of perfect friendship. True, He had those who called themselves His friends, and out of His love He named them friends as well, but in those days we had much to learn; and I want you, in considering your friends, to set before your minds the ever-glorious example of the Christ. In the past did you make a vow to any dear friend? Then keep it for your own sake, otherwise peace will be far from you when the body is no more. Those vows, dear children, may be made with the lips, but in reality they were made to God. Friendship is indeed a holy gift, but so often misunderstood, so often undervalued, and these things make all the difference that can be imagined in the individual's new life, where deceit and evasions are no more.

"So I come back to mutual aims and holy desires, and I ask you to remember that when you are in the next state of life, there will be something that you will long to do, and that is to rectify the foolish things you did in the yesterday of time. You will long to call back those unruly words, to blot out the unkind thoughts, and you will be helped to do this and allowed to do this by the Grace of God; but you must have tools, you must have Spirit power around you, for only by the things that are of God can restitution take place.

"Then I remind you once again that life, if lonely on earth, can be far more lonely after physical death if there has been a swerving from the path. There are teachers who long to come back to you upon the earth plane, but they have not sufficient support in this way: There are not enough other souls to gather around them to build up that amount of power which they must have to ensure success.

"Have you thought of this? No one can pass through Spirit Planes creating alone. True, the power within may be released in little part, but if it is released, then because these men and women tried to live a life of duty, they have many friends - many friends who were longing for them to come home; many strangers, watching their lives from afar, who longed, too, to be their friends.

"And so when a faithful man or woman passes into God's Land he is astonished and overjoyed to see around him those who, indeed, are his servants in this wise - they long to serve him. What a holy sound is thus associated with the word servant; of all the others it is the greatest to be named a servant of the Master Christ; but no one can become a servant of the Christ unless he has been willing to serve others, many others, and rejoices in that which he can do.

"So I want you to think of earthly ties, and to carry your mind on to those spiritual links, and to ask yourselves as you look about among the many people who are around, whether you are suitable to work with them in God's Fair City, whether they are sufficiently in harmony with you for this mighty linking up for co-operation with the Divine Plan.

"Dear children, there are many souls who have been sore distressed during the earthly stage. Full of enthusiasm they joined this band or that community, and for a while they did their part. And then the unseen enemies gained sufficient strength to strike to the right and to the left and the old enthusiasm died away, and in its place came not only disillusionment but rebellion, and at last that poor blinded soul was willing no more to do his or her part in the plot where God had placed them.

"The years go on; seemingly there is nothing to show of harm or destruction, but the time comes when these people belonging to the same community or the same work for God, pass into another state and look around for helpers, for those who will combine with them so that the task in hand may be well and truly done, and they see in the distance a familiar face. They have forgotten the old hostility, and call to that one, but although that one might come to them with eagerness of heart, they are divided by conditions, they have got to work through the old betrayals, to re-fasten the golden links of service, and it takes time, it entails suffering before these things can be.

"Cannot you see where I am leading your thoughts? There is not one soul who does not desire - and rightly so - true affinity. So cultivate the spirit of friendship, for in God's Land there is no love at all that does not rest on the true foundation of friendship - tested and strained and still remaining firm. The holy gift of friendship and the faithful observance of the laws that govern this gift, are, moment by moment, preparing you for the linking up with that other self in a Brighter World, when tears shall be dried, and heartaches shall be no more, and loneliness a thing of the past.

"I ask all those who read my words and pass the message on to others, to honour the bond of friendship for the sake of the by-and-by, to remember that the earthly links are for the earth alone - unless true love, expressed by service, has been released. In God's Home there is indeed that oneness of spirit, that wonderful linking up of soul with soul in the holy wedlock blessed by the Master Christ; for together, dear children - that other half rightly belonging to you and you to it - together you have a double strength; and all our strength is wanted when we are chosen by the Christ as His disciples to do His work.

"Think of the dark planes, think of those many souls fettered in every sense of the word, dangerous to approach because there is a legion chained to them. Yet they must be saved, must be raised, and set free. You will want all your workers, all your helpers in the by-and-by, to do the work that God has ordained - and they will be just as dependent upon you. United you stand, divided you fall.

"I hold out a mighty hope to each and every one, and I ask those who think of those lovely words: 'In Death Not Divided', to apply the law as I have set it forth in miniature, and to see what individually each man and woman is building up. Then these things will mean so much, the little earth life will bear such a dwarfed appearance, the old disagreements and quarrels will be seen in their true guise - as temptations from the unseen enemies of the Christ. In Death Not Divided - oh, glorious thought - love has conquered; but the only love that has the power to conquer is sacrifice and service, as demonstrated by the Master Christ.

"So simple is the thought. Yes, I know that in this world the so-called great ones must do big earthly deeds to receive their meed of honour and praise; but not so with God's laws. The child, the growing girl and boy, the mother and father, the old folks in the home, all have the same equality of opportunity, one with another. They can serve; and if they must serve those they find it hard to love, have I not said that when they are free, the space between them and the one who has waited for them over time unthinkable - the one they have waited for as well - will be shortened, and co-operation will be closer, until at last there is no gap at all?

"Yes, dear children, hold the thought of spirit affinity - but let it be spiritual. Tend the tender plant of love within your heart; it is the height of foolishness to discredit love or to hide it away as something of which you are ashamed.

"Your love today may not be all you wish, you feel that the cleansing fire of the Holy Spirit must pass through it first before you can think of it with calmness and with peace. But love has a wonderful way of freeing itself from dross, a wonderful way of casting forth the filth of the earth; and the time comes when the old semblance of love - like a husk - is cracked and shattered, leaving something of the real thing for which to thank God with a grateful heart.

"Tend the tender plant of love that is within, and if there are those who spurn it or ridicule it, tend the plant of love with greater attention still, for in the by-and-by it will be the only tool to bring you your heart's and your spirit's desire.

"In Death Not Divided - oh, glorious promise, faithfully kept by the Lord God of all. Yet man restricts his Maker by failing to do his part, and so the loneliness goes on - the restlessness and the weariness and the dissatisfaction; but the time will come when, by suffering, the twisted character of that which once seemed to be love will be righted, and then the pilgrim - schooled, strengthened, prepared - will be able to work for God in the only way that is worthwhile, and purchase for himself the joy that knows no end, the peace no earthly words can describe.

"And now, dear children, I would come amongst you for I know that there are some here who have struggled hard to do their part, who indeed love Christ and yet it seems that again and again the dark clouds of physical life obscure His brightness and overshadow the days that lie in front. I know that there are those who would desire to do Christ's work above all else, yet it seems that the enemies press in on either side, high hopes are dashed to pieces, all the plans seem to go astray, and they ask themselves: 'Is it worthwhile, I have worked and struggled and prayed, yet this is the end?'

"No, dear children, it is but the beginning, it is but the trial of strength, that indispensable testing of the determination and will power that belongs to the Divinity that is within. There can be no laying down the tools while the body holds, because when the body is no more, the memories of the one concerned will indeed be hard to overcome. God does not say to man: Do My work so long as you are flesh. No, the Master says: Go on! And the man who has put his hand upon the plough should never turn back.

"Honour your bond with Christ, honour those compacts made in a far yesterday of time. You came into the earth plane to take on certain experiences; people have disappointed you and betrayed, I know, but that is no excuse, dear children, for you to disappoint your own self and to betray the Christ within.

"No, the strength should surge up, and in contemplating the poor ideals of those who once named themselves your friends, see to it that you do not fall in turn. Treachery must not be returned by treachery, a broken faith demands from you a sterner faith, so that the evil that has been done can be rectified in little part.

"And forget not that the vibrations of these actions are cast out upon the conditions. May it not be that one who is weak, unknown, a stranger, may fall because those vibrations are there? We dare not turn from our responsibilities. It is our part to hold up the Cross, and even though our hearts are broken, even though we feel that we too have been stretched upon the Cross, still to echo those wonderful words: Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.

"Soon, dear children, the little earth life shad pass, and when you, to your wonderment, find yourselves free, then the promise is worked out: In Death Not Divided - friends on either side, comrades in arms, ready, tested, prepared to advance, when the enemies shall retreat.

"So I bless you, bless you with the peace that comes from service, bless you with a stronger determination than ever before to be true, even though others may be false; to give, although others may have stolen from you; and the blessing indeed shall rest upon you all as the days go by, and the work shall increase as the call comes from a wider area.

"Peace be with you all. Farewell."

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