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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 15th February, 1925.

"Father and Mother God, we, Thy little children, with so much thankfulness, come together this evening, waiting for Thy blessing to descend upon us, waiting for the good gifts of the Spirit to be vouchsafed, waiting to hear Thy word, and to receive those dearly-loved messages from those who have gone on before.

"O Saviour, grant that we may each give the help which is necessary, grant that our thoughts may be sanctified - sanctified in the sense that self steps aside, and the spirit, which knows and loves its God, is free to express itself unhindered... Help us to help others, give us sufficient understanding that we may understand the needs of others, grant that we may be able to put ourselves more and more, in imagination, into the position of others, especially of those who are hard-pressed by spiritual or physical conditions...

"Father, Thou knowest that as little children wishing to learn, wishing to be used, we make those petitions - and as we ask we feel the power of Thy grace at work...

"Into the Silence, then, of the Spirit we enter; and Love, which needs no expression in words - Love awaits us on either side...

"For this, O Father, and for all Thy many good gifts, we thank Thee, and we thank Thee again and again. Keep us closely bound to Thee; grant that the sweet companionship thus established may penetrate into the physical minds of these, Thy children, and my children too, so that loneliness will be no more, and joy will be complete... Amen...

"...Good evening, my children. First of all I will ask my little secretary to turn the light round a little more... Well, my children, tonight, as you will have noticed, I said that it was a 'good' evening - good not only because we are together, but, still more so, because the goodness of God shall be seen on every side. Yes, though the enemy may be strong, the goodness of our Father God is far, far stronger still, and thus the work goes on.

"Tonight, my little ones, as usual, there are many subjects which I should like to discuss with you, but it is not wise, on any occasion, to crowd too much in. I mean that in order to assimilate things in a right manner, the physical mind must have time to, as it were, turn over each fresh point before it passes on to the next stage and the next.

"So, my little ones - and I speak to all my children, whether they call themselves by that dear name or not - I speak to them all, and I say that, as opportunity offers, we shall touch on all the many subjects which arise in the mind, and which, as yet, have not been satisfactorily dealt with by those who are cabined within the physical body...

"My children, this sounds rather a proud statement to make - but you know me better than that. I would just remind you that why these so-called difficult points remain unexplained in a way which appeals to both heart and mind, is that man so often seeks in the material world for his answer, forgetting that the Great Spirit, the Creator of all, waits - ah, yes, ever waits to listen to His little ones and to give them the key to this problem and to that, if they will but show a little of that patience which He expresses in an unlimited way.

"And while I am speaking of my 'greater family', I want to make it quite clear that in choosing to discuss any certain subject with you here, I am mindful ever of the needs of the whole - and that is why, dear children, so often another, far away, tells you that Zodiac has answered just the very question they longed for most...

"I speak with great, great love and understanding in regard to my children who, for obvious reasons, are unable to be present with us at the Circle. I tell them all that no thought passes through their mind which is not noted by me, no hint of sadness approaches these, my dear ones, without my instant aid to drive the enemy back...

"I want you all to get a wider and more comprehensive realisation of the love which surrounds your lives - the love of many who are outside your physical thoughts. And I want my children far away - or so it seems to them - to remember that by the miraculous power of love, distance and time cease to exist. Zodiac is never too occupied to attend to the half-expressed wishes of his children upon earth. And so I would remind you all that if there seems a little delay, sometimes, in giving the spiritual aspect of a statement in your own precious Record, or of one of those many queries which arise so fast in conversation - I want you to remember that each one has been noted by us and will be dealt with in God's good time - dealt with in as adequate a way as you can take in. And then, later on, a fuller explanation will be forthcoming, and so the unfoldment will go on, and all will be as God intends.

"My children, this evening I am going to touch upon that very interesting subject which you call: 'Re-incarnation' - but, as I explained, it is only possible to give just an outline of the vast scope and possibilities which are contained in that state of change or transition which all must go through.

"Now, dear children, there are many in the world who are convinced, that as the generations go on, the greater self within comes back to this earth in varied forms. You see, my children, there has been much said which gives rise to this very natural explanation of the progress or the evolution of the soul. It appeals to common sense. Man looks at himself and at his fellow beings, and his practical side acknowledges that neither he nor they are ready for the powers of the Spirit or for the joys of the Realms of Light...

"I want you always to take a very broad view in regard to such theories. As you know, dear children, our understanding Father does not say to His little ones: You must not think of this; or you must not try and explore that channel of thought, which is long indeed. No, our Father God wishes His children to use their mental powers to their fullest extent; but you can appreciate this without much explanation from me: That the Father does not like to see His children worrying over, apparently, insoluble conundrums - when the solution lies so near at hand.

"I have emphasised this point before, but I do so again, deliberately, tonight - I say that the secrets of physical life and its many phases, together with the unravelling of those glorious truths of the Spirit, can be attained by retreating into the silence of the Spirit and communing with God in that intimate, closer sense, when, in one way or another, an explanation will come...

"Children, I make this statement with a perfect appreciation of the responsibility of so doing. I tell you that there have been those, who, loving God, have laid aside self in that entire sense, who have put this into practice and have not been disappointed.

"But let me get back to the first point in regard to the passage of the spirit through its many stages of experience.

"Now, dear children, I have taught you from the beginning that you and I, and all the countless millions who have lived and are living on any plane - that these are of God, that they are part of God, that they emanated from Him; that, in the first instance, they were as a spark from that which is Unlimited and Divine - God giving out of Himself so that others should share in the joys and the powers which are His own.

"Having reminded you of this, then it is not difficult for you to imagine that starting from that which is All Holy, these 'expressions' of God had to go through many processes of involution before the stage of evolution was reached.

"This, dear children, takes you back so far that the mind is quite incapable of taking it in; but, never mind, all you are asked to do is to reconstruct in your mind your ideas of the time of creation. You must remember that this little earth of yours is but one stage - a most important one, as I have said - but one short stage only in the process of spiritualisation which all have to go through.

"You see, dear children, that in using the word 'spiritualisation', at once I get the thought from you: 'But if we started off from God, Holy as He is Holy, spiritualisation seems the last word to use!' Yet, have I not said that the journey of the spirit was one of experience? The Divinity which is within us all is a gift from God, but only by the process of overcoming and of rising above that which is evil, can the gift of Divinity be made our own.

"You are asked to believe, then, that starting from the point of perfect Purity, you went through stage after stage of experience, before the point of 'evolution' was reached - and, as a result of experience, you are making that gift of God your own...

"There is one point here which I want to bring in and emphasise - and that is this: When God gave out of Himself, with the gift was that of 'free will'; and that gift has never been interfered with, and never will. You see, dear children, that if man - if we had all been stronger, more watchful than we were, we could have gone through our experiences without losing so much of the holiness and the purity with which we started...

"I want to make it quite clear: As you have it stated in your Bible, man was made in God's own image. And that image - it was His intention - should remain for ever more. Yet there have been many, who, as you know, have not only fallen to the level of the animals created for their use, but indeed have shown signs of far less advancement - in a spiritual sense - than the animals possess.

"This is your explanation, and I give it tonight as plainly as I am able: Because there have been those who have found traces of man on a level with the animal creation - because these types have been found - it only means that during certain stages, humanity, as a whole, forgot its sonship and its daughtership with the Most High. The power of evil had far too great a scope, and thinking and living as the beasts they drove, so they degenerated into that which, as I have said, in many cases was far worse than the lowest in the animal kingdom.

"Now, dear children, I want you to remember that you can think only of finite things, and then to recollect that this little world but represents one short stage. Those processes of experience have gone on in states and conditions which are entirely beyond your imagination; and during certain phases of the world in which you now live, the conditions there were only suitable for those sons and daughters who had forgotten the link between them and their Maker.

"Get things in their right perspective. You cannot expect to understand just yet the gigantic nature of the subject on which I speak. But, as time goes on, the dawning will come, and later, when the physical mind is laid aside, so the revelation and the understanding shall be your own.

"The 'missing link' will never be found, because man - so characteristically - carries on his researches on the material plane alone, searching in nature for the solution of these difficult problems; ignoring the fact that the great Mind of Love - which created nature - reserves certain parts of knowledge as His own; and only spirit can contact with Spirit, and Love provides the key.

"You will see, dear children, that the physical mind has very good grounds for the assumption that 'Reincarnation' only provides a workable explanation of man's being; yet, as I have told you before, into a physical body you will not enter again; but the next body, in many cases, is not so dissimilar as you might think. Those who have neglected the opportunities provided on earth find their powers are very little greater; and those who have wilfully shut themselves off from the Light - which is all around - these are severely handicapped, and the physical body, when looked back upon, represents power and freedom indeed.

"Once more I say: Get things in their right perspective, keeping always in mind the order - the magnificent order - of God's plans, the unparalleled justice of His laws, and the infinite patience of the Father Himself, who waits and waits and waits.

"What I have said tonight, dear children, answers also the very natural query which arises as to the spirituality shown by some even in those times which you call the 'dark ages'.

"It was possible, as I have indicated, that the experiences taken on by the individual soul could be worked out, could be made their own - without alienation from the Father. These so-called 'saints' just illustrate this. Yes, they have passed through many fierce battles, many temptations - which to the minds of the children of the earth would be inconceivable, because they are not subject to them themselves.

"That is another point which I want you to remember - that there are states and conditions where those who are out to find God have been tried even as by fire, and have come forth suitable vessels for His use. It sounds, as I speak, rather awe-inspiring; but, dear children, before you entered into this world, of necessity, you must have gone through that, otherwise I could not teach you or speak to you of the things which are of God.

"It was the same with those who loved our Saviour during His brief sojourn among them. These, in spite of weakness shown, perhaps, in the physical mind - these had tested themselves, had voluntarily taken on those deeper experiences which you cannot understand now, so that when God was manifested among the children of the earth, He might find a few to whom He could impart the Truth, and to whom He could entrust the gifts of the Spirit...

"Children, I am having a little difficulty in making this subject clear, but I think, on reading it over, you will perceive that which I am anxious to convey. It is impossible to do more than outline something of the gigantic pattern which the Creator set into action in those distant periods of time which are beyond us all.

"Yet it should do this: It should give you a sense of responsibility, and also a feeling of great comfort as well. Thinking of the past, of the many stages, of the experiences lived through and overcome - surely then, you should rejoice that so much lies behind.

"And if, at the same time, so much lies in front, yet each stage - indeed each year - brings you nearer to that which is Love Itself; each minute of your life contributes something which is going to provide just the necessary power which, later on, will enable you to step into the illumination of the Spirit, when misunderstandings pass away never to return again... Then onward into the Unlimited, into Eternity, into Completeness - which means joy upon joy. But I cannot take you more than a step on this road because the mind is bound by the definition of joy upon earth - and that, as you know, is just as the reflection of a tiny beam of light in comparison with the power of the sun itself.

"My children, I will leave you now for a little while, but I shall want all your help tonight because my child is tired and cold, and these conditions make it a little difficult for the inexperienced to work against. It creates a sense of dimness or of elusiveness, which is hampering to those, who, being free from a physical body, have somewhat forgotten the restrictions and limitations it imposes. Yet I know I can count on you all, and the evening will be shown to be God-given indeed..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, this evening has been another illustration of triumphing over conditions, and of setting our flag on high - not half way up the hill, but on the top. We have done better than you will ever know until you come here... but I am not going to prolong that which already has cost much effort.

"Tonight, my closing words are entirely on a personal note, and they are to remind you, once again, that you belong to me, in Christ's Name - to remind all those who read these records that the link in the Spirit is there.

"And if it sounds strange that I use the term of 'children' to those of experience, then I would add, as an explanation, that it is purely a term of endearment - never used to suggest distance in spiritual age or in understanding the things which are of God.

"You must, all of you, recollect that if, by God's grace, we in the Spirit have penetrated a little deeper into that vast subject of Truth, yet, as we advance, so the horizon grows - and so we realise our limitations in love and in that same understanding.

"There are two to whom I would refer tonight, who are linked to this work in a way they little realise. Ah yes, they have given - and are giving - effort and time and thought; but I am speaking of the Great Work in the Beyond, which goes on for ever and for ever.

"Children, the ones to whom I refer are friends and comrades of he who taught you the A.B.C. of this subject (Rev. Arthur Chambers). Faithfully have they done their part, so far as opportunity allowed; and faithfully shall they see God's promises worked out. There is that prepared for them which shall wipe away all remembrance of the earth and its saddening experiences... I speak of one, particularly, in this respect. I remind him that here grief is translated - at once - into joy; and that because he has suffered, so emancipation shall come, and the work goes on for ever. These two servants of God have not been mentioned by me before in this way, but I do so tonight because I want them to know that their faith and their stability - without receiving any personal support through these records - that that has built up for them a foundation which shall never give (Rev. T. Thistle and Rev. G. Mackie)...

"And then there is one word I would give for another... (Notebook, on which these records are taken, exhausted).

"My children, on second thoughts, I see it is wiser that we should close - so I will take of your love and I ask you to take of mine in return, remembering that only through Love could we meet together in this way.

"God bless you all and keep you in the brightness of His Face; and may the sunshine of His Presence, working through you, give Light to others - for Christ's sake, Amen... Goodnight, my children."

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