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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Sheerness on Sunday, 23rd April, 1933.

"Saviour Christ, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child...

"My children, once again we are met together in this sweet way, and I know that there are some gathered in who would extend a welcome to this servant of the Christ. Those who are free from physical restrictions have a greater capacity for loving than you can guess; and when we stretch out to contact with those on earth and find that some of them respond to our presence, joy fills our hearts. We know that this is the Will of God, for did not the Master say: Little children, love one another?

"When the earth life is o'er, the restrictions which exist upon the earth plane between soul and soul will be cast away, and men and women, as spirits, will work together for the coming of the Kingdom, and by that unity of purpose, by the blending of divine power, it shall be shown that God's Will is done, and because it is God's Will, the pattern and the plan are worked in.

"But tonight, my children, I want to touch on another aspect of love, and I think that ere we part you will find that it is all gathered into that same sweet phrase: Little children, love one another, for in the Heart and Mind of God all life is one, and each individual is dependent upon borrowing from, or helping another.

"It has been ordained that I speak on that which I name: 'God's Humbler Creations'.

I want you to think of your responsibilities towards those other forms of life which seem to you as something lesser than that represented by humanity, something only for man's use; but you know full well that there are some who abuse their powers. In the Holy Book it is written that God created all life and that He gave unto man dominion over other creations. And it seems to some that this has brought about a state of affairs where much injustice can take place; and it is true. There are men and women in every clime who realise not that all life is one, and so it is that not only in this enlightened country of your own, but throughout the world, now and again the hearts and minds of thoughtful people are wrung over the cruelty which is given out to God's Humbler Creations.

"I would speak just for a moment upon those little creatures you name the domestic animals who bring so much joy into the life of others. There are some here, and there are many who are inclined to put their cat or dog before all else. They are so concerned about the comfort of the little thing in their care that it seems to others that they are making a big mistake. I want to say at the outset that any love given to animals is good, so long as that love is controlled by the thought of the animal's welfare and the animal's progression. Have you not seen and have you not heard that there are those who turn from a little child in distress, yet for their dog they find not only compassion but an adoration which is dangerous unto themselves and to the creature upon whom it is bestowed.

"So tonight I would pass a little away from the usual teaching and instruct you on your attitude towards God's humbler creations. I want you to remember that the animal in your care has also had life in another world before it took on that body which is so loved by you. Just as you yourselves were spirit over the long, long past and had many bodies, so the life within the animal represents something of God, the animals have passed through many stages, many evolutionary processes, until today you get animals of utility and also of ornament.

"Is there not a parallel in your own lives? You know that there are men and women who work, who contribute to the knowledge of the world, who pour themselves out in service to others. Then there are the parasites, those who borrow the strength of others, those who demand from the ones in their surroundings that service, that complete obedience which is working into their own bodies and in their own minds a disastrous result.

"So I want you to remember that animals, whatever type they may be, present a great spiritual fact. They today represent something which to you appears attractive or dangerous, something which you love or something from which you shrink. And again I say: so it is with man.

"There are animals who have been used by man and have contributed much in suffering and in power - I speak of the horse. Many people have said: 'It is a matter of joy to me that horses no longer suffer as they did, that they are replaced by machinery.' That is another spiritual fact. The horse, as represented in this plane of being, was used and in many cases abused by man. So, as it were, the orbit of the horse's stage drew to a close. Something arose that would take its place. Yet you say unto me: 'Horses have still their use and they are required.' Yes, they are required and they will be given unto man so long as man remembers to use them as God intends.

"But there is a law which comes back on man in a way which is a revelation in itself. If man has an animal under his charge and he ill-treats it, soon the value that it represents is no more. The horse or the cow, or whatever animal it may be, dwindles in value and at last its carcass is all that remains. Punishment from a material point of view falls upon man, and rightly so.

"So tonight I plead for those Humbler Creations of God, and I say that there is not one man or one woman who inflicts useless cruelty on those in their charge who will not have to pay heavily for that which they have done.

"At the same time I say that the men and women who lavish unwise affection on their pets, they too are shirking their responsibilities. For that which is a joy to you has a future life, a life in the great wide World of Spirit and, alas and alas, there are pets who pass out who have little to show on the gain side. They have been victimised by the affection of those who should have known better, they have not been trained, they have not been taught, their intelligence has not been released, they have been allowed to make their body their all in all, and the soul within the animal has been starved. How many men and women are there who consider their responsibility, their great part in helping on the evolution of those who are less advanced than themselves.

"I would not sadden, but make a plea for the Humbler Creations of God. After the earth stage is o'er for them, they too awaken in another world and sometimes they bear less beauty than they did when on earth. The natural tendencies of the animals were not curbed by those who had them in their care, and thus over a span they must suffer, and their masters and mistresses must suffer too.

"It is the same with a little child. There are the good parents and there are the unwise parents. The good parent knows that the child must learn to harness her will. The good parent knows that the earth life is a training stage, and the time will come when the soul within the body of the child will pass out into another condition. Woe unto the parents if that condition is less free than the earth state; and in many cases this is so.

"But, tonight, I want you to lay aside the thought of your own lot in detail, and rather to think of the lot of the lesser creations of God - lesser to man's mind alone, for in the Heart of Love each creature of His has its own place, is of equal value, and indeed contributes to the Divine Plan. This is a fact which has been overlooked throughout the long ages.

"I would instruct that animals upon the earth-plane - if they are of utility to man and if man treats them as well as possible, knowing that he is a son of God and a custodian of the life within his charge - by going through this stage, and even by the sacrifice of their own body, of their own physical life, if that sacrifice is brought about without cruelty, then those animals pass into a state that is freer and brighter far, and something more of the Divine Plan has been worked in.

"There are those here who would ask me: 'Is it right that we should eat of the carcasses of animals?' I answer: During a certain span of the earth-plane this works in a part of the evolutionary processes; but I say also that as the stages of life progress higher and higher, it will be found unnecessary to have the coarser forms of food, and in time to come there shall be souls who will be able to live on the elements in the air; but that is not yet. It is not hard to grasp this if you remember that when the physical body is laid aside and you don a body of finer fabric, the need for eating and drinking is no more.

"So I say to you who are aspiring souls that you can, by training yourselves in this same time, make it easy and natural to use your finer bodies, in which there is so much more of Spirit. Thus the way of perfection upon the earth-plane is to take of that food which bodily strength demands, yet to give not too much thought to what a man eats and what a man drinks, but rather as you take that which is before you, to know that God will bless.

"Then I would speak unto you regarding the flowers and the trees, as well as the insects and the fish which swim in deep and shallow waters. What think you, brothers, how these affect you? What think you, sisters, if you allow a flower to lay untended because of the carelessness within your mind? Something beautiful has faded too rapidly for God's love, something - which contains that which is of Himself - has suffered; something, which was brought into the earth conditions to go through another evolutionary stage, has been martyred because the custodians of the life forgot.

"So simple it all is, so beautifully plain. All life is one! You know not what the tree contributes to your well-being, you know not what is the mission of the flower. You see that which charms the eye and the sweet fragrance that passes through the body. But that is only outward; much is hidden from your understanding. When the body is cast aside you shall come back and, by God's grace, if you have been a true custodian of these various forms of life, then you shall penetrate the world of the flower, the world of the tree; you shall be able to understand that which represents the mind of the animal and even the insects as they hurry away from your tread.

"A little nearer we get to understanding something of the Divine Plan. As you take your way, remember that you are not individuals alone, you are dependent on others and they are dependent upon you, unseen as well as seen.

"And hold this thought in mind: that the earth stage is but one short span of experience; the soul has lived before, not in this world but in many other spheres hidden from your consciousness.

"For you were created in the Divine Image, and through those testing stages whereby you gained personal experience, you have come to this stage of spiritual consciousness, of free-will. Today you know right and wrong, you know that it is against the law of Love to inflict pain in any form upon another; you know also that although you have power over the Humbler Creations, that power is severely limited in comparison with that great gift of dominion over all life bestowed by God on man.

"But the time will come when those who are gathered here will pass out into the Light, and then according to the way they have fulfilled their stewardship upon the earth-plane, so will be their power over the animals in their own spheres. The lion and the lamb shall be as one (Isa. 11, 6-9; 65, 25). The wild birds of the air shall come as you raise your hand, and even the reptiles shall be silenced as your footsteps pass them by. All life is one, and the great tool which man so oft overlooks, is the tool of love, that marvellous power which is encaverned in love for others.

"So we come back to the teaching of the Christ: Little children, love one another! Little children, love My humbler creations, protect them, guide them, teach them how to grow! Oft have I said that the good gardener is blessed beyond his knowledge, and so is the man who tills the soil to produce food for the nation. Many are his disappointments and so oft it seems unto him that what he tries to do is destroyed under his hand. But he is a saviour of the soil, he is bringing out the resources of Mother Earth, he is helping the life in the soil so that in the stage to come that which is represented to you by Nature may be seen in a greater, grander, finer form.

"Is it not clear? Therefore your path lies straight before you. As you take your way, whether through the busy town, out in the sweet countryside, or by the water as the wild waves are dashing up, oh pray for the life in the sea, pray for the birds in the air, pray for the flowers; and all the while seek to harness, train and develop the resources they possess.

"The man and the woman who pass out of the earth-plane with nothing to show in service to God's Humbler Creations, have much to learn and much time must elapse before the lessons have been made their own.

"So tonight, my children, I come to bless you and I come to release still more those latent powers within. For you are of God and because the Holy Spirit is enshrined within, you have creative forces which you have never thought of and certainly have never exercised while the physical body has been bound.

"Within your power it lies to make the next stage for God's humbler creations a sweeter stage. There is much responsibility attached to those who have animals that pass out and have less intelligence than they had when in your home. So true are these facts and so terrible a responsibility imposed upon each one. As you go home think over my words regarding the little animal who comes to greet you. Train it, guide it, safeguard it, let it not represent a body alone but a soul, for there is something of the Holy Spirit enshrined within which has life for evermore.

"Think as to this: The countless planes and worlds outside this little earth of yours are peopled with life, and the animals, the birds, the flowers in finer or in coarser form, they too live on.

"I ask you to ponder upon my words when I have passed from you in this same way. Keep a sane outlook, realise that even the animals who are used to replenish the body of man for a stage - mark you this, only for a stage - if the 'life' is taken without the cruelty which is imposed so freely, and if while they were still on earth they were tended and cared for and loved, so in the next stage for them there is something better, something brighter. They have served their neighbour, and their neighbour is man.

"Thus it is with all living things. Many ignorant of the laws of God exclaim: 'How terrible that one animal should feed and live on another!' But this is only for a stage, a stage that represents the falling away from the great law of God and the result of what has been worked in over the far past.

"But the time will come when animal or insect will no more feed upon one another; the time will come for man as well when out of the atmosphere sufficient nourishment will be procured, the day will dawn when man will be freed from inflicting sorrow and pain upon another.

"Oh I bless you with wider vision, with a greater compassion, with a deeper knowledge, and with a more prayerful attitude towards all Life, and I say that in the degree you seek to put into practice those divine laws - which in bare outline I have given you this night - in the degree that you observe those laws it shall be joy for you in the life to come. But in the degree that you ignore them, so each pang inflicted upon the Humbler Creations of God must be worked out in the future. The laws of God are held intact. What a man sows that he shall surely reap.

"Healing power for each and every one! Indeed the Holy Spirit has been granted unto us this night, for we have got a little away from ourselves and we have thought of the other creations of God, equally loved, equally cared for, equally provided for; and the blessing is thus enhanced.

"Peace be unto you all, my children. The great law of compensation shall be worked out in every individual life. If the flower is neglected, if the animal suffers, God makes up for the lack that is in man; and although the pangs must be endured because of the selfishness of another, when that stage of suffering is passed, the peace and the joy and the progress are enhanced.

"I bless the workers and I say unto them that so long as the sacred Cross of Jesus Christ is ever before their eyes they shall succeed, aye, they shall be blessed for the many souls they have been instrumental in bringing into the Light.

"Peace and blessing! tonight not only are there many disembodied souls gathered in, but there are thousands and thousands of animals of all kinds here, and they shall be blessed because they suffered in the past.

"Peace be with you all, dear children, and in God's good time we shall meet again."

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