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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes, at Ealing, on Sunday, 6th January, 1935

"My dear children, once again I stand before you in this same way, and I want you to realise how close is the bond between the servants of Jesus Christ - I want you to realise how wonderfully God has drawn us together; and if there are those here who claim their independence of thought, then I say to them: God is the Creator of all mankind, and God vibrates to each and every one.

"There are many who are climbing the hill of achievement; some are distracted into this path and into that; some linger in the valley; some turn from the test at hand; but, thank God, there are those who, seeing that which lies ahead, climb on - they will not be affronted, they will not be drawn back, the cries of the earth are pushed aside, for the Voice of the Spirit echoes within their heart and mind, and their response is to One and One alone, our Saviour Jesus Christ.

"But this night I have been sent to speak to you upon that which has so often troubled the minds of many, to give out to those who care to listen, something that may cheer, that may afford an explanation of their own lives, and of the lives of those they love.

"So I take for my subject just this simple question: 'How Can Man Control an Adverse Fate?' How can you, my children, rise above environment, heredity, or anything else, whatever the world may name it?

"There are those here who have been led into a path which, maybe, they would not follow; there are those here who have delicate bodies and they know that the seeds of weakness or of disease have been passed on by their forbears; there are those here who have done their best, yet their whole life seems to be governed by an unkind fate.

"With the young, these facts cause much distress and, very often, doubt against the Love of God; and even with those who are older who have sought to do their duty, again there have arisen in their minds those unbidden thoughts: 'Why is my life so hemmed in; why has misfortune dogged my steps?'

"You know that there have been those taken from poor homes, men and women who have struggled against fearful odds, yet as time has gone on they have made good. They had not the tool of mental education, the advantage of a thoughtful mother or father, or the influence of a cultured home; yet by will, by effort, they have raised themselves from obscurity; and there are many to envy, many to wish that such good fortune had come their way instead.

"But I am here to speak of the truth exampled by Jesus Christ, and I say: All honour to the man who has done his best and has made a place for himself in physical and material life. But I say also: Woe unto that man if the treasures of the earth and his worldly position are used for himself alone. Far better if he had remained in the background, far better if he had been poor to the end; for the treasures of the earth and all those things which man prizes so much - the fame and the admiration of others, the ability to think and build and to gain - all these things, if they are not used in the Master's service, will represent rocks over which he must climb in time to come.

"I ask you to think as to this: There are large institutions packed with human souls, and it seems to those around that an adverse fate has claimed such as these as victims so long as life on earth shall last. But I want to underline this, and it concerns each and every one: There are so many of those you name the insane who could have been saved; there are so many - by the disregarding of Divine laws, by allowing the clouds of sorrow to encase them, by weeping when they should have worked - there are so many who have condemned themselves into bondage, and only through suffering will the lesson at last be learnt.

"But perhaps you ask me: 'How about the sick of body, how about the children born steeped in disease, how about the lame and the blind and the deaf and the dumb - what of these?' Again I ask you to think on spiritual lines, not to be deceived by the earth point of view. Have you not read that it is not wise for a man to have too much until his sense of values has been made secure? And the only way to measure the value of the gifts of the earth is by the life of Jesus Christ.

"You would interrupt me, perhaps, exclaiming: 'But the Master was sound, He had no disease, He could see and walk and hear!' But I remind you once again that if the Master, as a little child, had turned from the Voice of the Holy Spirit, as the years passed, because of the conditions of that time, when vice was rampant, where honour seemed to be unknown, He too would have been struck with a fell disease - and there would not be light today, for you and for me.

"What is an adverse fate? We are coming a little nearer to reality. What is it in your life that you count as your chief misfortune? You answer, perhaps: 'I am worried to death, the struggle for existence seems almost more than I can bear; I have tried, I have worked, I have prayed, but I am worsted in the fight; I must give place to another, a younger man.'

"Oh, brother, think again. In the days of yesterday, maybe the Voice of Spirit was not hearkened to as today. In your boyhood there were things that sprung up in your mind and filled your heart, and if you had gone from earthly strength to strength, or if you had drawn to you the desires of your lesser nature, would not your fate be adverse in very truth? You would pass out of the earth stage bound and fettered by unseen enemies who would not let you go. You would look upon yourself with horror and fright, for no longer would you bear even semblance to a pleasant body, and your fate would be turned into dark channels, by your own wilfulness, your own heedlessness, your own ignorance.

"So to you who feel that life is hard, to you who have lost the one who meant all in all to you, to you again, who have striven so hard to build for God but find - after the years - only a few bricks that will hold together, I speak in great love. The time will come when, free from the body and all that binds, so gladly will you go back over the past to the time when the flesh seemed such a burden to you because of the pains it held, to the dark hour when all the world was empty because the one you loved so much had left your side, to those days of doubt - and you will see that all the time a miracle was taking place; you were righting that spiritually adverse fate which was your own, you were clearing the path of unsuspected obstacles - the weeds and tangles of earthly desires.

"So long as a man or a woman has within reach the one they love so well, seldom is it, dear children, that they are inclined to turn to God as the One who loves them best. Seldom is it when a man is in his prime, using the ready tools of the mind, finding himself surrounded by many to give those words of praise for which he craves - seldom is it that such a man finds the need of an understanding Christ as Friend.

"So, my little ones, I speak to you this night upon that which concerns you vitally. You have your trials and tests, you have your moments of despair and wild exhilarations; but the thing that matters most is this: The taking on of the discipline which shall strengthen the soul and release the spirit that is within.

"Look out upon the world today, at those who are in high places, many of them taking their earthly way regardless of Divine laws; and then look upon those men and women who have found the joy of service - and compare their lives. One seems to have so much, and the other is willing to give everything he possesses for the work of his Master Christ; but the man with discernment sees beyond the outward and catches from the missionary the light of joy that nothing of the earth can kill; and the thoughtful man - as he leaves the presence of his rich and worldly fellow-being, the one in high office, the one who loves the plaudits of the world - feels he is leaving one who knows no rest of heart and mind because he is building for himself an adverse fate for the stage that is to come.

"I speak to the sufferers, to the strivers, to the ones who are hoping against hope for the sunrise to come and to cast away the clouds of material care. My sister, my brother, there should be within you the deep reassurance that can cast out fear. The way has been long, the hill has been steep, but you are nearer to God each day of your earthly life, nearer to God, nearer to peace.

"I plead with those here who find such fascination in the theories of man's mind; with those men and women, wherever they may be, who first follow this doctrine and then that belief, saying to themselves and others: 'I have a wide mind; I want to know all there is while I can.' Dear children, be not deceived; your life on earth may be limited, but you know not when you may be called hence; then the physical mind must be laid aside, then the spiritual mind only can give to you that which you desire.

"There are many men and women, disembodied souls, who are still huddled together studying the so-called science of the earth, studying the old religions, digging back into the past and allowing the present to produce nothing at all. Yes, and in the astral planes there are different sects, there are so-called churches and centres, and those that gather therein are perfectly satisfied with the life that is around. There is no one to say them nay; they call themselves by big names, for, alas, the vanity of the earth body has been passed on to the soul body in which they take their way.

"Cannot you see the adverse fate of such as these is a thing that can be terrifying to the thoughtless man and woman blinded by the things of the earth, or to the thoughtful man and woman upon whom the ray of Divine Light has shone and pierced the shadows?

"So I say to you, little children of the earth, and little children of the light: Be on your guard, analyse that which is placed before you in the daily parchments (newspapers) or in those books which are prized so much; read between the lines, let the Voice of the Holy Spirit instruct, push away all the adornments, all the beautiful flow of words, and come down to fundamentals; ask yourselves: 'What is the measure of truth that these sentences portray?' And then go back to the Holy Book, take just one sentence of Jesus Christ, and allow your mind to ponder upon the immensities of the thought which He passed on.

"By man today, so often simplicities are ignored or despised; by man today, the teaching which is so involved he only understands a fragment of it - that is put first. But the time comes when no longer will the children of the earth be able to deceive themselves, the time comes when no longer will the astral state hold enjoyments for them; for all things pass away that are not of God. But oh, the time that is wasted, the treasure that has been cast aside, the revelation which might have been theirs, the peace and the close communion with God the Father, God the Son.

"So, my dear children, I entreat you to go over once again your equipment, and to pray that, as the time goes on, those on earth may have a truer sense of values, they may know what is pure gold, they may know what will enable them to stand the test of time, of trouble, and of all that is arraigned against them, and thank God for each and every pang. The hour arrives when all the tinselled coverings are stripped from that which masquerades as truth, and then the heedless mockery is revealed and consciousness is born at last.

"But I would not cast a shade over any heart and mind, for so many gathered here are pilgrims of the light. They know it not, perhaps, but upon their heart is written the word 'Excelsior', and they will climb by the strength of the holy ones who are around, and they will reach the Golden Land where sorrow can touch them never more. The troubles and the trials, the disappointments and the seeming unanswered prayers - all these things are there, glorified, transformed by God, because His little children found it so hard to understand.

"Man controls adverse fate by all those things which he is forced to give up or to go without; man controls adverse fate by the hours of suffering, by the loneliness, by enduring the turning away of friends in time of need. Oh, cannot you see that Jesus the Christ typifies this in so marvellous a manner? What of His life, what of His childhood, the poverty in the home, the sorrow, the illness and all that jibing from without? 'What an adverse fate!' man would exclaim. What a glorious fate, history has proved.

"So with this thought in our mind, we willingly take up our burdens, small or great. The light has come, and we look upon that which seemed so hard, which caused us so much anxious thought in the stillness of the night, and we know that not only are God's ways best, but they are sweeter than our limited mind can grasp.

"Those who are physically blind have a vision no earth words can portray in the next stage to come; those who are lame are able to fly from corner to corner ministering to those on earth and in other worlds; those who are dumb find by that withholding of what they craved to make their own, they are the chosen ones to give forth the message of true life and freedom, theirs is the gift of speech in time to come.

"So God works and so the Holy Spirit instructs, so the way is opened, so sacrifices of the earth are seen as the golden treasures they represent, and the wise men and women thank God for their cross - the cross which can be held aloft by them to guide the wanderers home, to give the healing rays, to make the prisoners free. That is your cross, burden-bearers upon the earth plane.

"And now, my little ones, I would bless. Not mine the blessing, but passed on by the One who suffered so much. He had all-wisdom within; but He pushed aside the teachings of the colleges of His day, and took His way amongst the humble men and women of His time, giving forth imperishable Truth - those simple words and phrases which have baffled the mind of the cleverest throughout the ages which have passed.

"My children, how I long to save you unnecessary steps, how I long to give you that which some time you must make your own. Let not your hearts be troubled - God is watching, God is waiting. You sorrow today to joy for all time to come. The weakness of the body so often brings spiritual strength; the pangs of poverty, again, they feed the human soul; and the time is coming when men and women shall be so released from that which binds, the time is coming when the power of the Holy Spirit will be so demonstrated upon the earth plane that thousands shall rise, leaving their homes, it may be, and once again take to themselves the words of the Master (Mark 6:7) and pass among the masses giving the Waters of Life and the Bread which shall feed for evermore.

"Are there not some here ready for the full surrender? I say: Yes, there are those who will answer the call. Therefore, as the days go by, seek to train yourselves to walk humbly, giving that which is your own, beyond necessity, to others. This, my children, is the way of peace, and the ones of old - you name them the disciples - by following this path, were used to spread light over a darkened world.

"Are there not those who are hungry, are there not those who are sad, are there not those who walk in spiritual bondage? Ah, yes. You have been taught, you have been tested, and your adverse fate, at last, is seen in all the glory of the freedom it represents. You can be the one to teach, you can be the one to show the beauty of a life that is dedicated to the Master's work.

"As I take my leave, the blessing is cast over each and every one - the blessing of understanding, of consciousness that with Christ you have everything that the soul can need. I pray that you may hold the blessing, for in holding the blessing it will be so enhanced that the power will come to you to distribute the blessing, and it shall be even as the parable of the loaves and fishes in the time of long ago.

"With love I leave you, with hope I take my way. Through many lands I must wander and no 'home' is mine for evermore, yet within me there is that Home of homes - my love for Jesus Christ; and while He rests not, so His servants still must follow on; nay, while He toils, what joy could there be for the servants to rest by the wayside? Should we not lose sight of the Radiance that He alone can express?

"Thus again the message comes for each and every one: Follow the Radiance of the Living Christ, and your heavenly fate shall surpass your highest hopes.

"I bless you by the power of the Holy Spirit. Forge on, little ones, forge on. Farewell, farewell."

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