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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 3rd May, 1925

"Most loving Father, send down Thy power and grant that this, Thy child, may be able to so contact with the great Spirit force which is all around, that she may feel free indeed.

"Grant, O tender Saviour, that Thy great Love may lift us all up, not only out of weariness but into the strength which is of Thee, and thus charged with the power of the Spirit we may carry this evening through, fulfilling that which has been laid down as the work for these quiet hours of meditation and communion.

"O most merciful Father, give unto us all that greater understanding; grant that the clouds which veil bright tomorrow may be dispersed never to return again; that Thy little children, centred in the Sunshine of Thy Presence, may indeed not only feel the warmth of Thy Love penetrating into heart and mind, but may in turn distribute something of the brightness which is their own...

"So much we ask - it seems to us - so little we do to prepare ourselves so that Thy blessing may indeed rest upon us. Yet, being our Father, it would not be Thy will that this thought should find a permanent hold on the minds of any of the children of the earth. Thou delightest to give - and Thy little ones, according to their capacity, make an offering in return - sometimes of service and sometimes of love - and when these two are combined, then indeed is joy in Thy Heart, because Father and child are as one...

"Tonight once more we commend ourselves to Thee and turn to our task bravely and with determination; yet forgetting not that faith must be there, in order that the power may be as freely used as it is freely given... Amen...

"...My children, we start a little tired tonight (8.30p.m.), and I must ask you to give out as much vitality as you can, because there are several things about which I would speak to you - and it would be a terrible waste of time and opportunity if God's purpose was not achieved. I think you understand. I cannot make up for serious lack on the physical side in a moment's space of time, yet in this room there is spiritual power of an amazing kind - it is gifted to us without restriction - and drawing on that bountiful supply, so we go on, and so we conquer that which would hold us back.

"My children, in regard to the campaign which is before all those who wish to spread the Light, I have one or two things to say, and I hope they will be helpful, not only to the children of the inner circle of my love, but also to those who would not class themselves as belonging to me at all, yet know the truth in part, if not in full.

"Before us all, there is something which is in the nature of a Holy War; and yet in using the word 'war' I would not have you gain a false impression.

"In the world, right down the ages, there has been strife, there has been bitterness indeed; and wars carried on in an atmosphere of hatred are destructive in many ways, in addition to those which are there for all to see.

"Yet, dear children, I would have you remember that the most gigantic war which could be conceived has been going on from the time when humanity turned to the darkness away from the Light. This war is a Holy War; this war is between those who would build and those who would destroy; and this war must be waged until the unity between Father-Spirit and child-Spirit is complete. It is to this Holy War that I would turn your attention.

"You must remember, dear children, that ever since man began to think for himself, there have been those same great souls who, in taking on their many experiences, have managed to keep in touch with God; and these, oft-times solitary ones, have ever fought against the multitude and, in some cases have prevailed.

"Religion - or religions - have survived many a shock and many a pitfall; and because in the world there are many expressions of religion, it merely shows that the children of the earth, being children in a spiritual sense, have found it impossible to combine, one with the other, in praising their Creator. I use the term 'children', because if you watch the little ones at play, you get illustrations again and again, of what has been the case with those grown to man's and woman's estate:

"In the beginning, the little ones play quite happily together, but as time goes on, a clash of will and of desire is almost inevitable because of the different characters, the different temperaments, possessed by the children. Most mothers know that the one with the strongest will, the one with the most dominating desire, gets the advantage for the time being. Yet that advantage is, in reality, a disadvantage to the child himself, because next time he is not chosen as a playmate, as the love is absent which would make his presence welcome...

"Children, carry that idea on a little further; expand it, put it into its right environment, and you will find that it applies to those who, in the beginning, were linked together by their love for the Master. These are disunited now, not for a spiritual reason, but entirely for those same reasons of desire, of opinion, and of power.

"Yet I want you to take the spiritual point of view in regard to this; to recall my words as to 'charity', as to tolerance, as to the necessity for those who are linked to the things of God to stand shoulder to shoulder against the enemy which is attacking. When you all come here, you will find no difficulty in sinking your differences in 'service'. That is the key which opens the door of Peace and of Unity between religion and religion upon your little earth.

"Children, it has been said - and justly - that miniature wars - rather fierce battles - take place, between those who call themselves Christians, those who are wishful to do God's work. And tonight I am anxious to impress upon you, that in the future, you are called upon to stand aside both from criticism and from estrangement in regard to those who view the Truth in a different way.

"It is most important that you should keep this thought ever in your mind: That this war is a Holy War; that it is not against those who wish to do the Master's work - even though they may be hindered sometimes by the shadows - but your war is against the destroyers - those who have banded themselves together to keep the Light from penetrating into the hearts and minds of God's children.

"This then must be your attitude: That while you proclaim the Truth with all the force of which you are capable, yet ever you remember where your real enemies lie, and where your chief work has to be carried on.

"Children, last week I reminded one (Miss Owen) that she was to go forward with the staff of faith - not with a sword. And tonight, I want to enlarge upon that a little as we go along. I want you to realise that, in power, faith is far stronger than any sword could be. I want you to realise who is directing you, and something of the army which is around you. I want you to watch your speech - to be careful that in trying to convince others, you do not betray that which is of God within.

"Look at the subject how you may, of necessity God's work must be done with His tools; and His tools, as you know, are Love and Service to others. Yes, very often it is difficult to keep back the quick words, and quicker thoughts of criticism. But I want all those who read these records to have a clear statement as to the campaign which is before us - and the methods which we intend to adopt, directed by the Spirit.

"Children, in everyday life you will find - sometimes in the home, and if not there, in a wider circle - those who are the 'constructors' and those who are the 'despoilers'. It is a curious thing - and it has been noted by many thoughtful people - that the fiercest criticism comes, as a rule, from those who have no desire, or aptitude, to build themselves.

"Creative work is regarded, in the Spirit, as something precious. And I want to make it quite clear that when these artists - perhaps of trivial or mundane things - but when these artists feel that they have failed to produce what was in their mind, and yet have done their best - I want these to understand that what appears as second-best on earth is not only classed but is turned into the very best in the Realms of the Spirit.

"Children, you can all be artists; you can all create, if you will. And tonight there is a little point which it is necessary that I should drive home: In order to create, power is required; and that power - although you know it not - is indeed of the Spirit. Therefore, dear children, harvest those powers which are your own. Never allow yourselves to be a despoiler of the creation of another. Be a builder yourself. Perhaps I have not made this quite plain; yet, dear children, I am trying to show you that criticism of the efforts of others is not only non-creative, but indeed is a diversion of the power which each one requires so badly in order to build themselves.

"I take you from that thought to those many religions to which I have referred already. You see what I mean. Never say one word which is calculated to destroy the faith of another - nay, I go farther than that - which is calculated to destroy the carefully built-up thoughts of another.

"Yet you will say to me: 'If I follow this plan, how would anyone be convinced?' It is a little difficult to the inexperienced, but the method itself is simple, as everything relating to God.

"In regard to religious differences, try and adopt this attitude - of seeking in each one, those beliefs which are in harmony with your own. You will find, in the main, that however wide afield you may go, that there is a God - a God who is good, who is worshipped and obeyed.

"Then, to come a little nearer home - and I am thinking of those many 'sects' which we have spoken a little about before - with these you have more in common. They believe in God the Father, they believe in the Saviour of the world, and they believe in the power of the Holy Spirit.

"You see, dear children, apart from anything else, what an enormous lot you have in common with each other. All the essentials are there - the foundations are the same - and in talking to them, bear in mind that it is directly playing into the hands of the shadows to enter into argument on those points on which you cannot agree. Rather, in conversation, go to the other extreme. You have got your fundamentals; talk about the ties which link you together; and if you pursue this course, dear children - I mean if you take the opposite attitude from that which is common today - if you discuss the things in which you are in agreement, leaving those many disputable points untouched, you will find that you are able to build up a friendship of opinion which, as you know each other better, will indeed grow stronger and more expressive of that brotherhood and sisterhood which should be between you all...

"I want to labour this point a little; I want you to realise - all who read these records - I want all to realise that they, and we, are as soldiers of Christ; not out to battle against our own kind but to battle against those terrible forces of evil which indeed tax all our resources - because in our own ranks, there are those who as yet are but faint-hearted in their efforts...

"Yes, dear children, when you are trying to show others the hope and the revelation which even now is being made your own, bear in mind always that in endeavouring to bring Light, indeed must you use only those weapons which are in perfect harmony with the Light of the World and the Love which He represents.

"Never forget to be a builder; and never forget that in building, you must start from the earth, or beneath it; and that you must commence with one brick at a time, and these must be added singly, with precision, and with an eye to the future if your erection is going to be of utility in the days to come.

"There are many thoughts which will arise from my words tonight, and I want the thinkers to, as it were, hand themselves over to the guidance of the Spirit, so that the messengers - working under the direction of God - may lead their thoughts into the channels which are of Him; on to that broad, unbounded plane of realisation, when they too will see the necessity of sinking their differences - and of working and striving and battling together, so that Right may prevail and Love be established for all time.

"And then, dear children, I have a few words to say to those who have been troubled by many doubts in regard to this further revelation of the Truth. There are those gathered into the outer circle of my love, whose hearts and minds are devoted to the service of the Master; yet it has been their lot that many doubts and questionings have arisen in regard to the enormous responsibility attached to the handling and to the spreading of this Truth.

"Children, for such as these I have a word of comfort, and I give it tonight by God's injunction: Those who are pure of heart and mind shall see that God's ways are not man's ways, and that even the doubts of their mind shall be used for the furtherance of His great work.

"I tell them this: That because they have suffered and because they must suffer before this fuller revelation can become their own, so in turn, by the knowledge of the doubts and the questionings which assail the human mind, power shall be given to them to lend just the right influence at the right moment to dispel the misgivings of others.

"I speak not of this little life; my vision is far, far wider than that. I tell them that through the uncountable time to come, indeed shall they see that God, taking the very doubts which assailed them - because their hearts and minds were pure - uses them for His unlimited purpose, turns that which might seem as loss into gain, into that which shall grow in strength and in beauty as the years go on. Yes, it is used again and again by the Father, to bring Light to those who, as yet, wander in the twilight of understanding - sensing God and His purpose, but not seeing face to face.

"Then, dear children, tonight I must say another word or two in regard to Faith. Is it not true that all things which are worth having have to be striven for, have to be paid for, by effort and by thought?

"You, my little children - and many, many others - could have been saved much suffering, many chills of the heart and mind, if only you could have believed in the good intentions of the Father towards you, individually, during your daily life.

"Yet, again, I have words of hope and cheer. I say that because there have been those among you who have desired that larger faith with all their hearts, and yet have found that it escaped them - these shall see that God has used the waiting also in order to perfect the plan, to make more beautiful that which He has prepared with so much Love and understanding to be their own.

"Yes, there are those who, if they could have believed in that which came only by the power of the Holy Spirit - if they could have believed - much suffering, much, much misunderstanding, would have been avoided and the enemy dispatched over the border never to return again.

"But I must convey the Father's Mind and the Father's view: Because the desire was there and yet the obstacles were too great, God will restore the years the locusts have eaten; and not only restore but show - yes, lay it out before their very sight - what that time of waiting, of sadness, of unwilling doubt, has produced in the garden of the mind, because - and only because - they wished with all their heart they could have done better, that they could have held on to faith undismayed, could have shown their faith without hesitation or misgiving.

"Children, the things which are worth having have to be worked for - and they have got to be prized when they have been made your own. The plant of faith needs careful watching and much replenishing in the way of soil; it requires ever that the sunshine of God's Love should have an opportunity of shining directly upon it; that the pure fresh breeze of the Spirit should strengthen its stems; and then being watered by Service - by those waters which have been described as 'Life-everlasting' - your beautiful plant should not only survive the experience of change of season, but ever expand its branches, ever add new beauty to its blossoms, ever more send out sweeter and sweeter fragrance so that those who pass by are forced to stop and admire...

"Yes, that faith shall be your own because the desire has been there, because the work and the effort has not been missing, and because - though heart and mind fainted at the process - the patience held out until the Light was made your own.

"And Now, my children, I will leave you for a little while. There are messages which must be got in tonight, and I call upon your attention and sympathy, which I know will be there for the use of those who speak.

"Just one word for my little secretary (Dorrie), and Zodiac speaks to her direct because of this:

"Child, never forget, although the strain of these evenings may be great, that this task will be shown to you in the days to come - nay, not when physical life is laid aside but in the days to come - as the most important thing in your life - as a task so spiritual that, indeed, you will turn back and marvel that God was able to use you in such a measure and for such a great and glorious purpose. Think not lightly of it; and yet think not too seriously of the tax it entails... I see beyond the present - but your eyes are bound; yet trust in the Love of the Father, and trust in my love as well..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Children, my closing words will be very brief. We have done better tonight than seemed possible when we started, and each and every one has contributed her part. Once more, we have worked through weariness into strength - out of sadness into joy. That is the promise for the future, to be worked out in detail, and then to be hallowed by God, because, in the Spirit, it has all been done for love of Him.

"Yes, I want you to let this little thought find a place in your mind: To you it seems that, more or less, you work according to rule, according to habit and, sometimes, when the reluctance makes itself felt, it seems hard indeed to realise that the root of that effort, that the source of your endeavour is perfect love, perfect unity with God. Yet when the physical is laid aside - and the many barriers it makes - you will go back on your tracks, and will see, with so much joy, that you worked for Christ, not only because He asked it of you, but because the love within ever sought to express itself in action.

"And now, my children, I leave you. Rest in peace and with the assurance that God understands the human heart and mind through and through; understands that physical life sometimes throws a shade over the brightness of His Love; but only to children who are weary. As the weariness retreats, so the splendour comes back again into its own, so are you made happy and conscious of the Presence of The Beloved in your lives, in your homes - that sweetest Companion of all, our Saviour Christ, the Friend of friends, the Lover of lovers - closer than breath - in you, of you, and you of Him...

"May the Holy Spirit inspire you and illuminate the path which lies in front; may the consciousness of Divine Love suffuse your whole being, and may you each and every one realise what has been laid upon you and whither your steps are trending.

"Goodnight, my little ones, and remember - ah, remember - the tie that is between us."

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