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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 21st June, 1925.

"O Eternal Light, we draw near to Thee in spirit, and we ask that indeed we may be made part of that Light which is going to suffuse the whole world, which is going to penetrate into the darkest corners of creation both on this little earth and in the realms beyond.

"Father, teach us how to walk in the Light, so that we may draw unto ourselves something of the sunshine of Thy Love, distributing it in turn upon others who as yet have not found the straight and simple path into illumination.

"Grant that all those we love may be drawn by our influence into the peace which passeth all understanding, and because we, and they, are partakers of this great and holy peace, we may be used even as lanterns, guiding others through dark and unfamiliar paths into the safe highway which leads to Thee.

"Tonight in love, in trust, in faith we assemble together, realising that Thou canst readjust the past, can protect the present, and can forestall the misunderstanding of the future. Thus in harmony we continue the work and we know that Thy grace will be sufficient, that this work begun so timorously and with such diffidence of mind - that this work will grow and grow, and in the future shall stand for something good in Thy sight because, O God our Father, Thou hast listened to our prayers and Thou hast protected us all the way...

"Gratitude for Love, gratitude for guidance, gratitude for all the good gifts of the Spirit - yes, this gratitude shall come and Father and child shall be united for ever and for ever... Amen...

"...Well, dear children, after a little absence we meet together in this way; and I want you, for a moment, to consider with me something of the significance of those few words 'in this way'.

"To those who know but little of the power of the Spirit - of the unbounded Love of God - such gatherings are dismissed as of little importance; indeed by the ignorant as something which savours of a folly too deep to be condemned in mere words. Yet to the few - and mark you, dear children, that from the beginning of the spiritual history of mankind, it has always been the few - to the few who have listened, who have waited for God's Voice, the answer has come.

"Yes, 'in this way' has a meaning which can never be grasped, until the body is laid aside, and then only in part. When that freedom is your own, you will come back - as you put it - and you will see that where the wish to serve God holds true, where two or three assemble together in His Name to get direct instruction from the Great World of the Spirit, there is the power. When you come back, you will marvel at the complicacy and yet the simplicity of the method - of those spiritual laws which operate so truly, so harmoniously, making the communion between those living under physical conditions and those who are free, untrammelled by the earth and all it means...

"Children, there have been some of you, when you have climbed the steps to the altar which represents Holiness to the world at large - when you, and many, have felt it a privilege indeed to kneel and to receive that evidence, that physical evidence, of Christ in your life, Christ in your heart and mind.

"Could the eyes of the spirit see things as they are, then you would be enthralled by the beauty represented; and I would have you understand this - that however the priest, so-called, may fail in representing his Master, the blessing is the same, if only your heart and mind wish to be linked to Him. Never think that with the things of the Spirit the things of the world can overrule them; never think that because one here and there fails in his or her duty, that the Father cannot brush aside those obstacles and stretch out the Hand of Love and bestow upon His children the gift direct.

"Many there are, thank God, who can enter into this spiritual communion - this wonderful privilege which they, by reason of their office, are used to dispense; many indeed represent their Master as nearly as a child can represent his Father; and if you could view things with the eyes of the spirit you would know that Christ keeps step with the one who gives, and Christ Himself strengthens and purifies the heart and mind both of the giver and the receiver, and so the blessing is two-fold in power and in beauty.

"Children, I do not use language which is flowery to describe such scenes as these; I must leave it to your imagination - that imagination which has its foundation in the Spirit - leave it to you individually, to build up some idea of the wonder, of the purity, of the exquisite loveliness of the conditions round the altar of God, when those who love Him gather there.

"Yet, lest a false impression should be left on any mind, I would remind you most earnestly that the altar - whether it be consecrated or not, whether it be new or old, whether it be fine or poor in quality and in decoration - that that altar, to the Mind of Love is as nothing, nothing except that it has the power, the influence, to draw the thoughts of His little children closer to Him...

"Again I come back to this little gathering here - to the many gatherings all over the world brought into being by the wish to find God and to obey His wishes. Let not physical conceptions have an entry. Howe'er it be, whatever the circumstances and conditions - where two or three gather together in His Name, there is the blessing, definite, tangible, sure and unbreakable.

"Yet, dear children, by reason of the fact that this direct communion with those in the Spirit requires much preparation, much discipline, many bitter lessons learnt - by this fact, so is it possible that the power of God can not only be demonstrated, but is attracted in greater force, because that which was necessary from the individual has been forthcoming, and the Father only waits to give and to give again.

"There are some who have not studied this question - who have not thought it worthy of consideration, who challenge the statement that in gatherings of this kind the power of God is there in a more definite form than in the large and splendid churches which have been built in honour of His Name. Yes, this has been challenged by many, and tonight I want to give a plain and direct explanation as to the why and the wherefore of this fact.

"Here I draw your attention to a point which is evident to all those who are used to this particular form of service. You have noticed that, apparently, under similar conditions, the power cannot be drawn upon to the same extent; that it is more difficult to separate those in the physical from physical things; that the world in a material sense obtrudes, and the mind, alas, is too easily distracted from the sacredness of the communion which is taking place.

"Again you have your simple answer. The necessary effort, the indispensable concentration and consecration has been absent, or has been delayed by those things of the earth which the shadows use to come between God and His little children.

"Yes, dear children, and my words - spoken with so much love and understanding, spoken with that sympathy, with that inner consciousness of your lives and of the conditions which surround them - these words are given tonight with double emphasis to you and to the world at large; I say - by God's direction - that the power drawn together in this way, to be used in an unlimited measure, depends solely and entirely upon the hearts and minds of those concerned.

"And remember that here it is that 'the past' comes in; here it is that those foundations which have taken long to bring together, which have been built stone by stone with weariness, with dejection, and with something well nigh despair - here, the past takes its rightful place; and on that past - on that slowly accumulated foundation of endurance - so the present power is established for ever more.

"To those strangers who have questioned the feasibility of this I say:

"Is it not a God-like truth that suffering, that work, that determination, should have the power to build up the necessary holiness which is essential, before those in the Spirit - who are of the Spirit - can come and speak to you as comrades and as friends?

"Again I say that this gift is not reserved for the few, but alas and alas, it is the few only who will submit themselves to the necessary discipline, to the necessary preparation for what is indeed God's work; because the gift can come only to those who strive to be free from that which would hold them back.

"My children, I have talked somewhat at length on that little phrase 'meeting together in this way', but I want you to think it over, I want you to be certain that your Heavenly Father understands completely how it is that sometimes the physical body comes in between; how it is that the things of the earth make barriers over which His children try to step, sometimes in vain.

"And while I am speaking thus, I want you to consider this point in a reasonable way; I want you to look at things in that practical, spiritual way, which always brings back into their right position - into their right perspective as well - those aspects which before looked all awry.

"Talking among yourselves, you admit that these experiences are 'tests', but even so do not appreciate that if these tugs of the physical were absent, the whole battlefield of your life, of necessity would be changed. I have told you before that only by struggle, that only by fighting against the enemies of God, can you attain.

"You see, dear children, instead of viewing your minds and your desires alternately with loathing and with sadness, if you could get the true view - the spiritual view - you would see at once that these so-called enemies, by God's grace, can be shown a little further on as true friends indeed because, and only because, you tried to get free from them - you wished to be linked solely and only to the things which are of God.

"Without these encounters - and you have noticed again and again that many seem to escape them - without these encounters, you could get but a little way out of the valley; and the hillside, with its beauty and power and promise, would be denied to you for many, many a long experience to come.

"Those who seem to escape such struggles - they, dear children, have not evaded them but they are reserved for the by-and-by. Drifting along with the tide in the comfort and ease provided, the boat of their life is not set in the direction of the Golden Shore, but rather towards those many byways which lead nowhere, and when their length has been traversed, out must come the oars, and the boat must be rowed back by the sweat of the brow and by that deeper anguish of heart and mind.

"The long journey of experience is the same for all, but freewill is man's gift, and until the spirit within gains a semblance of freedom, so the physical controls, and so these issues are postponed and postponed again.

"Yet, have I not said that the easy road contains more suffering because of its length, than the short steep hillside? Have I not said that to those with courage, the helpers not only come, but, using that courage - that wish 'to do' - as direct power, by the grace of God, again and again, they can help and protect them from the deep and dreadful ravines which each pilgrim has to get over, if he would follow the Voice to the heights beyond.

"You see, dear children, that enemies in number or enemies in force, do not denote - as so many of my children think - that heart-breaking lack of spirituality in themselves; rather to the experienced soldier the fiercest tussles come. He that has braved much in the past has - all unconsciously, perhaps - built up within, certain reserves and certain resources, without which he would not dare to face those enemies of Christ which seek to bar the way.

"Oh, take heart all of you, and yet beware of that subtle influence which has been given ground among you - the influence of self-despair. I mean the despair over the weaker self, which you think is a direct indication from the greater self of how big your failure has been.

"The greater self knows what lies in front; that greater self is not appalled by the enemies of the Light, but it is hindered in its progress when the physical mind pauses and listens to those who are out to destroy.

"Therefore, dear children, it is quite consistent to say: Be of good cheer, and yet be on your guard against the enemy which is within the gate. Those nervous thoughts, those destructive senses which so often evidence themselves - these, and these only, are the obstacles which have to be overcome; and if you could leave things with God more freely, I could control them every time in a way so reassuring that very soon they would cease to exist at all. It is not only urgent, it is imperative that the chosen worker's of the Most High should be free - free to take up their task, not only as duty but as the greatest joy their life could hold.

"And that, dear children, is what God means. It is against the Mind of Love that this gathering together should represent to some of you (medium and note-taker) dismay; that it should present fears of any kind. God has given you a gift which you understand not; yet in the giving and the bestowing, He knew that the sense of responsibility and the strain must come, but only for a while - mark you that - only for a while. Once you can hand over yourselves to Him, so the joy and the peace will come, so those nervous apprehensions will depart, and so you will feel the protection all around. Have no fears for the future, yet be on your guard! - remember that, dear children.

"And now I come to the second half of what I wish to speak to you about tonight, and that is in regard to old ties, old friends.

"Many have found that friendship is not understood by the majority; that very often it is regarded as one of the diversions of a busy or easy life; and so friendship has rather lost its high and beautiful position in their estimation.

"Well, dear children, I should like you to think a little about Christ's attitude towards friendship and the pinnacle on which He placed it; and, then to remember this: That in addressing the faithful - again 'the few' - Christ said: 'Ye are my friends' (John 15:14), and then with that wonderful understanding of the human mind, He added that all those who did His will were His friends.

"It is rather a wonderful thought - when you come here, you will see that it is the most wonderful thought there could be. We all know that Christ is our Friend, yet completion being in the Perfect Mind, Christ said: 'Ye are my friends'. I think that puts a different interpretation upon the friendship which Christ has for all.

"When you are thinking of an ideal - of One who is all tender, all love, all kindness - it is not difficult for you to understand that He is the universal Friend, because Love is so inclusive; yet because He is the Friend of all, it does not include the fact that you are His friend as well. I think you see the point. But Christ made the statement, clear and direct, that all those who wished to do His will - which, remember, is following the direction of the Divinity within - that each one was His friend.

"From that thought I take you on to another. In your world it has been said that old friends are best, and some people have interpreted that as barring out those who are new acquaintances in their earthly life. But that, dear children, is entirely the physical view, which concentrated on the world, ignores or forgets those deep abiding ties of the Spirit.

"Yet the saying, dear children, is perfectly correct when viewed in the spiritual way. Once more I ask you to remember what I have told you about that long 'past' before you entered into physical life. In that long past those ties were made, and perhaps many years go by on earth before - working out the pattern - you are linked together. Yet remember this: That sympathy, that mutual interests, that that understanding of each other's point of view - that this but signifies that the tie was made long, long ago; and again you have the echo 'old friends are best!'

"I want you all - all who read these records - to think on this with the mind of the spirit, to apply it to everyone who has passed through your lives. You may be old or you may be young, but when two are drawn together by mutual sympathies and, above all, by mutual aspirations, then you may be certain that the tie between you is ancient indeed. The linking has been delayed - may be - because with each one certain experiences had to be worked through first, certain lessons learnt and made their own. The preparation was indeed of God, so that when the two lives met, there should be that in each mind which should be able to recognise the affinity in the other...

"Oh, my children, never be deceived by the earth view, which is surface indeed.

"There are those who are coming into your lives who have been linked to you, and you to them, through aeons and aeons of time, yet from the earth standpoint you are as strangers. I speak not only of those who have passed out of physical life, but also of those still in the flesh, and I entreat you to bar them not; to remember that I have said: 'Old friends, old ties are best' - and it is God's will that your lives, at this stage, should be intertwined one with the other - it is part of the pattern, part of the plan.

"And then I bring you back once more to the remembrance of Christ's definition of a friend, and, above all, to that most glorious privilege which He has bestowed upon us - His friendship - not His Kingship over us, but His friendship with us; yet so characteristically He adds: 'Ye are my friends' - 'My friends' - think of it, dear children, to be deemed worthy of being a friend to the Crucified, to that which is Love itself.

"Try and gather in something of the wonderful meaning underlying that phrase - not condescension, that is not God's way, condescension between the Father and His children never has existed and never will - it is of the earth and not of the Spirit. But the gracious promise and invitation, first to be our Friend, and then that divinely-human longing of His that we should be His friends as well...

"Yes, dear children, each evening as we go on we learn a little more, we gather in just a fragment of the Perfect Mind; yet this should tell you, for the comfort of your heart and mind, that only by what you provide yourselves, could I or anyone speak to you in this way. God gives a thousandfold to our one, but if that one portion is absent, so He, with sadness, cannot give of all that much which He longs shall be our own, because the mind of the body refuses it and free-will cannot be gainsaid.

"And now, my children, I am going to leave you, but I want my little secretary to be certain that the power is all around her tonight, and if I spoke rather quickly in the beginning, then because of this and the strain entailed, so is the love and the recompense there, to help her on her way..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, we have kept you long enough, but I want to say in conclusion just a few words about the things of the earth and the things of the Spirit.

"My children are back again in the little home they have got together by work and by endeavour, I want you all to realise that however much the world has to offer - however bright the conditions, however ministering they may be to the senses - that those of the Spirit answer only to the Voice of the Spirit.

"It is just like this: Children who have been through certain experiences before they took on physical life, are - unconsciously to the physical mind - linked and bound to their Heavenly Home; and although there may be dissuasive voices, although there may be a multitude of distractions - yet right through, the only happiness for them is unity with their real Home - the linking up of the Divine within and without.

"You see, dear children, that in regard to this brief experience away from your own, separated from your interests and divided from the very work which made the break imperative, you found that true happiness escaped you.

"It is so indicative of the Spiritual life which is going on all the time. Brightness and beauty of the earth fades into insignificance before the remembrance of the brightness and beauty of the Spirit, even though it may only be faintly recalled by the physical mind.

"I want all my children to try and grasp this great Spiritual truth: That the conditions in which they are placed - that those conditions indeed are best, although it seems hard to grasp the fact. Yet, think you not wrongly on this point. There are many - heedless of the Voice of the Spirit - who clutch wildly at the things of the earth and, for the time, they are diverting their life from its rightful course - diverting and delaying, but not altering the course which must be followed in the end.

"But to those who, as they regard it, are at the mercy of circumstances, to these I say - and I entreat them to gather in and make this truth their own - I say that the path they have chosen is the best; best not only spiritually but best also so far as physical happiness is concerned. For have I not said that the spirit which has once listened to the Voice of the Father-Spirit is only hindered and made wretched if it heeds the voice of the world, if it lingers by the way, if the vitality of the body is wasted by vain regrets or for the fleeting things which must pass away...

"Oh, my children, take comfort; be certain that God is not mocked; be certain also He leads you every step of the way, and if you have chosen the hard rough path during physical life, then it means this and this alone: That free from the body, either in the sleep state or when that tabernacle is laid aside, you have that sweet content, that perfect harmony, that unlimited joy, which only close communion with the Divine can bring to us now or in the great Hereafter...

"My children, I leave you, yet think not of sorrow ever again, but rather of the possibilities, of those wondrous opportunities which lie in front - those experiences which shall bring their happiness inevitably as they pass and which shall save you untold anguish in the days that are to come...

"Faith leads you on, courage shall sustain you; the battle is well nigh fought and the joy of victory lies in front...

"God blesses you all, holding you fast - remember that - comforting those wounds of the physical mind, and yet using those wounds as weapons for the Spirit - because in His Hands, sorrow is turned into joy, darkness into the Light which never fades...

"Goodnight, my children, and remember my love as well. You are my chief delight; you are indeed so of my heart and mind that no words can express how we are linked together, how strong is the love between us, and how God has blessed us in this perfect union which shall not pass away... Goodnight."

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