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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Hastings Christian Spiritualist Church on Sunday, June 6th, 1943

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Surely the Grace of God draws us together, and when we look back over the past and see the road that has been traversed - all the protection given, all the guidance which has been forthcoming - our hearts are full of thankfulness to the Father because, although oft we may have hesitated or held back, the power came to drive us on.

"Today, dear children, although you see so much in the way of disaster, ugliness revealed, the harmony of outline broken, yet I have come with a message not only of good news, but one which should lift your hearts and minds above the mundane round, above the thoughts of war, and show you how the miracle of Grace is being worked out day by day, hour by hour. Thus I have been directed to speak to you upon: 'The Hidden Beauty in Life'.

"Some of you feel that beauty has been overgrown by the weeds of hatred, by all that is cast out upon the atmosphere through the children of God spurning the Way, cleaving to false idols, worshipping before the gods of authority and of personal ambition. While we admit there is much from which we shrink, because God rules and God is beauty Itself, there is naught that can happen upon this material plane that has the power to quench the beauty, the hidden beauty that is in life.

"We think of Nature, Nature in her many moods, Nature in her many phases. We have the tiny seeds from which loveliness springs. The roots - which in time shall allow the wide-spreading trees to sooth our eyes and comfort our minds - are beneath the ground hidden from the sight of man.

"We also see other guises of beauty: beauty that is sought by man, not to raise his thoughts, but rather to add to his possession that which he covets the most. And the earth releases from the mines and secret places the precious stones and those things which have driven man insane - the gold that has roused the very worst passions in the heart and mind, and thus has hindered the progress of the ones concerned for many a span, even when the earth life has been fulfilled.

"Yes, but we can turn from the ugly side, and we think of those precious metals and of the fuel which man must use to keep life within the body; and we realise that hidden beauty is typified by this material plane. There is always this great thought - that without man's co-operation, without the toil and the effort, without the tearing out of man his spiritual qualities by effort and by endurance, those great gifts which have so benefited the world could never have become available to humanity as a whole.

"I want you to consider, just for a moment or two, that which you name the 'psychic atmosphere' deep down in a mine, perchance miles from the surface. There you find in the darkness or semi-darkness a number of human souls; they are not beautiful to look upon. It may seem to some that they verge very close to the animal stage, for they are covered with grime, some are crippled by their toil, they have lost their youth and the beauty associated with youth - in order to delve into the earth so that millions of people may have the means to carry on their daily lives; so that there may be provided those things of utility without which life would be precarious. Always remember, dear children, that material strength is but a symbol of spiritual strength. There are always the good builders, and the methods of building change as time goes on, as consciousness expands, as intelligence grows. So today man is more on his guard to see that when he builds he builds firmly, he uses that which can resist the assaults of material force, which can safeguard the human life which will dwell within.

"Is there not a parable in this, an indication of the great truth that before we can be as awakened beings, certain processes of change, of discipline, must be endured? First, as it were, we have to enter the dark tunnel of experience; we lose that which perhaps we prize the most - our youth, our beauty, our vitality, our capacity to please others - for the tunnel is long and the toil is arduous. Sometimes there seems no light at all, and the Divine within man becomes almost imprisoned by that which he must go through. And yet, dear children, you find, as in those mines, that when some great disaster takes place, the spirit within was not imprisoned, it only seemed to be so; in an instant of time the doors of the prison-house are wide open, and the beauty within the soul of man finds expression - in forgetting self, in serving his brethren!

"I wonder what you would say if - with your spiritual eyes - you could witness what goes on in the dark caverns of the earth when disaster overtakes the toilers. They are trapped, it seems to them; the great rocks fall upon them, the noise is terrifying, their way of escape is blocked by the things of the earth. But in reality, from a spiritual point of view, no fog rising from material causes can blot out the shining light of the Christ released within man, and although there may be those who cannot find an outlet in a physical sense, again and again you find that the Divine within them is free to demonstrate itself and to cast a glory upon all those who in time to come will toil in turn in those dark conditions.

"I outline the lives of many who, metaphorically, through the troubles which assail them, have gone through the same experiences as the miner - one who dies that others may live! And I want you to consider this point, for in these days of trial and strain and danger, surely God has offered to you individually and to man as a whole, a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the beauty, the hidden beauty within human life?

"Nature has many lessons to teach us, but always remember this: that without man, without his toil, his application, his intelligence, Nature would run riot and prove a menace to life as a whole. It needs man's planning to keep back the wide seas, it needs man's toil to cut down the trees to allow the sunshine to stream in. And forget not that in time long past, this planet of yours was but a jungle, and only certain forms of life were possible. So I draw the parallel: if you allow any adverse force to dominate, then the jungle state will be enacted once again. Power and authority, high intelligence and culture, have their part; but there is the strength of the physical, and there is the greater strength of the spiritual life of man.

"Man is being prepared, here and now, for a finer state of being, for life and work and achievement in higher vibrations of Spirit where a sensitiveness, unknown to those upon the earth plane, is taken as part of the gift of Life, and recognised as for God's special purpose.

"So I turn to you and to all those who will read my words, and I ask one and all to consider carefully where they stand in regard to their spiritual progression at this stage. There are those who seek honour and there are those who have honour thrust upon them. There are those who seek danger and there are those who have danger thrust upon them! But you know, without my underlining this great important fact, that all the things which come to man are second in importance to the way man greets them and, if need be, overcomes them.

"We are verging on the era of revelation, and there are those who - by cleaving to the road of duty, by harnessing the reluctant will to the unwanted task - who are near to the thinning of the veil; and once their eyes are truly opened to the things which matter, the darkness of the long tunnel which they have traversed will seem to them a trivial price to have paid.

"What does 'revelation' represent to the majority? Some visualise it as seeing the Heavens open and hosts of angelic ones, with Christ in their midst, coming to rule upon the earth plane. There are others who visualise with longing the breaking down of the barriers between the world of unreality and the World that is real, and seeing their loved ones, watching them as they work, exchanging smiles - the one who travels on the high road and you, who still must walk upon the lower road, just for a little while.

"There are others conjuring up that which is their heart's desire, who see this world released from the selfishness which binds, from false ambition, from the bondage of material thinking; and because it is their heart's desire they not only dream sweet dreams, but hour by hour they seek to put into action something that may add one grain to the effort required to rebuild the earth into a beautiful city, where God's love can be demonstrated on either side, where you look into the eyes of your fellow beings and you see there: not envy or hatred or misunderstanding, but perfect sympathy, a common object; both servers of the Master, linked to Him for evermore.

"Can you not see, dear children, that the one thing which bars revelation is the imprisonment of the hidden beauty of man's soul? The beauty is there, provided by a generous Creator - the good gifts of sight and hearing, which lead on to revelation. But so many upon this mundane plane mistake the sight of the psychic for the revelation of the pilgrim on his way home to God. They can be co-partners; or they can represent the very opposite gifts, when time must pass before the seers awaken and look for the Cross.

"I speak to you, for I know that there are many here longing to do their best, those who have toiled in the past, those who have desired to leave this world a better place because they have lived within it; and I bring great comfort to such as these, whatever their position in life, however limited their opportunities may seem to be, and the comforting words which I pass on from the Master Christ are these: 'Soon the gates will swing wide open, soon the darkness will disappear, soon the light of revelation shall indeed make all things clear.'

"Oh, dear children, is your way dark, are your hearts aching over those you love so well? Have faith! Do not, by your thoughts, stem them upon the road of duty and sacrifice, the road which perchance must end in the full surrender. The spirit within such as these has gained self-revelation, there is only one way for them - to fight on until evil things are crushed, until the jungle is cleared, until the serpents are sent back to their hiding places and the wild beasts to their lairs; clear the jungle so that the sunshine may stream in and the ground may be made ready by the older children of God for the little children to be born in the time that is yet to come, for the flowers to spring up and for the streams to flow and to give life unto them.

"Yes, indeed, I remind you that this world of yours, with all its menaces, demonstrates again and again that in spite of man being weak in strength when considered individually, when massed he is strong - strong in experience, strong enough to control, strong enough to plan so that the earth plane can be used to the fullest in the fulfilment of the Divine Plan.

"To man - the son of God - God gave dominion over all other forms of life, and the only reason why man lost that gift was lack of humility, lack of gratitude, which means lack of understanding. But today, by sacrifice, by suffering, by the finding of the courage within, thousands and thousands are paying the price, and you see both the young and the old facing the challenge of fear unafraid; by that which they have been through, the hidden beauty within at last has gained release.

"Dear children, I know that there are so many here longing to do the right thing, longing perchance to do bigger things than ever have come their way before, and I ask you to consider my words, to remember that within you here and now there is Divinity and all that hidden beauty associated with the Christ, gifted unto you by God. In the Christ is typified all the good gifts, and so the Father, understanding the bondage of the human heart and mind, gave unto man - in human form - illustration of the hidden beauty within the children of the earth plane, and there is no one who has ever thought of Christ who can say with justification: 'I did not know about this hidden beauty within myself!' For Christ demonstrated and underlined again and again, that what He did, so should come the opportunity for man to do as well!

"Therefore, I bless you with courage and with faith, I bless you with the firm determination that at all costs, in times of danger you - by your prayers, by your attitude of mind - you will allow the prison doors to be opened and the beauty within you to gain full impression; and what this will mean to you in the Life to come no words of mine can ever express. Thousands have passed over the little bridge of 'death' into life, and have seen with great amazement that everything they have ever hoped for, everything they have ever prayed for but never thought they could accomplish, has been brought into being by their puny efforts which were blessed by God and finished by the great Creator.

"So I bless you, bless you with a sense of responsibility to release the hidden beauty within. Peace be with you all, dear children! When sleep holds you this night indeed we shall meet again. I bless the workers and I consecrate them still more to God's work on earth; the time will come when they shall see the sun rising and rejoice! Farewell, peace go with you."

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